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  1. Timn

    1.76 Aec Matador

    I have always had a fondness for the Aec Matador and started the Airfix kit with the 5.5 inch gun. The gun will not be built as it looks way out of scale. The chassis went together with no problems whatsoever apart from a bit of flash which is expected for a 1966 mould. However...the cab and body i am not happy with. The cab roof isn't big enough leaving a gap at either the front or back as it doesn't sit properly. After Google searches it turns out i am not the only one to find this out. Also the body panels and roof don't line up either. I have thought of making a homemade jig to overcome this. A scratchbuilt cab roof will have to be made to overcome that problem. It's a shame these problems are here as this is and can be a lovely kit. I can't paint the chassis or body today as the heavens have opened.
  2. Timn


    Due to accommodation changes i can no longer use rattle can primers to undercover my builds. I have moved from enamel over to Tamiya acrylics and have far too many to use. Is there a brushable primer i can use rather than revert back to enamel ?.
  3. Looks like i missed a good show. I normally attend but this year pneumonia took it's tole so couldn't make it. I don't know of any other modellers here in Wetherby so wouldn't have got a lift either. Next year hopefully.
  4. Timn

    M.A.N HX60

    I have searched the net. And also rang the dealers. I don't suppose you have any scale drawings please.
  5. Anychance of a link to it kingfisher miniatures.
  6. I have loads of photos of the seddon Atkinson strato of 2mt sqdn red. I must admit to being a geek to these vehicles.
  7. Timn

    M.A.N HX60

    Hi everyone. I am trying to source plans to build the M.A.N HX60 as used by the Army. If anyone has any info ie the chassis layout and dimensions i could use ... I would be extremely grateful. I am aiming to scratchbuilt one in 1/24 scale. I have tried M.A.N UK and Rhinemetal but so far no joy. Thanks in advance Tim.
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