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  1. Fit the arms with magnets, as I have done, and you can do all the load variations and swap them around as you wish
  2. Thanks Harveyb258, more to come soon I hope. Thanks Codger, you know I have just been going through your thread and saw the post re the axle supports, I will certainly do that. Regards Wayne
  3. So after a break of a few years I am back onto the Rolls-Royce PII, photo below shows progress to date- Sadly I am not able to afford the super upgrades available, esp the leaf springs, so will plod on with the original parts. I plan on displaying the car on stands to prevent the kit springs from sagging over time. IMG_20190526_184041 by Wayne, on Flickr IMG_20190526_184046 by Wayne, on Flickr IMG_20190526_184053 by Wayne, on Flickr
  4. Hi Geedubelyer, yes indeed I did acquire one - I do like yours and your photos. 2017-10-13 08.42.34 by Wayne, on Flickr Wayne
  5. Any progress on this please, I have one to build and I am liking your mods Regards Wayne
  6. Nice figure, looking forward to seeing the progress
  7. Thanks will try them, they are a fair distance from me though Wayne
  8. Is anyone buying all the editions but does not want all the magazines? I have decided I cannot afford all the editions (and not all appeal to me), but would not mind getting hold of any magazines I would be missing please. Many thanks Wayne
  9. Seems I forgot to show further progress, the model is now finished. The photos are before I added the carapace handrails Wayne IMAG3341 by Wayne, on Flickr IMG_20171106_142522 by Wayne, on Flickr IMG_20171106_142529 by Wayne, on Flickr IMG_20171106_142535 by Wayne, on Flickr
  10. No not many at all. I have managed to make a start on a carriage, a wagon and a diesel loco, my prototype being The Rhodesia Railways. Will get some pics posted Wayne
  11. Fantastic, glad I could help re-ignite the enthusiasm - I have recently returned to model railways myself - Quick question where did you get the blue foam from? I cannot seem to find it - I did find some foam at Glasplies and ordered a .5" sheet, seems to be the right sort of foam but of course I do not have anything to compare with - Thanks Wayne
  12. Sorry to hear that Jon, will have a look at the Narrow Gauge RM site, just signing up - I am looking do do some Sn42 (Sn3.5) narrow gauge modelling Wayne
  13. Great little layout, have you made any progress since last posting please?
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