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  1. As far as I'm aware the 1st edition was made in multicolour plastic, had the prototype wheels, no boarding ladder or refueling probe. 2nd edition had revsions of boarding ladder, refueling probe & new wheels (though you have to cut the parts out of the fuselage to fit them) as well as a very extensive set of weapons for internal & extrenal stores. Oh now molded in grey plastic. 3rd (I think) is the same as the 2nd edition with new decals........... My kit came with Eduard's interior & exterior updates both are very good though I personally don't think I'll use
  2. Hey all, Have to admit the kit is very nice ( I have the 2nd edition with the extra weopons and updated parts) though I have been trying to get some short shot parts from Kitty Hawk for the last 8 weeks with no avail. Had a couple of emails from them though no updates on how to pay for them! As I said, great kit but let down by quality issues and frustrating service
  3. Thanks guys, I've emailled them & awaiting a reply. Many thanks
  4. Hi all, I wonder if anyone can help me? i purchased a Kitty Hawk F-35b (1/48 scale) which is a stunning kit, the problem is some of the parts on Sprue B are ‘short shot’ and only half moulded. My question is..... does anyone have any way of getting in touch of either Kitty Hawk themselves or the U.K. supplier so I can purchase a replacement sprue? I’ve tried the usual ways- Facebook page, original supplier etc. though with no luck. Can anyone please help?
  5. Hi Helmsman, I didn't realise it was that important :-) I'll enjoy finishing it even more now. Just gonna use Google.........
  6. Just looking at different colour schemes...... Thinking of the box offering in Soviet though found these as well!! I have some arrow bolts from my Bergemot Yak-3 decals so this could be something different :-)
  7. Hi all, I am quite new here, so would like to introduce you to one of my "Works In Progress", a Trumpeter Yakovlev Yak-18 Max. I usually build the usual Spitfires of Bf-109's though felt I wasn't really getting anywhere with them & this kit as a bit of fun! If you don't already know, this is a post WW2 Soviet trainer which was built in the 1,000's & used by most Warsaw Pact countries as well as China & even North Korea. The kit itself is gorgeous with just enough parts & complexity to keep you interested & the fit & detail of par
  8. Hi, Just seen this thread. Thank you so much for posting, I've been looking for ANYTHING on this kit & you're the only one who has added anything upto now. The kit looks a lot like the MkII from what I can see which isn't really a bad thing. I am thinking of using one to convert to a Mk XIV which is done by Roy Brown (Iroybrownmodels on Ebay) as he uses the MkII as a basis (& I really don't fancy cutting up a Tamiya kit!). Is there a chance of you adding some pics of the decals/ colour instructions included in the kit please?
  9. Well there's your answer............. do a upgrade set for the Tamiya kit & you'll have the Mk1/Mkll you're after. As I said, I can live with the errors as most people I know think it'll look like a Spitfire.
  10. Hi KingK_series I do agree it's one of the most important designs and beautiful aircraft ever, though wouldn't this be a perfect time for someone like you who knows what is wrong to do a correction kit for this for the people like yourself who wants the aircraft to be as they want it. If I remember, everyone made a great hoohaw on the Hobbyboss MkVb when that came out too. From what I can see this is another imperfect kit and there are now corrections out there for most of the problems........ it still builds well and unless you have a trained eye (my son, family and most of my friends don't
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