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  1. I knew that there was a reason why I never built the Spyder. At least the Monza I’m working on doesn’t have any doors to complicate it. Like Codger said
  2. larchiefeng

    Top 1/8 kits of all times

    Yeah but the Pocher Rolls Sedanca kit is already on the list but the Mercedes is not; that was my point
  3. larchiefeng

    Top 1/8 kits of all times

    I still say that the Pocher K80 Mercedes 540K Roadster belongs on the list as it represents one of most beautiful classic cars of all time.
  4. larchiefeng

    MFH - 1:20 Eagle T1G 1968

    Great work Sam! You, Ron and the project manager, Chas are doing justice to Paul’s unfinished masterpiece and it will end up looking like he was able to have built the entire model. I know that is the aim for his family here so, you guys keep up the great work!
  5. larchiefeng

    Modeling after more than 25 years.

    Oh boy Miguel, you’re making Codger a happy guy with this Rolls! Codger has pretty much mastered the building and modifications on the Pocher Rolls; my advice is this. If you are in doubt and are having any problem with any part or section of your build, I would take it apart and follow Codger’s advice on the best way to assemble or re-assemble that section.
  6. Wow, talk about a jigsaw puzzle, this is it. Great work and better analysis to be able to calculate what needs to be done where in order to make the corrections to your prototype reference.
  7. I just went back in my messages folder and found where you and I talked about this before and I have your email address. It's just been sitting so that I forgot. I will send you an email as you suggest so that, I can get the info offline and keep the K73 build on topic. Sorry guys, now back to our regular programming!
  8. So, I’m in the middle of getting caught up on the Alfa and I see that you moved your engine back 10mm and I know that adds extra work to modify a few other parts that connect to the engine and transmission etc. Given everything that you are doing with the body, a few extra things probably won’t make much difference in your build. I’m thinking about a more modest 3-5mm move which would accomplish the radiator to fan clearance and reduce the amount of extra modifications. I also have the MMC springs and I have been told that the mounting locations for the front and rear springs are incorrect on the Pocher frame; did you encounter that and if so what did you do to correct it? In reading this newly started thread you have already done the springs and I was wondering if that was in the original thread? I can’t seem to find your first thread and even though it’s picture free now I am curious if this something that you discussed.
  9. Wow! Dave, I really have been out of the loop for way too long! I’m getting ready to start my F-40 back up and along with it I’m going to start up my Alfa Monza. Chas mentioned that you had started your thread on your Alfa back up and, I can see that, you have been VERY busy! I’m going to have to go back and read this whole thread and pay attention to the work that you did on the frame and placement of the engine and radiator and make the necessary changes to my frame. Thanks for the dedicated detail work on this Alfa, it will be a great reference for myself and every other Alfa builder. I can see that I’m going to have to take a few days in order to get back up to speed on both of my Pocher builds before, I even pick up a tool. I’m not sure when or if I will post anything about the Alfa but, since the Ferrari thread is already started I will eventually start updating it when I start making some progress. In the meantime I’ll continue to steal, err borrow, your ideas and techniques to try and make my Alfa better. Keep up the great work and I’ll be following your progress on this great car. I know just how bad these Alfa’s are warped and all the problems with the kit and unless you have ever worked on one you can’t imagine the fit problems. A Tamiya kit it’s not!
  10. larchiefeng

    McLaren F1 GTR: Aoshima vs Fujimi

    Thanks for the info but, it’s a little late now for making any changes. I started adding the decals to the body yesterday. It’s going to be fine though. Like I said earlier, I’m just having some fun with this one and I’m not overly concerned accuracy. This is just something to get back into the swing of things after taking the summer off of my Pocher F-40 build with the Autograph transkit. There’s something like 3000 parts on that build and working on a 1/24 scale smaller kit is good for me to get used to working with the small details and PE throughout the transkit. I’ll post a couple pictures of the GTR body after I get finished with the decals if you guys are interested.
  11. larchiefeng

    McLaren F1 GTR: Aoshima vs Fujimi

    I’m working on the Fujimi kit now and it’s the Gulf Oul version. I’m not really paying too much attention to the details because it’s mostly just a curbside kit. The real challenge is the paint job with the blue over black and the orange center stripe. And, of course the orange stripes to break between the upper and lower colors. It’s just something to get me back on the bench and in the swing of things before I go back to the pocher F40 and transkit. It’s a fun diversion and another friend is also building the Aoshima kit at the same time so we’re comparing notes as we go
  12. larchiefeng

    MFH - 1:20 Eagle T1G 1968

    The detail work on this model is pretty incredible! I remember early on when Paul was drilling all those holes and adding all the rivets; it was a little mind boggling. There must be a few hundred added rivets to the body and metal tub and plates; they really add another level of realism to the build. That, along with the clean engine work is going to make it a classic build. Working with white metal and resin are not the easiest materials turn into art but, it looks like you and Ron are maintaining the standard set and started by Paul. You guys are really doing it justice with your craftsmanship and superb painting skills.
  13. Messerschmitt KR200
  14. Judging by the work on the emblem, it appears that you have a handle on the CAD software. It's just a matter of getting the proper mills that small that will stand up to the process especially if they're 1mm in diameter. I can just look a t 1mm drill bit the wrong way and it breaks. Admittedly, they are on the cheap side but, even expensive 1mm bits are going to break eventually. My biggest problem is the CAD software and I think that's what's holding me back from finishing my CNC and using my 3D printer more. So, for now I will just have to live vicariously through you and your CNC, lol