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  1. Hi Patrice , just to say can't see my name on the list ? Wellzy Thanks Patrice I was looking in the wrong list ,wellzy
  2. Hi Patrice , just to say can't see my name on the list ? Wellzy
  3. This is a build from some years a go another 5th ER Squadron Bolt , the next one will be a natural metal P 47 from the same unit ,
  4. I would like to put my name down, P 47 D 5th ER Squadron , Cheers Wellzy
  5. Yes one of Three based at Ford Island in the 1950s , 1/48th Tamiya Mk I converted to a Mk III ,in RN use ,
  6. Can l put my name down please , l know where there is a FR 9 , cheers Wellzy
  7. Hi l have worked this one out the Esci Mirage in now in a Italeri box , so lm in wellzy
  8. Hi Jockney dose rebox Esci kits count ? Cheers wellzy ,
  9. Beautiful build love the idea , great compact diorama.
  10. Hi Enzo 2020 sounds good to me, put my name down please, Sea Harrier or a GR3, I think . Cheers Les
  11. There are markings for 617 sqn about
  12. Hi Wez here`s the Plan , PlanA Or plan B What do think Guy`s
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