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  1. Nice work may I make a suggestion you could do a light dusting of something like a buff or a mix with grey to reduce the contrast. It will lighten the dark colour and darken the light but ever so slightly.
  2. Nice, how about that pilot it's not to scale is it?
  3. You're the winner. I actually nocked it and it fell back in the cockpit.
  4. Thanks everyone, it's so rewarding when you complete a project you have wanted to do for a while.
  5. An amazing build and not surprised about fit problems especially if have things sre closed up.
  6. Beautiful, I wish I could take photo's like that.
  7. Hello Guys, A recent build of the beautiful 109, I've been eager to build this plane ever since I discovered it a year or so ago. I had tried different methods of painting the camo and in the end opted to do it airbrush freehand with Mr Color and Aqueous paints. Not exactly easy to do especially given my airbrush has a 0.35 needle. A truly delightful build from Eduard in 1/48 scale. Please enjoy and all comments welcome.
  8. Vp, I wouldn't be concerned with those bombay braces, it won't add to the structural integrity. Just my experience being on my third do 17 build.
  9. Anyone want to have a guess at what I'm doing here?
  10. So this where I'm at. Im asking myself where to from here in order to achieve a scale effect and realistic beaten up plane with extreme weathering.
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