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  1. Thank you all of you for your nice comments, I appreciate it a lot! @Herb actually the MS.406 required some more changes to be fully converted into a 410 (many aircraft were upgraded in Finland during wartime). Main elements that changed was the radiator (MS.406 had a detachable cooler that created heavy drag when on down positition, whereas the 410 had a fixed one, like the MS-619 here), enforced back of pilot's seat (also here) but it lacked the modern machineguns (x2 on each wing) which were heated by internal circuit, thus making it a 410. I had read that since this aircraft still flew wit
  2. Hello fellow modellers! This is my first presentation thread on the forum (I am usually starting research topics) and the latest work for 2020; third in total for the year. It is the sweet Morane Saulnier MS406/410 of Special Hooby (Azur molds) that was reboxed, with some resin parts, last year in scale 1/72. It is generally a nice model, with minor fitting problems that can be overcome with just a little filling and sanding. I rescribed some problematic lines, mainly on the portside half of the fuselage and riveted all lines. I used two extra photoetch parts, one by Part Model Poland (manufac
  3. Thank you very AaCee for your studied answer. This is what I also conclude to, DN undersurfaces. Have a nice all, and thanks once more!
  4. Some more photographs of this plane: 1) MS-619 undertaking some kind of service (maybe change of tail wheel into ski, or the opposite?). Camouflage seems quite worn, especially regarding the yellow ring in the rear fuselage and also the undersurfaces. No win bar on the hotizontal stabilizer. Also,here propeller tips painted in yellow (?) colour: This well-known one is taken at Solomanni in summer 1942. Seems to be in rather good condition, and I assume this is a later or earlier photo, comparing to the above, since we have one win bar on the stabilizer. Looking at
  5. Thank you everybody for your answers and your help. Kari, regarding the MMP book by Stenman and Holda, it is refered that until the end of 1942, the order which had to do with the repainting of undersurfaces into DN colour, was completed in 14 MS.406's, with all the serial number provided. Probably the writer undertook some kind of research I suppose, until he reached to this result. There is, though, no source to this in the book (ie. a formal document). I want to believe that the information is correct. Comparing to what AaCee wrote about the IPMS issue, they seem to match each other.
  6. Hello to all fellow modellers. This post is mainly directed for our Finn friends, as I am looking for information regarding the undersurface camouflage colour of the aircraft refered on the title. The discussion is on the MS.406 registered MS-619 "White 5", flying with the Finnish Air Force since end of 1941, in the hands of Antti Tani. I have a doubt regarding the lower sides camo, for March 1943, when the aircraft is depitcted wearing white distemper, during winter operations 1942-43. Reading the book "Fiinish Camouflage Colours 1939-1945", in the chapter regarding the Morane's, someone
  7. Anyone could maybe share some rivet plans for the Bf 108 Taifun? I unfortunately have only plans for side views but no wing ones... Would appreciate anyones help. Thank you in advance. Themis
  8. Hi guys and thank you for your advice. I will continue without rivets (or holes, whatever you like). Regarding the philosophy around riveting on models, I think it has been discussed on another thread.
  9. Thanks Julien. Even that photos from that era show no rivets...
  10. Hi guys, the title speaks itself. Trid to locate any kind of riveting on the wings and fuselage on the Bu 181 but no luck at all. Was it possible that the plane was empty of rivets? Only a few around the engine cowling. Any help is appreciated. Themis
  11. Thank you Graham, yes actually it's an A, the SH model in 1/72. I am trying to locate your model in order to find the color instructions sheet, but no luck. Could you please give a little piece of advice? Thanks!
  12. Hello fellow modellers. One little thread that goes mainly for our Hungarian friends, out there. As I am intending to build a small Ar 96 in 1/72, I would like to ask whether the following camouflage pattern with the Hungarian Kingdom insignia was ever real on any aircraft: Three tone upper camouflage, kngdom insignia, and what numbers? Thank you in advance! Themis
  13. Hello fellow modellers! I am opening this thread in order to let any of us who has good experience regarding the following gloss varnishes, as a guide for any modeller who wants to end up chosing "his" varnish. I will start reviewing varnishes that I have worked. Please do not mention reviews about Future (or Klear) liquids, as there is no Future in Greece (liquid or real future anyway...) ore maybe in other countries as well. 1) One of the most classic varnishes. I used to spray it in my airbrush over Humbrol enamel painted surfaces with good results. Nice airbrushing,
  14. Thank you all for your answers. it seems things are more simple here. I also have Finnish Fighter Colours of WWII by Mushroom. but have not made a good research on it yet. I will do though. Antii, you suggest Lifecolour variety and as I can see the olive green for Finnish camouflage is #540. Yes I am intending to build two models of Suomen Ilmavoimien, a Morane and a Fokker D.21, and I have also built a Hasegawa Buffalo in 1/72 which is this: I used humbrol colours and to be honest I have no idea which green I used. Maybe there is written down somewhere i
  15. Hello to all chaps, Opening this thread in order to discuss around the so called "Kenttavihrea" colour used by the Finnish Air Force during WWII (but as well until last years). Searching through the internet in various sites, including color photographs of that era, modelling instructions and of course published stuff, someone can find quite large variety of that Finnish green used on almost all aircraft. The matter is, what is the closest hue of that green to be used on a model. The most common FS reference for this colour is the 34096, refered as the ideal one in Special Hobby's
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