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  1. Congratulations on the Silver, well deserved Si
  2. @modelling minion now you MADE me buy a kit, when are we starting? I’m really looking forward to my second tank. Cheers Craig for organising this GB. Si
  3. Hi John, I’m going to re-work the kit, so… The undercarriage and wheel wells, including the outriggers. The cockpit, canopy and seat. The reaction controls. Intakes + cowling in front of the compressor face and bleed doors. The tail/elevator area Wing vortex generators and fences. Nozzles and heat shields. And anything else if you think it would help. Many thanks again John. cheers Si
  4. That’s epic, thank you so much. Can you keep them coming please. Looking to really bring the kit up to muster. Cheers Si
  5. Thank you all for you lovely comments, I am humbled, truly. This aircraft was a Polesti vet and then actually completed a bombing raid on 15th April 1945. She also collected Glenn Miller and his band for the 93BG 100th mission concert/party. I found a photo (from Imperial War Museum website) dropping off the band which clearly shows the wings had stripes NOT zig-zags. She was scrapped at Watton in May 1945. I completed the model in 6 weeks, while I recover from surgery for total knee replacements….I need the focus. Thanks again Si
  6. Morning all, with the model bench clear….and tidy, it’s time to start some lunacy, and make good on a promise to Nick Greenall made many years ago ( @NG899 I haven’t forgotten) So I have loads of references but was wondering if anyone has access to the airframe maintenance manuals for the GR3 (and FA2) as the illustrations are a godsend for scratch building. Many thanks. Si
  7. Hi all, Heres my latest completion, the good old Monogram 1/48 B-24D. It sure wasn’t an easy build, lots of parts fitted where they touched, I even had to resort to wood working clamps to get the fuz to join. I removed all the raised detail, then rescribed and re-riveted the whole airframe. I turned the rear turret around and builds the lights inside. I also added the landing lights, swopped the wheels for resin ones and added brake lines. I used AK extreme metal and Gunze / Tamiya paints and all the zig zags and markings where custom masks made by my lovely wife. Thanks for looking cheers Si
  8. You really nailed the NMF, I really like the way you nailed the oxidised aluminium airframe, and the hot area is perfect. Any chance you could share you process with us?
  9. Exquisite, you’ve captured it perfectly, fantastic job.
  10. Hi Kevin, All it is is post shading with progressively light shades. I use both Tamiya and Gunze and use 10% paint to 90% IPA thinner. I then keep going over and over until I’m happy with the effect. It is time consuming but it works. Then it’s oils and pastels…. Dayglo was a different kettle of fish as the red goes to yellow, but I did do lots of practice pieces before I did the top side of the Victor. Anyway, ramble over, thanks again for your kind words. cheers Si
  11. Move it up your build schedule, you’ll enjoy the build. Just test fit the wing to fuselage joint, I just needed a couple of swipes of the sanding stick. You will need more weight in the nose than Airfix recommend. cheers Si
  12. Thank you all for you positive reaction. After reading XM607 I had to honour the longest then bombing raid, and the utter selfless airmanship of Bob Tuxfords crew. If I’ve inspired more Victors and Vulcans to be built, that’s brill, and supporting our own plastic manufacturer to boot. So what next….not sure…Airfix Bucc with the new NeOmega cockpit. (I believe it’s been redone and will be cast and available very soon) Cheers Si
  13. Evening Anthony, I hope that Auster build of yours is not the source of a crash…and it’s just a metaphorical reference to the stalled Tomb. It looks utterly breathtaking as usual. Sending regards down-under. cheers Si
  14. Lovely job, who’s going to know when it’s on display….I won’t tell if you don’t
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