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  1. sharknose156

    MFH - 1:20 Eagle T1G 1968

    Dear all, Thank you for your very kind, generous and encouraging words. What we are doing is nothing but a normal reaction to a sad situation and a mark of respect for a lost comrade's wishes, with whom we shared a passion for beautiful racing cars and admired his meticulous skills. Dear Codger, Your words are far too generous in my regard and this is a truly collective team work from 3 persons. I only wish i had more time and a faster pace. I also would like to thank you and Ron for the selfish pleasure i derive from working with you both on such a fascinating subject. I am indebted to you for sure. Lets now look forward to the fast approaching day when the car is completed hopefully as Paul would have wanted, and we can return the car to his home where his very brave Widow said she is reserving a dedicated place in a glass cabinet containing objects that were all dear to Paul. Best to all Sam
  2. sharknose156

    MFH - 1:20 Eagle T1G 1968

    Dear Codger without your contribution and close communications, with Ron of course, this would not be possible. Thank YOU.
  3. sharknose156

    MFH - 1:20 Eagle T1G 1968

    Hello Everybody and Happy New Year again to all !! Been working as much as time allows on the back of the car. Looking at all the reference pictures of the car in 67 and 68, the back of the car is very complex. However different wirings and configurations of pumps and oil tank coolers etc. changed in almost each race version of the car. So it is a feast for those who want to superdetail. This is not the intention in this build. However, Paul was a neat and very meticulous builder and so the task needs extra attention. Here are the principal periphery parts being finalised before assembly. Most are already weathered with artist oils of high quality and very fine pigment mixed with lighter fluid. these are the main oil filters: here is the wiring for the disc brakes. I apologize for the quality of the pictures, when mounted i will take proper pictures using a tripod and white light. This below is how the car looks now before assembling the parts above, which i intend to start this week end. you can see i added the pipes to the brake calipers and the pins connected to the adjustable antiroll bar. The little oil tank connected to the gear box appears in different colours in many versions of the car: grey, black, dark grey, metallic etc. Here it is in the metallic version. I promise to take better photos tomorrow !! here below is my attempt at slightly improving the throttle connectors and add the cables between the front of the car to the back and to the fuel injection metering unit, on which i have added a few details you will see this week end. The work is tiny and this is the dawning of a possibly acceptable result after many many failed attempts, it is still work in progress. If i am not able to scratch a neat piece i will revert to the MFH version. That's it ! Thank you very much for watching. I expect to be able to finalise 80 % of the back's assembly this week end and post thereafter. Sam
  4. @Pascal happy new year you should publish a small book about all your WIPs this is the benchmark, even a level better than many excellent models posted on the MFH website.
  5. Way to go what a beauty. Looking forward to more posts with anticipation.
  6. sharknose156

    MFH - 1:20 Eagle T1G 1968

    Yes indeed, am vey happy we are in quasi-constant touch and his wisdom and experience is key to the results we see. As for your Monza, i believe a Pocher is never just another car to build, so i hope you decide to share the pics and we can all learn and enjoy the build. Yes indeed ! and you are and will always be a very big inspiration for developing my techniques Happy New year to all Sam
  7. sharknose156

    MFH - 1:20 Eagle T1G 1968

    Hello Wayne @larchiefeng, thank you very much for your kind words and support to our small team for completing Paul's superb work. Happy New Year to you and i hope you find the time to complete your beautiful F40 posts and others. Sam
  8. sharknose156

    MFH - 1:20 Eagle T1G 1968

    Dear Spiny, Thank you for your very kind comments. The Eagle is not an easy ride, due to its fragile architecture as Codger said somewhere here. In general white metal is a very fragile medium to polish without any bending or scratching beyond repair. But the learning curve, although steep, can be short. The metal parts need careful preparation before gluing. Fine and slow filling of casting marks with small watchmaker files, fine sanding with micromesh wet dry, and then slow dremel to bring out the metallic shine, very precise re-drilling of all pin holes, and must be cleaned from the tiniest metal dust. Unlike plastic where one can use milliput etc. if one goes too far, with metal you need to re-do the part. Often several dry fitting of sub assemblies is required, because i found them to be composed of more parts than the usual plastic models' sub assemblies. Also the fit is much more accurate but much stiffer than plastic, which has more tolerance because of its elasticity. Also, glue has to be applied to a minimum, it appears very easily on metal, but it can also be removed easily. i use Cyano zipp accelerators to make the bond stiffer and dry faster, and remove any lagging elasticity. The metal parts are heavier than plastic and require strong and stiff bonding, either by welding or glueing with cyano and sometimes even 2 parts resin. However, i am perfectly happy to recommend trying a metal build to every modeller, even to a beginner modeller, anyone who likes a sharp and realistic result. The best way to learn is to jump in the water and lean to swim. Even Harvey @harveyb258and Dan @PROPELLERand Pascal @pg265and Codger @Codgerand Ron @silver911 were all once beginners and i bet in short pants even ! The satisfaction and end result is worth all the frustrations during the build. Also, interestingly, in all the struggling and the steep learning curve, i am finding metal easier - but may be longer in time - to scratch and with a sharper result, i believe than plastic, but i may be wrong. Hope this helps, Happy New Year 2019 to all, health above all and may it be a smooth ride with its share of the necessary good fortune !
  9. sharknose156

    Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    incredible mastery Dan !! i am often confused between the big car and the little car... what a beautiful art.
  10. sharknose156

    MFH - 1:20 Eagle T1G 1968

    Thank you sabrejet, the ignition cables were fitted by Paul. His modeling was very precise and neat. Merry Christmas Sam
  11. sharknose156

    MFH - 1:20 Eagle T1G 1968

    Dear Codger, Yes indeed, this is due to MFH incredible craftsmanship and your and Ron's wise counsel on how to proceed. i think the white metal material really makes a difference to work with. There is a different look and feel to plastic, even the best casted brands, even if properly airbrushed with the best pigments out there, enamel or other, i think white metals comes on top with incredible realism. When you apply just a little weathering on white metal, like oils and lighter fluid mix on metal, the realism is just stunning. also, I found using water based weathering liquid from vallejo very nice as well. White metal is delicate to work with, but once one gets a few basic techniques covered, the results can be very satisfying. Merry Christmas to all, time to go now for din-din. sam
  12. sharknose156

    MFH - 1:20 Eagle T1G 1968

    Hello everybody, i hope you are enjoying a festive mood and spending happy moments with your loved ones, including cats and dogs Thank you Roy @Roy vd M., Sabrejet @Sabrejet , Harvey @harveyb258, John @Hugh Jampton, Quentin @SlowQ, Nikkita @nikkita katana for your kind and encouraging words. It is not an easy car to build, MFH is a beautiful brand, very very precise and a pleasure when you find all pieces so well casted and the assembly fitting in nicely. But the Eagle is probably not the easiest car to start with at MFH and i had a difficult time to assemble the back train. Here are the first pictures, still a long way to finish the back, still some more suspension rods missing, antiroll bar etc. all fun, which i will continue at my own short vacation pace in next days. Zoe, Paul's widow, was very kind to confirm that the car is not urgent and can be finished at a slow pace. Uff uff ! The car requires a meticulous approach, this is my first MFH and alas i am not Pascal @pg265 the KING of MFH ! this is 1/20 scale and my eyes are not young ! i just received the hoses and braided cables, AND the chrome connectors from Hiroboy and can't wait to start on that. This car is riddled with hoses and cables as you will soon see. Meanwhile, here are the pictures of the back train progress, i would say this is the most important step, allowing for working next on the back of the car's many peripheries. The brakes' calipers are removed on these pictures, because Pascal gave me the idea to add some brake pads made from plastic cards and which may be see on the back wheels. i will try tomorrow. If it is not easy to see for someone examining the car, i will pass and have a drink ! Thank you again for following and encouraging us, your words mean a lot, specially to me when i am struggling, which is most of the time.. but we are not doing anything extraordinary, simply finishing the work of a gentleman. If we don't meet here before the 25th, best wishes for my part to all, for a very merry Christmas !! Sam
  13. sharknose156

    Fiat 806gp full-scratchbuild 1:12

    incredible, specially that there is a dome like curvature in the whole radiator !
  14. sharknose156

    MFH - 1:20 Eagle T1G 1968

    Cher Pascal, @pg265 Great idea. Thank you. Noted ! i was assembling the back suspensions and rods and springs to the engine and chassis, geeeeee not easy. 9 support points to assemble quasi-simultanuously. i will post pictures when i have assembled both sides. Sam
  15. sharknose156

    MFH - 1:20 Eagle T1G 1968

    Helo everybody, A little update, am back ! You may remember the build was delayed a little because of 4 bolts missing. These bolts go inside the brakes and are essential for fixing the wheels later. MFH was very kind to send them and they arrived safely. This is the rear suspension assembled. On the left it is weathered and the right without weathering and without washes. work is resuming so i will be posting more substantial updates regularly now! thank you for watching Sam