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  1. Having just completed the first of a pair of British Army "Light Tanks" in the form of my Light Tank Mk VI, here is the second AFV now also finished. A Scimitar Reconnaissance vehicle representing the type as used by the British Army in the first Gulf War. The eventual idea is to possibly mount them on a plain desert base together, showing a "two generations of British Army Desert Light Tanks", or something like that! As I'm sure most will be aware the Scimitar was one of a group of vehicles known as the CVR(T) family, being known as FV107. The model is produced by ACE, and is a ve
  2. Hi gents and gals, with the imminent release of Eduard Tornado Gr.1 in 1:48, I started a page of what to use, decals etc etc. Then, I decided, what the hell, I can make it for other scales too. So, long story short. Here is the ultimate How to on Gulf war Tornadoes. It is still in progress, mainly the F.3/ADV part. If you have any additions/corrections/ideas, please let me know. Thanks ! Gulf war Tornado How-to
  3. Hi mates, I have finished the model, along with its base, I hope you all like this build The WIP for the build can be found here; [Click Here]
  4. Finished this a couple of weeks ago. After a very loooooooong in building, The kit was built almost OOB. I cut away the solid plastic of the nose laser windows and replaced it with layers of '5 second UV Gel'. Main paint was Humbrol 250 Desert Sand. The decals are old ones from Xtradecal 'Gulf Special' which has a few schemes for Tornado, Jaguar, Buccaneer and a Hercules
  5. Hi guys ! My entry for this GB will be Revells M60 A1 kit in 1:72 scale. Pictures from the kit later on. Cheers Bernd
  6. This is the 1/35 Accurate Armour SAS Longline strike atv, released last year. Possibly the hardest build I’ve ever had, nearly all done under magnification. For an expensive kit I was disappointed with the instructions with parts numbered in error, poor assembly sequence and just unclear in some parts. Maybe because it has been digitally designed the fit has to be super accurate as I found it very difficult to sit everything square, and the suspension just wouldn’t extend far enough for the vehicle to sit at the right height. However the seats are a thing if beauty, as is the .50 cal, and
  7. Hi, Here I start new kit build - Marines M60A1 from the Gulf War. This is the ultimate US version of this tank with RISE (Reliability Improvements for Selected Equipment) improvement pack. In particular, it eliminated large IR projector over the barrel, replacing that with passive "starlight" scopes for a driver, gunner and commander. Another change was the installation of Continental AVDS-1790-2C engine boosting engine power. Smoke discharges were added too. This model with represent vehicle C-12 from 1st Platoon, Charlie Company, 3rd Tank Battalion USMC, Regimental Task Force Rippe
  8. Hi everybody; I don't think the subject needs any introduction, as it's a well known aircraft. Slightly out of my normal interests (which are mainly fighters or fighter/bombers), it is also the type my friend and fellow BMer @Gene K flew in the second part of his career. So let's see: the kit aftermarkets that I'll be using and the specific aircraft I'm modelling Which corresponds to this, in real life (pic from https://f16crewchief.deviantart.com/art) BTW, does anybody know where to find mor
  9. Part II of the late 2017 Viper spree that I just finished off recently, here's another Revell F-16C with markings of "Wild Thang", a Desert Storm bird from Shaw AFB. This was a Block 25 and so had both the narrow intake and P&W engine. A few other bits and bobs had to be corroborated with pictures since Revell's instructions do not account for a Block 25 or 30/32 despite these being the only C blocks that the kit gets right! The aircraft depicted is from the 363rd TFS from Shaw AFB with nose art "Wild Thang". The decals came from an old Hi-Decals set that I had since ages ago.
  10. After recently finishing a P-47 in 1/48, and currently planning to join a group Spitfire build starting in a few weeks on the IPMS Ireland website, I thought I'd try and be a latecomer to this GB as I'm keen to build my Monogram AH-1 dating from the late 80s. I started it around 2 weeks ago, and I might get it finished in time for the June deadline! The kit I think has been around since the early 80s and it's pretty simple with a low parts count and raised panel lines. I added some aftermarket in the form of an Eduard mask, a Master 3 barrel gun and some aftermarket decals (which in the
  11. Ok, got another Gulf War question Some F-15Cs during the Gulf War carried AMRAAMs and as I understand it, usually just two in the inner rail of the wing pylon. This would presumably mean that this rail had the LAU-128 pylon rather than the older style. However, would the outer rail which had AIM-9s also used the LAU-128 or would have kept the older type? I presume at some point in the 90s all the rails were switched to LAU-128s but given that the AMRAAM has hastily deployed to the Gulf War, whether just the necessary launchers were switched too. Thanks!
  12. Viper experts, a few questions: 1) Were ALQ-119 pods painted white during the Gulf War? Most 80s pictures show them white but I can't really tell from the Gulf War pics if they still remained white or had been painted light grey by then. Also, some pods (namely ALQ-131s) looked quite dark, were they painted 36118 by any chance? Or olive drab? 2) When loading just two bombs on a TER rack, was the layout always outward/center or right/center? The dstorm.eu site has both port and starboard pylons as right/center but I find that a bit odd, but haven't seen a pic of an F-16
  13. After a lot of thinking I've decided to build Revell's 1:72 Buccaneer for the Made in GB group build. This is a Matchbox kit that has been reboxed, and unfortunately doesn't have the signature folding wings and airbrake. However, ever since I saw the Buccaneer at the London RAF museum I've had a soft spot for the aircraft. the kit is made up of 3 sprues, all pretty clean and flash free, as well as a small clear sprue for the canopy. There is a small decal sheet, so the graphics will be minimal, but I love the mean appearance of the aircraft in its desert pink colour scheme.
  14. Hi all, Well here's my first attempt at uploading to Britmodeller, so here goes... After a lay off from modelling for over a decade, in Arnies famous words..."I'm back" I started this years ago, and so I thought I'd finish some dust covered boxes...so here's Italeri's Tornado. To be frank, it's nearly gone in the bin so many times, it is awful. I enjoyed doing the Airfix Buc more It it has the fab NeOmega cockpit, Brassin GBU-10's and the Master pitot tube. It's painted in a mix of Aeromaster and Vallejo, and the decals are Printscale.
  15. A labor of love that took a while to finish due to numerous mishaps (including have to completely re-paint the C). Here be two lovely Hasegawa Eagles in The One True Scale™. No need to go over the qualities of the Hase F-15 series. Best Eagles on the market despite the molds being nearly 30 years old! It is a testament to the quality of the originals that they are still better than anything built since. The F-15C is from the original 80s boxing while the Strike Eagle is from the newer "updated" set which despite being quite pricey (£25 on eBay from a Japanese seller) is a significa
  16. I have a question about the legendary "Gulf Spirit", mainly what color it was during the Gulf War. I have seen many modellers build it in the ghost gray and the Mod Eagle scheme but clearly it could have only been one during the Gulf War. I am nearly convinced that it is ghost gray but just wanted to confirm. Evidence towards ghost gray - The few pictures of the GW show it as ghost gray looking. However, I have to say that ghost gray and mod eagle look surprisingly similar in many photos, as lighting effects come into play. - Osprey's F-15Cs in Combat has it ghost gray
  17. Good afternoon everyone, On Sunday I went to Cosford and picked up, among other things, an Airfix 1:72 TSR-2 and a Pit Road 1:144 TSR-2 "Strike Role". So, seen as I'm planning on doing the 1:72 TSR-2 as my local Cosford example, I thought- why not utilise the 1:144 kit's belly fuel tank and martel missiles to create a "what-if" variant? Based on other info on the internet: This is my interpretation of the TSR-2 GR4 as it could have served in the 1990-1 Gulf War. it is fitted with a targetting "pod" underneath the nose of the cockpit and a retractable refuelling probe on the side of the cock
  18. Hi gents, just got Aviation News Magazine Vol.19 No.26 (1991), there is an article "Royal Navy commando helicopters return from Gulf war". Problem is, that the magazine is missing pages, so I only have the last page (page no. 1209) of this article. Is there any chance somebody has this issue and is willing to scan this article for me please ? Would like to add it to my ever-growing Gulf war collection. One more question - there is Seaking HC.4 marked "WP" in Gulf colors, but with no serial number - any chance to find it ? Thanks in advance and best regards. Jakub
  19. No pictures yet but listed, they are very good resin figures having a few sets in the stash at the moment Also not too expensive. http://www.valkyrie.co.kr/ Soviet Army Tank Crew in Afghanistan - 1980 Era (2 Figures and 1 Bust) VM35014 British Army of the Rhein Tank Crew in Germany (2 Figures and 1 Bust) VM35015 Modern US Army Truck Driver and Support Crew for M977 (2 Figures) VM35016 JGSDF Tank Crew - 2000 Era (2 Figures) VM35017 Modern British Army Tank Crew in Operation Granby 1991 (2 Figures) VM35018 IDF Tank Crew in Yom Kippur War 1973 (2 Figures) VM35019 Egyptian Army Tank Crew
  20. Hi all Probably most of you know about Ugo Crisponi work, he does some very nice profiles, I browse his site and his flickr acount from time to time to get the inspiration for some modeling. During my latest perusing of his very nice work, I spotted an Italian Tornado from Operation Locusta (Italian contribution to the Gulf War) with a marking on its buddy buddy pod. http://www.aviationgraphic.com/fighters/1349-tornado-ids-36-46-156gruppo-am-jp-1459.html The marking is of the biggest Italian petrol company AGIP, in a similar way of Victors with BP mission markings, I did look for picture
  21. Academy Warrior APC 1/35th scale (original boxing) 'Operation Granby' Iraq 1991 Warrior pics here Inspired by several Warriors of the Staffordshire Regt viewed by myself and other Club Members during our visit to Fallenbostel, Germany in September 1991 shortly after their return from Iraq Modifications needed The original Academy kit was modified as the frontal Armour was out of alignment due to the transmission covers being too wide This was reduced by 1.5mm either side and the stowage box adjusted accordingly Both side Armour packs were moved forwards a full 3mm so
  22. Calling this done..........Fought me every minute of everyday, but finally, I have had enough!!!! I decided to make it different, so, its a Gulf War Bridgelayer and not a bronze green. Many delicate resin parts recast in white metal and to make it different I decided to add the Tamiya Pearson Mine Plough.(Rivet counters keep quiet about it not being a British plough) This plough has 1 more blade fitted than the British, but, it looked right, so went ahead with it. It is fitted with Fruil metal tracks and has replacement light lenses from our friend "Little-Cars". It was initially sprayed
  23. Here's another Modern vehicle completed a while ago Kit: Tamiya 35156 M1A1 Abrams 120mm gun Main Battle Tank Scale: 1/35 Paints: Xtracolor enamel, US Gulf Sand Accessories: from kit & Kleenex tissue hand painted Apologies for the poor quality aerials. More to come
  24. This was built a while ago when Gulf War stuff was all the rage! This is the Tamiya kit in 1/35th scale and is sprayed with Xtra Colour Desert Sand enamel and weathered with Oils This takes me back a bit!
  25. Hello!! So, Christmas Day and I can start on something I've been meaning to start for the last few months As in title, this is a GR1 Tornado in a combat setting, I have a 60x60cm board which is hopefully enough to place everything on (I can't go any larger, as the cadet competition I'm hoping to enter it in won't take any larger than that!!). Revell Tornado with a bit of aftermarket for the extra detail and nose replacement (*especially* the nose). Today hopefully I'll get all the flash removal done as there's quite a bit all over the shop. P.S. this is my first WIP, constructive criticism
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