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  1. Thank you guys I've finally completed decals one more going over with clear finish. I think this is the best I can do with this one. I'm disappointed with the stencil but this is partly my fault not preparing the model better before painting.
  2. Thank you guys I've finally completed decals one more going over with clear finish.
  3. He's got back to me and is sending out the right one.
  4. Has Ernst done this before, he's printed it in 1/48 but labled it 1/72, I've sent him an email because he doesn't realise the error. I hope he will rectify it.
  5. Just received decals for this plane from @Peddinghaus, now to finish it off.
  6. A lot of masking time for only a little bit of striping.
  7. Finished painted and have started adding decals, my only negative with this kit. I'm not decided on whether to add the usual wing stencils yet. What do you think? Did the Luftwaffe still insist all plane markings were applied, or could it be the case that very late war it didn't matter so much as having a working plane that could fly. Canopy isn't finished so gaps will be gone
  8. Can a mod move this to chat, the post specifically relates to WW2 hence why I posted here but you can move it if you feel its in the wrong place
  9. This is not really a pros and cons question as I'm sure everyone is familiar with the responses. I'm looking to hear what you have thought of after completing a build in a different scale(one you don't normaly do or never have done). The insight applies equally with those people that go from a larger scale to a smaller scale. How did you find the process of the build, were you converted or did you return to your original preferred scale?
  10. Walter

    Bf 109 STGB

    What are the rules for this? Any scale?
  11. I've order one Dennis it can't come quick enough
  12. antenna cut now the tricky bit of gluing them to pe, this stuff is so small, I can barely see it.
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