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  1. Hello everybody! Here is my new model from Tamiya. In my opinion kit has many details despite its age. Easy for build and it made my weekend enjoyable Most of the new kits have so many parts to glue but old Tamiya's are goldies You can visit my ScaleMates bio and don't forget to add me https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=101450 Cheers...
  2. Thank you I used table clamp with fabric. I wrapped around to model with fabric and used clamps for fixing.
  3. I am glad for bringing your memmories back And yes, your consider is to right, I am still overthinking when I try to build Churchill tank Hahahaha
  4. Thank you so much to all of you mates I am very happy to reading that kind comments.
  5. Hi everybody! My first small scale AFV model painted by airbrush and I used my own products which are homemade while painting and weathering. I hope you like it.
  6. Hello everyone! The model I am building belongs to HEMTT, which the Turkish Army uses in Syria. I chose Italeri's old mold number 292. I used Apollon Model products for painting. IMG_20190911_000838 by Göktuğ Berk Çakı, on Flickr HEMTT 3 by Göktuğ Berk Çakı, on Flickr HEMTT 1 by Göktuğ Berk Çakı, on Flickr HEMTT 2 by Göktuğ Berk Çakı, on Flickr
  7. Thank you and you're absolutely right 'so it would have stayed clean and probably at Kummersdorf' in this sentence. But I just wanted to build something just for weathered I love finding pictures for referances but I don't like to finish my models %100 same. In my opinion the best model is inspired by reality. But not %100 reality
  8. Thank you Pete. I am suggesting this kit. Why? : 1) It included half-seperate tracks and another full vinyl track. (+) 2) Kit's mold is good and it makes to building progress smooth (+) 3) Kit really needed PE parts for engine deck. (-) So my opinion is not bad about this kit. It worth to build. -Göktuğ
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