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  1. Hello everyone, here's my recent build. This was a very challenging kit to build it was fighting me all the way. When I got to attaching the wings to the fueselage and had a 2mm gap on both sides of the wing root I began to second guess myself. So I went to the internet to do a little research on this kit. I wasn't regressing with my building skills! The kit is just pretty bad all round. Just about every part needed a passive aggressive response. I almost gave up on a few occasions. It was one of those builds I have often read about where you wonder if it should be shelved and for
  2. Very nicely done indeed.
  3. Super nice 262 and a cracking paint job
  4. Beautiful work, and great photography to capture the artistry.
  5. Nice work Werdna. Just a question for anyone can the F series be made to look like a G series? From what I've read it's visually the same as a G2 right.
  6. The Germans experimented with many colour schemes it was discovered that black created a more visible silhouette. This is evident in most mid to late war planes.
  7. Nice work. Would the panel lines have been that defined?
  8. Great build if its not blue looks like it should be very nice.
  9. Yeah do it! We all share the struggle and strife.
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