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  1. Hi gents and gals, with the imminent release of Eduard Tornado Gr.1 in 1:48, I started a page of what to use, decals etc etc. Then, I decided, what the hell, I can make it for other scales too. So, long story short. Here is the ultimate How to on Gulf war Tornadoes. It is still in progress, mainly the F.3/ADV part. If you have any additions/corrections/ideas, please let me know. Thanks ! Gulf war Tornado How-to
  2. Hi, can you tell me where did you get the info about Omani Hunter FR.10 with mission markings ? Any pics ? Date of missions ? Thanks !
  3. BIG thanks for the pictures, especially the inner wing Sidewinder pylon. I am planning to build Omani Hunters, and it looks like that they were upgraded with the help of Singapore. They were fitted with the inner pylons, towel rail antenna AND two chaff/flare launchers under the tail. You can clearly see it here (and I bet the Singapore birds will have same or similar config) - Hunter
  4. Ha, great find ! Any closeups of the fin ? I guess there should be some "hole" or flat plate (the rear of the decoy itself) ......
  5. Hi gents, according to this link Flightglobal Nimrods MR.2P in Gulf war 1991 had installed Towed Radar Decoy. I know that the modern type is pod mounted (looks like BOZ pod), but in Nimrod they say it was internally mounted. My question is WHERE it was mounted and was it visible from exterior ? I guess maybe in the MAD tail stinger ? Also heard that it was installed in the top tail "dome". Any ideas ? Thanks and happy modelling !
  6. Hi, yeah. Let me show you: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=https://dstorm.eu/_ostatni/5.jpg&key=ea64ef440d9b71b4ae1aa787921a397e2f321d70a43d6267bf1af072a15f32f9 Clean wing without any attachement points.
  7. So, if the mounting points are not removable, why some CR/CT planes have "clean" wing and some has the points ? That could suggest some "mods" to the plane/wing. Regarding F1EJ - now I can see that the pylon is different, my mistake So, the Corail gondola had some drag so it was removed ???? That is really strange. Was it replaced with something or just left off and let the Mirages flew until witdrawal without them ? One clarification then: French CT/CR - Corail Jordan/Iraq/Iran(ex-Iraq) - Sycomore correct ?? Thanks a lot !!
  8. And here is Gabon TR-KMM (ex South African) which also shows the mounting points - if there RIMS was not used, why those points were not removed ? And, what about drag/wing flow penalties with those attach points there ?
  9. Hi, thanks for the responses. Here are the few pictures and questions: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/applications/core/interface/imageproxy/imageproxy.php?img=https://dstorm.eu/_ostatni/1.jpg&key=b5a1616bba3487e88ada1c2532d498830143ce6f06878121a60092c3692e0da1 Here you can see the attachement ponts for the Corail, they are the small bulges. BUT, you can not see them on many airframes. So, are even those points detachable ? Here is the above mentioned Corail on French Mirage An the only one known (atleast to me) pic of Iraqi Mirage F1EQ5-200 "4562". Attached are Corail, some SLAR pod and Remora ECM. Regarding Sycomor, it is only pylon mounted, not wing mounted box right ? If not, can you point me to some info ? And, I read that the Corail was also an option for update for some Moroccan Mirages, but no idea if the update went through. Thanks !
  10. I have a question for Mirage F1 experts about Corail conformal chaff/flare pod, in SH kits parts 113 and 114. I think you can mount them on "modded" airframes only. The airframe has to have two additional attachement points, bulges on pics where the Corail is not mounted. I could only find it on some French CR and CT version, on Jordanian EJ, on Iraqi EQ-5 and probably on some South African AZ models. Here is a list of confirmed airframes by the pics: Iraq - F.1EQ-5 - 4562 France: 227 (330-AP), 242 (118-QA), 251 (30-SA), 274 (330-AJ), 282 (13-QR), 603 (33-CB), 604 (118-CF), 607, 608 (33-NG spec camo), 611 (118-NM), 615, 620 (112-CT), 621 (30-BY), 624 (33-NY), 628, 634 (33-CK), 638, 641 (33-CD), 648 (33-CE), 655 (118-CV), 657 (33-CV), x62 ??? (30-QH), ??? (30-QJ), ??? (30-SV), I guess you had to "mod" the wing with some strenghtening, adding two locating "lugs" and a wiring. So, who can elaborate that ? Thanks a lot !! Jakub
  11. Hi Tony,

    long time no talk about Lynxes LOL. I was on fire on Sunday and took out my two Lynxes and when I looked at them,  I found out that there are some blank spaces in my Gulf war build. So I compiled a list of what to use/not use/tweak etc etc.

    I would like to ask you if you could look at that site and review it, if it is all OK for a Gulf war Lynx HAS.3GM. There are two steps, according to Airfix, steps 48 and 68 - I do not have the right pics of all those antenna positions etc. Can you help me with that ?

    Here is the link for the page: http://dstorm.eu/pages/build_instructions/has3gm_build_en.html


    Absolutely no rush here. I am working on translating my AH.1GT page to english now.


    Thanks in advance and best regards.




    EDIT: I did the AH1GT page so here it is: http://dstorm.eu/pages/build_instructions/ah1gt_build_en.html

  12. Yesssssss !!! Great pics, thanks a lot, they are really helpful !!
  13. Fantastic, this is the same approach I was thinking on my build Now to have to find some good head-on view pic of between the intakes to show the grill there. Keep up the good work !!
  14. Hey, thanks for the info !! This is what I was thinking. And yeah, you can guess by the grilles of which version was produced where .... and yes, the Japanese Seaking has more grilles and are more unique than others. I have only one picture showing the top of the engine inlets showing the grab handles - Does anyone have more pictures ? And it looks like there is one grille between the round intakes - do we have a better shot of this place ? Thanks and have a great weekend !
  15. Awesome progress, really. I noticed that top of the engine intake housing is "plain" on your kit. I know it is too late, but there are some holes with grab handles missing, I guess they are for opening the housing. I had a long chat on CZ modelforum about Eduard and their PE set for HC.4, I was asking about the grilles which are missing in their PE set (there is also a ton of other stuff which could be there, like rear view mirrors..). I have one question for Seaking experts. As there is different config of grilles on the engine inlet housing, I compiled a list of Seaking manufacturers. Can anybody confirm that ? Made in USA: USA, Argentina, Brazil, Dennmark, India (UH-3H IN535-IN540), Peru (UH-3H HM492-HM495), Spain Made in UK: UK, Australia, Belgium, Egypt, Germany, India (Sea King Mk42, 42A, 42B), Norway, Pakistan, Qatar Made in Italy: Iran, Iraq, Italy, Malaysia, Peru (AS-61D HA430-HA433, HM490/491), Saudi Arabia, Venezuela What about Canada ? Japan ? Thanks !
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