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  1. That's a colorised photo, be wary of those as like profiles, they are coloured at the whim of whoever has done it. Although this one isn't to bad. The original b & w photo is one of those in the LCA book.
  2. As you won't be hanging off them i'd reccomend using something like Klear for the job.
  3. CHi. So far i've found your aircraft in a couple of my books, In Luftwaffe Gallery No 1 by Erik Mombeeck there's a nice profile by Thierry Dekker, someone who I trust. He has indeed used 70/71/65. The sides are 65 with the 70/71 extending down the sides from the canopy and sweeping up just before the tail. There is mottling on the fuselage sides under the cockpit up to the yellow cowls. Yellow nose with red stripe, aircraft has spinner cap also in yellow, that also has a red ring around it extending to the spinner back plate which appears to be 70 with a white segment. In Luftw
  4. tank152


    Yes, agree with you there, it all seemed a great idea at the time in the shop, but in actual use not so good.
  5. tank152


    That Dremel sounds like the same one as i've got. Does your Flexi Shaft, no sniggering at the back, fit into the chuck of the actual Dremel?
  6. tank152


    That's brilliant, loving that Mike. I bought it during their Black Friday sales so was a fair bit cheaper than it is now. I looked at purchasing one of those Proxxon tools myself as they always get good reviews. However they're the same size as my Dremel so splurged out on the D/U one.
  7. tank152


    I've always found my Dremel a bit cumbersome and hardly every used it. I purchased one of these last year which I feel is much better for the job. I'd imagine you'd be able to find a dealer in mainland Europe. https://www.premiumhobbies.co.uk/david-union/david-union-handy-router-d550-elite To go with the supplied tools I purchased this set. https://www.premiumhobbies.co.uk/david-union/david-union-diamond-burrs-m5001
  8. tank152

    109 Color & Detail

    The more I read your responses the more I think that you're just trolling. All you ever do is contradict and attempt to twist things round to suit yourself. Again you've not brought anything of worth to the discussion apart from "thinking out aloud" which as usual hasn't been able to be backed up with any sort of facts. This will be my last response to you, any of your posts and threads.
  9. tank152

    109 Color & Detail

    Well, apparently the paint on the said airframe matched up nicely along side the paint chips from the Monogram book which in turn match the ones in the Classic books. I own both by the way. I've also got a piece of wooden tail from a Bf109 G-10 that @antonio argudo kindly sent me and the paint on that matches the corresponding chips in those books. Obviously the passing of time hasn't altered the colours that much.
  10. tank152

    109 Color & Detail

    I get your point about RLM76, which like I pointed out in one of my earlier posts, shade changed towards the end of the war. The rest makes no real sense. Why would anyone have repainted something to confuse the Russians especially the AWM one, which was captured in the West!
  11. tank152

    109 Color & Detail

    What difference does it make whether an airframe as just rolled off the production line or just left a repair facility? The same paint would have been used wherever it was painted, RLM74/75/76 or whatever, is RLM74/7576 or whatever It's not like someone at a repair centre cobbled together a few tins of Dulux!!! @antonio argudo has got a collection of relics most have still got paint on them, and the colours are all consistent even though they all come from different wrecks etc. I'll take the AWM G-6 all day long as a guide to colour.
  12. tank152

    109 Color & Detail

    Unfortunately unless someone gives us a time machine to transport us back it's our best insight to late war colours. There's also Black X a Me262 A-2a, from I/KG 51and a Me163 both in Australia that still wear their original colours.
  13. tank152

    109 Color & Detail

    No it doesn't, that airframe came from a overhaul centre. Not a factory. Also I said virtually. You seem to be having trouble reading things correctly, yesterday it was W.Nr's Or maybe it's for some reason it's me you're having trouble with, if so there's a ignore function on here, try it out. Treat yourself to the JaPo book, no self respecting Luftwaffe fan, especially late war should be without their stuff on their shelves.
  14. tank152

    109 Color & Detail

    I think you'll find the only colour worth mentioning that altered shade wise was RLM76 which got a lot paler towards the end of the war. To say the Germans cobbled virtually everything together towards the end is as bigger myth as the Russians using tractor paint on their aircraft! For example to the trained eye you can tell which factory a Fw190 D was managing in and by the camouflage pattern the W.Nr batch a Bf109 K-4 was in. Both late war machines.
  15. I'm liking those sepia shots as well. Not that the others aren't any good, they always are.
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