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  1. I’m fairly sure that the T-Birds were only ever operated by VMAT-203 except a single(I think), example by NASA and another by VX-23 at Pax River.
  2. Yes you are quite correct, I got rather ahead of myself with my answer.. By the time they went wrapround they were flying the AV-8B. I’ve amended my original answer accordingly Sorry for any confusion.
  3. Would depend on the timeframe. From delivery up until the late 70's early 80's, it would've been 34079 Green and 36118 Grey uppers with 36440 lower. It then changed to 34064 Green/36099 Grey uppers and 36440 lowers, which is the same scheme that the AV-8B’s first wore as per your other other thread. Eventually the 36440 was dropped and they went wrapround, but only on T/AV-8B’s. As for decals, Caracal did a sheet but I think it covered only AV-8A's?
  4. I’ve been contemplating with the idea of using this Black Dog set myself, so watching this build with interest
  5. AV-8B's were Dark Green FS34064 and Dark Gray FS36099 wraparound , some of the earlier ones had FS36440 on the undersides, but I'm sure the AV-8B(NA) would all be wraparound.
  6. Nice, some great schemes were adorned on the Greek T Birds
  7. Just to correct some errors within this thread. All GR-1Bs were initially delivered in the standard Green/Grey scheme. They continued in this scheme for some time before they started to appear in the DSG uppers and DCG lower and vertical surfaces probably late 90’s. The rest of the fleet went Grey when they went through GR-4 upgrade,
  8. It would appear that both noses are in the kit. The R nose is on the second sprue and the PAN nose is a separate piece altogether.
  9. No need for an apology. The whole point in these forums is for individuals to pass on their knowledge and opinions and different references etc.... that way all available information can be used and hopefully at the end we all get the correct answer
  10. That’s looking sweet, spot on in every way. Out of curiosity, what kit is the F-104C?
  11. That’s an ‘A’ You’d probably just be as well getting the Hasegawa F-15E kit, then use the spare cash to get an AM cockpit and exhausts. The Hasegawa kit is a decent kit, just not as an ‘E’.
  12. Does/did the Baz ever operate without the Fast Packs?
  13. I researched the 'Baz', a few years back for a future build, and although I managed to accrue all the bits, it ultimately didn't happen and I sold everything off as a single lot. Is this picture you saw https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DUybAZUXcAEOfJ0?format=jpg&name=large The ECM pod is the Elta 8212/8222 and would probably be on the Fast Pack(CFT's), port rear station in the above pic, although I've seen them more often on the front port station. Then there's this one https://cdn.jetphotos.com/full/2/98672_1241468936.jpg AGM-142 Have N
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