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  1. Looking through my JG300 books I don't think there is a definative answer to your question. Some did some didn't, some just had the lower part of the legs painted red. Not all had the hubs painted red either. I don't believe it was a regulation thing to have them painted and was probably down to the men looking after the particular aircraft.
  2. I take it your one of Mike's customers then? I've almost finished building mine, as "Yvonne" and fully agree with you about the kit and the fit of certain parts. I think yours is definitely one of the best if not the best, posted on any forum i've seen so far.
  3. Hopefully some nice Erla G-10 decals to go with the new Eduard kit.
  4. I notice you use MRP, and why wouldn't you, they're superb,so just use their Semi Matt clear.
  5. My recommendation would be Messerschmitt Bf-109 by Jean-Claude Mermet and Christian-Jacques Ehrengardt Cara tère resse & éditions. The English edition, obviously! The recommended retail price is or was $54-90. That will walk you through all the differences of all the Bf109s. Cowlings etc etc. Loads of line drawings to help you. Hopefully it's still available Tim.
  6. Personally I don't think it's worth the paper it's written on. The profiles especially are a joke and look like the work of someone who had done them after a night out with Timothy Leary. I cringe every time someone recommends that book. A lucky escape indeed.
  7. Tony, I'm still undecided whether to do the sliding part for Yvonne in white or nmf? Or would the canopy be painted silver? So tubular exhausts were a post war fit then? Tim.
  8. Have you not noticed that you've used the wrong exhaust stubs? They should be the tubular ones as are all the subject aircraft on that Excito sheet. Maybe you could exchange them for the correct ones? Also looking at both the images and profiles of your aircraft it looks like the sliding part of the canopy should be nmf and not in camouflage colours as you've done. You're correct about the decals being excellent though, i'm just in the closing stages of building DN-Y "Yvonne" I'm going to build your aircraft next so thanks for the heads up about the spiral decal being the wrong way round. Tim.
  9. Gasoline do plenty of 1/48 vehicles including various American ones, these are their full resin kits. http://www.gaso-line.eu/news/gas-complet.htm These are their conversions, http://www.gaso-line.eu/news/conversion_1-48_tamiya_italeri_hobby-boss_afv-club.htm Tim.
  10. The biggest one being that Red 2 was a G-6/AS sub variant which had the streamlined engine cowling. These didn't have the 2 bulges on the upper cowling. Take a look on your decal sheet profiles. https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/AIMS4824?result-token=XCYnO The kit you've used isn't suitable for any of the featured aircraft on that sheet. Also as you may have noticed in Neil's link this aircraft had it's head armour removed. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!!
  11. tank152

    Telford 2019

    Exactly, it was a worthy winner without doubt. A flawless piece of modelling. The judges got it spot on if you ask me.
  12. Glad the bits and bobs reached you ok, I quite enjoyed following their journey to you. You need to paint those chains, ammo boxes and tyres? When painting the tyres use a dark grey rather than a black. Now you've got the basic tools for the job you're good to go
  13. No Ju-88G or Ju188.
  14. Email them pointing out the problem and you'll get replacements. It's something they're aware of.
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