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  1. Hi Guy`s she is done! Berlin Express, P51B 43-24823. This aircraft was previously the second Old Crow flown by Capt C.E."Bud" Anderson. Then assigned to Lt Bill Overstreet., July 1944 Thanks for looking and your comments and support.
  2. Hi Guy`s. Getting to the finish. That`s it for today, Cheer`s Wellzy.
  3. Hi Guys. Almost there ! ok now the finising touch`s. Cheer`s Wellzy
  4. Hi Guy`s Now we are looking a bit like a Viper. That`s it for today. cheer`s Wellzy
  5. It's the nose art I'm not happy with !
  6. Hi All . having problems with the decals so may look for an another 4th P51D Cheer`s Wellzy
  7. Hi Guy`s . enjoying this build! Cant make up my mind on this Seat or seat with pilot ? That`s the story so far . thanks for looking ,Wellzy
  8. Hi Guys ' well almost there. That`s it for now . cheer`s Wellsy
  9. Hi Guy`s think i will have fun with this one ! . just doing a dry fit on the fuselage. that`a it so far . wellzy
  10. Hi Guy`s . starting the fun with decals now. that`s one side almost done, Cheers Wellzy .
  11. Thank you for your kind remarks Guys
  12. Hi guy`s more to be done. That`s it for now ,Cheer`s Wellzy.
  13. Hi Guys as they say getting there . That`s all for today cheers Wellzy.
  14. Hi Guys here we go. This is why Im building the F16 RIAT July 2017. Happy days Wellzy
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