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  1. I stumbled across the Toldi a few months ago and knew that I wanted to build one right away. Germany would not supply its allies during WWII, so Hungary decided to build its own. Sweden was one of the few countries prepared to sell to Hungary, and they had what was at the time (1934) one of the best tanks around in the L-60 with sloped, welded armour and torsion bar suspension. Hungary purchased a licence and began to produce their own as means of kickstarting their industry. After many production delays they finally arrived already obsolete with just a 20mm gun and poor armour. A few attempts to up-gun them failed, and when they came up against Russian T-34s they didn't stand a chance. I've started with the HobbyBoss Toldi I. I bought an SBS resin and PE upgrade set, but have barely used anything other than the lights and storage chest clasps. A metal SBS 20mm gun barrel is on there too. It's built other than the upper/lower hull that I'll be able to leave until the very end. The weird circular aerial will go on last, and fall off within a week... The HobbyBoss individual link tracks are absolutely awful, they just don't fit together without forcing them so after making up about 1/3 of one side I gave up and shopped around. Way over-priced but I now have a set of Friul metal tracks to put together (I'm a Friul virgin, so it will be fun). Here it is in primer: And here is what I'm aiming at (excuse the shadows, my light is directly above my desk, useless for taking photos) I love these odd markings. A green cross on a red octagon? Who can that be? It will be finished simply, I've realised that I love the build, hate the painting, so I'm just after a nice clean finish for everything that I do from now on. A Toldi III in olive drab will soon join it on the shelf.
  2. My contribution to the GB will be RFM's very nice 1/35 Sherman M4A3E8. I have been looking for a suitable setting for this kit. I did not want to load it with sand bags and evoke the wrath of General George S. Patton. Or cover it up and hide RFM's handiwork, be it that this would make an interesting subject and the decals and resin are available. I think a concrete covered glacis plate is just plain ugly and Lee @Longbow is already doing an excellent job with the application of applique armour. I wanted a subject a little more naked. Finally, I decided on this: An "Easy 8" on the railway platform at Mühlhausen in early April 1945. An interesting subject in a simple diorama setting. The subject appears to have the two-tone olive drab/black scheme - even better. Another image: I have the figures organised for the setting. A Tamiya boxing for some of the crew figures. And on the way: PanzerArt to be modified to represent the guy hanging off the .50 cal. Alpine Miniatures for the guy at the rear of the turret: Another Alpine Miniatures again on the deck but to the side of the turret: The title is what is on everyone's mind - "Why don't they just surrender?" Ray
  3. My first WIP and my first GB, so i thought i should go for an "Easy" (eight) option. My intentions are to add a couple of figures and a make a small base. The kit comes with rubber band tracks (which are ok) but can anybody suggest the correct AM tracks for this please? Not saying i will get them, but willing to consider them. Thanks, George
  4. I'm taking a short break from Ship-modelling to build this. There's still a Centurion AVRE that sit's forlorn; more of that soon. I bought this on impulse after seeing Pete Smith of Stonhenge Modellers display his in British Army green at IPMS Avon last year. Gecko are releasing some interesting kits, certainly for British vehicles and I've followed @APA's Beford builds with interest. The Supacat ATMP was primarily designed with air mobility in mind and served with airborne forces as a load carrier, with it's introduction coming after lessons learned in the Falklands conflict. It served up to 2010 and then was withdrawn without a really obvious successor. In truth the Quad bike and trailer have taken over it's role though how successfully is not entirely clear. Anyway on with the show - the instructions are full colour Bronco-type There are a couple of correction sheets and a spare sprue that covers parts for other variants that Gecko have released, 4 to date including a WMIK A driver figure is included and I'll wait to build it to judge how good it is. I might use this Accurate Armour figure instead There are some L85 rifles, handguns and body pouches And here are some pics of the original The web is certainly not awash with pics of the machine in action These are 2 useful references for history and appearance: https://www.mafva.org/walk-around-supacat-atmp/?v=79cba1185463 https://www.thinkdefence.co.uk/supacat-terrain-mobility-platform-atmp/ The central tub is well moulded Construction begins with the transmission And the deck is cleaned and attached The Diamond pattern plate is really effective As is the etch for the engine compartment The pallet containing 105mm shell boxes builds cleanly and the wood grain on the wooden pa;et is nicely done The wheel build up in 2 halves - they do need some filing to reduce the width so that the tyres "fit" The hub rims are added separately This is meant to be a quick build so more soon (hopefully!) Thanks for looking Rob
  5. Hi there everyone, this is my entry into my first group build. Talking about first's, I have never built an M3 or an M4 (shame on me), so this will be really interesting for me doing something totally new. I have chosen a Miniart M3 as I have read good reports about them, plus the fact that I love doing Miniart kits anyway. I already had an M3 in my stash, a Miniart interior, but with 3 months to build, It would have been a bit of a stretch, for me at least to complete in time. So this is an external build, having said that It still comes with a good parts count. So on to a few pictures, this is the box art, I really like the look of this.... This will be the version that I hope to build... Kit comes with rucksacks and bags, interesting to see how these look... Some shots of a few sprues... You get a small PE set , some decals and clear parts. I have purchased the tow rope from Eureka XL. The kit will be pretty much OOB, along with the purchased tow rope and I have purchased last night some North Africa tank crew figures and some Hornet heads to go with them. So there you go, I'm looking forward to this, see you soon Ed
  6. Hi all, this is going to be my entry for this fine group build, a late M4A2 of 1st marine tank battalion on Peleliu. I’m going to be using the dragon kit for this build, mostly OOB but with a few additions: metal barrel, resin .30 cal for the commanders hatch and resicast wading stacks, plus some stowage and spare track links. Much as I dislike them I’m going to be using the DS tracks as my modelling time is limited so no indi links. And the main two reference books I’m going to be using. Now, I said mostly out of the box, but there are a few changes I need to make to make an accurate version of this. I’m going to be basing my Sherman loosely on this picture. Notice the tracks in opposite directions. The first 50 large hatch M4A2’s were built without the hull ventilator cover, as well as the early large hatch versions having the longer splash guards in front of the hull hatches, padded lifting rings on the rear hull and dry stowage with the sponson appliqué armour. These very early large hatch M4A2’s, or at least a lot of them, ended up in the marine tank battalions, as in the picture above on peleliu. so there’s a few changes I need to make to the hull before I start building, highlighted in the picture below. Can’t wait to get cracking on this.
  7. Hi folks, Hope everyone is keeping safe and well. It seems like ages ago that I signed up to join this GB and yet at the same time it seems to have come around so quickly This will be my first GB for this year and I'm really looking forward to it. For my entry - I've decided to incorporate the subject of the GB with another particular interest of mine - the IDF. I thought, what can be better than being able to represent a Sherman - how about an IDF Sherman - or specifically the M-51 Super Sherman from the 1/35 Academy kit. To whet your appetites - here's the obligatory box art shot as well as some pics of the sprues etc: I can't wait to get started!! This will be an OOB build and having had a good look at the sprues etc it seems to be a very nice kit and has some excellent details. So here's to next weekend - good look with your builds everyone - can't wait to see all the end results in the gallery. Take care and best wishes Kris
  8. Better late than never! Still have a couple of months to go... The Academy/MRC kit (1992 issue) - The NTS upgraded version was released in 2008. These were superb kits for the time and still highly regarded. Lots in the box! Nice surface details and option to display the engine (I won't be) Crisp detail and sharp moulding after all these years! Very good selection of armament - Hellfire, TOW and 7-shot M157 launchers. Shame there's no option for the 19-shot M200, but I have some stashed in the spares drawer already. Instructions are pretty good, typical turn of the century design. I'm adding the Big Ed set from Eduard - it has the intake filters on the Taiwan Whiskeys: https://c1.staticflickr.com/3/2873/10248557854_36f221f288_o.jpg The Taiwanese decals came from Heli-Scale Quality in Germany - they look very sharply printed as ALPS continuous film prints: Anyway, that's the kit...hoping for a nice result, the Whiskey looks good in Helo Drab! Alan
  9. Hello everyone, after moving, settling in and working on the smaller things in the house (still not finished), I found some time to get on with my 2nd beloved desert Chevy, and set up a diorama (no foliage, thank goodness ) -I hope you like it. that board actually existed, and Tutira III was parked next to it on a well-known photo. that gunner wears a german sidecap... when in doubt, brew-up. those wheels will not split within the next few years btw -I copied them into resin. that corner needed a little something... so I decided to place another bloke there, getting ready for his undercover mission. The frame was filled with an old formed part of plaster, and new one. Those rocks were glued on, partly to hide some air bubbles in the plaster -and painted. The Lads are of course Masterbox' lot, Tamiya's driver (and parts of their gunner) and one ANZAC from ICMs WWI set. (ta for the hat and some equipment. Oh yes, equipment was, like in real life, a mix of assigned, scrounged and rebuilt stuff. One covered wheel is originally from a Humvee, and I built that Vickers gun myself out of a surplus M2 .50 cal. Jerry cans were included, those big flimsies too. Two per truck, won't last very long -so more resin ones had to be made. The rebuild of Tutira III into a NON-radio truck went surprisingly fast, with lots of blister packaging. Oh, almost forgot the disguised man -he was originally french, from Heller's Kufra set. As said before, I hope you had fun, any comments are welcome! (I have read much online, but there's still a lot to know about the LRDG) Greetings, Johnny Tip PS if better suited in the AV section, please reassign at will!
  10. Dear Fellow Modellers This is the Miniart petrol pump set and a scratch built 1930’s scale petrol station made from wood, balsa and plastic. It has been wired to allow it to be fully illuminated. Leuna benzin was a petrol produced synthetically from coal by I.G. Farben. The production was subsidized by the Weimar Republic to reduce the costs associated with oil imports. Production began in 1927 at the Leunawerke refinery. Sales were carried out by the I.G. subsidiary Gasolin, which in 1939 had around 4000 filling stations throughout Germany. Some of you may remember my Miniart 170V cabriolet from an earlier post Hope you like it? Regards Andrew
  11. The original-issue Pz.Kpfw. III Ausf. B kit from Miniart (this release was discontinued and replaced with an updated one) with the corrected engine deck, etc pieces from the newer issue provided by Miniart’s excellent customer service. The corrected kit also comes with crew figures-Highly recommended. I substituted Friul tracks, but the kit tracks are excellent.
  12. Here I show you a model finished a good few years ago. Quite a complicated kit, huge in size, one of those special kits that are unlike anything one has built before! my first model that I airbrushed, as hand brushing all that intricate parts was daunting indeed. For those who wonder, the crew is WW2, but as one was used then, it can still be called historical . Sadly, no WW1 german artillery crewmen in scale was available then! and I think not yet, except for some very obscure resin ones. Will be posting here the rest of my 1/35 kits for easy finding.
  13. I've found some time to get my build under way, just been a bit busy to start the wip earlier, I'm going to build the tamiya m51 Israeli super sherman, i also have some pe to pick over, 1st the eduard academy set to cherry pick, and i also have a voyager fender set for the tamiya kit along with the pe masks The kit The pe sets, what do you sherman enthusiasts think of pe fenders, are they a worthwhile upgrade? The hull built up And with the bogeys built up and fitted I've also glued and deseamed the barrel and fitted it to the mantlet and cover molding At present i only have the rubber band tracks, any links to suitable alternatives would be very much appreciated . Cheers all
  14. So I'm going to be building this for the GB... I do like obscure subjects and odd looking and/or asymmetric vehicles so this is right up my street. Apparently they were designed to use powerful carbon-arc lamps to illuminate and disorient the enemy at night - though I'm sure in combat that would see them draw more fire on themselves. Apparently the turret gun in these M3 conversions was simply a fake dummy one, in order to disguise them more as regular M3 tanks to the enemy. Onto the kit, the box contains a nice sprue layout on the side... Here's a few shots of those sprues, lots of parts in this kit... Pretty much all individually bagged, apart from the duplicates and also 2 sprues in one bag, though the bag there was folded down the centre so the two sprues were separated. All looks very nicely moulded with lots of detail, haven't seen any nasty flash, ejector marks or mould lines so far. I think this is the first Takom kit I've built but the quality seems great, I like the fact the sprue identifying letters are big and actually cut out voids so easy to see. Only issue I've found so far is that the long piece of photoetch seems to have been bent in the box as it's got caught under the corner of the instructions, but hopefully easy to flatten back out if needed. The instructions are in a nice glossy black and white booklet, with a colour foldout paint/decal guide. My only issue with that is that it's quite small scale but given the minimal number of decals and overall olive drab scheme it shouldn't be too much of an issue (there's also a high quality scan version on Scalemates.com I can zoom in on if I need to help my poor eyesight). So without further ado I decided I'd make a start, fit and detail is great - so good that I mistook some of the detail on the inside edges of the drive wheel casings (I think this is part of the cast markings) for glue drops and started sanding it out. So that'll do for a start, the next part is assembling all the wheels, bogies and tracks. There seem a lot of potentially fiddly little parts and I'm not entirely sure how I'm going to tackle these link and length tracks, wheels and painting everything. Ideally I'd like to paint the tracks separately then attach after painting everything else, I'll have to see how easy that will be to achieve, but that's for another day.
  15. Good day, colleagues and interested! According to the tradition that has developed for myself, by May 9 I am trying to build a sample of the Red Army equipment. This time BT came to hand. After the BT-7A, the tower from Tamiya remained. And the tower is good. And then the HobbyBoss arrived with their BT-2 "medium" release. The BT-5 model from Zvezda/Italery has long been the only opportunity to assemble something similar to BT. But, as has been discussed more than once on all possible forums, there are quite a lot of irreparable jambs there. Yes, and the model from Hobbyboss is more elegant and more carefully cast. But just like that, it didn't work out to assemble the model, as always. To begin with, the entire model was completely riveted. Hobbyboss rivets and bolts are extremely sad. Added welds in the right places. The tower from BT-7 is also brought to mind by the photo and by the preserved samples. In the course of the assembly, the PE by Microdesign was purchased, gun from MagicModels and under the curtain the trucks from MasterClub. Additional tanks from Dragon, a roll from gloves, self-made ammo boxes, duffel bags - pouring what was found in the "stocks". The comrade in the tower is a tanker from the Zvezda with a changed head. Coloring - good old Akan, a little Tamiya, a pinch of humbrol Oil and pigments - Mig and co. Enjoy watching! Thanks for attention. And as usual - a photo of the prototype :
  16. I've been fascinated by tanks since I was just a little boy. Big, loud and menacing beasts...the exact sort of things that appeal to little boys. When I was elementary school-age, circa the late 1950s, early '60s, our hometown had a National Guard unit with a tank. It was parked beside their building and I loved seeing it as we drove past. I imagine it might've been an M47 or perhaps M48, heck maybe even an old M26. Whatever it was, it was a marvel to me back then! I started building scale models as an adult around 1986 or '87. And since then, I've only built two tank scale models. I enjoyed building both, and actually did enter them in an Austin,Texas model contest (still a "one time" experience for me), luckily placing both tanks in third place in their respective categories. Beginner's luck I call it. My two tanks I hate masking aircraft canopies. It's the part of the process I dread the most; the mere fact that there are no canopies to mask on a tank...well, that is a huge plus in the armor column for me! Lately, I have become somewhat stalled on a Bf-109E build (yeah. I came to the masking stage...) and thought I would take "the road less traveled" for a change. And, now I'm having a ball going down that path! I started Tamiya's ancient M41 Walker Bulldog in 1/35, of course. I've only spent a handful of hours, spread out over a couple weeks, thus far, but I believe I'm getting close to laying on some final paint. I've done a bit of scratch-building, adding some features that Tamiya chose to leave off. I would like to show my progress here however, and thereby gain access to all the great info here at BM. Well, the road wheels are painted and sealed, awaiting some weathering. I also painted the rubber portion of the return rollers. The odd bits and pieces have been added to the front and rear hulls: Most M41 Bulldogs featured a canvas mantlet cover that is bolted to the turret top and sides. I've attempted to replicate this with tissue soaked in CVA. I've seen photos of these covers that show some variation and of course, a lot of wear and tear. I futzed around this for quite a while, making several attempts, finally calling it done (and good enuf!). I tried to replicate the attachment parts with plastic rod and thin strips of aluminum. After they are glued to the tank, I'd like to place a Grandt Line bolt-head on each "tab". Heh, heh, that may be a bridge too far for my meager skills but I'm game to give it a try! I've still got some small details to add around the cut-out for the gunner's sight, and of course some touch-up once the final paint goes on. Here's how the attachment parts look, and a pic with some practice paint on: Tamiya left off the two lifting rings found on the glacis plate. I've routed out a slot for some rings made from flattened copper wire. I hope to set the rings in the slot with some thick CA. The real rings were attached with six huge weld beads so I hope I can get close to that appearance. M41s have two storage boxes mounted on the sponsons but Tamiya failed to add the stiffening ribs stamped into the sides of the boxes. I've tried to replicate that effect by gluing small strips if stretched-sprue to the sides. The vertical ribs on the front boxes were oddly arrayed and that was difficult for me to recreate. I believe they will look okay when finally "tweaked" though. Port side before paint: Starboard too: With some "practice paint": Also seen in the above pic is the auxiliary muffler for the tank generator. Originally, these were mounted over the right-side rear main muffler but excessive heat in that location led to refitting the aux. muffler to the right front fender. I'm building my Bulldog as a tank issued to the Army of Republic of Vietnam (ARVN). ARVN forces were the ones who used the M41 most in combat, seeing some success against soviet PT-76 and T54 tanks of the NVA. I've seen ARVN Bulldogs with aux. mufflers in both locations; there are great diagrams of both mountings in the Squadron Walk Around book on the M41 and I chose the rear, original location to scratch build. I found an old, model car exhaust collector that worked well in replicating the muffler. Some aluminum tubing provided the tail-pipe and plastic stock made the mounts, with furnace tape straps and clamps on the flexible pipe connecting it to the engine deck. Here are some pics of the process: And here's the muffler with some "practice paint": I've been looking at several photos of ARVN Bulldogs for ideas and inspiration. Here are a couple: In the above pic, I see a great idea for speeding up the build...just wrap the M2 in canvas! And a couple pics with the three main pieces assembled for a trial viewing thus far: Hey everyone, thanks for staying with me so far! I hope to have more progress to post soon, and I'm always happy to receive constructive criticism and advice. I am pretty much still a novice armor builder and on my third try. So, with that, adieu for now! Links of interest: https://mikesresearch.com/2019/03/24/m41-walker-bulldog/ https://www.historynet.com/m-41-walker-bulldog-tank/ https://man.fas.org/dod-101/sys/land/m41.htm
  17. I’ll be building this, it’s a superb kit which I was going to build in the kit scheme, but owing to world events no red stars will be crossing my work bench. So it will be in one of the schemes below. Decisions, decisions, I’m leaning towards the second one but I like the way the first one looks like someone took a 6inch brush to it in the field,
  18. The second of my GB entrants. I may use the box scheme unless I can come up with something a bit more interesting. How brave am I feeling Ok spoiled for choice.
  19. This is ICM's recently released AC-40 Firetruck, which is a re-tool of their previous Zil-131 truck. The real thing dates back to the early '70's, although the 137A upgrade represented by the kit first appeared in '84. They're still in extensive use in Russia and the former bloc countries, and the marking option I went with is for a fairly current vehicle based in Vinnytsia, Ukraine. It's a pretty good kit overall, although a few errors with the parts and instructions seem to have crept in during the re-tooling from the basic Zil truck. The only really weak point are the vinyl tyres, which I had to essentially melt to remove the ragged moulding line around the tread. They'd be much better swapped with resin replacements. The real things seem to be quite patchy and faded, so I tried to represent that with the paint job and weathering. Thanks for looking Andy
  20. Hi all, Figures are my most favourite element of modelling and I'd love to get really good at this, so I've embarked on a bit of a project. I have a experiment and practice here, consisting of 17 figures, one pig and a cart. (This will all take some time and take part in a large diorama including a tiger 1- It'll be called "Liebe deinen nachsten"; This is part one of a two part dio.). They will be made into volksgrenadiers, fallschrimjager, panzer crew and a civilian. This is the motely crew (They have been made up, pinned, flash trimmed, filled with vallejo putty in the gaps, sanded and tin foil straps added.): I add straps now as I find them even more of a pain to add at the end. They are mixtures of plastic and resin:( I've put them into groups mentally): Some are needed to tell the story and some are needed because they look awesome. -Mini art panzer crew at rest- plastic. These I like least...they are are terrible with mould lines running right up the sides of the faces/heads which is very hard to remove. The hands are just blobs and the jawlines from the neck to the head are massive. The set also includes the pig. I'm only using four out of the five provided as I will replace one of them with another resin figure. I should have replaced the heads with hornets heads (note for next time). -The majority of the fallschrimjager are Legion One resin and look great. The weapons are especially good and I may be adding decals from Archer/Peddinghaus to these. -One of the fallschrimjager is from War Front. Resin and looks very dynamic. -The civilian is from royal models. Resin and looks great as well, well defined features. This I will attempt my first oil painting with. I've bought some castle arts artists oils and sandsor odourless thinner for this. (inc cart) -The man with the panzerfaust is Evolution figures, resin and probably the best one. This will be painted as a volksgrenadier with splintermunster jacket/poncho etc. I'll try oils on the flesh and acrylic for the rest of the uniform (as figure this will be quicker for the easier bit). -Three other volksgrenadiers (are actually supposed to be Gebrigsjager), including the officer, are from masterbox. The are part of the 'who's their' set. They are plastic and surprisingly good. Their faces are quite large though, so a curse or blessing either way. They fit well and poses are pretty decent. Their hands and ears lack the detail of the resin but weapons and uniforms are ok. -peeing panzer crew is from Bravo six This is resin and really really good as well. The face is sharp and creases in uniform are deep which makes it interesting and easy to paint. The shot below is after my zenthial lighting of both black and white. Black, from below, primer rattle can spray and white, from above, rattle can primer. My first victim is below: One of the volksgrenadiers from Masterbox: This my wet palette and colours I used: As I said this is a bit of experiment and so for this one I started to paint from the lightest highlight without using any base coat. You'll note the eyes are all wrong here so I re-did them: The eye sockets are quite large and warranted, in my opinion, actual eyes. This is not something I would normally do I as I don't think in 1/35 scale you would actually see the colour of the eyes but will give it a go. The eyes are still not right, as now they are too big. So in the further steps I reduced them and made them a little less cock-eyed. He has an iron cross which I added minute chips to (not sure if an iron cross would get chipped!!). I also noticed from the pics that the shoulder to body join on the rhs is little amiss and could have done with more filler. In terms of technique I wont be going from lightest to darkest shade first again, its too hard and alien feeling. On to the next victim and technique to try: One of the panzer crew, bravo six. First resin figure. The mapping is deeper and so easier to manage: After priming I used a bright base colour as my experimental element. I used burnt red as the base (I mainly use vallejo model colours for my paints and really love their coverage and resilience.) hoping the brighter colour will detract from the zombie look at the end. I have a mantra in my head which says 'lighter and brighter is always best' this might not be true in all cases and generally a rule of thumb for me but so much of what we paint is military colours, therefore camouflage. So Olive 'drab' becomes the mainstay in most cases and so any opportunity to use lighter and brighter colours then I take it, or at least try to. Here he's really not happy about his spray tan! The end result below: The lightening of his black uniform is done with revell's anthracite, then further lightened black with basic skin tone- vallejo. I was happy enough with this one, even though his face wont be seen as he will be peeing against a wall. The red didn't really show through as I messed up on one of his cheeks (tried to go too grimy) and had to add subsequent layers which removed all traces of the base and so had to re-apply the burnt red in glaze form at the end to bring the colour back to his cheeks and make him less monochrome. Next up is another Volksgrenadier, he was base coated in a light beige I mixed up with sunny skin tone as a very light sandy brown (as seen above): The first 'stunned look' below. This looks harsh but gets toned down. This is also a master box figure, you can see I added eyes, again rather too large. The pupil has that cats eye look from the tip of the 000 windsor and newton series seven brush I use to touch in the black dot. Next time I will use a pin for the eye ball as the tip of a pin wont bend! No one will probably ever notice this but I added a extremely small dot of blue to the eye as well. Note to self- don't bother as wont be seen. Figures look hilarious when like this and have to remind myself that its only a stage. Each figure taking around 5 to 7 hours to complete. Always flesh (faces and hands first) so not to knock of paint from lower regions. Slowly building the paint in thinned glazes. He's blushing some but I think he'll be ok. Next up I'll be going to show you the panzer crew from Mini art, I expected better and got very frustrated. I have already painted three heads (about 4 hours a piece) out of the four I will need. A totally waste of time and effort as they were so bad that I had to dip them into pure alcohol to strip the paint and start again as I got to a stage were I had added roughly ten layers of paint and none of it was improving. I don't have any pictures of the mess but have pictures of the corrected faces to post up next time. This will be the very best I could do with these figures (also partly why I'm saving the best, the resin, to last.). I thought no point adding oil paints for the first time to plastic figures (as they say in goodfellas 'it'd e like putting a silk hat on a pig'), very excited to try this on the better figures (royal models- civilian, evolution volkgrenadier and war front fallschrimjager.) Just a reminder that this is all 'work in progress' and I'll do a final reveal in about twenty years or so once all 17 are finished! Best for now, Paul.
  21. Not sure about the ‘shelf of doom’, this one nearly went to the ‘wall of death’ more than once! Nothing wrong with the kit, just struggled with it for some reason. Had big ideas of making a diorama with 5 or 6 figures, an improvised barricade, 7.62 Maxim MG, etc. However, this all when out the window as I just wanted it finished. Made a couple of minor improvements, but nothing much. The railway sleeper was made from coffee stirrers and the ammo is from Miniart. Thanks for looking, George
  22. Hello, Here is my recently finished model, the Zvezda 1/35 ural truck with trumpeter A/A gun. I hope you will like it. Thanks for looking.
  23. This is the beast in question. Been sitting in the stash for four years now, so about time to get it built. The inevitable sprue shot. Apparently the hull is not quite correct so I’ll be working on that as per one or two threads in the AFV section, but otherwise it will be pretty much oob.
  24. I needed a quick build prior to the M3/M4 STGB (which is on now), I also wanted something to restore my mojo. This little Tamiya car was the perfect solution! The story behind the vignette is 2 tankers have borrowed a staff car to get a spare part from the field workshops and run out of fuel on their return journey. (Figures are from ICM) The Simca 5 was essentially a French version of the popular Fiat 500. It sought to accommodate 2 passengers in the smallest and lightest package possible, while offering the ride comfort and reliability of much larger cars. The 569cc four-cylinder engine produced a modest 13hp. The Simca 5 came to share the Fiat 500’s Italian nickname of “Topolino” (little mouse). Thanks for looking, George
  25. Dear Colleagues Here is the Das Werk Panther Ausf. A Early which I believe originates from the Takom kit. Das Werk also offer separately an excellent zimmerit set. I used some rather old and crumbly markings from Echelon to show the vehicle as one belonging to I/Pz Regt 4 in Italy. They were persuaded to settle only by Mr Mark Setter and Softer. The battalion seem to often have trays above their engine decks, so that had to be scratch built. I used a Gunze set of sandgelb paints And of course it has to go into the garage too! Hope you like it? Regards Andrew
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