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  1. Thanks Diego! using those on a Hobby Boss Flanker B would turn it into a nice memento to my time there. Going to get a set. Cheers, Robert
  2. Yes, sorry, that was a typo of course, all FS codes for matt finishes starting with a 3. So, FS 34079, also known as forest green. If you want to go for Gelboliv, which is also very plausible as that was the German army's standard green colour for army vehicles (until the 3-colour camo patterns were introduced) so may also have been used for army helicopter schemes, that is known as RAL6014. I can recommend MiG 087 for that, a very close match indeed. Robert
  3. The light green comes very close to FS 43079
  4. John, AFAIK the F-86D was an all-missile armed aircraft with a brand new fire control radar system. The F-86K was designed as an export version as the US were reluctant to share this new radar technology with their allies for security reasons. So the missiles were replaced by the conventional gun armament in the forward fuselage. This meant a shift in the aircraft's CG which had to be corrected by the new fuselage sections just aft of the wings as shown in the diagrams. Good luck with your build and do show us how you are getting on with that. I have both the MHM and the SH kits i
  5. This almost makes me want to build a Rafale. Almost (so many beautiful aircraft kits, only one life). Would love to see you try your hand at the F-16 mouths, both small and large. Excellent work! Robert
  6. Supertom, did you find the correct roundels in the end? I am planning an ETAF Flanker myself (saw them in a flypast in 2019 during their Armed Forces Day) so have an interest in this, as well as in any WIP reports/tips you would be willing to share Cheers, Robert
  7. Not to mention the absolutely ludricous riveting on the wings. Starfighter's wings' rivets were as smooth as they could get them, with all rivets being puttied over and sanded smooth for an optimal airflow over these very thin wings. If you want to go with a Hasegawa 104, get yourself a DACO Products improvement set as well, saving you a lot of work on the wings. Otherwise, take the Kinetic kit. I built one and it's a nice easy build an well detailed too
  8. And of course, there are the Kinetic kits now.
  9. Hello all, as the title says, I am in need of a little help by one of our US-based forum members. Not to worry, nothing major or connected with legal/financial matters, just something modelling related which would require the bare minimum of your time. If willing to help, please PM me so I can explain more elaborately. Thanks in advance, Robert
  10. I agree Stevehnz, but before the mods do lock this because it has sidetracked quite a bit, can I return to the OP's suggestion about deleting obsolete posts in order to slim down the site a bit? Yes, that would take a huge amount of time if the mods would have to do that, not to mention the dilemma of what threads/post to delete and the endless debates such an action would trigger. But how about a general appeal to all forum members to apply some self-censorship post facto? In other words, ask all members to take a good look at all the posts they have written over the years and del
  11. When watching footage like this I wish I had a time machine...
  12. I do have some of Paul's conversion sets stashed away, not sure if this one is one of them. I'll have a look this weekend and get back to you
  13. Se, that's what I mean. That paint should be reproducable at a car painter's
  14. Sounds like a great tip Tommo, will do. Tamiya F5 also seems good Mark, especially for an egg version of TB2 that is still laying around here. BTW I can't help thinking they probably used car paint for the original, seeing that they did so for TB 3 and probably also TB4 Robert
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