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  1. I've been spending countless hours on paint scheme's for this plane and still no closer to a decision. My first option was to apply 76 wellenmuster over the top of 70/71 splinter. But I see so many models mainly that are 76 over 75. What do you think, your help is greatly appreciated.
  2. I had to fabricate the flare ports as this kit didn't have it. I've also set in place the gondola. Next was the tricky installation of the engines and nacelles. I had to do a little trimming to the rear nacelle section marked in blue and the front landing gear (red) in order for this to fit. If anyone is building this kit I suggest not gluing the back section of the nacelles, also leave the extra engine covers off. If you leave these parts last after installing the engine I think it will be much easier to get a nice fit. Good luck!
  3. Wings glued into place, there's no real support across the wing root so tape across the wing span will fix and set them into place. Entire plane got a once over of rivets along the panel lines. ICM missed the mark here there should be rivets all over this thing.
  4. Parden my ignorance but can you explain what a reverse mottle is? The base colour is 75 right? Then wellenmuster 76 over the top. I like what they have done with this restoration but the paint job looks a little too clean. It's obvious they have all the time in the world so the painting is meticulous. I haven't seen any historical photos that look like this . Actually on closer inspection the wing root has the original pattern and this looks different.
  5. Canopy masked and set in place temporarily for painting. Only disappointment thus far is the very light detail for all the service panels on top of the fuselage, which is strange given the rest of the plane shows really crisp details. Perhaps the moulding for this sprue didn't quite work as it should. I wonder if anyone else with this kit can tell me if they have the same problem?
  6. Nice work, I don't recall my ju88 Hasegawa kit requiring so much gap filling. I'll have to build another very soon I think.
  7. Cockpit installed with fuselage and lower wing glued in. So far so good.
  8. Another sub assembly finished and engines completed
  9. Getting the engines done. I'm not bothering with the complete build just what's needed to complete the engine covers.
  10. That kit is giving you a lot of extra work!
  11. Thanks Pete, if that's the case then it was open at the rear. I can't say I noticed will have to look closer at the RAF museum plane.
  12. Yes it is, I'm using it as a reference for the gondola only so I could see what modifications were made in order to mount guns. All the 88's with this gondola setup are the same except for the varying array of weapons used. In any case the R1 was virtually identical to the C6 except for the engines.
  13. Working on the condola, convertint it from a bomber viewport to a cannon mount, So far cannon ports made and primed. A lot of time went into this I've discovered that they used many different calibre guns for this position. Most of the scratch building is just for this part and I'm not even sure what the little bump is on the nose, If anyone knows please share.
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