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  1. Hey guys, I just thought that I would pop in here and give you an update on the build. I haven't abandoned the build or working on the F-40, although it seems like from the lack of posts. After being retired for the last five years, I have recently gone back to work at a full time 40-50 hour a week job. Needless to say this has really put a crimp in my modeling time. It's so much harder to try and find any spare time to do anything after working all week. It's been a heck of an adjustment to go back after being off work from an injury over the last few years and being less active, to going all the time. I'm not complaining, too much anyway but, I hope to be able to find some time in the future to resume the build. For now, I'm just allowing myself the luxury of watching Formula 1.
  2. larchiefeng

    Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    Quite the tour de force! Outstanding work Dan
  3. larchiefeng

    Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    Beautiful work Dan! Is this considered an underslung chassis, just curious?
  4. larchiefeng

    Pocher Alfa Noob Restoration

    Gaskets? Ah yes, the dreaded cylinder head warp! I think that I mentioned that and, what I did was just put a piece of somewhat aggressive sandpaper on a flat surface and sanded until it was flat. I had more than one available so, I was fortunate and was able to get the least warped head flat without taking too much off. I've seen some that were pretty bad. I hope that yours isn't too bad. Just an FYI, MMC sells a nice set of cast spark plugs for $20. Good luck with the wheels!
  5. Sorry to hear that you had to rebuild the end caps again. I have had some issues with the paint being fragile on the metal and in order to keep it from lifting off when masked, I started using Frisket instead of tape and I've had no problems with any paint lifting when using the Frisket. Just thought that I would pass that along in case you weren't aware.
  6. larchiefeng

    Pocher Alfa Noob Restoration

    I was going to mention the warm water method CC has but, I didn't want you to use it to put the tires back on. You run the risk of water or moisture getting trapped inside the tires and could cause rust over time. The plating on the Pocher kits is not great in the best of circumstances and best not to temp fate by introducing water into the equation. Using it to remove tires is fine but, not so much the other way around.
  7. larchiefeng

    Pocher Alfa Noob Restoration

    The plastic repair sounds good, nothing beats plastic to replace or repair plastic. I used pieces of the sprues to fill holes in the body of the Mercedes when I drilled holes in the wrong place. I just made a piece of sprue the same diameter as the holes and glued them in and sanded it down when it dried. The same thing applies here with your wheels and plastic rod is fine since even if you have any red sprues they might not be the right shape. Your best bet is to get the tires off before taking the wheels apart as, I'm sure that, you've already figured out. The best way to get the old tires off or on the wheels is to heat them up with a heat gun or hair dryer just enough to make them pliable and then work them off while they are still warm. You will have to experiment with just how much heat is needed. Since you already have one off, try heating it up to see when it starts becoming easy enough to work with. Good luck with the jigsaw puzzle. If you are really adventurous, MMC has an Alfa wheel kit and they have a link to how to build them in the item description. It may or may not be of some help to you.
  8. larchiefeng

    Pocher Alfa Noob Restoration

    As a point of reference, it is Endeavor's method that I am going to use to correct the fitment of the body to the frame. See, I told you that there are a lot of guys here that will help you out, no matter how you decide to proceed. There's guys like Codger, Endeavor and me that aren't satisfied with OOB building and then there is Paul that really doesn't do anything other than add some of the MMC pieces to his builds but, is the authority on how to build a Pocher. His DVDs are a must have for any Pocher that you build. If you don't have one, message me and I will give you his email address and you can buy one direct from him without going through a third party and he usually will select it for less that way.
  9. larchiefeng

    Pocher Alfa Noob Restoration

    Interesting about the chassis number; I never paid any attention to it before but, I will look into it and let you know. Unfortunately, the Simon Moore book doesn't have many color pictures in it and really deals with every 2.3 Alfa ever made and each individual car's history. It's great for researching a specific car and how it looked etc. There's a number of variations of the Monza, for instance, fenders or not, spare tire or not, and I think that some even had the full fenders like the Spyder and so on. A quick word about mocking up the frame and getting the stance correct; the engine has to be complete and the frame should be painted before you can do that, otherwise you will have to take it apart again. The engine has one of the main cross members molded onto it and is integral to the frame assembly. There's also a problem with where the engine is mounted on the frame. In the OOB build it will be too far forward and the fan is almost right up against the radiator. There's also some discussion and debate about how far back to move it. If I remember correctly it's somewhere between 3-10 mm or somewhere in between. This is talked about in Paul's DVD for reference. You can also just leave it where it is but, it's going to crowd the radiator and leave a bigger gap between the rear of the engine and firewall. I also had a problem with getting the cylinder head to sit flat on top of the engine block due to it being badly warped. This a fairly common issue with the Alfas. A lot of them have warping of plastic on the head. I spent a lot of time sanding mine flat and I don't intend to display or make the head removable. There's too much stuff that would have to remain unattached if you do. I've found that, you really have to think the whole build all the way through before you start and have a clear direction that you want to go. Making changes in the middle is not hard but, it complicates the build. Think 3-5 or more steps ahead especially if you decide to modify it. Things like moving the engine, cutting the seat out, modifying the body to sit on the frame better will all affect something else down the road. I'm sure that you are aware of these things but, I only mention these because these are things that, I'm doing and I know first hand. I have a lot of pictures of my Alfa as far as I have gone and I can share them with you but, this is your thread and I don't want to high jack it by posting my stuff. Some of the pictures are of the modifications that I have made and if you decide to go down that road I can show you what I did. I know that there's at least 5 or 6 other guys on this forum that, also have built Alfas and might be of more help than myself. Since mine is only at a point where I'm making modifications and deciding what car to actually build and theirs are actually completed. Ok, I've rambled on long enough; I'm looking forward to seeing how you progress.
  10. larchiefeng

    Pocher Alfa Noob Restoration

    Template? I also have the aluminum floor and pretty much every MMC added detail for the build with the exception of the front and rear shocks. I went through some of my pictures a while ago to see how far I got and I was somewhat surprised that, I was fairly far along. I made some modifications to the engine/rear cross member brace and the body. I sanded off all of the rivets and drilled out the holes for metal rivets and the safety wire pegs as well as cutting out the seat to modify the body so, it will sit down on the frame correctly. I drilled holes through the molded on rear cross member on the engine to allow the linkage to pass through as on the real car; anyway, I digress. I haven't posted anything in a while on my Pocher F40 build but, in case you are interested here's a link to that. If you need any help on the Alfa let me know and I will help or any number of other guys here can help you out. Lastly, If you need any historical research on a particular Ala, I have the complete three volume set of "The Legendary 2.3 Alfa Romeo 8C2300" by Simon Moore.
  11. larchiefeng

    Pocher Alfa Noob Restoration

    Looks like fun! You're in luck if you need some spare parts; I have 3 or 4 four of these kits in various stages of completeness. I have extra fenders, springs and axles etc since I also have the MMC upgrade parts to replace them. I was planning on building this same car before I got involved in the F40 with the transkit. If I ever finish the F40, I plan on resuming the Monza build. You can get small stuff from Marvin at MMC like the distributor cap in resin. I did some parts straightening on my Mercedes build and sort of detailed it in the build thread. Here's the link to the page if it helps. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234976747-pocher-mercedes-540k-true-roadster-build/&page=7 Along with the these kits being quite old and the plastic becoming somewhat brittle over time, the main reason the frames and axles sag is because of the weight on an all plastic frame. The kit provided small stands the go under the frame at each corner to help prevent the sag. It seems that, Pocher was aware that it was going to happen before it ever did, hence the supports.
  12. larchiefeng

    Avions Voisin Record 1927 1/8

    Beautiful craftsmanship, I'm in awe of your talent. This is going to be quite something when you're finished!
  13. So, I just got home and I had to tell you that, it was almost as if Big prophesied what was going to happen. I pulled up to my hobby shop, the only one for 20 miles around, and there was a big "Going out of Business" sign in the window! Unfortunately, all the good stuff had long been picked over and only a couple of things that I needed were there. Another hobby shop has fallen victim to the internet!
  14. Sounds like you scored a pretty good deal!! Buying all the little odd bits and pieces for scratch building adds up over time.
  15. Nice attention to detail Pascal! I know that these are pretty small parts and then to make them actually work is probably more than I would be able to do! Your Pocher F40 truly is just a platform and a starting point for this build which, really is a one of a kind! Great work so far, I can't wait to see this one get finished. But, it's a fun build to watch as it comes together.