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  1. I'll join in with another nice new 1/48 Tamiya F-4B. Still bagged, but not for long. I'll go with the 3rd Tamiya option - kit decals and all - the CAG aircraft, another MiG killer from VF-161 "Chargers". There has been lots of aftermarket enthusiasm in the F-4 Phantom II Chat. Some really good gear to add. That Quinta Studios stuff looks lovely and how cannot I not use a replacement jet exhaust (my normal) with that PayPal icon an easy curser click away. This time though, I'm going largely OOB, that is other than what I might already have kicking around for enhancement of the kit plastic - already planning my attack on the kit's ejection seats. Should be fun. Ray
  2. Hello guys, Welcome to what may be my third build of 2022. Looking on Google, I stumbled upon some profiles of the Me 262 in Argentinian service. I then remembered Argentina had received several Gloster Meteor Mk.4s from Britain after WW2, so I decided to make a what if Me 262 in Argentinian markings, based on the Meteors. Colour scheme will be of Gloster Meteor Mk.4 C-027 with yellow and blue wing bands and empennage. Decals will come from some spares I have from Condor Decals (numerals) and roundels (Dukel Hobbies). The victim: The profiles: The aircraft I'll attempt doing: The painting instructions from HKM's 1:32 Meteor: The decals for the numerals (other insignia aren't shown): I'm eager on starting this project once I get the model (I already paid for it). Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  3. Hello to all, Even if my endless Ford Mustang 1964 1/2 Convertible at 1/16 scale is not over: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235040668-ford-mustang-1964-12-convertible-116-from-the-coupe-amt-kit-the-indy-500-pace-car/page/75/&failedReply=1 I begin a new build and thread dedicated to the 2014 Honda Repsol 213V Tamiya at 1/12. Even if this awesome GP motorbike will require a lot of care, it should be more simple than the Mustang, for which a lot of scratch was and still is necessary considering the quite poor AMT kit and the fact that I made a conversion from a Coupe to a Convertible. As my Mustang project is the priority, this Honda build will go on very slowly first (that is why I hesitated to open a new thread now). Here are below the first pics I made, engine build: N.B: I painted the clutch but in fact, I should not use the Tamiya part, that is not very realistic. I ordered a Top Studio detail set in which a more convincing PE/ resin clutch is provided. But I should not get this set before several weeks... Talking about detail sets, I will certainly order also the Tamiya detail set (front fork ref. 12667), waiting the latter to be in stock again on Passion 132. Cheers, O
  4. Here is my build of Tamiya's BF109 E4/7 Trop. This is a rather old kit but the fit was very good and went together nicely. Little filling and sanding was required and apart from the usual Tamiya decal issues I incurred no issues relating to the kit. I used Mr Hobby paints and went for a almost no weathering/wear look to the aircraft. Critique and feedback more than welcome
  5. OK, I'm in. Here's a Tamiya 1/48 Corsair, which was started several years ago. I bought this boxing in part because I liked the pirate flag badge on the nose (OK, I'm shallow, I know!), but then at some point thought I would do it as a FAA aircraft, so chopped the wingtips off. When I came back to it recently, I thought I'd rather just go back to my original plan and use the box decals for 'Big Hog', so I've rebuilt the wingtips with plastic card. In theory there now shouldn't be a lot of work before I can start getting paint on. It was always going to be a more or less OOB build, so I haven't done anything fancy in the cockpit. Have just been filling some ejector pin marks in the main gear legs.
  6. ' Hi Folks. Figured I'd best introduce myself, after arriving here. Started building my first AIRFIX kits around a full-year before the Beatles released their 1968 "White Album" By the time Jimi Hendrix had passed, I'd built pretty much the full AIRFIX range (all scales) Revell's (H-285) 1/48th B.25 Mitchell was a 1968 release that I bought & built brand new, too I can remember that, as I'd built it before we even got/had our first pet-dog (a beautiful Boxer !) As a kid, couldn't fathom as to "why" my new O/D "Doolittle" B.25 was so vast/huge when compared to my regular fayre kits & "why" THAT newsagent carried weird stock (FROG He.219) Some more embarrasing strong recollections which give away my age... I was building an Airfix Ki-46 Dinah, whilst watching an original transmission of "Peyton Place" Glueing fuselage-halves on the Airfix Short Sunderland, when a young Barry Norman came on BBC, saying "And now we'll show some excerpts from the forthcoming U/A film "Battle of Britain" Down went the Sunderland (on the carpet) & "Help yourself everbody, there's no fighter-escort" was heard, uttered for the very first time (for me) by the late, great Christopher Plummer. Saw the film at the cinema a few months later, twice, on initial release & the queues outside were Biblical ! I gave up building around 1976 (FROG's demise, too) - Girls, Exams, Girls, Guitars, Girls, M/cycles, Girls ! Two kits alone kept my (kit) interest on life-support - Heller dH-Vampire & a 1/32 Revell P.51-B Latter, as my Church nagged me to build a kit "Below £2.50" for the forthcoming Eisteddfod competition Never understood "how" I won 1st-prize with my Essex based"Shangri-La", as a guy had built a superb HMS Victory (large Airfix), complete with rigging & super-paint, yet only came 2nd, which frankly, baffled me, as he'd put a lot of work in. Then, aside from THAT brief blip on the radar, it was back to Girls, Guitars, Girls & M/cycles (& Girls !) but NO kits Casting back a mo'..... By 1971, I'd already built my 2nd Airfix Short Stirling, a plane I was literally obsessed with (then & since) 14-years later (summer 1985) the pretty-wife & I had a fortnight away (2 locations) in Cornwall Then, "Palitoy" had Airfix in their 'death-grip' & the "Buy one get one free" era was in (but I wuz still "off kits") By chance, whilst out riding, we stopped for Diet Coke's & Cornish Ice-creams (both) at some shop or other. Walked in & the place was "wall to wall" with Airfix & this (hitherto) unheard of B.O.G.O.F crazy deal. Guy was triple-scooping Cornish ice, whilst wife groaned "Bloody Airfix $hit", with me, cast back in mists of time Alpha in me kicked-in & asked - "Do you by ANY chance have the series.7 Short Stirling ?" "It's on the shelves somewhere" - "No it's NOT, I've looked twice already", followed by him saying.... "Hang on, I'll go upstairs & check the stockroom" (which, given 100-kits on sale downstairs, gave hope) "Yes. Here it is. Last one in stock" - "Great, I'll have it" - "Erm NO, YOU WON'T" (with me saying "Why not ?") "No. You have to buy one first, off the shelves - I can't let you have it, unless you buy one. That's the deal" Exasperated to the max (with both him & 'Palitoy's rules), I got rattled & said.... "Listen Guy !" "I've got a Kawasaki Z.1000 outside, NO LUGGAGE SPACE & I don't wanna be saddled with dross I don't need" But he, the newsagent/large shopkeeper 'stuck to his Palitoy guideline sheet' (Jobsworth) & was adamant. Losing my rag, I went... "Alright, I'll buy THIS ($hit) but I don't want it AT ALL" - picking-up an RAF 1/44th VC.10 "Now can I have the Short Stirling & you can put THIS unwanted dross (VC.10) back, as I've got no room for it" He burst out laughing (embarrassed) & said, "God, you must want that kit badly". (Like, does a bear soil the woods ?) Nostalgia does funny things to people... We lugged that bloody Stirling kit around for the rest of the fortnight. Awkward, as we did an additional 1,000+ miles To add insult to injury, when we got back (chalet), it had TWO sets of wings & NO tailplanes - (Jeeez = Trun, France !) 1988, started going to the "Southern-Expo" at my namesake, then joined the Hornchurch IPMS for 10-years. Built-up a crazy sized vast kit-collection & kept buying & selling, over the years, upgrading etc Didn't help remotely that the Wife's Dad (a Police officer) had a lovely 'holiday-home' at Pakefield, near Lowestoft Practically "lived" at the Hannant's Trafalgar St warehouse, (before Oulton) & spent a shedload between 1986-1995 there. Attended ALL the IPMS shows (whilst a club-member), plus airshows & touring European battlefields (same Kawasaki, w/mates) Went to many airshows, i.e "Fighter Meet" (North Weald) with Carmel.Z - (some of you will know him from Colindale, Hendon ?) Had kids, moved away - Still had the kids & things went very quiet, as I live in a fairly remote area, now Lurked on here for around 9-10 years - Finally took the plunge & registered on the 30th Dec' - (came thru today, 1st-Jan'22) Mainly been in 'hoarder mode' up till recently, as family members & 1/48th made up kits tend to clash ! Mainly into Bombers & large Transport a/c, but mostly Bombers, with B.26 Marauders & Short Stirlings being my faves. Do have quite a few armour kits - mostly 1990's & 2000's Tamiya 1/35th & a few trucks, too. Lastly - Happy New Year folks ('Hawny') P.S ; Went to "the dark-side" (diecast) from around 2004-2015, but prices (on good stuff) got silly. A few of my elderly kits, ageing just like me ! Hornchurch_Aerodrome, on Flickr Hornchurch_Aerodrome, on Flickr
  7. First of the two kits Jim sent me for the 453rd Museum build it's the well known Tamiya 1/48 P-51D I wasn't part of the group that visited the Museum but I'm friend with many of them, and I hope I'll be able to join them soon for a proper visit Jim asked me to build the boxart aircraft, which by coincidence is my favourite Mustang scheme Let's see what's in the box: a total of four sprues, including the transparents So a relatively low parts number, and the kit isn't like the most recent Tamaiya issues. Still it's a Tamiya, with some great detail all over Jim also included an Eduard PE set for the cockpit I started with a quick dryfit of the fuselage halves an the cockpit tub bottom view Typical good Tamiya fit, but it will need some work along the seam line, because of the metallic finish of this aircraft. The sidewall detail is amazing: I don't think I'll entirely replace it with the provided PE parts; I'll probably go with an integration, and some scratch building too Surface detail is also great: Alright, this should be fun! All comments welcome Ciao
  8. Hello everyone, I thought I would share my Panzer II build. I’ll be building the Ausf. F in Afrika Korp colours and it will be my first time using PE, which I’m nervous and excited about in equal measure. After finishing the Tamiya M41 Walker Bulldog and having been extremely satisfied with the quality of the kit I was looking for something similar in regard to build and challenge. Every time I build a kit I always try to push and challenge myself to help me improve. So for this one I’m going to try my hand with PE from Eduard. Starting with the lower hull, there’s a few seam lines to get rid of but nothing too taxing. The exhaust will be the first part to receive the PE treatment and the difference that the detail makes is astonishing. I also gave the exhaust a small hole to add an extra layer of visual interest and detail. I’ve also taken an opportunity to fill in the holes on the base, I struggled a bit here but with a bit of sanding it came out looking ok. To finish the lower hull I put together the wheels and idler, which again there was no problems with. Before starting on the upper hull I wanted to get the turret out of the way. A small amount of PE again makes a huge difference. I made sure that I was content with the PE parts before removing the plastic. As the build is progressing, so is my confidence with the PE. I’m using VMS flexy 5K CA for PE glue which is working a treat. This build has taken a few weeks to get to this stage because of family and work commitments. It won’t be a fast build but I want to do it right and to the best of my ability. Thanks for reading if you got this far and I hope you enjoy following along! Tom
  9. Kit - Tamiya 1:35 Paint - Mig, AK & Tamiya acrylics. Decals - Kit Extras - Value Gear kit-specific resin stowage, Other stowage from spares. M10 'Gun Motor Carriage' 601st Tank Destroyer Battalion Late August 1943 Yep a second finish within a few days, not sure how that happened ! - I began this project in early September, (coincidentally this is the timeframe of the actual vehicle). The M10 GMC is my favourite allied AFV from the Second World War, so I was determined to build this one 'right' and not just to 'that'll do' standard. Not sure if I succeeded, but I gave it my very best. I've tried to depict it just before embarking for the invasion of Italy, so with fairly neat stowage including the obligatory captured German jerry cans. Weathering is restricted to baked-on dust & mud, a few splashes and a scratch or two - the 601st's M10's didn't see too much action in North Africa, but did later in Italy & Southern France. It's a relatively recent Tamiya kit so therefore the assembly is straight-forward and fuss-free, alongside my Academy M10 that I finished about eighteen months ago, it does look a little 'undernourished' so I'm not certain who got their scaling / measurements slightly off ?. Nothing much more to say, please feel free to make any comments or ask any questions. Best from NZ. Ian.
  10. Hi, I'm looking to do a collection of 1/700 ships and i see that the Missouri exist by many companies (Tamiya, Meng, Trumpeter, VEE ...) Who's the best in 1/700 ? Scalemates proposed lot of kits and accessories. Thanks for your answer. SPang
  11. Hi all! Here is a little taster of my next project. This won't include any modelling as I haven't started building yet but will include what I've bought to date and some ideas as to what the finished build may look like. I was bought Tamiya's 18t Sd.Kfz.9 for my birthday back in April and since then I've been researching the vehicle in order to come up with an idea for modelling it. I've come up with a couple of options and the possibility of making another Sd.kFz.9 if it ends up looking like too much for one project. The first is to build the above models and maybe add a Panzer 1 or a Sturmpanzer 1 Bison to the trailer. I've been able to find plenty of images of various loads on the Sd. Ah.115 but very few of the Sd.Kfz.9 towing the trailer. The only images I've found are these below. Both of these images show an early F3 tractor, which is what's on offer with the Tamiya kit, ie the Maybach HL 108 engine and mid production running gear. I guess with a little artistic license the possibilities for this combination are great. Whilst mulling over different ideas I also managed to get my hands on the 'earth spade' accessory kit from Tamiya. This has thrown up some different challenges as depending on how you rig the cable to the frame of the spade some scratch building maybe required. The kit shows the frame is lifted one way which to me doesn't look right? The reference pictures I have show an additional frame and pulley at the very back of the flatbed that the towing cable is threaded through. The example on the left clearly shows the frame and pulley centered on the tailgate and the example on the right the frame is absent. Food for thought. This gives me the option to model the Sd.Kfz.9 with the earth spade deployed and the Sd.Ah.115 trailer, rear axel removed, ready to receive its load. Decisions, decisions. What do you guys think? I came across this useful rigging illustration whilst on the interweb. The last purchase is the excellent Royal Models detail set. This isn't as comprehensive as the Aber, or Voyager sets in so far as photo etch but includes all of the obvious missing details. I particularly like the folded tarp and the inclusion of a road wheel masking tool. A nice touch. Here is another image of the trailer being towed but I don't think its the 18t tractor? Maybe. So that is it for now. Next time I will post some progress. Any input on this topic would be appreciated and as always thanks for looking
  12. As the title suggests, I have decided to venture over to the Dark Side. My interest has always been aircraft but the projects I've been working on the last couple years are long terms ones and I had trouble keeping interest so I've decided to shelve my aircraft projects for the time being and decided to try out armorsince tanks tend to build up a bit faster than 2 or 4 engine bombers. Having committed to the M3/M4 Sherman Group Build in a few months, I figured I'd get a couple other builds done first so I don't embarrass myself. So, I've started a couple of the 1/48 Tamiya kits in my stash that I'm using as stepping stones before moving to 1/35 in the future. First up is the excellent little M10 (along with the T26E3 in the background but that will be a different thread). The M10 has always been one of my favorite AFVs and this kit has been a joy to build so far. I'm waiting on a couple packages of paint to arrive before I start that so I've done a quick mockup to show my work so far. The bogeys it is sitting on were "rescued" from a M4 that turned into a paint mule and test build for cast texture techniques so those are not the ones I will be using....last night was spent cleaning up all the suspension pieces I will be using. I decided to add a Legend stowage set (not cemented yet) which is looking really good. I'm also using metal main gun and .50 cal barrels from RB Model and some photoetch bits from Hauler (most of which have yet to be applied). And then the rest of the improvements I decided to try my hand at were shaving off the hatch handles and replacing with wire, stippling Ammo extra thin cement with a stiff brush to create cast metal texture on the transmission cover, gun mantlet and turret counterweights, and then adding an Archer casting number to the mantlet. I'm liking the results so far and can't wait to start getting some paint on it! (also, nevermind the glue marks on the hull....I glued on the grouser racks before remembering I'll need to apply decals before attaching them, so that will get cleaned up)
  13. Something I’ve wanted to do for a while, a “civvy” jeep converted to a small town fire truck. Using the Tamiya jeep & Black Dog conversion. CJ2A 2 by phil da greek, on Flickr CJ2A 1 by phil da greek, on Flickr The Tamiya kit is superb, almost snap fit no glue needed. The Black Dog set is, well, disappointing. Lots of snapped parts, rough casting & air bubbles where you don’t need them. CJ2A 4 by phil da greek, on Flickr CJ2A 11 by phil da greek, on Flickr in the next couple of photos the dark green is Tamiya, the light grey is Black Dog resin & the white is plastic card that should be light grey resin. CJ2A 8 by phil da greek, on Flickr CJ2A 9 by phil da greek, on Flickr You get the idea, a fairly straightforward conversion became a bit of a chew, the resin ladder was so rotten that even after filling, sanding, glueing & painting I felt it necessary to hide it. Here’s the finished piece, the ladder rack ended up not square but I was past caring at that point. CJ2A 14 by phil da greek, on Flickr CJ2A 17 by phil da greek, on Flickr CJ2A 21 by phil da greek, on Flickr CJ2A 15 by phil da greek, on Flickr CJ2A 20 by phil da greek, on Flickr CJ2A 18 by phil da greek, on Flickr CJ2A 19 by phil da greek, on Flickr CJ2A 16 by phil da greek, on Flickr There we are, not my best but it’s on the shelf, a project I may revisit one day. Thanks for looking.
  14. Hi all, I am calling this done, it was a fun subject to start the New Year. I scratch built the part that dropped off the car when Charlie drove it back home. Thanks for looking in on this build guys. Finally, if you want to see the work in progress of this build, click the link below.
  15. Hi fellow model fanatics, this is just a fun quick build to start the New Year. I used the engine from this kit last year to put into my Mad Max 2 Gyrocopter diorama. So, this is my way of using up the remaining kit parts. I found the figure on eBay; it needed the girl's hair lengthening to look more like the movie actress. She will be sitting on the Beetle, in a beach scene.
  16. Hello all, Here is my first of (hopefully) two entries for this GB - Tamiya's simply wonderful F-14D, which will be backdated and marked as an F-14B of VF-102 'Diamondbacks' during their Operation Enduring Freedom cruise from October 2001 to June 2002. BuNo 163225 was built in early 1989 and delivered to VF-124, before being assigned to VF-101 and VF-103 before eventually serving with VF-102 from 1998 until May 2002, when it was transferred to VF-101 and finally disposed of in August 2004. During OEF, VF-102 would drop a total of 450,000lbs of ordnance while logging 5000+ hours of flight time over Afghanistan. Squadron aircrew were awarded a number of Distinguished Flying Crosses for their actions during the cruise. The Tamiya kit doesn't need much introduction, so I'll summarise. It's the best kit ever Aftermarket: I'll be using the Phase Hangar Resin B conversion set (which includes seats, correct instrument panels, HUD etc), Master pitot tube, Quickboost TCS, New Ware masks and Fightertown decals. Scheme: References: She'll be loaded up for the predominant Close Air Support (CAS) role with either 4x GBU-12 or 2x GBU-12 and 2x MK.83. To be decided! Cheers and stay safe Dave
  17. I don't think I've ever built a Tomcat before, not even in my youth, so it's about time to do something about it. In three weeks time I get access to our newly built house that comes unfinished on the inside, so guess what I need to do? Yes, starting this kit off course? What could possibly go wrong with that approach? As a serial kit-starter i need to break out a new box now and then. Said box does look nice, but the contents are probably even better! Last year I started another swinger for the Tonka GB. That one was filled with so much resin that only @trickyrich can handle, but it sort of went quite well. "Well" as in it now painted, but no decals or kabloey stuff to hang on it. This time I'll just use the bare minimum: I managed to acquire an Areomaster sheet, so that I can do a nice sharkmouthed F-14. It's not sized 100% to Tamiya but I've checked the sunburst fin decal and that is a decent match to the fin so it might turn out fine. My plan for attack will be to start with the three bits that always is a hurdle when I do something modern. Weapons, landing gear and ejection seats. We'll see how that goes...
  18. So to give @nimrod54 's rally build some company in the GB I'm going with this Tamiya kit but modified with some aftermarket Studio27 decals (for the 1995 Swedish Rally), this particular car (17) was driven by a couple of Finns: Grönholm Marcus and Silander Voitto, however it had to retire due to gearbox issues. Plenty of Celica's did finish however - the newer 205 model (round headlights) coming in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 9th, another of this model (185 with the pop-up lights) coming in 8th. Pretty good year for Toyota you might think, however this is the season they got caught out for being naughty using illegal turbo restrictors on the new model so got a year ban for 96 and Kankkunen, Auriol and Schwarz (that's the 3rd, 4th and 9th wins in Sweden) were stripped of points in the championship in 95. The reason I went for these decals is the main sponsorship (Castrol) pattern swishes are identical to the Tamiya kit (1993 Monte Carlo) so I'll have some backups if it all goes horribly wrong when trying to get them to conform around the very curvatious body! I've also got some Reji Model snow wheels and tyres, since the kit supplied ones are rather wide looking slicks. I think I've also got some window masks somewhere for this kit, if I can dig them out. Parts shots, etc. once I get around to starting it.
  19. Here I have my build of the Tamiya P-47D Thunderbolt in 1/48th scale. I used exclusively Tamiya paints on this build and I must say the went down a treat. I thinned my paints with Mr Colour self levelling thinner with a mixture of ratios depending what area of the aircraft I was spraying. I choose to attempt this entire model free hand and I love the way it turned out. The kit itself was a treat to assemble and require no filler or sanding for that matter. I went with the "Little Chief" paint scheme, with is an Olive drab and Neutral Grey scheme. This aircraft was flown by Lieutenant Frank Kibbe, of the 56th FG. The only real downside of this kit was the Tamiya decals. They are extremely thick and only with the assistance of Tamiya Mark Fit Super Strong was I able to get them into a presentable state. I would more than appreciate the criticism and critique any of you guys may have as I'm very new to this great hobby. Regards
  20. Never built a floatplane before, and think I built a Zero once upon a time in the dim, dark age known as the 1990's so been wanting to build something Japanese from WW2 for a few months now, so got this for a good price recently. Score! Sexy sprue shots ahead! Box art in the usual Tamiya style. These planes were supposed to launch from those redonkulous I-400 class subs (3 per sub) and go off and bomb the Panama Canal I believe, but the surrender happened before they went ahead with the plan. Crazy. 2 sprues for the wings and fuselage. Looks pretty detailed OOB. Floats and launch dolly sprues. Comes with a metal weight in the box to include in either float. It's like a second kit almost! This is going to be interesting to make it look good. Clear parts look good, but canopy comes as 1 piece so no displaying it open unless you have the testicular fortitude (which I lack) to cut it apart or maybe get an aftermarket one? Eh. I'm fine with it closed, masking it is going to be fun though... Decals look okay, but their made by the same crowd who made my D.520 decals so I'm a bit skeptical on their quality. This might be a razor blade in the candy floss of life. Need to check up on the exterior paints and see what I need to get. Some pics I've seen of the only plane around seem to show a dark green cockpit colour, so it looks like Mitsubishi Interior Green from Mr Color (C126) is a good choice? Answers here please. And time to try chipping fluid or use good old abrasion on the paintjob to show some heavy wear the IJN/IJA craft seem to be known for in the later years of the war. Have some chipping fluid (Vallejo), but airbrushing it once or twice hasn't filled me with good feelings... Anyway, updates to follow!
  21. I have to make a confession first, I never finished a scale model of the Bf 109 So time to change this. As I had the three new kits in my stash, why not to do a "comparative" build of them. They are from largest to smallest box - Eduard, Tamiya and Zvezda. Upon opening the boxes, the Eduard box looks rather empty. The Tamiya box looks to have more in it. And the Zvezda box is full up to the rim! But this is a bit misleading as several frames are from the older F model. There are plenty online reviews of the three kits and they are all reasonably favorable. According to them, the Zvezda kit which is based on their F model lacks in details and looks rushed. Eduards Mk.II kit is now in 1/48 at last, but still has some shape issues. And Tamiya with the latest addition looks to be another shake the box kit to build it. So lets start the comparison with the wings. As can be seen, there is a slight variation in wing span. The Zvezda wing is actually a bit shorter still as it isn't casted with the dihedral in place. Here a close-up of the two bulges and the difference in shapes And here the a picture how these two bulges do look. Lets move to the top of the wing. Here the length diffrence is now more visible, with the Zvezda wing about 1mm too short. And the comparison of the undercarriage bulge. To compare the fuselage is a bit tricky due to the construction of the engine covers. The Eduard fuselage is maybe placed a bit too forward. Considering this, they are equal in length. Also note the different shapes and sizes of the bulge under the horizontal stabilizers. And these bulges on the real aircraft. It looks there was a bit of variation on the real aircraft too. But there are differences in the representation of maintenance panels. The res circle show the missing panels. I believe Tamiya has one too many, Eduard is correct and Zvezda has some missing. The Tamiya instructions have this to say about the panels above and the bulges below. And here the other side. The two bulges are very noticable on the Tamiya kit, very tiny on the Eduard kit and none existent on the Zvezda kit. Here a close up. One known issue with the Eduard kit is the fuselage height. In comparison with the Zvezda kit, it is 0.6mm too high. Comparing the Zvezda and Tamiya fuselage results in a perfect match. I am sure that all three kits will result in very nice models of the Bf 109 G-6. The Tamiya kit looks to be the easiest build. Eduard has some nice details and Zvezda needs a bit of work. My goal is to have the three models built in similar finishes prior painting. That means that I will rivet the Zveda and Tamiya kit. I may use after market parts for the wheel and exhaust which would also correct the other problem on the Eduard kit, the too wide opening for the exhaust. My next update will be a comparison of the cockpits ready for painting. I won't use the Eduard PE parts in the cockpit to have a fairer comparison. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers, Peter
  22. Just managed to get this finished before the end of the year. Normally an armour modeller but this was my first proper plane. I really enjoyed building this although the paint job and decals fought me all the way! Great kit I’ve now got a bunch more aircraft kits in the stash.
  23. With reference to the Harrier GR1/GR3 and the Sea Harrier FRS1 - is the wheelbase between the nose u/c and main u/c the same? ( Or the distance between the two undercarriage leg mounting points?) Doing some research into a potential kit bash between an ancient Tamiya FRS1 and the unused FA2 parts in the Kinetic GR3 and have discovered that the Tamiya nose wheel bay appears to be ~5mm too far back. (Compared to the Kinetic GR 3 fuselage.) Can anyone confirm that the two should be the same? Peter
  24. The title says it all apart from the actual choice of airframe The top decal pack allows for three different aircraft but having already built a Hobbyboss kit as "101" (the middle scheme) it will either be the CAG "100" with the black fins or the retro finish grey / white "103" Mike
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