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  1. It's a crackin kit. You will have to scratch the mirrors
  2. I was just about to post about seeing these on another site, then saw this post. I will probably try some olive drab before i buy more of them. Since their Acrylics took a nose dive and enamel recipe changed, I went over to Tamiya.
  3. Nice kit. Have you tried these guys http://hmvf.co.uk/search/
  4. Timn

    Hi all

    Welcome to Britmodeller. We are a friendly bunch and theres loads of knowledge and advice about.
  5. Welcome to Britmodeller. We are a friendly bunch and theres loads of knowledge and advice about.
  6. Timn

    Jerry cans

    Thanks for that info dogs body.....i did google to see what came up and colours came back as Blue, Red, various Greens and a Mustard Beige colour.
  7. Timn

    Jerry cans

    Started the Airfix Willy's Jeep the latest kit. What colour would 2nd world war Jerry cans have been. Was petrol and diesel cans different colours like they are now. Also where would i source boxes and jerry cans from. Unfortunately i dont know much about these photo sharing sites to post pics so sorry guys....I cant show any.
  8. Timn

    Missus back at work.

    I'm an ex driver too. Someone suggested a catering tray what staff deliver food to you on.
  9. Timn

    Missus back at work.

    Hi guys. Missus has started back at work and because she doesnt drive, i take her. This means a 5 hr wait in the carpark due to the distance she travels. So because i am classed as severe vulnerable i am not allowed near anyone incase i catch an infection. So what do i do to relieve boredom ?. I take a kit with me to build. Does anyone else take a kit on their travels and what tools do you carry ???.
  10. Hi halfwit and welcome. The ural is very nice and one of my genre i have not built yet.
  11. Snap same here (Wetherby) but moved near Selby before lockdown. It's a great site so enjoy.
  12. Timn

    Which paints to use?

    Majority of my paints are Tamiya. I do have a fair few Revell Aqua range and some Vallejo and Citadel. I still have a lot of Humbrol enamel but never use them.
  13. Timn


    Hi steve welcome. Your not far from me. As a newbie ask lots of questions. No question is a stupid one and we are all here to help.
  14. Flippin eck are you a Yorkshire lad by any chance. This is a fantastic site. Welcome also.
  15. Looks well Chris. Is that the 1.35 version.
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