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  1. The only way I got to keep them Tigers busy is to LET THEM SHOOT HOLES IN ME! Woof woof woof Let's make this happen folks - keep voting and keep them tigers busy busy busy (or shoot paint up their a$€e’s.....)
  2. All of you out there that have not voted for the best group build idea better get your collective behinds into action and vote for the best group build idea - ENTROPY!!! Never mind any democrates or republicans vote entropy! Vote Vote Vote !
  3. I'm itching to build my destroyed leopard and have been preparing and buying all sorts of paints and powders and scouring the internet for inspiration pictures and reading / watching youtube videos on replicating damage, this is still on, although it might not be in a group build......
  4. If I may, please could I ask all those who accepted into the entropy build vote for our venture. Vote vote vote!
  5. What is a VVSS unit, I couldn't see that penetration, I imagine because our didn't know where to look!
  6. Does anyone have any more suggestions in the 'useful websites' that you use?
  7. Does anyone have any experience of destroyed tanks? I have some ideas with using plaster of Paris cast bandage kits as bent metal parts and armour and using mica powder and pva as burnt and rusted come melted metals and deposits (with rust pigments and rust paint over the top). I have my eyes on some air drying modelling clay that I'm sure will come in handy for the diorama base. Does anyone have any advice on; How to make shell holes on tanks, both in terms of penetration and exit holes? The way the steel is bent inwards then outwards? Shell bounce come scuff marks indentations to armour plates? Machine gun bullet come mg heavy machine gun rounds marks / indentarions? Any other techniques out there to try and replicate or repurpose to a destroyed Tank? Thanks All
  8. Does anyone else have some more internet resource information - photographic, history and detailing and such? Thanks
  9. Can you please post an example of the information that you would need so that I know for future and can look for it in future. Thanks
  10. I am afraid you are mistaken, this is a new colour and had been long in the making. The shade may already have been out there in some form or another which may or may not be relevant to the new army brown. It has been part of many a parliamentary review of the armed services including in the mod groups for the uk new and / or revised ifv and afv forces. Please read the link that been floating around in the media for a while now; - New paint scheme - Reacts to chemical attack and will change colour - Absorbs chemical attack agents and can be ‘ripped of’ and repainted so vehicle can be reused and not contaminated. - Possibly having altered infra red signature identifying as a friendly (I've watched the mod group on bbc parliament with high up mod bods and generals discussing what they want for the future deployments) https://www.dpaonthenet.net/article/58584/Scientists-develop-new-paint-colour-for-British-Army-vehicles.aspx#
  11. This is the best I have found: The color Army Brown belongs to the color family Pastel Yellow. It is of a medium brightness and a low saturation. The color Army Brown corresponds to the hex code #827B60. In the additive (digital) color space RGB, it is composed of 51% Red, 48% Green and 38% Blue component. HTML color code for #827B60 Generic color name: Army Brown Colors that make up #827B60 RGB: 130, 123, 96 - HSL:0.13, 0.15, 0.44 With a review of the colour that seems to be the only information out there that I can find. https://www.dpaonthenet.net/article/58584/Scientists-develop-new-paint-colour-for-British-Army-vehicles.aspx# I have a couple of tanks and ifv’s ready to be painted but no idea of how to get the correct mix with my vallejo acrylic colours other than a wild guess-timation.
  12. Has anyone tried replicating the new army brown with any success?
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