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  1. Who’s to say that the colours correspond to the FS system. They could be BS, RAL or even an Uruguayan standard. Who’s to say that the colours correspond to the FS system. They could be BS, RAL, Pantone or even an Uruguayan standard.
  2. The F3 only wore two standard colour schemes, the original Barley Grey over LAG, and later on the overall Med Sea Grey. The transition between the two occurred in the mid 2000’s, so both your examples will be in the early two grey scheme. Upper surface: Barley Grey BS4800.18B.21 now referred to as Camouflage Grey BSC381C:626 Undersides: Light Grey BSC381C:627 Mid 2000’s onwards Med Sea Grey BS381C:637
  3. Looks very much like both sides got the same treatment just to even things out https://www.vaq34.com/a3list/138922_03.jpg
  4. How about applying the kit supplied decals, mask them off, then spray Black. They’re all straight lines so masking will be a simple task.
  5. Pretty sure that the pilots seat(l/h side), also sat higher than the bn’s on the r/h side?
  6. The Green colour between the Green Tops and the White Tops is different and neither have a recognised FS number. See here for more info http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/290199-hmx-1-green/
  7. The RAF’s commitment to ‘Op Herrick’(the UK’s combat operations in Afghanistan), ended in 2014 by which time the Typhoon only possessed a basic air to ground capability, so were deemed to be unsuitable for such operations. However the Typhoon did conduct air to ground ops in Libya in 2011 when they dropped GBU-12 with the assistance of Tornado’s providing the laser designation.
  8. In real life I would imagine that the actual radomes were the same, and only the forward part of the under nose fairing would have been different. However the way Hasegawa has moulded the parts in scale form they are very much different. Both kits share the common fuselage halves, so you could try and order the specific ‘E’ radome sprue (‘K’, I think it is).
  9. Not sure about the U2, but on other aircraft I’ve been around namely Buccaneer/Hunter/Jaguar/Phantom and Tornado, the plexiglass would be about 4cm in thickness.
  10. Very nice build, but isn't it 1/35 and not 1/48?
  11. Both the RAF and RNZAF examples are Gloss Black, the Canadians are FS15044 Dark Blue.
  12. https://defense-militaire.over-blog.com/2020/11/combien-coute-le-retrofit-des-rafale-marine-du-standard-f1-au-standard-f3.html Found this site, which has several photos of a Rafale M in deep maintenance, all internal bays and bulkheads appear to be in same colour of what very much looks like flat aluminium.
  13. Pretty sure they’re a dark shade of Aluminium, by that I mean that they appear darker than the under carriage struts although that could be down to shadows. In general the bay doors are only open during the deployment and retraction of the undercarriage and of course maintenance phases, so not much can be seen in there during normal ground conditions.
  14. Thanks all for your invaluable information, the Eduard kit sounds very promising so I'll hold on until it hits the shelves.
  15. Is there anything similar in any of these colour profiles? http://www.tayyareci.com/digerucaklar/turkiye/1951ve2006/f104.asp
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