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  1. Deleted - read the pinned post.
  2. I went from using Revell paints to Tamiya paints and then on to MRP paints and zero paints. The quality of these paints are amazing. Can be painted on but I prefer to use my airbrush. Thanks for the recommendation Tank152 several years ago
  3. Some pictures of my progress so far....... http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
  4. Cheers for that Keith. Think I've finally realised why I couldn't find it. I'd labeled the sprue bags as 'KO' numbers not actually letters. Good link thanks
  5. Finally got back to doing some modelling, it's taken a while as I've just been up to doing much since my best pal passed away last month. Anyway I've done some bit yesterday and today but photobucket isn't playing ball and it won't upload my photos. What I have noticed about this kit is the seem lines, there's a lot and prep part is a biggy to get parts ready for priming and painting. Something that Roy mentioned in his post, about the dashboard, I agree that Pocher should have made this rather large part in smaller sections as it's big enough to do so and is a bit of a bugger to separate painting of each sections. The seats of the kit are an absolute pig to paint, as you all know, and I just think Pocher made a pants job of the design. The seat I feel should be one solid piece but instead it has a massive join line which stands out like s sore thumb. Now im stuck in the 2nd page as I'm struggling to find piece s-14, looked everywhere for it. It goes on the drivers console cluster. I've tried to find picture on koos DVD but laptop has decided not to work. For those that have made this kit can you shed some light on what colour the piece is and what it is made of. Cheers
  6. I found this but wasn't sure if it was the same type of spray paint. Thanks
  7. Have you been able to find any Ron of the black rust oleum on eBay? I'll have a look at that other paint. Thanks.
  8. Hi Ron I wanted to paint seating area which is painted orange to Red. But want black also.
  9. Struggling to find Rust Oleum in the uk to be honest. Checked eBay and they similar but not that precise one http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/FLEXIBLE-FABRIC-PAINT-BLACK-RUST-OLEUM-Toy-Safe-Vinyl-Spray-Paint-Aerosol-150ml-/161922026893?hash=item25b34e0d8d%3Ag%3ALdQAAOSw~otWdDWr&_trkparms=pageci%3A94b0295d-3002-11e7-85c0-74dbd180cf05%7Cparentrq%3Ace73896a15b0ab4d2996007afffe756b%7Ciid%3A5
  10. What's your opinion silver911? I've never heard of rust oleum? Not that I doubt Mr C but just never heard of it I'd of thought that the Halfords paint would've been okay. As I'm not painting leather or upholstery. It is a kind of vinyl which is flexible.
  11. Thanks Codger will try this. Do you mean something like this http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductMobileDisplay?catalogId=10151&langId=-1&categoryId=165495&productId=173685&storeId=10001
  12. Hi everyone, Finally getting down to starting my Aventador build. Have given up for now on the 1/700 HMS Liverpool as it is way too fiddly and the Pocher kit was just sat there watching me. So i've took the first page of parts out of the kit and the first problem I've come across is the seats. They are painted orange, orange I mean really! I thought they were red. Now the problem is I don't like the colour and it's giving me negative vibes and I want to change the colour of the insides and the seat from orange to red and many people say this can't be done, the paint on the front of the seats can't be changed due to no type of paint adhering properly. My my question is this, is this still the case or has someone come up with a way of painting these seats now. Really poor quality orange seats-help needed/advice please
  13. I'm really struggling with working at 1/700 scale. Think I'll stick to my 1/12 motorbikes 1/24 cars and 1/8 scale Pocher kits. Many advice greatly appreciated
  14. You should be really proud of yourself for producing such a piece of work. Really impressive
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