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  1. I'm going for a Mk5/2 as I explained at the beginning of the build. The L117 is from InAccurate Armour and I'm absolutely delighted (and relieved) to say its one of their better efforts, so well done Derek. If only my Chally barrels had been that good.. I've got the bins back on as well, so its finally starting to look like a panzer. I did have a look at the Ederwooda tie down handles to replace the plastic ones on the bins and turret, but they are way too big, so I've gone (again) for the Cent tie downs from InAccurate Armour. I'll make a start on them tomoz - there are 40 on the etch. Not sure how many I'll end up using yet. and That's me done for the night. I should be able to crack on with reasonable speed after the first of two new hips, which is on the 7th. I'll be laid up for about ten days after I get out so the mrs wont be able to bleat about the modelling! One small tip. Never watch an operation on youtube before you have it!
  2. Thanks for the likes! Paint is a really tough one as memories fade with time. There's a lad doing an Airfix Land Rover 109 at the minute was asking about paint colours. Now I cant remember ever seeing a bronze green 3/4 tonner, but they must have been about. NATO green ones or NATO green and black ones, but not a bronze green one - but I know I'm almost certainly wrong. We had bronze green 1 tonners in 1982 but I'm certain they had gone by '83. I can even remember series 2 lightweights in 82 - they must have been some of the last ones around, but I'm buggered if I can remember what colour they were. I only remember them because of the headlights, which I thought looked cute (I was young..............). My memory is not bad for nearly 40 years ago. I'd imagine your old man will be on the nail as he'd have found himself painting them. I cant see SCC15 being used post 1950 as millions of gallons of the stuff were disposed of - I found a 30 page PDF entirely devoted to the painting of equipment, which went into a lot of depth on the disposal of old stock from WW2. I hate to admit it, but it was quite an interesting read.... Rusty kit? Not in a million years!
  3. The two Resin InAccurate Armour Chally 2s needed few corrections doing that this kit!!!!!
  4. Got the glacis done this morning There is just the small matter of a 1.0mm gap to deal with A bit irritating, but a plastic strip should sort that out easily.
  5. I was hoping to have got the glacis done but I'm now onto my second porn star Martini and its only 1800hrs, so basically the night has come to an end on the modelling front.
  6. Just a quick one. What did you think of that kit, and did you consider any other King Tigers models, and what made you go for the Takom Tiger?
  7. That's the turret ready for some Mr Surfacer. Hopefully I'll get a crack at that tomoz Just spotted I'll have to fill those gaps above the mount for the D10. Damn........
  8. Not sure what it is but it’s just not floating my boat. Quite the opposite to my CR2s ironically. perhaps I need to get back on a flying thing for a break..
  9. really blowing hit and cold on this kit. I've now filled round the top of the mantlet cover and done a bit more filling on the turret. It feels like I'm having to put a disproportionate amount of effort into getting the base kit to a standard where I can model the Cent. This is very different (and not as enjoyable) build experience compared the the InAccurate Armour upgraded Chally's I'm on with of the Cromwell and Centaur - its feels like a right slog. I think the issue is I'm putting a lot of effort in to make very little progress, if that makes sense? What an odd build. I wish I'd done the ARVE first.....
  10. I've made start on sorting the various joins on the turret. No need to do all of the joins on the side of the turret as the bins cover part of them. still got the top and bottom of the mantlet cover to do yet. Looks like a healthy coat of Mr Surfacer is going to be required to re-do the casting effect. Looking at the glacis, this kit has the same problem as the AFV kit @diablo rsv is on with, which is no casting marks on it either.
  11. Series 3 109 is borderline on the timeline for Bronze Green. I don't remember ever seeing one in Bronze Green back in the day, although that (sadly) was 1982...... Safe bet is NATO green interior and either NATO green exterior of NATO green and black. Same with the Skanky (as the mrs calls them)
  12. Hmm. What we need is the Coke scale test doing withe the airframe. Its the only measure and the real thing
  13. I have got my hands on some stuff in the past, but as you shay, its as a rare as rocking horse excrement
  14. Yup the DEF piece is really nice. I've had to round the ends of the turret by filing them down as the DEF cover doesn't quite fit - its about 1mm short on each side. Someone has got their measurements wrong - DEF or Amusing Hobby. Turret is either too wide or the DEF mantlet too narrow. Hopefully the filing will be OK and not noticeable. On balance, I should have tried to pick up one of these which is the LionMarc Mk5/1 turret in resin. Cant get em in the UK though. It looks very nice. Not got anything done tonight as preparing for another interview tomoz. Oh the joys of unemployment............
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