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  1. Oh, that is very, very sad news indeed...... Thanks for a quick reply Gazza I Robert
  2. Hello all, I have been looking forward so much to the release of the Westland Wasp in 1/48, as announced by S&M Models quite some time ago and last scheduled for release October/November last year, But I just received a message from Aviation Megastore, where I had it on my watchlist, saying that the kit has been "discontinued". A somewhat strange description, seeing that you can't discontinue something that did not even start in the first place. Wordpicking aside, the point is that the kit(s) seem(s) to have been cancelled. Does anyone have any info on this?
  3. I can see some very sad news for my credit card coming up.... but I will try and wait until Airfix follow up on the initial release with the 588 version and the after market have released their goodies.. So you all now go and kindly pre-order this kit so as to nudge Airfix!
  4. Must be the old regimental tie network General
  5. Sorry, did not see your post until after I put in my own. Yes, hopefully they will re-release the set
  6. Thanks for such an elaborate reply! I still have the resin conversion set for the old kit including the 202s so that could come in handy. The rest should be pretty straightforward to correct. As far as the different rear cockpit area is concerned, that does not bother me at all as I doubt whether anyone could see that, let alone tell, with such tiny cockpit windows. So rationality over accuracy on this one (now ducking for cover). Regarding the camo, I agree that the lighter grey (MSG) is not accurate for a regular Vulcan, but I do think it looked/looks great on 588 and as I want t
  7. Adam, is there a list of all the differences between 588 (in its final version) and a "regular" Vulcan?
  8. Hope springs eternal. Unfortunately, I don't, which is why I would have liked to see the 588 in 2010 scheme included. Will have a look at the Fundecals though.
  9. I know that quite a few people here are happy that 558 is not one of the schemes offered in this kit as that plane already has been done so often, but I would still have loved to see it included in the options (and I think Airfix made a little commercial mistake here). For sentimental reasons really, as I witnessed its final departure from RIAT in 2015. Is there is decent AM decal sheet for 558?
  10. Does anyone know the exact dimensions of the earlier type of main rotor blades? I am planning to backdate the Airfix kit to the first machines in Dutch Navy service so the BERP blades need to be converted. Robert
  11. Thanks Diego! using those on a Hobby Boss Flanker B would turn it into a nice memento to my time there. Going to get a set. Cheers, Robert
  12. Yes, sorry, that was a typo of course, all FS codes for matt finishes starting with a 3. So, FS 34079, also known as forest green. If you want to go for Gelboliv, which is also very plausible as that was the German army's standard green colour for army vehicles (until the 3-colour camo patterns were introduced) so may also have been used for army helicopter schemes, that is known as RAL6014. I can recommend MiG 087 for that, a very close match indeed. Robert
  13. The light green comes very close to FS 43079
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