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  1. Covjets13

    Tamiya F-4C Mig Killer

    Update time... I started on the canopies, and reached into the bottom of the box and to my horror found.... So so a phone call to The Hobby Company, and a small hit on the debit card and replacement sprue will be arriving from Japan in a couple of weeks. Mean while, I’ve nicked the canopies out of my J, along with the centre tank and inbourd pylons. Navy pylons and Trumpeter TER’s as I think they look better than the Tamiya ones. ALQ-87 looked too long to my eye...so I attacked it with the razor saw... then reassembled, think it looks better. Some photo etch.. Then it was painting time.. Thanks for looking Si
  2. Covjets13

    Tamiya F-4C Mig Killer

    My understanding is that the early block ‘C’s for the Airforce were painted at McDonald Douglas in US Navy colours as they came off the production line. The SEA colours were hurriedly painted in the field, with massive variations in browns and greens. The paint fell off with the constant transonic transits and the very humid weather...let alone fading. Still oil washes and pastels to go...more updates to follow shortly. Thanks for stopping by Si
  3. Covjets13

    Tamiya F-4C Mig Killer

    That’s the very aircraft....just a little later Si
  4. Covjets13

    Tamiya F-4C Mig Killer

    Hi all... Well it’s been a little while, but I thought I give you all a little update. It’s been a bit challenging only grabbing the odd hour on the kitchen table, so here goes... I used Vallejo masking fluid to create the wear patterns. When it was dry I then sprayed the top surfaces with hairspray. I used a mix of old Aeromaster, new Aeromaster, MiG and Vallejo to give this effect. I used the same processes for the othe colours. Sadly I didn’t take a photo of the dark green... I then had the pleasure of rubbing off the masking fluid.... So then, a little more masking, a few bottles of Alclad... And the result is... Next step, was out with the Flory washes, followed by a sealing coat So until the next instalment from the kitchen table, Thanks for stopping by and looking. Cheers Si
  5. Covjets13

    Tamiya F-4C Mig Killer

    Merry Christmas, Well I managed to get a couple of hours free on Christmas Eve, so I started the decalling. The stencils are from the Navy CAM Pro set and the US Air Force is from a Cutting Edge set. The numbers are from the spares box.... I think the US Air Force is a touch large, and I had a few problems with the insignia on the wing splintering, my guess is that it’s typical of Cutting Edge. I don’t think it will matter as most of what is on the top will be painted over later Thanks for looking....till the next instalment   Si
  6. Hi All, So, I thought I’d post my incredibly slow build, it started some 2 1/2 years ago, and then stalled while I built our self-build. So the house is all complete, I just have the man cave to finish! I needed to do some modelling finally so picked up where I left off. ( I have to say that Britmodeller has given me my fix whilst I’ve been working in 1:1 scale) The Phantom is the Mig Killer flown by Capt Swender and 1 Lt 480 TFS, 35 TFW based in Korat Thailand in July 1966. So the story so far, I’m building an early block F-4C and so started off removing all the BDR panels. I installed the GT resin cockpit, which to be honest is very over priced for what it costs.(IMHO). I also put together their exhausts...too. So all buttoned up and ready for its first coat of paint. I primed with AK white primer then used Tamiya paints to get the effects. I then gloss coated using Mr Hobby gloss coat with levelling thinners....this stuff is hard as nails. So here are some photos... Thanks for looking....till the next instalment Si
  7. Covjets13

    Wallace and Gromit (Top Bun Van )

    Looking good Ian, can’t wait for the next update Si
  8. Covjets13

    CH-46 / KV-107 STGB Chat

    Sounds like fun, just got track down the required plastic. Craig you have my vote cheers Si
  9. Covjets13

    Reference photos of Chieftains

    Hi all, I am looking to venture into the world of armour....and want to model a Chieftain from the 9/12 lancers based in Detmold in 76/77. Can anyone help or point me in the direction, as I cant find anything on the net. Many thanks Si
  10. Covjets13


    Wow......that's a big one Sir!
  11. Covjets13

    WNW Albatros DV 1/32 'Wooden Wonder'

    Great build, and thanks for the tips on the decals Si
  12. Covjets13

    1/32 F-14A Pudycat

    Great start, and I'll be following with great interest as this kit will be next on the build bench after the current stalled build. Si
  13. Covjets13

    Tamiya 1/32 De Havilland Mosquito

    Great job
  14. Covjets13

    F-111B - an experiment too far

    Great conversion Si
  15. Covjets13

    12 Sqn Anti Ship Strike

    Wow....just wow. What a great model, you've turned an awful kit into an exceptional display piece. Great job sir