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  1. l was thinking that thanks for confirming
  2. Hi Guys need help with the colour on French Hellcat operating in Iindochiine 1953, on the wheel wells, undercarriage plus inside of the engine cowl . Thanks for looking Wellzy.
  3. wellzy

    IDF Mustangs

    Hi Tony they look like the one that Airfix supply with their 1/48th Spitfires
  4. wellzy

    IDF Mustangs

    l have a copy of J26 Mustang by Leif Hellstrom and the IDF got several Mustangs from Sweden .The book has a photo of a Mustang being loaded with British rockets . Thanks for the info Wellzy
  5. wellzy

    IDF Mustangs

    Hi Guys , Any one got any idea on the colour of the WW 2 British rockets used by IDF Mustangs during the Suez crisis in 1956 ? Thanks for looking, Wellzy
  6. nice contaction l will watch your build with intrest ,what station was he based ? wellzy
  7. May l add my name for the GB Please , can you give a time span that will be covered by the BB Group Build Cheers Wellzy
  8. Hi Wez, Looking at at a P47D 368FG in Frankfurt 1945 but will check dates
  9. Hi Wez , Add my name please ,P 47 or P 51 always top of my list Cheers wellzy
  10. Hi Guys Can l put my name in for this one Wellzy
  11. thanks Wez any ideas on the wheel wells ?
  12. Hi Guys hope someone has some ideas on this one, the colour's used on the cockpit intertor and wheel wells on the P51 H in the late 1940's , early 1950's thanks for looking . wellzy
  13. HI Alan l could be wrong but l don't think the Revell Mustang is the early D with out the tail fillet ? wellzy
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