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  1. No idea on a jig, but what about having the stairs drawn up and 3D printed?
  2. 4x Airfix 1/32 Gulf Porsche 917, one good kit, 3 scrap cars, from which I hope to get two models. Not sure what schemes as yet, I guess one will have to be Gulf
  3. That makes sense thanks - It has been removed now
  4. Cool thanks, its a different pattern but I see more images of that pattern are available so perhaps I should change it
  5. Kit has a wierd flat section to each side, so first job is to remove that
  6. I think I will try this scheme on it, it seems that a port side view is not available to I will probably mirror the pattern
  7. 2nd Build just arrived, very basic ship, 1/1200 USS Iowa. Hopefully get started on the weekend.
  8. Some painting progress, I know grey is not right for the underside but I dont seem to have anything else similar so am sticking with grey for this build. Just noticed the Blue paint is a bit lumpy, need to sand that a bit
  9. interesting, i like the look of these but not the prices!!
  10. Decided on a 2nd GB entry as the first one will probably be done in a week. Managed to acquire a Revell Mini-ships 1/1200 USS Iowa, been a while since I did a ship.
  11. Not too much progress today, mostly put together, waiting now for filler to dry
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