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  1. The Tiran has turned out very nicely indeed. I've been building the Tamiya 1/35 one and really must finish it off.
  2. I would hazard a guess its to make the vehicle more visable when viewed directly head on as you wouldn't see the crosses from that angle. Pics of the Gecko test build can be seen here: https://www.track-link.com/forums/modelling_kits/23058
  3. AFV Club 1/35 Berlin wall for a diorama I have in mind.
  4. I wonder whether this site might be of use? https://www.scorpion-miniature-models.co.uk/shop Very helpful chap runs it and he was able to advise me when I had some questions on a gulf war scorpion.
  5. Thanks for sharing this and good spot on the photo etch - certainly adds to the appeal of the kit. All the best Ben
  6. Thanks for that - must try that next time Thanks John - its been a while since I've been on here. Nice to move it along a little. Have a few in the stash - prefer the steel wheel version myself for some reason
  7. Gahh - rediscovered how much I dislike painting roadwheels!!! No matter how hard I try I can never get them as neat as I would like. Luckily this ones going to be pretty dusty .
  8. Well - 2 and a half years later and I finally got paint on this over the weekend!!! Had some issues with the airbrush to start with as I think it had a partial blockage, but once that was cleared things went well. Went with the Revell paint in the end, which sprayed nice enough once thinned considerably and some flow improver added. Its a lot browner in real life than the photo. I've updated the groundwork a little recently with some more foilage as it didn't look quite right to me. Much happier with it now. Now for small detail painting!!
  9. The Centurion range are much better and cleaner moulded than Ace's earlier range but still not an easy kit to build. I've replaced the road wheels on mine with modified Vespid comet ones as they were a bit oval. Vespid will sell you the sprues seperately (and I managed to get a mantlet cover as well).
  10. For the Charioteer I have the Modellbau conversion which is nice quality and meant for the Revell kit. Model Miniature can be quite rough - I've just binned a set of their T55 tracks as they were rubbish. You also need a set of 15.5 inch Cromwell tracks from OKB if you want to be truely accurate.
  11. You can download all of miniarts instructions from their website which might help. I've been using them to help with my multiple 1/72 builds.
  12. Sadly I'm going to have to bow out of this GB. Not modelling much at the moment and have a lot on at work so not going to be able to join this I'm afraid. Kind regards Ben
  13. Looks really good so far - have tried building this kit a couple of times over the last 30 odd years bit never managed to get it to look as good as yours!!
  14. I was prepared to cross kit it with a Revell hull and running gear, as I got it cheap enough to do this, but to be honest the kit doesn't seem like it needs it. I haven't done much research on the real thing yet as tied up with a few other builds first.
  15. I don't think so. The running gear is definitely not and the sprues dont seem the same so I would guess its a new mould. Its a bit similar to the newer ACE kits (such as their Centurion). I'll post some sprue shots when I get chance
  16. Not a lot to update as have been busy with other things the last couple of months. Have added another T-55 build in the form of a Northern Alliance T-55 using a Revell kit I got cheap along with some Star decals and a few other bits and pieces. Just had the A&A S-125M Neva arrive through the post which I picked up off ebay for about half it's retail price. This looks much better than I was expecting (and far better than the box art!). Planning an additional T-54 as have a second Blackdog conversion in the post from Tracks and Troops (I ordered it over 12 months ago along with some other bits and pieces). After some pondering this will be a Soviet tank from the Prague Spring in 1968, chosen as some of them were spotted with a mix of older spider and newer starfish wheels. More at some point Ben
  17. A very nice 1/72 A&A S-125M Neva for a very reasonable price off ebay to add to my T-54/55 1/72 mega build.
  18. Amusing Hobby do a T-72M1 with a full interior that might be worth looking at?
  19. Not built mine yet, but when I do I plan on adding a full interior.
  20. Cool build and very informative write up. Thanks for sharing All the best Ben
  21. A new Tamiya 1/35 Tiran 5 for a very good price from ebay to add to the T-55 collection. As it was so cheap, I splashed out on a few bits to improve it as well. Miniart T-55 wheels and their Omsh Late Track Aber etched grilles and wading screen attachment RB models turned metal barrel Looking forward to this as should be a bit less intimidating than the Miniart T-54/55 kits I have so a good starting point.
  22. Another bargain 1/35 Miniart T-54 from ebay last night. This time the full interior T-54-2 version. To go with it a metal barrel from Model Hobbies and the Miniart early T-54 transmission set from Creative Models because it would be rude not too!!
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