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  1. Complimenti, Giampiero. I was curious to see the underside as I was scrolling down the page just to see whether you placed dipoles on both sides of the wing. I could never find clear evidence of their placement whether it was on one side or both. I ended up doing mine on both side as that was the instructions by Eduard.
  2. I'm looking forward to see this come together, just the off beat subject matter I like to tackle.
  3. Great build. BTW the later boxing is simplified and doesn't include the engine but its a new tool from 2017, knowing Eduard they would have corrected a few things. I'd build one again though it's still a good build and easier the second time around.
  4. Walter

    Eduard 190 Problems

    Gaz that's the challenge that's the way I see it. Unfortunate maybe but I will not let it beat me. I had a look at my kit and it's obvious they couldn't combine some parts of the new tool.
  5. Walter

    Eduard 190 Problems

    I have the Bodenplatte dual combo with a 190d and I want to buy a Hobby kit as they go together really well. I'll open up the box this thread has pricked my interest.
  6. Walter

    Eduard 190 Problems

    The problems being pointed out seem the same as the fit issues with the molding in the Fw190 A's. Judging by the colour of the plastic and if I'm correct Eduard used the same sprues on parts of the plane like the wings and fuselage. They basically used a bad mold to make a new kit. Having said that I haven't come across complaints about this tooling which is interesting. I have built the original tooling of the A8 and its not perfect for sure but it wasn't terrible considering other manufacturers. Dragon kits have their problems too. Eduard made a new tooling for 190A's which corrected a few errors and fit issues.
  7. Thanks Greg, looking forward to seeing your final reveal, Is there a WIP?
  8. All finished, final photos posted in gallery. Thanks for following.
  9. Dornier Do17 Z7 Night Fighter-early conversion by ICM, scale 1/72 This was an OOB build, with a little scratch building to show an engine service, I used ICM's 1/48 instructions to help with this. Very straight forward as is the case with ICM kits. I nice addition to my Dornier heavy night fighter collection. There weren't many of these conversions made and not all were painted overall black, so I picked one plane that was left with upper surfaces in original camouflage scheme as it looks more visually interesting. All the paint work on the fuselage and underside is intentional to show its hastily paint conversion. Anyway I hope you like it.
  10. I think I'll start on the Do217 just the right thing to break things up a bit.
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