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  1. Well here goes, my first attempt at a diorama ( I know, I know, there is a separate area for this on the site but just wanted for now, to throw this out there for the armour guys to see!!!) The base was made from a 10mm MDF sheet covered with filler, then covered in different types of sand, (a fine sand and a rough sand with some small 'rocks') with the addition of some scenic shrubbery. The 2 models are both Tamiya 1/35 models - the Sd.kfz 222 and the Horch 4x41a,both pretty much OOB (I'm still a newbie coming back to this). The Ho
  2. I've caught up a bit (started a new job so a slight hiatus in the build process) - finished with only the etched mesh to apply to the turret, which I'm going to apply once I've weathered. A Applied an AK DAK wash as a first pass. Will need a little more weathering yet before this goes on full display!
  3. Build now finished (apart from the photo etch - bending this into an open position is going to be a challenge to my new skill set!!! ) So got to finish the paint job, touch up a few mistakes and then weather the little beastie.
  4. Trying to fit this build in around working from home.... ........body and wheels assembled and initial coat of Desert Yellow applied. I decided to go with having one of the hatch doors open....cut off the hinges from the hatch and glued separately to hull, then glued the hatch
  5. Yes the barrel was one of the photo etch parts in the box. As I'm still picking up the reins again, my builds are going to be OOB. Learning the dark arts of washes, weathering and pigments is enough Although I do intend to add some of my own extras to this baby.....I've been practising making tarps out of 2 ply tissue and they have come out reasonably well and also was going to try and make some 'packs' from 2 part epoxy.
  6. Todays progress...... .....kwk30 done (looking at it reminded of Star Wars, don't know why) Dry run of hull, turret and Kwk together....looking ready for full assembly
  7. Base and chassis completed and primed Top hull and wheels primed Next step is to assemble gun - aiming to to do this tomorrow when she who must be obeyed is at work!!
  8. There's an idea for a diorama......Hubert outside Cafe Rene!
  9. So here goes with my second AFV after my prolonged return to the modelling world! This time it's going to be the Tamiya 1/35 Sd.Kfz 222, and in the same vein as my first foray (the Horch 4x4 1a) it's going to be decked out in DAK colouring. As usual, the Tamiya kits are well packaged, well moulded and parts are a good fit. So onward and upwards, tonights efforts have seen the hull and drive components going together I have not fitted the hatches yet as I have not decided whether to model it with the hatches closed or open as yet... It's going to need a primer
  10. Build almost finished - going to add a figure cleaning the MG and then put it on a diorama. I've tried subtle weathering using a wash, some dry brushing and a dry pigment brush. It is my first attempt and I wanted to try and get the hang of the techniques rather than going overboard.
  11. Anyway, some more work on the ol'Horch over the weekend so will put them up as soon as
  12. I only did aircraft in my yoof. Always been interested in WW2 but read Spike Milligans war memoirs early in the year which sort of kick started my interest in the Desert War in N Africa.......
  13. As kit is grey plastic, primer was Tamiya Grey spray paint and then Tamiya TS-3 spray can and then for touch ups Tamiya acrylic XF-60 Dark Yellow.
  14. After a prolonged (over 35 years!) absence away from the hobby, I have started up with the modelling bug once more! My first 'real' attempt is the Tamiya 1/35 Horch 4x41a, being modelled in DAK colours. (did an Italeri 1/35 Kubelwagen back in April but keeping this as my practice model). I will also be attempting a diorama when it is complete! Anyway here goes, first steps. I've never done washes, dry brushing or weathering before, so please be gentle on me!!! Applied a AK Afrika Korps Wash and started drybrushing on the wheels Needs some touching up on
  15. Tamiya 1/35 Horch 4x4 1a - can get the kit for about £10 and is reasonable size for trying weathering (although not a 'tank' it is a grey German vehicle)
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