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  1. woao woao wao ... Sadly i missed so much during the last weeks, isolated on my 'work' planet .. i will need to study the pictures carefully one by one... so much to learn and to enjoy ! what to say but repeat what Harvey said so eloquently (if i may Harv) "I run out of ways to express my appreciation of your work, Dan. Superb as always...and forever an inspiration!!! Thank you, Sir!" yes, thank you indeed Maestro; for the inspiration, and for the so many technical lessons in there, and above all; beauty, art, creativity flowing from your foun
  2. Dear Pascal, Thank you very much for these important informations, details and sources for polishing sticks etc. AND for posting such great work . Sam
  3. Dear friends thank you very much. From you "The Maestros" this is the best compliment . i wish i could advance faster, but the pieces are damned small. My camera coming out of repair next week, so i will stop using my phone as well.
  4. Thank you Chris, thats lovely. best to you and your son, thats great you can share similar hobbies. Sam
  5. beautiful very neat. what brand of washes do you use ?
  6. Dear Pascal, Amazing your masterclass, as usual, this is "orfeverie & micro-technique" what you do. In my limited experience, MFH requires much more time than plastic and more careful handling of parts. Still learning to polish small parts without affecting the shape. So sometimes i reluctantly leave a small portion of the factory mark, grrr, like a seam or two, better than irreversibly altering the shape. i have also tried to make my own polishing tools, but not satisfied with my trial and errors, and not enough time to do all ! the time i have i
  7. Dear Friends Started working on wiring and detailing the engine. Not an easy task, as all are minute pieces.... but they are necessary to include if the level of Paul's scale modelling is to be respected. the purple dots show the places where i worked since the last posting the 4 orange seals you see are made of painted washers starting with size 0.63 mm, orange as in the real car above using Harvey's wise advice to use pin-vices below you can see i modified the throttle links entirely a
  8. Dear Fiends, thanks a million or your encouragements ! they are very important to me and i am very grateful. Dear Harvey and Pascal, well noted thank you very much, will absolutely do. Best to all Sam
  9. Hello Everyone, Happy to say that the missing parts have finally arrived. Sincere kudoos to Robert / RB Motion who was absolutely perfect and professional throughout and had dispatched the parts promptly when they were ordered and cooperated fully during the delays. The delays were probably caused by the snow storms on the US east coast a good month back and created back logs at US Post. Then, as if this was not enough after finally clearing and reaching Zurich, the parcel somehow returned to the USA for a few weeks... All the while it was assumed to be delayed at the Swiss
  10. Absolutely enjoying this ! looking at how you are starting and solving some challenges, am sure it will be a great result.
  11. That's great . Indeed i seem to remember a short discussion about this long ago when you started.
  12. Every time i visit your WIP i feel am landing on some other planet, another world... what a delight ... all from the comfort of my screen... all my friends here said it, however i would like to add that i feel your ingenuity is just at an incredible level, your approach to solving issues, i mean the shrink tubes cut in half and resulting in this incredible realistic rubber joint thickness, colour, texture ! then the flat rivet technique ... then how you turned the cap without a lathe... Each post is a masterclass filled with learning points on so many levels.
  13. a powerful car with a strong character ! a Great project. from memory it seemed to me that Dodges have a particular engine sound i think (?) like a monster swallowing the bubbling high octane lead-gasoline alive and enjoying it ! what is the scale ?
  14. what the hell .....these spurs ?.... do you have kryptonic eyes or an atomic microscope ?
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