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  1. Right then, after completely renovating and redecorating my flat and such, I have eventually started to start modelling and now that Imgur is now working again I can try and keep you updated which what I’m up too….. I have decided that my fletcher and tribal classes dios at 1:350 may be a little adventurous until I have cut my teeth a little. I have decided to have a go at HMS Snowberry and sub diorama along the same lines, but thankfully at 1:144 scale which is a little more manageable form my stubby fingers…..
  2. As I said Imgur has been broken for a long while but now seems to be fixed so I can post some photo, due to having nowhere to upload photos to I kinda haven’t been taking any so there is a skip to the end narrative to this build….. I have decided to paint it then glue it together as I’d like some crisp lines…. Many small bits…. I’ve added some detail to the boats as they were really plain and looked odd to me, so after searching Britmodeller and watching youtube videos I added some 1mm tape to simulate the wooden slats and added ribs and bottom structure to the insides. I’m not sure what they’re called but I’ve added the bibs where the oars go and other rope type gubbins to the perimeter. I’ve seen many previous excellent builds and video and even though it is hardly going to be seen I’ve added some detail to the wheelhouse. I need to rescribe the wooden deck to the front as I’ve already had a go and mangled it…. Oops. These are the propeller wakes, large one for the flower and the two smaller ones for the sub. They’re wire bent round paint tubs and brushes then layers of cotton wool glued and covered in gloss medium. This is my starter for 10 sub base, I need to square this monster up somewhat and add a wooden frame. I had spare bits of foam from other projects that I had saved and used for this once glued and cobbled together with tooth picks and pva, need to square it up and add the wooden surround. These are the explosions from the flower class corvettes depth charges, I’ve been watching videos and these are my attempt this far of the various types of explosion profile, starting from initial explosion through expanding and contracting secondary gubbins and near final large uprush of heated expanded water and such. ICM Sub, I scratch built the cabling and grab rails and the guards to the propellers plus a few other bits…. Good to be back and hope this meets the high standards all the folks on Britmodeller set? Comments and suggestions welcome 🤓
  3. Hello! I am taking a leap into a ship and submarine diorama and now that Imgur is working again I can upload some photos of where I am. My idea was to have an upper layer of a flower class corvette sat within a thin but hard seascape that show above water and below water propeller wake including explosions from depth charges. Beneath that is another part of the dio, a submarine diving with air bubble trails and propeller wake with depth charge explosions around it in various shades / types of explosion profile with a North Sea base below……
  4. This is an update after changing my image hosting thingy as Imgur seems to be broken, using Flickr and just about seem to have got it working….. I’ve been using silica crystals to dry out the and remove all moisture from the gels with some success. Now I have a new image hosting thingy I can update you all about my new project - the flower class corvette and German sub Dio, more to come!
  5. After letting the blue layer dry completely I have eventually added the heavy gel and gloss mix and that has been drying a for quite some days and is almost clear, I’ll post a photo when their is something to show 👍🤓
  6. I have realised that the previous layer of gloss and heavy gel is not completely dry, so my new mix of gloss medium and heavy structure gel will have to sit and wait. This could also be a good thing as the mixture will slowly dry out and firm up, hopefully! I'll keep moving it every now and then to keep it from drying out too much.
  7. Right now I’ve been able to get a little more than nill modelling done I’ve added some layers... I've added some white foam to the sides of the U-boat and wake and wave tops. I've then added a mix layer of blue and gloss medium and heavy gel medium and dabbed with a tiny brush to form wavelets. I'm going to now add gloss and heavy gel medium over this and once it dry some more white to foam and wavepeaks. Comments and suggestions welcome. 🤓
  8. They were also outside my price range somewhere around £200 for one and another had been discontinued even Hough the lit is recent, very odd. I downloaded the instructions for the add on kits and may try to scratch build some bits.
  9. Hiya all, I have been maga mega busy redecorating my flat and building new furniture and sorting out all my stuff, and all my kids stuff which is more than my stuff in size and quantity. The bin man is and will be busy.... I'm hoping to get back o to this again soon now I've began putting all my modelling stuff back in place and in reach etc. Touch wood I'll be able to crack on and finish this one and have a crack at HMS snowberry I have been eyeing.... We'll see. I spell checked my blurb above and have decided.... It's extremely likely that I will as the Fletcher and Tribal kits pe is so very detail heavy on the upgrade kits, I haven't even made one ship yet, only one submarine. I feel I'm biting off more than I can chew and need to practice, so HMS snowbury chasing down a Nazi sub it is! It's at a bigger scale and should prepare me nicely for more detail at a smaller scale for the Fletcher and Tribal class dio's. Now, I have seen (after downloading the pics above from scalemates that there are detail up kits for these kits..... Here we go again in adding more complication... 'Geez
  10. No worries, I'm as guilty for not reading all the blurb. Thankyou for your kindness in your reply, everyone makes mistakes and I have found that how someone reacts to that error speaks volumes of that person, and in that regard you have clearly demonstrated that you place on the healthy and respectable side of that 'line'. Onwards and upwards 🤓👍
  11. I've yet to paint the white foam areas as I've been hoping the gel will dry clearer near the bow, which it slowly has done. I had to carefully cut into parts near the bow to get it too dry clearer as it looked like there was white water where their shouldn't be, it's worked eventually and I've been adding thin layer of gloss to cover the cute from the scalpel. I've been decorating my flat, sanding door frames and rollering ceilings and such so haven't had time to do much other than add a thin coat of gloss gel to the scalpelled areas. I'll post a few better photos if I can when it dry. 🤓
  12. Thanks, practice make perfect, so I'm going to do another before I go bigger on either of my destroyers. Not sure of what yet, something relatively small again, something with smoother water and not so much additional peakish waves with more subtle depressions. 🤓
  13. Thankyou that very kind of you to say. 😊
  14. I have added back the bits that withered and added a new layer of gloss to the water, I'm gonna wait for another few days before painting the white foam as I want the gel to have completely and utterly dried before I deal parts of it with paint. Cables, railings and two machine guns and and 88 canon replaced, they don't quiet have the finesse of the originals but they'll do. Comments and suggestions welcome 🤓
  15. I wish you luck in your build, I have the same Zulu kit and am waiting for the upgrade kit and have been wondering about colours and how to weather a ship so I will look on wi5h interest. 🤓👍
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