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  1. Thanks, would be great for som detail shots in the bomb bay and the other side if the wing cameras Cheers Si
  2. Hi all, I’m starting to build the 1/48 Buccaneer, but as a raspberry ripple test aircraft. However in a lot of the pics on the net show camera pylons on the wingtips. Can anyone post some close-up pics please. Thanks Si
  3. Congratulations on a labour of love....now it needs an LUT
  4. What a fantastic build, with the end in sight, what’s next? 1/72 Shuttle? Thanks for sharing Si
  5. Hi Piero, How is the build progressing with the Gina? Hope all is well in your world, looking forward to an update soon. Si
  6. Hi Craig, count me in, just need to get a two seater to do a nice and shiny VT-25 machine . Si
  7. Great to see this project back on the bench...great thread Si
  8. Oh dear....I have both the GR and the F....and NeOmega cockpits, since the brave pill has worn off the the F-14 think I’ll wait. @trickyrich you gotta do a little more to your Fitter, it is showing off you modelling skills. I just got to decide what’s next on the build bench? Si
  9. Thanks for the kind words, IMHO I would disagree that it’s no fun tho @trickyrich. Sure it’s not a Tamiya “shake’n’bake” kit, but it went together well, there is virtually no filler in this build, it just took lots of test fitting. As to the “wrong” shaped tail, I’m no Tomcat expert, but it looks like a Tomcat to me. In short, of the level of modelling fun for £ spent, its well worth a crack at. Si
  10. Hasegawa 1/48 F-14A Tomcat, built out of the box. It’s not a fall together kit, but it does build into a wonderful finished representation of the ultimate Grumman cat. Built to show the CAG bird of VF111 when they stopped over at NAS Atsugi after WestPac cruise 1986/7 before returning home. Here is the build thread Thanks for looking. Si
  11. Evening all, So I got down to finishing the seats, attaching the aerials and putting the canopy on. I did loose two of the aerials however as they ‘pinged’ off the tweezers and after extensive looking it’s been consumed by the carpet monster. So if any one out there has any spares please PM me...thanks. I’ve done the base and here are the completed model and in time too. It was built straight from the box, with no extras, just Aeromaster decals. It’s really enjoyable to build, and with the prices falling on eBay all it needs is some resin seats. Thanks for all you support...enjoy. So Craig what’s the next GB? Si
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