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  1. I’ve been popping in now and again to keep up on your build and I must apologize for not commenting more. You are giving all of us a master course on how to scratch build a model. I’m not going to limit it to just saying a car because what you are doing transcends just automobiles. Anyway, today, I felt it necessary to comment and say that, this build is truly mind boggling to think that everything in front of us started out as raw material which has been transformed into this work of art! I’m in awe of your talent!! Great work!!
  2. Wow, milling the engine block and adding the holes on that machine really makes me feel like a shade tree mechanic with the way I did it! This is why I don’t feel any need to start a thread for my Alfa. This thread and others are so much better than anything that I could offer. Great work David!
  3. Thanks Pascal, Once again, another very talented builder that, I have learned a lot about scratch building from, makes my point about it being a great sharing experience here on the forum. So, Noel you have come to the right place to get inspired and motivated to get back to the workbench! All these guys bring a lot to the table for you to get going!
  4. Thanks guys, I appreciate the support. Welcome aboard Noel, I will look forward to hearing your thoughts and contributions. I agree Jan, I also wander into other topics just to see some of the great work other guys are doing. It’s not that I don’t like armor and airplanes and dioramas, I just don’t have some of the skills those guys employ. The other big reason is space for completed models and probably the fact that I have a few hundred car models sitting in boxes. I started acquiring a lot of 1/24 and 1/25 models of my favorite cars with the intention of having sort of a “hobby shop” stash for when I retired and then I could just happily work my way through the pile. I also started picking up a few 1/16 and then all the 1/12 Tamiya F-1 cars and pretty much all the 1/12 cars I could find. But, in the bottom of the pile I had a 1/8 Pocher Mercedes True Roadster that I bought back in the 1990’s which I started but quickly realized that it was beyond my skill level. I had already built the Pocher F-40 which made me think that I could build the Mercedes; completely different animal! After I hurt on the job and sort of retired, I found this forum through Roymattblack and met Chas, Codger, when I decided to go back to the Mercedes. I had a lot of time on my hands but not the confidence and skills that I acquired from seeing what these guys were doing. When things really took off was when we became friends and I was persuaded to take some risks with the build. Once I finished my Mercedes I went pretty much all 1/8 Pochers and sadly all my previous acquisitions are now mostly wall art in boxes. I also started looking at other guys like Hendie who, has built some remarkable helicopters and is scratch building a train car. Both are not the normal subject matter that I would normally gravitate to but, his incredible skills are what drew me in. I have learned a lot about scratch building from him. All this is just to illustrate the point that Jan was making, you never know where you will get new information from without opening up your options and look at other types of builds and disciplines. In my own small way I’m just trying to share what I’m doing in the hope that it will inspire, inform and at least be of moderate interest to all who read my thread. It’s a hobby and this forum is meant to share ideas and techniques not, just showcase how good you are and show pictures and nothing else. I know that without all these guys and a couple in particular, I would not be doing this build so, thanks to you all for the confidence to make the attempt!
  5. There seems to be a lot of debate on moving the engine and how much. I’m only going 3mm-5mm which isn’t much. I think going back a minimal amount is best just because of everything else that would need to be addressed. If I remember correctly, you can go back somewhere in that range and still be able to use all the linkage as is. But, I like your solution and it’s good to know that I’m not the only one who didn’t want to have the engine in place when working on the rest of the frame.
  6. Thanks guys! Because these two builds are similar in nature or least they are both Pochers. The Monza is probably one of the easier Pochers and, the addition of MMC parts doesn’t really complicate it much. They just add detail where it’s needed and improve the kit quality. The F-40 is a really simple kit made into something intensely more complex with the addition of the Autograph transkit. Sometimes, I just have to take a step back and think about the next step and am I overlooking anything. Sometimes it might be about having my skills improve enough to move forward. I have been pretty quiet about the Alfa build only because it was easier to just work on it without feeling any pressure to post progress and feel like I have to work on it. Like SB said, it is a hobby and meant to be fun. If I do start a thread for the Alfa it will probably only be to not be adding it to the F-40 thread; I don’t want to mix up the thread with two different cars. My intentions on the F-40 thread is to try and show all the issues, problems and what I did to address them for the very few that will probably ever be able to acquire the transkit and actually attempt the conversion. During all my research of all the other guys that did the build and posted it on the various forums what, I found was a lot of good information but, not a lot about how they worked their way through the lack of good instructions etc. I now know of two of you guys that, actually have the transkit and both of you have new F-40’s to convert. Other than the entertainment value to everyone else, if there really is any entertainment here, this is really aimed at you two guys for future use. I’m not trying to bore everyone else with some of the minutiae, I’m really trying help anyone else build a better conversion than mine. Information is your best friend on this build. Poul, I had somehow acquired a variety of MMC Alfa parts in other kits or the occasional separate purchase and it was on my bench to be built after the Mercedes but, when I got the Autograph transkit I back burnered the Alfa. Every time I got stuck on the F-40 I went back to it because I just couldn’t let all those MMC parts go to waste and not get used. So, the main build became the Ferrari and the Alfa was my secret retreat build. The springs, shocks, brass front axle and various other parts really make a difference on the suspension. I’m hoping to get the frame pretty much assembled these parts will show up. I read up on how David solved body to frame fit by doing some cutting the body in the arch of the frame and I was going to do the same thing. But, the more I sanded and worked on the body after removing the molded rivets and drilled them out and added the metal rivets, the body started to conform and fit better on the frame without cutting it. I guess we’ll see if it turns out in the end. The other thing that I decided to do along with moving the engine back is to lightly trim the edges of the rear engine mount that is a main frame member. I don’t want the completed engine in the frame while trying to do all that fitting and suspension work. I’m making it so that I can slide it into the frame later on. I don’t think that I’ve seen anyone else do that but, I think it’s pretty easy and makes more sense than trying to work around a detailed engine when doing the rest of the assembly. Well, hopefully I will get back the Ferrari some this weekend in between painting the Alfa. Sorry guys I didn’t intend to ramble on, especially without any pictures to break up the monologue
  7. Thanks guys! I have also been a little absent as well over the last couple of months. Believe it or not, we are just now starting to see some sustained sunshine the last week or so. It's been rain and snow for about three months solid up here in the mountains of Southern California. The awful weather coupled with being sick off and on hasn't been conducive to doing much modeling. I haven't been totally idle but, not really doing enough to post and also not working on the F-40 too much. I took a little break from it and got back to my Alfa Monza build. I do not have a thread started on it anywhere and I'm not sure if I will but, I have been taking a lot of pictures and notes so, that, if I do, I will have all the documentation of the build to post. The main thing that, I have been doing on the Ferrari is going through all the white metal parts and cleaning them up and experimenting with two different types of metal and etching primers to see which I like and what works the best. I sprayed all of the metal parts on the Alfa suspension with the Zero Paint two part etching primer and in this first picture, I decided to use the Tamiya metal primer on the F-40 metal parts. What really brought this whole project on was, I was getting to the point on the engine that, I was starting to use a lot of the white metal parts. Having used the two part Zero primer, I knew that I didn't want to stop and mix up that paint every time I need to paint a metal part. So, I decided to just clean it all up and prime everything now and when I got to another part it would already be primed and ready for color. It was about this time I remembered the Tamiya metal primer. The Zero Paint etching primer is gray and the Tamiya is clear and is a lot quicker and easier to use but, I'm not sure that it's as chip resistant on the metal, hence the experiment. So, here's a picture of some of the Ferrari parts with the Tamiya primer followed by what has been keeping busy when not working on the Ferrari. Some and by no means all of the Monza pictures. I have probably a couple hundred pictures of this build. I had pretty much finished the engine until I got the bright idea of opening up the rear engine cross member mount that linkage actually passes through on the real car. I had a lot of the MMC parts for this car and I thought that if I'm going to add all the expensive after market parts, I should try and do a better job. Opening up the tunnels on the mount. Miscellaneous progress pictures from the last few months. I feel like I've been cheating on girlfriend, the Ferrari, with the Alfa, the other woman!! So, that's what I've been doing when I'm not working on the F-40. Sometimes you need to take a break and do something else. This is by no means on the level of what David is doing with his Alfa Spyder but, it's just a fun no pressure build. When Poul posted on my thread here and reminded us of his Alfa Coupe it prompted me to share a little bit of my Alfa here on the Ferrari thread. Nothing like taking a break from a Pocher build with a transkit with another Pocher and a lot of MMC parts. I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment! Lol I hope you will forgive me for this little detour
  8. Search for the 1/8 Citroen traction avant- build by Roymattblack here on britmodeller. He pretty much wrote the book on building this kit. Actually, as a matter of fact he did do a complete dvd on the build of this kit. I bought one a few years ago just to have, I know that I will never build it but, it’s such an interesting build I just wanted it. I hope that helps.
  9. I hope that you can come up with a reasonable price and solution; I really miss this build.
  10. I know that you occasionally commented on my F-40 build so, you have some idea of what gets cut out and what will remain. Most of big modifications take place on the front and rear frame and suspension parts. The engine gets a lot of upgrades but not much cutting. The body is kind of up to you and how far you want to go I.e. opening up the louvres or not. That was one of the harder things to do in order to get them all the same. If you do decide to cut them open, you will probably have to deal with the possibility of damaging the paint on body around them. Also, be aware that the metal on the body is very thick and it’s going to take a lot of work to open each one up. I had to use carbide discs on my Dremel and this where you run the risk of damaging the paint if, it gets away from you. Because you have the more rare yellow body F-40, you run the risk of not being able to match the paint. Also, the paint is an automotive type finish that is kind of baked on and is pretty thick. I completely stripped all the red paint off to do a color change repaint on mine. In retrospect, I now think that, I should have not stripped it and just used what was on there and sanded it down and used it as a base coat for the new color. I also learned that regular model paint was not a good idea to use on the body; I should have used standard automotive paint for the metal body. Anyway, these are just a few small things that I learned during the conversion process.
  11. I guess that you have a choice to make; sell the F-40 and buy the MFH kit or something like it or try and get an Autograph transkit to super detail the F-40. Have you given it any thought?
  12. It just occurred to me that, we sort of high jacked your thread TGA, sorry. Have you decided what you want to do yet?
  13. Sounds good, I'll be looking forward to your new thread. Since I don't look at the forum every day and lately, much less than that, when you do start it please post a link to it here so I can follow it. Thanks
  14. No problem, I’m always available to help with anything you need. You can always PM me too. I assume that you will be starting a thread for this build too? I will answer you either through your thread or via a PM, just let me know. Good luck with your big deal! Kinda sounds like you got a hold of Uli or someone with a transkit to sell.
  15. The Autograph transkit that I got was part of a special re-release of about 20 that Uli decided to put together with all the spare parts that he had left over from the approximately 200 of the original release of F-40 transkits. I think that once those were sold that was it. I’m pretty sure that the only way to get one now is from someone who has one. I do know where a new one of the re-release kits is but, I think that he’s saving for a future build. As far as Tomas Iulie is concerned, he’s been pretty talking about making a F-40 transkit for 3-4 years and still nothing. I doubt that we’ll see one any time soon from him. I was also looking for the LM transkit for the F-40 and only one has come up in the last three years on eBay and it went for about $2,000.00 and it’s mainly just some resin parts with 3-4 PE frets. The Autograph transkit was around $1,600.00 and has around 10 PE frets and a whole lot of other parts. I also have another transkit for the interior that is for an LM version interior. Before everything got messed up at Thunder Valley F1, I managed to get some parts from him but, it took a few months of pushing and sending emails to get the order that I had paid for. However, when I did get my order he made up for it by giving me extra parts. He has good stuff but, don’t count on getting anything quickly. I haven’t talked to him in over a year so, I don’t know what he is doing now. If you have read my thread on the F-40 then you know all the challenges that I’ve had with the transkit instructions or lack thereof. Bottom line, it’s building into everything that you would want a detailed Pocher F-40 to be, albeit being a very challenging build! There’s a few smaller transkits out there and some engine upgrade kits and in the absence of the big Autograph transkit, those along with what Pascal has been doing, you should be able to do a good job of detailing up the F-40. I’m sure that both of us can be of help to you as you move forward. I hope that helps.
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