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  1. tank152

    Eduard - leaflet for distributors

    ProfiPACK Fw190 A-8/R2. Thats a big thumbs up from me.
  2. tank152


    Thanks for the heads up, see you tomorrow. Tim.
  3. tank152

    A Cuban Sea Fury.

    Hi Chris, I can honestly say MrP is the best stuff i've used to date. As long as you're not heavy handed with it and keep the psi low, I use around 10-12 psi, you'll be fine. Don't expect an opaque coverage after 1 pass though, you need to build up slowly which is the beauty of using it. I get mine from here. https://www.hmhobbies.co.uk/ Their service is spot on and fast. Thanks for your comments, they're much appreciated. I've finished her now, I just need to get round to taking some pics of it and get them in rfi. Tim.
  4. A new magazine devoted to 1/48 armour. https://www.themodellingnews.com/2019/03/read-reviewed-tankmodeller-volume-1-i.html Looks pretty good.
  5. tank152

    Eduard FW190A-8 new version 82147 in 1/48

    If you go to Eduard's web site and down load their March Info, it gives you the marking options in that.
  6. tank152

    Spitfire Mk. I decals 1:48, fündecals

    I'll wait for the Eduard one thank you very much.
  7. tank152

    Spitfire Mk. I decals 1:48, fündecals

    $28 sounds like a bargin to me when you consider that Eagle-Cals are $21.50 for just 3 or 4 schemes. Very tempted to get a sheet myself ready for Eduard's Mk.I
  8. tank152

    AK interactive real coulour

    I've just noticed your link to the Air colours. I've only thinned those with Mr Levelling Thinners up to now. Their armour colours can definitely be thinned with the aforementioned types.
  9. tank152

    AK interactive real coulour

    They also thin with IPA ok. I've used them a fair bit now with no problems.
  10. tank152

    RLM 83 Dunkelblau ?

    Just do what AK have done, label some of your RLM24 as RLM 83.
  11. tank152

    RLM 83 Dunkelblau ?

    I've purchased 3/4 of the Real Colours RLM paints including their RLM83 blue which surprise surprise is almost a exact match for the RLM24 paint chip in the Merick/Kiroff Classic Publications book. So far i've used their RLM02 and RLM66 and both of those I can recommend as both match well with the paint chips just mentioned. My view on the Blue 83 is that it only existed on paper and that it was never actually produced and that the blue seen on the aircraft mentioned was actually RLM24 which was more than likely used in trials. I certainly don't buy into the idea that the Dark Green labelled as RLM 83 was RLM 71. I'm happy to go along with Ullmann's idea in that it was another shade of RLM 81. Until more concrete proof surfaces none of us will ever know for sure.
  12. Can't say that they have caused me any problems either.
  13. tank152

    Hanomag SS-100

    Nice work IIan.
  14. tank152

    Airfix's new 1/48th Hunter F6 - notes and other things

    A good honest review of the kit here. https://imodeler.com/2019/01/imodeler-review-airfix-1-48-hawker-hunter-f-6/
  15. tank152

    What's your day-job?

    Fabricator/Welder or Plater/Welder depending on what part of the country you come from. I left school ready with an apprenticeship lined up, a proper one. Been in the trade since then. My work probably helps me with my modelling at times.