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  1. Small review of Microdesign photoetched detail set for Sovermenny-class destroyers 1/700 I will use for Smetlivy railings, which are not included at Combig PE for model
  2. I think that these models of Luda class destroyers both 1/350 and 1/200 - are toys http://www.modelshipgallery.com/gallery/dd/plan/KaiFeng-200-ph/index.htm http://www.modelshipgallery.com/gallery/dd/plan/Chongqing-350-f/index.htm In my opinion, these models are useless for building the model of Kotlin-class destroyer It will be easier to build the model from scratch according to the drawings Luda-class destroyers of Type 051 were based at Soviet Project 41 destroyer Neustrashimy (Tallinn class) The ships of Kotlin-class destroyers has another shapes
  3. model of Soznatelnyy 1/75 at speed For more information about Kotlin-class destroyers - you can see here - photos, plans and other http://forums.airbase.ru/2008/06/t60097--eskadrennye-minonostsy-pr-56-i-modifikatsii-tipa-spokojnyj.html
  4. This model of Soznatelny wins many Shipmodelling Championships in Russia, Belarus and other European countries Wins NAVIGA World Shipmodelling Championship and NAVIGA Europe Shipmodelling Championship This model is not only a stand model, but also a running one, and it won water competitions in Europe Author (left) with his model at World Shipmodelling Championship NS 2019 at Hungary.
  5. My friend make his own drawings using plans of Soznatelnyy (Kotlin-class destroyer) from open sources, many photos, Russian naval forum http://forums.airbase.ru/viewforum.php?id=25 and may be information from naval archive. I think that Kotlin-class destroyers are not secret today and everybody can go to the Russian Naval Archive for information on them. And they were all retired from service by 1992-1993
  6. In Russian SS-N-25 is Х-35 Уран or Kh-35 Uran, Nato designation of missile AS-20 Kayak. Smetlivy only the one of Kashin-class, who carry SS-N-25 And only the one, who was upgraded to project 01090 in the late 80s. In total, it was planned to upgrade 5 ships, modernization began at 2 (Smetlivy and Sposobny), and completed only Smetlivy at 1995 but several works continued to 2002. Sposobny was started to upgrade at 1987, but not finished. And sold for scrap to India in 1994. Sposobny towed from modernization at navy yard to demilitarization for future
  7. Thank you Terry! The theme of Soviet ships of the Cold War is extensive and interesting, but poorly represented by models, which causes difficulties. I hope in the future Trumpeter and Combrig will release new models of this era. My friend build beautifull model of Kotlin-class destroyer Soznatelny 1/75 Andrew
  8. Making stand (Trumpeter - Master Tools display case) Assemble 2 Uran-launchers, radars (each radar has 10 details), 2 Volna-N AA-launchers, masts and some over details
  9. You're right! for example the newest model of Combig - German battleship Elsass 1/350 has 30-pages instruction, 3 big PE plates, brass barrels, masts, yards, shafts, propellers and over and looks like very beautifull! But the price is not small - more than 300$
  10. I think, that it is a problem of early models of Combrig from 2000 to 2012 years. I have modern Combrig models - 1/700 USSR light cruiser Chervona Ukraine (Svetlana-class) and 1/350 Russian Empire destroyer Schastlivy (Novik-class) - and they don't have such problems. Instructions are good, details have numbers. And these models of Kashin-class destroyers are pretty cheap - 30-40$
  11. I started build last week and have some progress Some facts about this model: - stern is made a little wrong - there are no most of portholes and doors on superstructures - PE deatils of masts are poorly assembled - there are no some details on the wheelhouse - the pieces of the main superstructure do not match in width
  12. Hello! 4 months I did not build the models. While the whole country was quarantined and on vacation and modellers actively building models, I was busy with work. I need to build this model for my friend as a gift, which served on it in 2003-2004 My task is to assemble simply as is, without modifications, out of the box with etched rails. This is old Combrig model from 2000s 187 resin parts and 82 PE parts Quality is good, but PE is simple but the in
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