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  1. I can testify to the quality of @TeeELLs offerings as have been using them on my (glacially slow) build of the Scammell.
  2. Not much progress as work has been manic the last week or so, but I have primer on, have sprayed the gun breech and hull floor green then applied a dirty wash. Once this is dry I can think about closing the tank up, although I might spray the exterior green first as I can then paint the wheel rims and tracks before closing it up.
  3. Well done John! That's a cracker of a build and I like the restrained stowage - far too many overdone models out there currently with ridiculous amounts of magnetic stowage. Like the low key but very effective weathering, looks just right in my opinion.
  4. Nice! Is this the modeltrans one as I had been looking at that?
  5. I've also increased the stash a bit since the last update. Will post the new build plan when I can download it from my work laptop.
  6. And almost 3 years to the day later it's finally ready for paint! Had some major issues when I decided to resurrect this build off the shelf of shame last weekend. In the intervening years I had decided to scrap the model miniature tracks as they were pretty poor. As I'd attached them with superglue this made a mess of the wheels which wasn't a huge issue as I have spares. Trying to remove the old wheels broke all the axles and at this point it looked like the kit was destined to be broken up for spares as I'd had enough and I needed a replacement turret for another T-55 build. Luckily inspiration struck and a quick bit of internet shopping later and a second kit was on the way. This provided replacement lower hull sides (I managed to remove the originals with minimal issues luckily) and axles along with a few other bits to replace damaged items. As I was checking my reference photos I noticed the tank I wanted to build (the Romanian option from the kit decals), actually has the later Rmsh tracks so the kit was wrong anyway! A Revell kit donated the later style tracks along with wheels, sprockets and idlers and in return gained the spare Italeri upper hull and turret to be backdated into a Ugandan tank (I'll use a set of 3d printed SSModels Omsh tracks and running gear on this one). The Revell running gear fitted the Italeri hull with a few minor modifications and a bit of faff getting the tracks to fit as the idler wheel axle is a very loose fit so it kept spinning out of position before I could apply glue. Eventually I got it done, added the tow cables (the rear one isn't attached at the back of the tank as I need to paint the interior before going top and bottom hulls together) and the very fiddly light guards and it's ready for paint. I also build a figure and cleaned up and adjusted the 3d printed gun breech from the SSModels upgrade set ready to fit this once I've painted the turret interior. Pretty pleased with it in the end and can hopefully start getting paint on tomorrow.
  7. A 1/72 metal barrel for a T-55 all the way from an unknown maker in China as I can't find any Aber or RB ones closer to home! I have one already and it's a brass clone of the Aber one. Certainly better than cleaning up molding lines on the Trumpeter one!
  8. A 1/35 Zvezda T34/85, a 1/35 RFM T-55ADM Drozd and a Trumpter 1/72 T-54, all recent ebay bargains. An Aber barrel for the T-55 and a DEF Models barrel for the T34 from Wildcat Models An Eduard set of etch grilles for the T34 from Jadlam The stash is now fed for a bit!!
  9. Sorry to hear about your problems with the previous build, especially given that you had managed to rescue it from the first paint issue. Am excited to see where this thread goes to though. All the best Ben
  10. Looking great John and full of useful tips of things I need to add to mine
  11. Managed to do some more on my MkIII today. Slowly coming together but for a 1976 kit the detail is actually really rather nice.
  12. Great progress John and liking all the little additions 👍
  13. @Kingsman - as always thanks for the help and the clarification on aerial vs antenna (something I didn't know). I agree with your points on the photo. Much as I'd like the tank in the foreground to have the longer barrel, I also suspect it is the shorter one, although it does seem to have "later" features with the extra armour which I believe was brought in about the same time as the longer barrel and the antenna cage. It does have an odd looking sideskirt which seems like the upper section from the desert style. I think I have enough to put together a representative model of a late version using the linked photo as "inspiration" (I won't add the tank name) - long barrel (its well and truly fixed in now so too late to change it), additional armour and Essex extinguishers. I may go with the glacis stowage for the tow cable as well. I'd have never have thought Crusaders could be so complicated!
  14. Playing around with this image earlier in photoshop and I can just make out the cage for the aerial against the background building. I'll go with the later extinguishers now I've established this. Have ordered the SBS set from Wildcat Models as it has both styles so can always change back if new evidence comes to light
  15. This is the one I'm basing my model on doesn't need to be an exact replica). No evidence of aerial cage, so will assume earlier extinguishers. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:IWM-H-30925-Crusader-III-19430623.jpg Has been uparmoured and I'm really hoping that's the longer gun as I've fitted one to the kit already. Photo is dated 23/6/43. Interestingly it seems to have a section of sideskirt fitted that looks like the fuller ones used in North Africa. And I thought Shermans were complicated!!
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