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  1. Hi Zebra Are you allowing the 25 % rule on this Build ? Cheers Wellzy
  2. Hi Guys thought I would share my picture`s of the local Sherman at Slapton Sand`s. Cheer`s wellzy
  3. Had a sort out and it looks a Candair Sabre or 104 Cheers welly
  4. Hi Guys Excuse my ignorance what is a Sherman Mk 1 Hybrid,? Thanks Wellzy
  5. Hi Guys need some help as l said not a armour modeler , can l use the Tamiya M4 Sherman early version TA35190 to build a British Mk lll, any thing to change ? Cheers wellzy
  6. Hi Guy`s Sorry did that wrong lol . Hope you have room for a Aircraft modeller ,did a armour build a few years ago but l would like to get better so here l am . Thank`s for looking Wellzy
  7. Hi Guys well this one is not going to get finished in time but I will keep going on with it ,just got the office to do then get on with the out side That`s it for now ,thanks for a great Group Build Wellzy
  8. You can't go wrong with a Mirage all are Beautiful !
  9. Hi Guy`s , back on the 2000 N hoping it will be kind to me ? Thanks for looking Wellzy
  10. Hi Guy`s one done ,P 40F (Madkot) Thelepte, 1943. Well that`s the P40 done now back to the 2000N Thank`s for looking . Cheer`s Wellzy
  11. Hi Guys , time to get the paint out . Ok Guys thats it for now , more work to do with the paint . Thanks for looking Wellzy
  12. Can l add my name please, 1 /48th got a F4 B and a S and should have a RF4C somewhere. Cheers Wellzy
  13. Add my name please , got some Monogram need looking in to Wellzy
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