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  1. Hi Codger i would be interested in seeing photos of the support rods you’ve added for my Pocher torpedo.
  2. Hi Roy I’ve read your build all the way and have found it very useful with my build alongside the same dvd you’ve used. I'm just in the process of doing the roof on the Rolls and really like the way you have managed to get yours to fold. from the photos you’ve put up you can’t really see the connections of the side rails. could you please put some close up photos of the connections of the side rails as I would like to see how you’ve done them. Thanks
  3. Hi Roy

    im building the Pocher Star of India Rolls and have found your build log very informative.

    would you know what size the 72323-519 screws are as there was not enough of them in the kit and I need to obtain extras.





  4. Hi im looking to light some car models in future and am looking for ideas. I want to light with led's and low voltage maybe 3v or 4.5v, I also want to add independent flashing indicators. be very grateful if anybody could give me advice/diagrams or point me in the right direction. many thanks Bap
  5. Hi Roy That's looking really great, have you got any further updates on this build? I've got the kit in my stash, maybe I'll get round to building it. Did you strip and respray the complete body?
  6. Hi Roy Have you wired up all the lights or just the headlights?
  7. been following this post from the beginning. excellent work Roy. the lights look really great, white size led's have you used?
  8. just paid for my Lamborghini aventador kits, will be with me next week!! Bap
  9. Looking really good Roy, inspiring me to get my Pocher kit out and complete it. Nice touch the persian rug.
  10. well good luck with the assembly and hopefully getting TT hem to work. Bap
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