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  1. Time for next ugly tank - Neubaufahrzeug. Little bit done. As usually... lots of wheels.
  2. I've been somewhat remiss with my group builds this year, with none competed. Hope this will break my duck "This" is a Somua S35, captured and taken into German service. The example I plan to build here will be one used for anti-partisan operations in Yugoslavia. My base kit will be the Tamiya example (is there another?) supplemented by DEF Model resin & PE components to try and improve on Tamiya's offering and add German specific modifications. (Actually it is three DEF model sets in one boxing) The box tops... The sprue shots And the
  3. Hi folks, just started on my next build which is the Miniart T-60 late series tank, produced by the Gorky Automobile Plant. This is a Interior kit consisting of 38 sprues, photo etch sheet and decal sheet. This looks like a nice little dinky model with lots of parts giving good detail throughout. There are four variants to choose to build from, the one that i will be doing will be the one shown on the box art which is the Red Army, February-March 1942. I'm going to attempt to do a white washed finish on this, at the moment i think i will use chipping fluid to do this and also use the fluid to
  4. Airplanes are nice and all, but what would you do when the Soviets decide to send masses of bombers towards the West? You'll send up missiles the size of a bus with a nuclear warhead, of course! This clearly sounded like a good idea to many countries in the period between the 1960's and 1990's, and now Freedom Model Kits let's you build a model of it in 1/35. Revell did one way back in the day, in 1/40-ish, but this is the first modern kit of the Nike Hercules. It comes with the launcher, and can be posed horizontally or in the raised position, and you can even combine kits to build a full lau
  5. A bit of a placeholder for my build It will be one of these: A RyeField Model Panther Ausf G. The box contents And the kit decals together with some AM stuff Three decal sets (including the kit ones) - I can't build all of those vehicles I do have an eye on one of them, but am awaiting yet more AM stuff before I commit to that. All I can say, with total lack of certainty, is that it will be earlyish, without Zimmerit. This is not the only RyeField Panther in the mix, Longbow will be building from the same boxing
  6. No! Not the Bowie album Six 1940s American young ladies Beryl Monica Sandy Kate Nora Jane
  7. Right chaps, I'm a bit stalled on the 43, so much scratch building that i feel that I need to do build something a bit less challenging. I've selected this little beauty, one that my very good friend bought me a few years ago, Longshanks, so take a bow fella I know you've been waiting to see this get done. After my holiday to Normandy I'm a bit inspired to build something that would fit in with the trip. Next to no AM will be hurt in this build but I'll do some light scratch work just to work things in my own way. I built a Sherman back in 2016 and really enjoye
  8. Well before I start getting nasty notices from Six I thought that I had better mark my place with my entry for this GB for which I will be building Zvezda's relatively new 1/35 Ausf E. Now I am not an avid armour builder so you will have to forgive me any newbie errors I make and also any stupid questions that I might ask, I will also be building her OOTB complete with any errors that the kit might have, no doubt there are some, with a view to possibly finishing it as a tank operated by the Afrika Korps or DAK as they are often referred. So without further ado here are the usual box and conten
  9. Hi Here is my recently completed Tamiya M4A3 with improvised armour. It was painted with Tamiya and Life Color acrylics and weathered with oils and pigments. Scratch items: Timber armour - popsicle sticks Steel plate armour - .5mm styrene sheet, styrene rod (weld seams) and nuts/bolts from spares box. Tarp - lead foil from wine bottle Nails welded to hatches - stretched sprue (cut to scale at 4mm lengths) Cast steel texture - Tamiya putty mixed with extra thin cement Thanks for looking - Cheers, Greg Histo
  10. Having finished by Churchill Tank I'm about to start what I think will be a much bigger and longer project... Having followed a number of Scammell builds on here, I decided to have a go and bought this: Looks to be a great kit, with a lot of detail... I particularly like the detail sheets that come with it showing colour schemes. Having them laid out as they are is really useful as it compliments the mainly black and white pictures that are on net: I have been doing a bit of research on the vehicles themselves and it seems that ther
  11. Ahoy! This will be my second tank kit built as part of a GB. I will almost certainly be throwing out a few questions about weather at some point! Made a small start with this last night. This is my first non Tamiya tank, looking forward to seeing how the tracks turn out on this compared to the normal Tamiya rubber bands. Like the way Das Werk have designed them to make it easier to glue on the guide horns, sure I'll still manage to knock some of them off at some point. I found gluing the rear section of hull to one of the side walls helped with getting the botto
  12. Dear Colleagues After much fiddling and fettling I have finished the Miniart 1/35 Panzer IIID, yes the one with the funny suspension system. The Germans trialled a number of different suspension systems for their Panzer III, this had paired wheels on bogies with leaf springs and dampers. I think only 15-30 B to D types were built before settling on torsion bars in the E. Nevertheless although a trials vehicles they were pitched into the invasion of Poland. The figures are from Miniart too. Hope you like it?
  13. Hey all, Here's my T-72M1 from Tamiya. The kit was built OOB after spending a number of years in the stash. I painted the vehicle using Mr. Colour No.12 Olive Drab (1) and used Humbrol Enamels for the detail parts including the rubber skirts. Weathering was achieved using a mix of Raw Umber and Ochre oil paints thinned down to create a filter, followed by a pin wash using simply thinned raw umber. I used MiG Oil Brushers for more refined oil work. The model was finished using the kits rubber band tracks, which were painted Tamiya Rubber black, washed with thinned bu
  14. Donner und Blitzen! I swore I'd pull back from doing a Group Build and then I saw this. I have always been keen to do a diorama (or vignette?) of this: Any limited 'expertise' I may have is around things with wings, so tanks are a bit left field for me so I am hoping you guys may be able to help a bit with this one? From what I have found on this subject, it is a 'G' Panther? But then I find there are early and late 'G's, and then early late and late late, and... so I am a bit lost with this one. Info I have come across suggests it may be from LSSAH, but then others di
  15. Dear Colleagues The Universal Carrier was a truly British vehicle. No other nation in WWII had anything quite like it. Capable of bringing up ammunition under fire, evacuating the wounded and leading assaults, it was the maid of all work for a Commonwealth Infantry Battalion. Riich make a lovely example although don't expect to complete it in a weekend! Having read the book 'Lion Rampant' about life in the 6th KOSB I had to choose this one from the Riich decal sheet. Yetholm is of course on the Scottish borders.
  16. If everything goes well with my other build & I can get though it quickly enough I plan to also build one of several different Flakpanthers that I have in my stash. I would consider this to be my main build for the GB but I'm unfortunately still undecided on which Flakpanther I want to build (make the GB 12 months then I can build them all! ), I'm also waiting on a few aftermarket parts for these kits in the post too. So while I ponder my choices & wait for the parts to arrive I'll work on my other build. I might start work on several of these Flakpanthers & just see which one gra
  17. A couple of months ago I returned to this build, it started life as the Dragon, Kursk Panther D (6164,) it had been left due to me loosing interest after sifting through loads of confusing info about German Panther tanks at Kursk, so it sat for nearly two years in my shed, unloved and unwanted.. I'm not sure how or why I finally suddenly decided to ditch the Kursk angle, but I figured I'd have a crack at turning it into a winterized Panther tank based at Karkhov ...(or any other winter location).. So the story goes like this, The Panther tank has stopped for the n
  18. Hi everyone I am just bout to start a Tamiya Jagdpanther in 1/35. does anyone happen to know if you can buy the rear stowage bin for he crew that goes on the back wall of the fighting compartment. I'm useless with PE so that is a non starter lol Tamiya kit does not include it may have to scratch build if no one does it. hopefully your combined wisdom will have the answer cause smarties didn't Stay safe out there
  19. Everything else is heading to decals & weathering so time to start he next kit. Going with the Hobby Boss M4 HST (most likely in straight OD). It may eventually have something to tow (thinking a captured 88mm AA unit). Usual box art/sprue shot to start
  20. This is the Tamiya 1/35 M551 Sheridan. I used the Echelon Decals COLD WAR M551 & M551A1 SHERIDANS sheet depicting a Sheridan fielded by 2 ACR featuring the MASSTER camouflage scheme used in Germany during the early 1970s. It is a short-lived scheme I have always wanted to model. I fully admit I am not much of a figure painter. I did alter the figure by giving him long sleeves (fashioned from Apoxy Sculpt) as would been seen in Germany as opposed to the short sleeves depicted in the kit for Vietnam. Stowage is from the Legend M113 Vietnam Stowage set which I f
  21. NExt build will be the Trumpeter JGSDF Type 89 IFV with Eduard PE. THis will go the same way as the Type 16 with tri-tone grey digital scheme (may look to build a lot of modern Japanese armour in this scheme, to me it just lends itself to it). Well waiting on the kit so will put photos on once it arrives
  22. Hi Guys, This is my first work in progress, i've picked a miniart T-55A early mod. 1965 model. This is the second Miniart model i've had, in fact i bought this first from Creative Models at their 40% discount about 18 months ago for around £30, which was amazing value for money. However when i opened the box and looked at all the parts my first thoughts were, this is too much. So i bought the Panzer III ausf C also from Miniart which i built instead so i could get to grips with the Miniart way of doing things. The T-55A is quite a complex kit, its in my stash and has to be done som
  23. This will be my 2nd entry which will be completed while “waiting for stuff to dry” on build one the Vivastella 143 Groupe mitrailleuses Hotchkiss (1977)
  24. Hey all, Here's my rendition of the new Conqueror kit from Amusing Hobby. I picked this up from a recent pre-covid to the Tank Museum, Bovington after I kinda fell in the love with the real thing... What a beast! The kit is OOB except from the Aber gun barrel, because the original was a bit naff and basic. I also scratchbuilt a canvas mantlet cover out of milliput. I painted her using Tamiya Acrylics, namely XF-58 Olive Green, which may have looked a bit light but after a bit of weathering it created a good scale representiation. Weathering was with oil paints either thinne
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