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  1. HobbyBoss is to release in late July 2021 a 1/72nd Lockheed U-2A Dragon Lady kit - ref. 87270 Source: http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=article&a=show&id=185&l=en 3D render+box art V.P.
  2. Hobby Boss is to release in late June 2020 a (ex-Merit) 1/18th Bell UH-1B Huey - ref. 81806 Source: http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=article&a=show&id=159&l=en Test model V.P.
  3. This kit I started middle of this year, and hit a slump in motivation at the priming/blemish fixing stage. And since then it's been sitting on my shelf in full view, pestering my sanity like only an ex could. No more. Want this guy done. Overall this was a bit of a mixed bag from HB. First time in absolute ages I could actually see the mold release on the plastic, but finely scribed and mostly a pleasure to build. The WTF parts were a rather pathetic instrument panel (raised detail measured in micrometers, but a rather solid side console detailing) and some rather odd damage to the rear airbrake wall, looked serated like a pliers jaws. Weird. Anyway. This is where things stand. Need to finish the surface prep and maybe give the intake masking another go. More updates to follow later this week hopefully.
  4. Another future Hobby Boss 1/48th Fw.190 announced, the Focke Wulf Fw.190V-18 - ref.81747 Test build at the 55th All Japan Model & Hobby Show. Source: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/blog/1509254 V.P.
  5. Good morning I participate in this group build with a 1/72 scale F14A from the Hobby boss The kit is halfway between a normal kit and an easy kit and I chose it among the many I have for its supposed ease of assembly. I will make a CAG example of the VF-1 Wolfpack (BuNo 162597/NE-100) dated in 1991 returning from Desert Storm where it was boarded on the aircraft carrier USS Ranger I will not use the kit decals because they are wrong for both the high visibility version and the later low visibility version I will use decals from an Academy kit (old mould) instead To improve the cockpit I will use an Eduard PE set and the True Detail resin seats
  6. I haven't abandoned the M1 Sherman, in fact I'm hoping to build the two in tandem. I just decided that I wanted to build something different at the same time. Two or three years ago, I built one of these, the Type 4. There were basically four types of A/C based on the White M3 Scout car, types 1 – 4. The Type 4 which I built was one of the most common and was the easiest to construct, as it used the entire bodywork of the M3, with the addition of the added armour. From a modelling point of view, it was also the easiest to convert. So this time, I thought that I would attempt one of the more difficult conversions, namely the Type 1. The Type 1 retained the bonnet and mudguards of the M3, in fact, everything forward of the firewall. So that means the entire rear portion will have to be built from scratch. Last time, I used the old Italeri kit, which has done the rounds for many years under many guises. This time I will be using the Hobbyboss kit which will make life a bit easier. For a start, the wheels won't need changing as they were for the Italeri, as they are quite good. As with the Type 4, I won't be opening up any doors/windows, so there'll be no need for interior detail.......life's too short! I'll need to source a couple of MG34's, but my usual go to manufacturer, RB Models doesn't seem to have any in stock. In fact, they don't seem to have very much in stock according to their website. So I'll have to pick up a couple from Aber. The only other AM item that I can think of are a couple of sand channels, which I have already, courtesy of Hauler. I have an Eduard set for the M3, and although most of it won't be of any use, the headlamp brush guards will. The majority of M3's that Israel got hold of had their headlamps removed and replaced with a single one on the left mudguard, but I have a photo of a Type 1 with both headlamps in place, complete with brush guards. This is the kit which I will be using this time.......... …....and the Eduard etched set for the M3......... …....and my go to book for everything Israeli improvised, the Mouse House publication on the early Israeli Improvised Armoured Cars. So enough of the waffle, and on with the build. First up is the engine, although once in place, not much will be seen. Hobbyboss do a nice representation of the engine, and it deserves to be in a vehicle with an open bonnet.....but not this one! The rest of the chassis/drive train/suspension went together with no problems. The majority of photos that I have of the four types of A/C based on the M3, show that the roller at the front and the headlamps were removed. But there are a couple of photos in the book of Type 1's which show both still fitted. So that's the one that I I'll be building. As always, thanks for looking and for any comments. John.
  7. A glimpse into the HobbyBoss catalogue 2022-2023. For the aircraft programme, nothing really new compared to the previous edition - 2020-2021 (link). Source: https://tieba.baidu.com/p/7598881472 1/144 - ref. 83901 - Antonov An-12 "Cub" - - ref. 83904 - Shaanxi KJ-500 - link - ref. 83905 - Shaanxi GX-6 - link - ref. 83906 - Shaanxi Y9 - link 1/72 - ref. 80294 - Dewoitine D.510C - link - ref. 80295 - Dewoitine D.510TH - link - ref. 87256 - Douglas A-4M Skyhawk - link - ref. 87265 - Douglas C-48C Skytrain - link - ref. 87269 - Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat - link 1/48 - ref. 80383 - Chance-Vought F4U-1A Corsair - - ref. 80384 - Chance-Vought F4U-1D Corsair - - ref. 80385 - Chance-Vought F4U-2 Corsair - - ref. 80391 - Chance-Vought F4U-5N Corsair (late version) - link - ref. 80393 - Chance-Vought AU-1 Corsair - - ref. 80394 - Chance-Vought Corsair Mk.I - - ref. 80396 - Brewster Corsair Mk.III - - ref. 81740 - Lockheed U-2R Dragon Lady - link - ref. 81761 - Sukhoi Su-33 "Flanker–D" - link - ref. 81762 - Shenyang J-15 "Flanker–X2" - link - ref. 81773 - Boeing CH-47D Chinook - link - ref. 85810 - McDonnell Douglas F/A-18C Hornet - released - link - ref. 85813 - Boeing F/A-18F Super Hornet - released - link - ref. 85814 - Boeing EA-18G Growler - released - link 1/18 - ref. 81809 - Messerschmitt Bf.109E "Emil" - released - link V.P.
  8. In 2020-2021, HobbyBoss is to release 1/72nd Grumman F8F Bearcat kits. - ref. 87267 - Grumman F8F-1 Bearcat - released - ref. 87268 - Grumman F8F-1B Bearcat - released - ref. 87269 - Grumman F8F-2 Bearcat V.P.
  9. In 2021 Hobby Boss is to release 1/48th CH-47 Chinook kits. - ref. 81772 - Boeing CH-47A Chinook - ref. 81773 - Boeing CH-47D Chinook More variants to follow? Most probably. To be followed. Source: http://www.moxingfans.com/m/view.php?aid=7201&pageno=1 V.P.
  10. So I'll be building this for the GB - got a bit of aftermarket stuff, some resin crew, Eduard photoetch and masks. Probably go with the low-vis scheme as it's a single overall colour making masking life easier for myself. I probably haven't built a Tomcat kit for almost 30 years, this one looks nice - even though it's in the 'easy assembly authentic kit' range it looks from the instructions to just be a rebox of their other F14 kit. Some of the kits in that HobbyBoss range look very simplist, however I really enjoyed building their 1/72 P-61 Black Widow in this range. Sprue shots etc. once I get started
  11. Greetings all, This rather large box somehow appeared on my doorstep this week - how these things happen I shall never understand... I love the 8th Air Force and the B-17 and B-24 in particular, so decided to have a go at the recent HobbyBoss release of the B-24, or the 'crate the B-17 was delivered in' if you spoke a B-17 crew. Not very fair really, especially when you consider it could fly farther, faster and with a greater bombload than the Fort. The kit looks fairly simple in places as has been discussed at length elsewhere, but that's just what I'm after at the moment - something nice and straightforward but with an imposing end product. We shall see... Customary box shots: IMG_0197 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr IMG_0199 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr And progress so far... I thought I'd ignore the instructions and start with the main undercarriage bays. First up was a spraying of aluminium and a grey Flory wash to bring out some of the lovely detailing: IMG_0195 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr Following by it all slotting together rather nicely into a very sturdy box-structure: IMG_0200 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr IMG_0201 by Thomas Probert, on Flickr All that only took a couple of hours in total - lovely! Take care all, Tom
  12. Hi folk's in what is turning out the least productive year since joining the ranks here in 2013 I may have reached double figures at last in finished kits for the year.Bought on a whim as modern grays really put me off reasonably happy with this easy kit.as usual no ordinance is supplied and as the Blue Angel scheme was not inspiring me a set of Italeri decals were used to represent a Finnish operated machine,thanks for looking in.
  13. Quite a few of these on the go I see. I started these two in four tank parallel build as I needed a break from another couple of projects as they were doing my nut in. Both used the Trumpeter kits for the hulls. Everything else was binned. InAccuate Armour upgrades have been extensively used and the tracks are from HobbyBoss. Figures are Valkyrie and MiniArt with Hornet Heads. Both sets of figures are a huge disappointment as they are incorrectly dressed and will need to be corrected. The Berlin Chally is current from the Ajax Squadron who have been experimenting with urban cam schemes. The NATO Chally is circa 2002 and is still carrying Clansman kit and the old wheels, which were replaced in late 2002 around the time Bowman came in. Both Chally's are ready for gloss varnish then weathering, which I will post progress on in this thread. Here goes! Yes I know the viewing ports need completing.... NATO Chally 2 Not done armour for years, so weathering should be interesting! GPMG and viewing ports need sorting yet also.
  14. HobbyBoss is to release in late August 2021 a 1/18th Messerschmitt Bf.109E Emil - ref. 81809 Source: http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=article&a=show&id=187&l=en V.P.
  15. Hobby Boss has just re-released its Tomcat kit (link) as 1/72nd Grumman F-14A Tomcat "VF-1 Wolf Pack"- ref. 80279 Source: http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=product&a=show&id=1445&l=en V.P.
  16. Hi All, this is my latest offering the Black Widow. Another aircraft I've been wanting to build for some time and the first time I've built a kit by HobbyBoss. Got to say I was quietly impressed, the kit is well engineered with little or very little flash, so well engineered that I found even a coat of paint can affect the fit as I found when I tried to fit the engine into the nacelles and got into a bit of a mess. Built out of the box apart from some Tamiya tape seat belts and I fashioned together some different antennae as I didn't like the photo etch supplied with kit, painted with Tamiya acrylics but I think the colour on the upper surfaces may be a bit dark. Anyway here she is and as usual all comments and criticisms are welcome. Thanks for looking
  17. Hi all. Here is my latest finished model: Hobbyboss' beautiful 1/48 A-10A Thunderbolt. Several aftermarket sets were used: Eduard pe exterior, Master gun and pitot tube, Aires cockpit and Maverick missiles and Print Scale decals. I painted the model with MrHobby acrylics over Alclad black primer. Weathering was done with Abteilung 502 oilpaint. Thank you for watching. René van der Hart
  18. So hopefully this will be a fairly short KUTA build. I originally started it back in the "Journey's End" GB - build thread can be found here. Since it's last outing the window masks went on and it got a coat of Alclad II Black Primer (or maybe it was Vallejo, it's a long time since I did it). At that point she was left to gather dust for some time. So after rescue it's been given a coat of Alclad II Gloss Black Base, but unfortunately this didn't come out as expected... As can hopefully be seen - there's a lot of texturing, now I'm not entirely sure what went on there - failure to clean the surface and it being dust and crud? The primer being textured (and the gloss just highlighting it)? Bad airbrushing technique/paint - I've, as always, been having issues with my airbrush and I wonder if it's being 'splatty' rather than a fine mist? Or an issue with the paint being a bit thick (maybe I could have thinned with self levelling thinner)? It's probably a combination of issues though. Once it dried - I tried in spots to remove the texture by giving it a going over with some fine sanding sponge (2000 grit) but it didn't seem to work well (just dulled the paint). I'll dull coat it once finished, so I'm hopeful that will hide a multitude of sins! Anyhow on with the decals - which seemed to conform well (both the aftermarket nose art and numbers and kit ones), though the aftermarket ones had red stripes to go around the engine cowlings but they weren't long enough to go all the way around (I'm not sure if there should be a break somewhere, there was scant info), so I've painted those on - need a little tidy up. I used the kit supplied USAF identification and walkway(?) markings - though these did rip a few times but I managed to get them pretty much lined back together. I have to say though they appear somewhat out of scale - I can't imagine they'd be painted about a foot wide on the actual aircraft! Once the decals were conformed with decal solvent, I've given them a quick going over with some heavily thinned Vallejo gloss varnish with a brush (to hopefully stop them silvering with the flat clear coat which will be next).
  19. Hi all This is yet another Hobbyboss D-9, finished in the colours of W.Nr 213097 'white 11', a JG51 aircraft which was photographed at Flensburg towards the end of the war. Notable mainly for its un-painted gun covers on both fuselage top and wings. As I understand it, 213097 was from one of the last production blocks, supposedly built in March 45. It's not immediately obvious why these covers were either stripped or left unpainted - 'unfinished' replacement parts is a possibility, or maybe it was for ID purposes - who knows - it certainly wouldn't have helped ground concealment - but at least it makes for an interesting topic. Painted with Vallejo and Mig 'late-war green' RLM colours, paint masks for the markings and decals (nicked from the Eduard 'D-9 late' profipack) for the WNr and octane triangles.
  20. So, with my P-39N nearing completion it is decision time on the next version. As the P-39Q is virtually identical ot the P-39N, particularly when in Russian service with the gondola mounted 50cal mg not fitted, and as it will require some work to make it accurate for the US version that HB provide decs for, I thought I would convert it to either the RAF Airacobra I or maybe one of the ones "repossessed" from the British order by the USAAC who called them P-400. I will have to replace the entire prop anyway as it is far too small, and while I am at it I will fit a longer and slightly thinner 20mm cannon in the spinner. I need to remove the two triangular vents on the nose which were fitted to help stop the cockpit being filled with cordite fumes when the guns were fired as these did not appear until the later P-39L version, and at the same time make gun troughs for the nose 50cal which HB missed out. As with the N, I will also have to fill in the mounting slots for the underwing guns but unlike the N I can leave the wing mg in place - they are supposedly 30cal and the RAF used 0.303 Brownings but they are close enough I guess. The RAF machines had a radio mast behind the cockpit but most P-400 did not, and I need to check which versions used the belly drop tank. The only other modification will be fitting the resin 12 stack exhausts which arrived today - they cost me £2.60 so I am still under a tenner even at todays prices! Now all I have to do is decide on the paint scheme and markings. Following on from my history up to the P-39N which is on that build thread, here is a bit more. The P-39Q was the final version of the Airacobra and was produced in far larger numbers than any of the others – 4905 in total. Essentially it was the same as the P-39N and was made in a number of blocks, with detailed changes such as reducing then increasing both armour weight and fuel capacity and incorporating some strengthening to the fuselage. The only noticeable difference on the outside was the deletion of the 4 wing mounted 30cal mg and replacing them with a pair of gondola mounted 50cal, though these were not always fitted in US service and probably never by the Russians. Most went to Russia but some did serve in the Pacific theatre. As I mentioned earlier, when the YP-39 prototype first flew in April 1939 it had excellent performance and so in October of that year the French ordered 200 of the so called model 14 export version. The Brits followed with an order for 475 in April 1940, and also picked up the French order after that country surrendered. Sources differ as to how many they actually received but they seem to have first had 3 P-39C which they were going to call “Caribou” but decided to call Airacobra I. The main batch, which may therefore have been Airacobra Ia's depending on which book I read were about the equivalent of the P-39D model ordered by the USAAC, but with a slightly different engine which had 12 exhaust ports a side instead of the usual 6. In terms of armament they asked for the 37mm cannon to be replaced with a 20mm one which had a higher rate of fire and twice as much ammunition. They were happy with the 50cal mg above the nose, but specified 2 x 0.303 Browning mg in each wing. They might have retained the 2 x 30cal alongside the 50cal on the nose though probably not – again sources vary. To be continued! Pete
  21. HobbyBoss is to release a 1/48th Lavoshkin La-11 "Fang" kit in 2016-2017 - ref.81760 Source: https://www.facebook.com/TrumpeterModel/photos/a.103538733138062.8169.103526326472636/537476479744283/?type=3&theater V.P.
  22. As my builds in 2 other GB are in the painting stage I thought I might as well make a start with this. I doubt any of the 109 kits I intend to build are anywhere near 100% accurate, particularly the Italeri ones by all accounts, and this one is no exception. To start with the canopy, both open and closed options are provided but the G-2 had an armoured plate behind the pilot's head and that is missing, whilst the radio mast is moulded as part of the canopy and is rather short. Hobbyboss also want you to fit the D/F loop behind it but I doubt that is right according to the pics I have seen. Moving on to the undercarriage, like the G-12 the G-2 initially had a retractable tailwheel but later it was fixed. However it was also bigger as were the main wheels, and that in turn required bulges on top of the wings, which are missing from the kit. HB do provide 3 types of main wheel and 2 types of tailwheel besides the one moulded on the fuslelage, presumably for other versions of the 109G they make, as they also include "bulges" to go over the breeches of the larger MG131 carried by the G-6 and later models. According to one of my books the G-2/Trop was a late version with the fixed tail wheel and larger wheels/bulges, but HB have modelled this as an early version but with a fixed tailwheel so that leaves me with two options - fit the larger main and tailwheels and then try and fabricate bulges, or leave it as an early version and make a well for the tailwheel! They also intend you to build it as a "cannonboat" with the R6 option of a pair of MG151/20 cannon under the wings, which is certainly correct for some G-2/Trop. Failing that it means filling in the mounting slots under the wings. I will have to have a think about this - may end up as a normal early G-2 in another theatre! Cheers Pete
  23. Hi, I am thinking of doing one of these. Spot the difference! As with their Ju-87 D/G, Hobbyboss have produced two boxings with what I suspect is exactly the same plastic. They claim the Ju-87D is a D-3, but it has the long wing and cannon of the D-5, together with the 37mm cannon of the G on the sprues. Here they say they have boxed a P-39N and a P-39Q but as the boxart shows both have the twin 30cal wing guns and the 50cal gondola mounted ones! There were also a number of minor differences between the 2 models, depending on which batch they were from, for example different propellors I believe, but I will have to do a bit more research. There is also a little uncertainty with the colouring of the Russian ones. Most if not all retained the OD paint on top that they were delivered with, but if the Osprey Aces illustrations are correct many of them had the undersides repainted in a Russian Blue. Then of course the Russians modified the armament, seldom if ever using the wing 50cal on the Q, and also removing or replacing the wing guns on the N I think. As I said - more research needed but if I do have time to do one of these it will probably be the N. Both are currently on sale at £6.99 with Hannants and I suspect that they were somewhat less when I bought them getting on for 10 years ago. And yes, I know Enzo would say do both - we will see. The P-39 is one of those strange planes where opinions differ considerably as to its worth, which gives me an excuse to bore you with a bit of background (as if I ever need an excuse)! Cheers Pete
  24. Morning all! My less than a tenner entry is the Hobbyboss Sturmovick from their easy build range. I picked this up from the closing down sale at my local Toymaster store. Everything was 50% off and the model section had been almost picked clean when i arrived. So this one was available and at around a £5er i couldn't say no. I haven't built many Hobbyboss kits and this one was purchased purely down to the price. As you will see from the photos theres not many parts. The wings and fuselage are ready assembled but theres a reasonable bit of cockpit to be added and some underwing cannon and rockets. Hopefully i can reignite some of the enthusiasm thats been lacking of late with this very simple build. Lets hope the fit is reasonable, i think these are intended as snap together but i will be splashing on liquid poly as required. Some photos for your perusal...... TFL, Cheers Greg
  25. Kit - Hobbyboss AMX A11 / Ghibli Paint - Tamiya acrylics Decals - Gekko Graphics & Kit Extras - Brengun LAU-131 pods, Revell Iris-T AAM's, 'unknown' resin designator pod. Scratchbuilt radar nose & RWR. AMX Kaitiaki (Defender) 2 Sqn Afghanistan 2012 Ok, I know that there's often been some erm... 'resistance' to What If modelling in the past and that used to bother me, but I'm too middle-aged to care nowadays so here's my plastic model of an aircraft that doesn't actually exist in this form and let's move-on. I cannot prove it, but I've had this idea bubbling since before we decided to move to NZ in 2012, the fact that we did move here, simply made the the idea even more real, just a case of when not if I was going to do it. The kit is not great, but I couldn't find a Kinetic kit at a reasonable (to me) price, so you work with what you have, right ?. I made three or four experiments with old drop-tank noses and putty to get the radar nose but ended-up by using the kit nose that I'd removed and changing the length and rear contours with plastic card discs - odd isn't it how sometimes it's the simplest 'fixes' that solve the problem. The RWR pod at the bottom of the fin is plastic card and an old Sparrow missile head cut and shaped to how I wanted it to look. I did think about adding some 'warts' to the ECM bar at the top of the fin and may still do this in the future. The designator pod is an anonymous resin one was in a kit I bought off eBay a few years back, I cut down an old pylon from something I couldn't Identify from the spares box as HB doesn't provide one in the kit - strangely tho' it does provide FOUR droptanks for some reason. The LAU-131's were an indulgence, but they aren't expensive and were exactly what I needed for the 'Armed Recce' / FAC feel I was aiming for. For the paint scheme, I tried as hard as I could to NOT think about [other] contemporary aircraft and just go-my-own-way, now that It's done, it does seem to owe a lot to the CAF & RAAF Hawk 127 scheme, (again) I cannot prove it, but that is entirely coincidental. I've used Tamiya Ocean Grey & Medium Sea Grey with a lot of post-shading and XF-24 Dark Grey for the radome, RWR and fin tip. I have a whole back-story to go with the build but I'm not going to bore folks here with all of that. It's 'just a model' as mein Frau says, it was a great fun project that had a few hiccups along the way, but was definitely a shed-load of fun... pretty sure that's what the hobby is supposed to be about, right ? - Feel free to make any comments, ask any questions or hurl any abuse. All the best from NZ. Ian.
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