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  1. When watching footage like this I wish I had a time machine...
  2. I do have some of Paul's conversion sets stashed away, not sure if this one is one of them. I'll have a look this weekend and get back to you
  3. Se, that's what I mean. That paint should be reproducable at a car painter's
  4. Sounds like a great tip Tommo, will do. Tamiya F5 also seems good Mark, especially for an egg version of TB2 that is still laying around here. BTW I can't help thinking they probably used car paint for the original, seeing that they did so for TB 3 and probably also TB4 Robert
  5. Really excellent work Reini, and I can only hope my own F-104G project will yield the same result. I love reading this thread and already took quite a lot from it. Regarding the ejection seat, only a few countries followed Germany in replacing the original Lockheed C2 with the Martin-Baker seat. And IIRC, Belgium did not and retained the C2 (as did the Netherlands Air Force). As all versions Kinetic offer are for a German 104, only the MB seat is provided in the kit. And as I will be building my 104 in RNethAF colours, I will use an aftermarket C2 seat. But as you will be displaying your 104 in flying mode, the pilot figure will conceal most of the seat anyway, so who cares? Keep up the excellent work, I will continue to follow this thread with great interest! Robert
  6. Well, as the title implies, I am curious to know if anyone has already seen and built this new kit. Robert
  7. Hello all, I am planning to build the IMAI /350 Thunderbird 2 but I can't decide on what shade of green to use for the big lady. Trying to avoid the "correct colour" minefield, any suggestions as to the most suitable paint would be most welcome. I try to steer clear of mixing recipes for several reasons. Thanks for your help! Robert
  8. Good afternoon Paul, certainly does! I just dropped him a PM here at BM. Thanks again, Robert
  9. Paul, thanks, had not heard of Tigger Models either. I have found their website, but it seems they don't do the Neptune anymore... I left an inquiry on the site, but in the meantime, can anyone shed any light on this? Robert
  10. I was not even aware there was a Neptune kit in 1/48th! Is this still available or would it be a matter of searching on Evilbay? Robert
  11. Not a bad trade I think Robert
  12. Sorry, been offline for some time, hence the rather late reply. Well, I suppose we'll have to agree to disagree as our opinions on this clearly are very, very different. I won't go into the "rivet counters" remarks, as I did not say anything about rivet counters. In fact, I consider myself to be a bit of a rivet counter. Back to the Tamiya Tomcat itself, my F-14A has now arrived and I am slowly but surely building it. Approaching the stage where (light) weathering comes into play, I am wondering which tone to use for washing the panel lines on the white undersides: a light grey, or perhaps a more red/brownish tint? Any suggestions will be much appreciated! Robert
  13. Giorgio, I think you're spot on. And let's not forget who are "responsïble" for starting a "hype" in the first place every time Tamiya announces/releases a new kit. It's that small band of super fanatical modellers who will be satisfied only when the kit caters to their own particular whims: separate slats, movable flaps, "in the only scale that truly matters", curly hair on the pilot figure, a WSO with left hand thumb top missing etc. etc. And if it doesn't they'll criticize it into the ground before they've even seen the test shots. To be blunt: that group of modellers is (thankfully) not the market kit manufacturers are aiming for and they don't give a monkeys about what these market niches think (and I can't blame them). Will it sell to a more general public, which will give priority to ease of assembly and reasonable (not: low) cost and judge by the TLAR-system? Will it sell in large enough numbers (for instance, as a rule, anything German from WWII will sell about four times more than any other comparable subject). Niches are left to the AM industry. It's as simple as that. So, I for one am very glad Tamiya has released this new Tomcat line and will certainly buy one of them. Or two, or perhaps three, well certainly no more than five.... I think. Possibly. And then BUILD them. Probably. Well, I intend to. Hopefully. Robert
  14. No, I think you are far beyond the reach of any help. But there are worse things to sufffer from than an F-14 Tomcat obsession. And I also think that your wife (if there is one) deserves a medal for putting up with you and your cats. Robert
  15. Hello all, I am currently building the 1/72 Hobby Boss F-15E as based at Lakenheath in the early '90s, so in the rather dull one colour scheme of Medium Gunship Gray (FS x6118). I'd like to break up this scheme a bit, but I am not a fan of the weathering technique of lightening the centres of panels. So I thought that, apart from giving the panel lines a light wash, I'd try my hand at applying a filter. But: which colour should I use to give this dark grey a more used look? Thanks for your help! Robert
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