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  1. They work fine for me, although I would airbrush them for large areas.
  2. Leave the enamel paint for the luddites of the modelling world, move into the 21st century and get yourself some Mr Metal Color. Ideal for the tasks you mention. https://www.premiumhobbies.co.uk/mr-metal-colour
  3. Just the book for you, maybe? https://www.mortonsbooks.co.uk/product/view/productCode/15057
  4. This must be like asking if cars should be banned on a motoring forum. Just hope the Climate Goblin doesn't read this, we don't want to be planting this seed in her head!
  5. They're they ejection chutes for the engine/fuselage mounted MGs.
  6. Anyone seen this. Talk about in bad taste.
  7. For those who haven't heard of it or driven over it. A cracking bit of road.
  8. Like I said in my last paragraph Seriously, you dont use a few photos adorned with a few red lines and arrows etc and call that research.
  9. Saying a part of any kit is off/not correct on the back of a few photos dragged of the web, red lines and arrows is as pointless as it is pathetic. It's the people that know no better and fall for such dribble I feel sorry for, and blindly follow such posters and carve/alter a perfectly good kit up.
  10. Perhaps it's better to judge the grey once the codes are actually on the model rather than on the decal sheet! https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=135083 The kit looks absolutely superb once built up, I can't wait to get hold of mine.
  11. Those exhaust stubs are pretty shocking i'll give you that. I think you're being a bit nit picky about the other things you've pointed out though. Personally i'd have rather had some Brassin wheels, or better still,some exhaust stubs than a resin figure of Bader.
  12. I find all this a bit tedious, already in this thread we've had a discussion about a panel line that should or should not be there, the seat, along with the usual dig about the rivets. I'm not sticking up for Eduard, just pointing out that i'm sure they'll replace the parts if you so wish them to.
  13. Actually, I always replace the plastic exhausts on all my builds no matter who the manufacturer is. You say it's no biggie, but you seem to have broken your neck to be the first to have found fault with the kit. Would you like a badge for your work. No one has any reason to moan if you don't like what you see there's always the Airfix or Tamiya kits.
  14. Yes, but unlike that manufacturer that puts things in the red box, there doesn't like like there are any great chunks of plastic missing on any of those parts! Plus the faulty parts will be replaced without question and without delay. Eduard's after sales is second to none. The exhausts won't be bothering me anyway as i'll be using some Brassin ones.
  15. Test build here. https://www.modelforum.cz/viewtopic.php?f=57&t=134980
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