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  1. A thing of beauty. Lovely build fella. That’s some serious talent going down there
  2. thanks Bill and I hope all is well with you. It’s a bit of a bummer but I’m sure it will be fine!
  3. I was shooting yesterday at Bisley (not fun due to Catterick like weather conditions (20mph side wind from the left across the range and horizontal torrential rain for 45 minutes) and the two weekends before that saw OC Domestic have me on household duties moving radiators in two bedrooms, which involved having the floor up, so that cost me two weekends also. I've basically lost three weeks on the Cent in the armour section on 'ere. The committed in blood plan is to finish the Cent, the two Chally 2s, the Centaur and Cromwell (all of which are just about ready to weather then be back on the Wokka. I have cleaned all of the filler off with alcohol, so the airframe is just about ready for rivets and priming. The other two minor complications are I started a new job on the 4th Jan and..................... it looks like the hip replacement well may have failed. I was back on crutches last week and popping morphine again - I'm down to 1/2 a litre of the really really strong stuff, but kept away from the pills which are the really really really really strong stuff. I need to organise another MRI and blood tests. If they need to re-do the op, that will cost me 12 weeks on crutches and a lot of pain, so I wont be doing anything at all, including the Wokka. I'm going to try and avoid the second hip op on the left hip until next year if I can........................ Say hello to the lads on ARRSE, and hello Bill, Hendie, Tony and the rest of the crew in here!
  4. Hoping to be back on this next week. Been doing jobs On the house at the weekend to avoid grief for the last two weeks. Nice to see the other two Cent builds looking so good.
  5. Yup - I think I ddi my Centaur with Mr Surfacer, but its a tad pricey. I normally stick the Halford tin on a radiator for an hour til its boiling hot and give ita good spray before spraying the model and when I do that its fine. I did a short cut with the hatches and it didnt work. Not do that again!
  6. You are flying along. Happy New Year by the way. cheers Si
  7. thank you. I think it’s going to have to be a combination of white and black pre shade then a combination of mid bronze green and deep bronze green to cast the effect of light and shadow on the panzer. That’s where my head is at the moment anyway.
  8. There you go. Happy with that These illustrate the problem I was on about at the start of this build, which is basically running the risk of being a singe block colour. So some careful consideration needs applying to the effect of light on the Bronze Green. Still. I'm a way away from tackling that problem yet! That's me done for the day. A glass of wine is calling my name
  9. No disasters fortunately and the Halfords finest has been on a radiator for an hour so its nice and warmed through, so should apply just fine now That's half an hour in Detol and gentle scrub with a 1/2 inch flat paint brush. Cant whack a bit of Detol
  10. Apart from the fact thats I've just dropped the hatches and the D10 cable drum in detol as the Halfords finest has gone a bit grainy....... I'll have to re-do them. I've been a big fn of Halford's finest for years, but I always approach priming with it with great trepidation as unless is properly warmed through and shaken, it does finish like its got a coat of dust all over it. I stood the tin on hot water for 10 but dont think I shook it enough before doing the bloody hatches. The turret (fortunately) has turned out fine or it would also be stood in detol t the minute. Phew!
  11. Nothing like a bit of Halfords finest unfortunately I’ve got to do a couple of hours work now. Hopefully I’ll be back on it later today.
  12. That's the last cable on So the Turret is now ready to prime but its now dark and I'm on the razz in a bit! and just working my way round the fenders to get the mounts for the skirts on. These are from InAccurate Armour So I should get the turret done tomorrow morning and the rest of the mounts round the skirts. Running out of things to do now. I could drill two holes in each one of those supports for the skirts I suppose if the OCD gets hold of me. Wish I hadn't mentioned that.....
  13. not that anyone gives me stick or anything for the Wokka that I’ve been on with since about 2015, which is 2 years later than you started that sub!
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