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  1. Excellent news, been after one of these for some time, been a few a ebay but at a price!!!
  2. Whatever the venue decides on, I don't make the rules I just go along with them. A lateral flow test would be the likely one though, almost instant results, those will hopefully be required for both days to enable entry along with your Covid passport.
  3. Personally, it wouldn't bother me if the IPMS took things a stage further and made it compulsory to have people take a Covid test 24hrs before entry and that a negative result to be shown as condition of entry.
  4. Doesn't Vordemort roughly translate to "Flight of Death"? Maybe that 242sqd Hurricane out of their 1/72 DualCombo kit with the skeleton holding the sickle is some sort of clue. The Corsair was known as Whistling Death.
  5. Excellent read Neil, really enjoying reading my way through it.
  6. I've never had a problem using it anyway, you get brilliant results with it.
  7. The Aviation Bookshop are showing some of those titles in their second hand catalog. https://www.aviation-bookshop.com/ Which you can download. No's 659,719-722.
  8. I can't see that happening at all. Take no notice of all the whinging about the price, i'd like to bet half of those people doing that would have had no intention of purchasing the kit anyway. You get this with any scale that's released, even pocket money 1/72 ones!
  9. You'd be forgiven for thinking this one is a foot bigger than the HKM kit with all the going on about it's size!
  10. If you type in the code NMB10 at Premium Hobbies you get a discount of 10% so that would knock £60 off the shown price. I'd also like to think you'd get free P&P shelling out that kind of money as well
  11. Obviously people don't read that far, and so the rumours start!!! As always, read the small print.
  12. Here maybe? https://www.premiumhobbies.co.uk/kits/border-models-132-avro-lancaster-b-mkiiii-bf-010
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