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  1. As usual great build can never have enough 190's in my opinion.
  2. Well you got it looking ok in the end, I'm glad I can't across this I have a G6 from the same tooling. I'll watch out for this when it's my turn.
  3. Very nice haven't seen this version before. Sweet.
  4. Hello guys I've completed a few projects of Luftwaffe concepts. I will group them all in here as I do them. Here we go. Bv P.212 03 Strahljager Special Hobby Bv P.211 Special Hobby Bv AE607 RS Models
  5. Of course! But some designs are pretty amazing. Its a good breaker for me when I can't get anything happening with Luftwaffe builds. Its been so bad that I've also jumped into Panzerkampfwagen builds.
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