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  1. Good evening all. I have recently come into some figures and after measuring them found they're 28mm. They are a sandy colour mould and after much googling found out they are Italeri WW2 British Infantry. Has anyone had anything to do with them. What is paint like at sticking to them. These will be my first venture into painting figures as i normally build 1.76 softskins. Thanks for reading.
  2. Timn

    Mig Acrylics

    Local model shop has started selling Mig Acrylics in the dropper bottles. What are they like for brushing. Can they be thinned with water like vallejo. Daft questions i know but i know nothing about Mig paint.
  3. Welcome aboard from another Yorkshireman.
  4. Timn

    Messed up

    Can you remove Tamiya paints with the Revell paint remover and will it affect glued joints. Ive messed up a paint job. Thanks in advance
  5. No mate. Passed it thousands of times as a lorrydriver and weekends were taken up looking after a family member. That's changed now so hopefully when it's open, i will pop over. Lived in North Yorkshire 94% of my life and like our lass,, never visited the Yorkshire Show shame on us. I'm just 4 mins from the old Eggborough power station
  6. Welcome to the group Simon. I'm only in 1 Facebook page for my genre and dont do model clubs. Far too many rivet counters. Hope you enjoy it here. Any questions however silly or daft, just ask.
  7. Timn

    Greetings all

    Wow another from Yorkshire I dont feel lonely anymore Welcome aboard
  8. Another Yorkshire fella near me. Welcome to the forum
  9. Me neither and living nr selby and being ex Driver and passing it on A64, I cant work out why i have never been
  10. Welcome aboard Terry...not far from Selby here
  11. What paints do you use. I am toying with the idea of not using primer and just putting my Tamiya Acrylic straight on. I dont really want to use Motor Discount Store primer as it's so thick. I only use brushes.
  12. Timn

    Halfords Etch primer

    Thank you for that. I hadn't heard of the stuff before until he told me about it. He reckons he under coats everything he paints with it. I will stick to my Tamiya and Humbrols.
  13. Hi all A friend does diecast code3 lorries and we was chatting about paints. Then he started laughing when he saw me brushing Humbrol flat grey enamel as an undercoat. He said he gets ETCH PRIMER from Halfords and comes in an aerosol and a 1 litre tin for brushing. Has anyone else tried or use this Etch primer for brushing for undercoat. I didnt want to buy some and find out it's no good.
  14. Timn

    Airfix new releases

    So Airfix have released their new range for 2021. The aviation guys have done well and we got new tigers and Sherman's. A 1.35 Austin k2 Ambulance has got me excited. What i really wanted and due to rumours was the new boxed scammell tank transporter but alas it hasn't happened.
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