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  1. Hi Norman, I used Gunze paints but I mixed the two grays of the model using various leftovers of grays that I had at home and which in turn were leftovers from other blends, so I can't tell you which are the original colors I started from ...
  2. Hello, this is a Meng 1/48 F-35A wit Kasl Hobby resin cockpit, Brassin weapons, Caracal decals, Dream Model access ladder and Plusmodel figure... Thanks for watching, bye!
  3. On the glossy model, I just did an oil wash with a medium gray; to give you an idea, it had a hue slightly darker than the Tamiya XF-54. I used the same color on the gray parts of the plane and on the black fin. Panel lines are reasonably deep, so it’s an easy task.
  4. It’s a big model with a huge amount of parts, so it takes time to build. Nevertheless, the kit goes together remarkably well. It has a number of options during the building phase, so you need to plan in advance. The kit is engineered so that the radome can be left open, so, if you keep it closed, you need to do a bit of sanding in that area. Same thing for the dorsal spine, as it is broken down in two parts, in preparation for the new kits that will come out later on (different Tornado versions have a different dorsal spine). I dry-fit the slats and the flaps in the retracted position and look
  5. Hello, this is the new Italeri 1/32 Tornado; it was built straight out of the box; the only correction I made is the color of the Tornado silhouette on the tail, since, as you probably know, the kit one has a wrong color.
  6. Markus, I eliminated the big antenna aft of the cockpit... ...some minor changes in the instrument panel... ...A-37 exhausts are bigger than T-37's exhausts, so I closed and rebuilt them... ...wingtips were scratchbuilt with some styrene layers and sanded to shape... ...air intake must be modified... ...wheels were scratchbuilt in resin on a lathe... ...I also scratchbuilt some new landing gear doors...
  7. I spent a few months in Sheppard in the Nineties, then I moved to Reese AFB where I got my wings flying the Tweet and the T-38...Wichita Falls was a nice place to live in...
  8. Hello, this is a Cessna T-37 converted from the Trumpeter A-37. It belongs to the 89th Flying Training Squadron, Sheppard AFB. Decals were self made...
  9. Most of it is done with the airbrush, then I use oils as I described in this topic: F-104 Cheers!
  10. Bob, here’s how I did it: I made a resin copy of the front cockpit throttle assembly and the rear cockpit left console: I then scraped all the details on the rear cockpit left console: The left console details (radar and radio controls on the real plane) were moved backward and glued behind the throttle assembly: The only part that is really hard to reproduce is the rear cockpit flight instruments cover; thankfully, a friend of mine 3d-printed it for me… Hope it hepls...
  11. Hello, this is an Italian Revell Tornado (1/32); it was converted into a "trainer" version modifying the Aires cockpit with scratchbuilt and 3d-printed parts... Decals come from Tauromodels range...
  12. I highlighted all the raised areas with Vallejos, using hues that are much lighter than the base color; after that, I made an oil wash with a hue much darker than the base color, trying to push the oil in the recesses. You can notice that on the door, where the ribs are painted with a green lighter than the base color... Hope it helps...
  13. ...who knows...but I like to think so I used Tamiya AS-12, sprayed with my the airbrush and diluted with Tamiya Lacquer Thinner. The darker panels were painted with the same AS-12 added with a drop of Alclad Steel. After laying the decals, I coated the model with Future diluted with Tamiya X-20A Thinner, did a dark grey oil wash and airbrushed a very light layer of Gunze Flat Clear...
  14. Hello, this is my 1/32 Tamiya Spitfire, converted from MkIXc to MkIXe; markings are from Isradecal, the figure comes from the Blackdog range...
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