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  1. I think, I will install only a half of this set. Only correct half of set Because another half of this set will be replaced by another PE/resin sets from over manufactures
  2. Continue posting photos of Flyhawk Takao detail set Overall view of details 14 PE plates, 23 resin sets, 12 brass sets. 1459 PE parts, 251 resin parts, 241 brass parts Total - 1951 12.7cm AA-gun Type 89. like Veteran clone Resin parts Ammunition boxes, 25-mm shell boxes, 6-cm, 8-cm, 12-cm binoculars, binoculars with signal lamps, binoculars with infrared transmitters, searchlight directors, searchlights, 25-mm AA guns and some over parts. 25-mm AA-guns should be replaced by Veteran AA-guns. They are much better. Brass parts 203-mm and 25-mm gun barrels, bollards, 3 types of cable reels, 25-mm AA-guns stands, 4 types of deck ventilators and voice pipes. Brass deck ventilators should be replaced by resin North Star Models deck ventilators for Takao.
  3. current state of work in progress Preview of my Takao drawings. Details of superstructure need improvement, but portholes are all done
  4. I need to make new hawses and draw Atago drawings (9 drawings - 1932, 1939-1941, late 1944 and portside, straboard, topside). And finish editing scans of literature and 3D (Kagero and Japanese 3D) Last weekend I draw 3 new Takao portside drawings (1932, 1939-1941, late 1944) using Skulsky's starboard drawings on Takao and my photoalbums In Anatomy we can see only starboard and topside drawings
  5. Yesterday, I got from Ebay Flyhawk detail set for Takao. My impressions are still very positive. I will replace handrails at funnels - they are wrong The correct handrails are only given in Aoshima/Ironclad detail set I take a photos of the resin parts later Almost all resin are similar Veteran resin But 25 mm Type 96 machine guns are made very simple. They should be replaced with machines from the Veteran. But 5 Veteran resin sets (3 single sets, 1 twin, 1 triple) with 25-mm machine guns are cost similar to these Flyhawk big detail set ~110$
  6. Wing ailerons, stabilizers and rudder were fixed with bamboo boards to prevent damage from the effects of waves and wind when the seaplane was storaged at catapult or deck near the side of ship. For example - Kawanishi E7K2 Alf at catapult of training cruiser IJN Kashii at Singapoore at first half of 1942 And Aichi E13A1 Jake at seaplane transport Kamikawa-Maru at February 1943 near Aleutian islands (Kiska, Attu)
  7. It's idea! This is 5 Yen coin I think Dai has similar 1 Yen coin Next model battleship-carrier Ise 1/700
  8. Seaplane tenders Akitsushima and Kamikawa Maru 1/700
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