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  1. WOW!!! This is looking great. Can't wait for more updates....no pressure though
  2. Well that answers my question from the build thread. Great work.
  3. Any progress on this bad boy? I have one in the stash and your build has me inspired to break it out.
  4. Well I only have some "minor" details left to add (guns, pitot, sway braces) before its done. All in all I'm really pretty happy how it turned out despite the dodgy decals and missing part. I'll just refrain from touching it from here on out and ignore the one missing scissor link...I can do that...I think...yeah, I'll just put it out of my head, that'll work http:// http:// http:// http:// http:// Thanks for following along, I'll post the rest in the RFI section when its completely done.
  5. Well, I'm still at it and this bugger is putting up quite the fight. Between lost parts...some found, other never to be seen again...broken sway brace on the belly hard point (I accept responsibility for that, should've left that off till the end) and decals that want to stick to my fingers tighter than the model. The squadron codes have come off more times than I can count regardless how much setting solution I've used. Also I really annoyed the decal sheet only gave me one skull and cross bones for the cowl, I believe there's supposed Skulls on both sides. Thankfully its at the finish line.
  6. So did you go over the whole area or concentrate the sand paper in the "troughs" where the tape had been?
  7. Thank you, it was a first for me and getting the color right was a daunting trial and error. I'm happy with the results but it could be a bit more red to simulate the red clay of Viet Nam.
  8. Yeah, they look great and are super easy to assemble compared to Fruil or some of the others I've tried. I should probably take some time and straiten some of them out, especially the top run but...
  9. Thank you Nikolay. Yeah, those stencils are plentiful.
  10. Yes and I AM a bit Desparado to finish it because Theres A New Kit In Town that I'm dying to start One Of These Nights. Sorry, I had to.
  11. ...I'm really going to have to run a wash on that cowl...which means I'm going to have to clear it and flat coat it....more chances for disaster.
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