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  1. Hi can l add my name on the list please , cheers wellzy
  2. Here`s one I made earlier! Looking forward to this one .wellzy
  3. May l add my name please , 1/48 Tamiya could be a razor back D or a M time will tell , Cheers wellzy
  4. Sorry Guys left out the most important details atm I'm reading James Holland's book Brothers in Arms which is where l saw the photos of the M 3s possibly in Nijmegen sector belonging to the recon troop so l don't know if this helps ? Cheers wellzy
  5. Hi Guys here we go again, want to build a British a Stuart in Normandy used by the Recon units such as the Sherwood Rangers, got photos but only from the rear,can't tell which version was used , Thanks for looking , wellzy
  6. 1/48th Airfix Canadair Sabre F6 ,Decals xtadecal X48216. 66 Sqn RAF 1954 . RAF Linton-On -Ouse. Thanks for looking . Wellzy
  7. Hi Guy here it is one Canadair Sabre F6. 66 Sqn RAF , Based at RAF Linton-On-Ouse ,1954 Thats it . Thank you for the group build I had fun as a good subject, to do .
  8. wellzy

    M 10 Achilles

    HI Guys can anyone help me with information on the colours of the interior of the M 10 llc Achilles in northern Europe area lale 1944 and 1945 Cheers wellzy
  9. Time for some paint , still having trouble with the green but will get there Cheers Wellzy
  10. Thanks Guy s that has helped Wellzy
  11. Hi Guys in the 1950s early jets ,what colour was flit crew flying kit. ? Cheers wellzy
  12. Hi Guy`s here we go again Thats it so far still work to do but it is begining to look like a F 86 ! Cheer`s Wellzy
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