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  1. I got a bottle about 15yrs ago in a supermarket, it is called Pledge One Go. Still have half a bottle left. Yeah, I accidentally deleted many pics from my Imagur a/c.
  2. Anyway, back to my newfound riches. There are 107 Matchbox kits in the 1/72 range of which I have 77 first issues. If I can get $130 for each of them, that's $10,000. Apologies to our daughters, but they won't be buying a house in Sydney with $5,000 each
  3. Model finished. Now to build a polycarbonate protective cover. I've still not worked out the best type of glue for polycarbonate. Might try Araldite this time.
  4. Warrior on horse finished. Now waiting for my base.
  5. Warrior in the home stretch. Turns out in the video game you can choose from about 5 warrior characters. This one is called Wolfblood. My fly-tying materials have been very handy for this one. Synthetic wing material (which is really really thin fibreglass sheet) to make the raised detail on parts of the armour, body wrap for the outer skirt and synthetic rabbit fur for his hair (which I'll also use for the horses mane & tail). The feathered shoulder armour was cut from tiny pieces (down to less than 2mm) of vinyl on my Cricut Maker machine.
  6. Some progress on the scruffy warrior figure. My fly-tying materials have come in handy for adding some of the detail. His hair and the horses mane/tail will also be made from fly-tying fibres.
  7. This is my next build for my eldest daughters boyfriend who is a keen gamer and is waiting for this new game 'Elden Ring' to be released. I could have put this in Diorama's, or SciFi, but wanted to get a post into the Figures section There was no way I was scratch building a bloody horse, so ordered the Minicraft US mounted soldiers kit and got busy with modifying.
  8. Thanks Steve Though I've discovered cars are not really my thing. They require too much perfection unless they are a muddy rally car or a rusty wreck. Back to Sci-Fi for the next one.
  9. My father fought the Italians in north Africa. Australian 2/5th Field Regiment.
  10. A 1959 Holden, VB beer, a Murray Cod, the obligatory shopping trolley in the creek, and even a temperamental street light (must be an intermittent loose connection or short circuit somewhere). 1/25 scale made for a friend who has this identical car for real.
  11. Yes, my wife was concerned I was getting far to involved with the modeling of the naked space fairy. Mine does not look quite as innocent as the original in Franks painting In truth, I was more OCD about getting the assets of the Moon Maiden to line up with Franks pic. Anyway, my next project is also a Sci-Fi for my eldest daughters boyfriend who is a keen gamer and awaiting the release of a game called 'Elden Ring' which has an armoured warrior on a magic jumping horse - said horse complete with antelope-type antlers. I've ordered a 1/35 US Horsemen kit from Minicraft which has 2 horses who will have to be Frankensteined together to get the right pose.
  12. Hmmm, must pencil in a trip to Fremantle in my diary. I've been to Perth. And lots of little places ending in 'up'.
  13. A couple of diorama's based on Frank Frazetta paintings. 1/35 and 1/48 scale. Scratch builds.
  14. Getting close to done. Biggest issue now is the edge of the water. Using tape as the barrier was not the best idea as it tended to get sucked inwards and bend out of shape as the Vallejo Still Water dried. It also has a small lip at the top which seems to resist easy trimming off with an exacto blade. Pondering if I bother trying to straighten things up with another more solid barrier & adding more still water or, perhaps sand & polish it. Or just let sleeping dogs lie.
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