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  1. Two of the more humorous snaps from the build thread Starfix SeaSpit and in the company of its namesake
  2. I ended up spending a disproportionate amount of time on it. The OCD is strong in this one....
  3. for those brave enough to venture there https://www.arrse.co.uk/community/threads/starfix-kits.299602/ The build!
  4. Set as a build challenge on ARRSE to see if I could bang out something decent for a tenner, this beauty was won on eBay for under a tenner. Being a bit OCD, it had to be done so I did my best to make something of this kit and turned out something that is semi respectable given its scale challenges. Anyway - here it is and in open air! The canopy is done now as per the first snap, and yep - the roundels are a bit big, but what the hell. I had fun doing it and that's what its all about
  5. Thank you. Its only my second 1/32 build. I need to get back to armour really, but I'd got a second Spad on the go which is Korean war, so an earlier model. Third Spad arrived a few weeks ago...... I'm a bit Spad obsessed at the minute. Wokka soon!!
  6. It helps if you make the piccies public.... Mine were private so noone could see them. Durgh....
  7. cammed up. failed to insert images. Just trying to sus it out
  8. It’s been a while since I posted but to break the ice, I thought I’d post my latest build which is a Nam Spad. About 7 months of work on the build and finished today, Ordnance is all after market and the cockpit is Aires - an absolute nightmare to join the fuselage and I should have stuck with the kit cockpit which is actually as good if not better. ‘Nuff said. Hopefully his has worked - first time with Flickr..... It's a fascinati
  9. I’ve not got over 145 sheets for one of these. I’m going to have to lie down for at least three days
  10. As ever, a fantastic piece of modelling.
  11. You know you want to do a Spad don’t you...
  12. I must say I'm hugely impressed with that kit and what you are doing with it. It looks excellent
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