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  1. As CT7576 says FS16118, they’re a gloss finish.
  2. There are several versions of the Mk10 ie 10L, 10Q not sure if dimensions are the same across all variants.
  3. The F-5 roundels appear to be considerably smaller, another problem you’ll have is that the fin flash is a completely different shape between the two types.
  4. It may be a C airframe wise but it certainly doesn’t have a C radome???
  5. In flight interception light. Fitted in an external housing due to lack of space between the airframe exterior and intake ducting?
  6. Yes the CA sheet is 1:48, you’ll not be disappointed with the Icarus sheet I have it in 1:48 and it’s superb
  7. I have the decal sheet from the Classic Airframes F-5A, which contains a Hellenic option. You can have it if you want.
  8. Is there any requirement for them now, seeing how the São Paulo has been decommissioned and sold for scrap?
  9. Photograph taken at Aeroklub Karkowski by the looks of it.
  10. The scheme above is the “Strat”egic scheme which consisted of Uppers FS 36081 Dark Gunship Grey FS 34086 Olive Drab Lowers FS 36081 Dark Gunship Grey FS 36118 Light Gunship Grey The Olive faded really bad to the Brownish colour you see above. I’m not quite sure what’s going on with the lower fuselage area? I can only think that that area isn’t exposed as much to the harsh Arizona sunlight like the upper surfaces and therefore hasn’t faded as drastically.
  11. What are you on about? I couldn’t have been anymore specific that the scheme on the box art was SIOP, I even give the correct FS codes in the 2nd reply to this thread. The first person to mention SEA was yourself and where did I doubt that the SIOP scheme wasn’t applicable to the box art?? What I did doubt and rightly so, was your mention of the SEA scheme, and on your last point of referring to SIOP and SEA as one and the same that’s exactly what you did?? Anyway for those that can’t keep up, the correct scheme and FS codes are specifically mentioned in post No3 of this thread.
  12. Yes I know it’s in the SIOP scheme, I mentioned that in my first post, along with the FS codes I then said I’ve never seen a G or H in the SEA scheme, but you’ve produced a picture of a SIOP scheme. Your post is confusing things Doom3r.
  13. I’m 99% certain that neither of the “short” tailed B-52’s the ‘G’ and ‘H’, ever wore the SEA scheme, I’ve certainly never seen a photo. Now that I’ve said that, someone will produce a photo to the contrary.
  14. The above colours are wrong. That B-52 is in the SIOP scheme which is 34201 SAC Bomber Tan 34159 SAC Bomber Green 34079 Dark Green 17875 Insignia White
  15. The two colours that you ask for are different Mirage 2000 consists of 1620 Gris/bleu-vert moyen fonce X396 1625 Gris/bleu moyen clair X395 while the Mirage F1 6345 Bleu de Mirage X377 ,although FS35164 is more or less a perfect match Xtracolor do all 4 colours mentioned above, Hatakas suggestion of 36375 and 35164 for the M2000 is way out and they obviously got confused with 35164 being on the F1 and not the 2000 I’ve recently used the Xtracolor paints for the M2000, and they are spot on.
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