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  1. Morning all, hope this small update finds you all well. Sorry that I’ve not been on for a while, but work has been hectic, and still suffering post covid I’ve really not felt up to modelling. Anyway, enough of the excuses… here goes. Upper tips all finished and panel washed. I did redo the top “combs” so it would sit right on the wing. the underside. playing with photo-etch, not my favourite medium to be honest. and painted Mr Surfacer 1500. Seat completed, looking back should have twisted the yellow and black tighter…I’ve left it as I think I’ll cause more damage redoing them, and I’m running out of time for the group build…it will be finished. fin on, note the straightened paper clips to support the wing tips…hope my measurements are correct close up of the cockpit, the windscreen is place on for the pic…just couldn’t resist. Note the paint damage around the rub-down transfers, I’ll sort that when I put the centre glazing on, and I’ll resort to a conventional decals. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers Si
  2. Hi all, here’s a short update…the trials and tribulations…or nightmare of Hobby Decal rub-down transfers. They just didn’t want to go down, and if you rubbed too hard I went through the paint Anyway here are some photos… Next step, all the panel numbers…. Thanks for stopping by, Cheers Si
  3. Anthony, your attention to detail, and tenacity are inspirational, let alone your modelling skills. You are an inspiration to my current Phantom build. Can’t wait till the next instalment.. thanks for sharing Si
  4. Hi all, thank you so much for all your kind words and encouragement, it is very appreciated. Here are a series of pics on the rear end, I know there are some superglue marks around some of the rivets…sadly my concentration levels aren’t quite back to where they used to be…but it is what it is That’s enough for one evening, I’ll blend this all with Tamiya transparent paints heavily thinned to bring it all together. Thanks for stopping by Cheers Si
  5. Hi guys, firstly, thank you for your kind words, it’s very motivating when your juggling a tiring job and dealing with the after effects of this bloody Covid. I have to apologise, as the sequence is all over the place, with no real logic, but I’ve been doing each little bit within my attention span…so here goes. Detailing the RAT, and addressing the poor fitting panel which covers the AirForce air to air panel. I used sone very thin plastic sheet and then sanded it flush. and the centre tank and the effect when it’s in place. some extras in the nose gear bay. and the A/C intakes about to be shortened. time to move the outer pylons, before I put the wings on. wings on, as well as some filler primer and re-riveting done And Red paint applied… then realised the air brake wells are white and removed….shhhh, no one will notice some 0.9mm washers glued to high temp areas, I hate superglue, it’s definitely a “dark side” product I cut open the central fuelling and ground power access panels, and used very small magnets so I could attach the hoses and cables fuel hose, using the magnets, plastic tube, and a leather shoe lace and them in place…happy with that Thanks so much for stopping by, cheers Si
  6. Hi guys, here are some more updates… This is the front of the Black Box cockpit, it is lovely, I would have loved to have tried some of the 3D printed consoles, but they are not yet available…next time and installed into the fuselage…most of the BDR panels have been removed… so while is was attacking the fuz, I cut open the rat and started scratch building I then turned my attention to the undersize J79 burner cans…so I bought the Aires option, but it’s the same size, so I purchased the Reskit option. To my horror they were for the Revell kit, but they fit perfectly…Phew. however, the afterburner igniters weren’t in with the resin, so not sure what to do that’s it for now, thanks for stopping buy, till next time Si
  7. I’ll be post shading, oils and pastels to bring it all together…hopefully Si
  8. Rich, it’s all your fault, I’ve filled in the required procurement forms and risk assessments and then submitted them to SWMBO, and now have one. I have a very long term build on the shelf of doom, using both the Hasegawa J kit and the B wing, blending both with BB cockpit seamless sucker intakes, Aires exhausts, and lots of other stuff that I’ve forgotten in the folds of time…. What to do? Si
  9. This is getting good, looking forward to how this progresses..
  10. So here are some updates, to bring me slowly up today… I decided to build in components to keep my limited focus, and stop the many silly mistakes, so I started with the tail then I used my HobbyDecal rub-down decal sheet…. I thought it’d be easy….no not at all. I’m not sure if it’s because of the age of the transfers or my inability to gauge the correct pressure (which incidentally varied from sheet and colour) but this is it finally applied, with a matt coat. Next I played with the pylons, tanks and undercarriage. I did use lead wire for the brake lines (sorry didn’t photo that progress) Don’t think you’ll see this, perhaps time to rethink how much to add Some more work in progress shots… tanks… Pylons… Finished waiting for the stencils… and applied… again…a nightmare to apply, but I’m committed now. Also not sure of what configuration to put her in as photos of VF-84 J’s are hard to find, so any help would be welcome. thanks guys Si
  11. Hi all, I wanted to start with an apology, having planned to start the build after our holiday which coincided with this group build, my plans unfortunately changed to contracting this awful Covid virus. So I actually started a couple of days early. However the after effects have hit me quite hard, but I am blessed to not be suffering like others on here. I have to thank ModellingMinion for his support, encouragement and friendship that has kept me going. So, I have done quite a lot to this point, and plan was to build a little, photo what I’ve done (didn’t have the time to always do progression shots, as the exhaustion and ability to concentrate was limited, so I focused on the modelling bit) So enough whinging…. Here is bits I hope to turn into a fair representation of my fave jet and some of my dog-eared references Thanks all, Si
  12. Count me in guys, I’ll be tackling the the 32nd Tamiya J, from VF-84. Cheers for now Si
  13. Hi all, building a VF-84 F-4J, flying protection participating in operation nickel grass, during the Yom Kippur war. What would the typical load out be? Thanks for your help. cheers Si
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