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  1. So this is figure No 8 all done now. Edward Scissorhands Walt. Figure No 9 and the last member of the gunners in the Mat. He's all done now. and this is the nine of them All that needs to be done now is a tidy up with a sharp knife and buttons and they are ready for painting. The last figure which is the final figure to do is Sgt Lansdown who took the photograph. I've got two photographers but they need greatcoats and leather jerkins. I'll pick one
  2. Not a great deal of progress as the Covid jab wiped me out for a week! I have stuck some primer on them though just to see what I'm dealing with from a finish perspective. A little work to do to tidy them up, including buttons on a few of them. This is seven of the nine. The other two should be nailed this weekend Then I can turn back to the Mat and finishing it off and weathering it before painting these lads
  3. Hello Terry mate - hope you are well. Funnily enough I wqs thinking about you today and wondering how you were getting on. Did you ever finish that AS90 of yours? It was a thing of beauty
  4. This is one of those jobs where you wish you'd not started it But..... You know you'l be glad you did it when you've finished........ That's about 4 hours worth of work to get me this far. Its mind numbingly boring I have to say, but I should start motoring again after next weekend, which is when I plan to do the other side of the airframe
  5. I'd hoped to finish the blokes today, but unfortunately I wont quite make it. Epaulettes and belt on this lad and a little touch was the pocket flaps - you can he's a gunner by the hands in the pockets. He still needs buttons, as do all of them. So the two lads on the left are the ones I've got to finish. Not in their exact positions, but it shouldn't be too far off the picture when it's done. Any the photo noone ever saw The photographers. I'll need to get greatcoats on thes
  6. Managed to crack on a bit and hoping to have them finished by Monday if I can. The problem is the greatcoats which can take a day per panel and there are four panels per coat. Anyway. Here they are and this is what I'm aiming for
  7. lets see what they are like when painted..... They really bring the Mat to life when you look at the real piccie
  8. Bit of an early start this morning, but cracked on a little bit Finished the collar on the greatcoat of the driver. He needs goggles on yet. Not sure if i should strip the oils off the figures I've done and start again. Must be private pike here. This lad has is scarf on as its a bit chilly. Leather jerkin started. The lad has a greatcoat on which is open, so a bit of the detail underneath needs to be visible. The jerkin is buttoned up. I've got one more figure to do after this. I'm hoping to have them all nailed
  9. contrary to popular belief, I am still doing the bloody thing. Finally happy with the rotors which were a mahoosive pain in the berm. I can make a start on stripping off the filler now. Woo hoo!
  10. Bit more progress on the little fellas This lad needs epaulettes and the belt on the back of his greatcoat finishing and he's done. Pockets padded out which was the last thing outstanding on his greatcoat. The last two lads are now under way. Hoping I may have all nine completed by next weekend.... I need to get buttons on all the greatcoats of course.. A lot to do on the Mat, which I may have said before
  11. Quick shot with him in situ - you can see how the figures bring it to life. Hopefully I wont be too far off the original picture when its finished
  12. FINALLY got the filler done for the rivets. The other thing to note is the rear tower. Rotors now set properly - compare them to the kit rotors on the front tower which are 'oh so 80s'..... Maybe a teeny bit more work to do on the rear rotors, but its pretty close
  13. Not quite sure I'm up to that standard just quite yet! I'll need to clean the figures off a bit to tidy them up, but its getting there. Deffo up for some BAOR figures at some point
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