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  1. wkennerley

    Chapel Lane Yard

    No not many at all. I have managed to make a start on a carriage, a wagon and a diesel loco, my prototype being The Rhodesia Railways. Will get some pics posted Wayne
  2. wkennerley

    On the trail of the Lone Pine Club

    Fantastic, glad I could help re-ignite the enthusiasm - I have recently returned to model railways myself - Quick question where did you get the blue foam from? I cannot seem to find it - I did find some foam at Glasplies and ordered a .5" sheet, seems to be the right sort of foam but of course I do not have anything to compare with - Thanks Wayne
  3. wkennerley

    Chapel Lane Yard

    Sorry to hear that Jon, will have a look at the Narrow Gauge RM site, just signing up - I am looking do do some Sn42 (Sn3.5) narrow gauge modelling Wayne
  4. wkennerley

    Chapel Lane Yard

    Great little layout, have you made any progress since last posting please?
  5. Hi All, I am looking for a co-co diesel loco in HO/OO that has roughly the following dimensions - centre-centre of axles in each bogie around 23-27mm and total distance between outer axles of whole loco around 153mm - Could I ask anyone who has diesel locos (any country I am only going to use the chassis for a scratchbuilt body) to check their locos to see if any come close please. The plan is to build a Rhodesia Railways DE1 loco in Sn42 (Sn3.5) - many thanks Wayne Rhod Rwys DE1 p01 by Wayne, on Flickr Rhod Rwys DE1 p02 by Wayne, on Flickr
  6. Hi All, are other struggling to find fairy powerspray? I have been all over the local supermarkets and cheap stores and cannot find any? Is there any other similar cleaner that people use to remove paint? Thanks Wayne
  7. wkennerley

    A BIG Rolls Royce

    Thanks Codger, I am around, just busy with other things like 1/64 custom diecasts and lost a bit of modelling mojo - I have recently done some tidying up on the engine. Wayne
  8. wkennerley

    A BIG Rolls Royce

    Great build Codger, just read your article on Pocher in the RROC Flying Lady too. Cheers Wayne
  9. Is the original on a lengthened chassis though??
  10. wkennerley

    Stencil maker in Canada - Who are they?

    Thats them, thanks
  11. wkennerley

    Stencil maker in Canada - Who are they?

    Hi All, years ago I had some Aircraft Lettering stencils made in Canada - I cannot recall now who they were - Does anyone recall the company? Alternatively I am after someone who could make up an A5 sheet of decals or a stencil (about 19x16mm) for a project I am working on - Its basically a portrait orientated rectangle with 24 circles on it - Looks like the attached though this has the wrong colours, the red should be black and the holes a lighter colour though I have not yet decided what colour. Thanks Wayne
  12. wkennerley

    Where can I get photo etch parts made

    excellent thanks Sabrejet
  13. Hi All, where might one go to have some photo etch parts made? I need some small rectangular parts, about 19x16mm with 24 holes through it, made some matchbox diecasts I am repainting - They had a decal with this detail but I could not get it off - I decided that a very thin etch would work quite well. Car is the Pininfarina Modulo by Corgi Juniors, the part is the engine cover. Would need to get a drawing done as well. Many thanks Wayne