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  1. So we’ve been debating this kit on our modelclub WhatsApp….and some think it’s not worth the money, and it’s not “Tamegawa-Muadard” so it’ll be…. so I pulled a Zoukie F-EJ out of the stash and compared the top wings…. ENOUGH SAID. WELL DONE AIRFIX, a British company building British subjects….superb. And if it builds as beautifully as their Vulan, and Victor which just finished decalling, it’ll awesome. Gordon has asked me to remaster the NeOmega cockpit…do watch this space my lovely peps. cheers Si
  2. Great thread as always bud, looks even better in the “plastic” too. Sorry I haven’t got an F-5 yet ( just the decals)…but payday isn’t far away so I can join the bun fight shortly. Si
  3. Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement. I’m not sure what’s next, but as my Pops was a rec-I-mech we were stationed at Hobart Barracks and his fave toy was the Cent ARV….but no idea reference material as I’ve trawled the internet for years with no success Anyway thanks all… Si
  4. Evening all, So after over fifty years of modelling, here’s my first tank (or armour of any kind) finished. It the RFM 1/35 kit build straight from the box. Please don’t flame me on “getting it wrong” as I know nothing about the subject. I did however really enjoy build time apart from all the wheels….may be a Tiger 1 or Kingtiger next. Anyway I hope you enjoy this novice’s work, and constructive criticism is always welcome Thanks for stopping by and looking. cheers Si
  5. Thank you all for your very kind words. Cheers Si
  6. Cheers Adam, but I think I could damage it by rectifying it. Thanks thought. cheers Si
  7. This is worth a read….. https://vulcantothesky.org/articles/cold-war-stories-red-steer-the-firebar-affair/ Makes you wonder how many of these types of stories happened during the Cold War. cheers Si
  8. Thanks Adam, high praise from you Regarding the Red Steer…what is that? I’ve obviously missed it🫣. If it’s an easy fix she could go into the maintenance bay Regarding the panel lines, they don’t match on de-electric “triangular flags” either side on the base of the fin. But honestly I didn’t want to go down that rabbit hole, because it looks just like a Vulcan. Had to add I found the fit of parts generally really good, just lots of test fitting . Thank for you positive critique cheers Si
  9. Hi Toby, couldn’t find any close up pics, so it’s 1mm x 1mm x 0.4mm plastic strip. Thank guys for your kind words, it was such a lovely kit to build. The book Vulcan 607 is a great inspiration too Cheers Si
  10. I Hi All, Here’s my latest completion, the new tool Airfix Vulcan. What a joy to build, loved every minute, there was virtually no filler, it went together (with a little care) perfectly. I added some wires and piping in to the bomb bay. I also carved off the bombs on the cradles and reworked them to show her cargo has been delivered. I wanted to replicate Black Buck 1, so after lots of reading, looking over loads of photos I think I’ve done her justice. I also wanted to pay tribute to the heroism of Martin Withers and his crew for their outstanding prosecution of the operation. I hope you enjoy the pics Thank you all for looking, just no idea what to build next. Cheers Si
  11. It would be wonderful to have a new Bucc, however the Airfix offering is not to bad (no not been drinking)…honest. Use the NeOnega cockpit and wheel wells they fit PERFECTLY. ( no cutting and trimming like other resin manufacturers). And then “tab” the fuselage like a vacform. I have built two and really enjoyed building them. Cheers Si
  12. Evening all, here’s some more photos…really please with how it’s turned out, and I’ve learned a lot too. Thanks again for all you encouragement and kind words… Thanks for stopping by, Cheers Si
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