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  1. Yay, best news of all for me is the Chipmunk, I’ll be having several. I’m also under 50 (42) and have great memories of flying in these as an air cadet. First time in 1993, Hullavington, WP900.
  2. I remember being bought three 1/72 Matchbox kits for my birthday one year by a family friend. A Warhawk, Northrop F5B and a Mirage III. My dad started to build the Warhawk and I eventually got fed up with waiting for it to be finished so did it myself. I wish I had that inspiration these days! One day I’ll buy them again if I can find them for old times sake.
  3. Stunning! Great weathering and photography.
  4. That looks great! Which Halfords colours did you use if you down mind me asking?
  5. Fantastic modelling, although doesn’t the MDC shatter the canopy rather than the whole thing detach on a Tornado? Apologies if I’m wrong!
  6. That looks great! What was it like to build? I work on these and it looks pretty accurate. If only they made a 1/48 one! Cheers, carl.
  7. Holy thread resurrection Batman! Is anything still happening with this?
  8. I think Dujin was the manufacturer? I have the kit somewhere and thought they supplied a 2 and 3 blade option, if I get a chance I’ll have a look....I intend to build the 160HP version with 2 blades....I’ll let you know.
  9. According to my brother who worked there before going to Brize Norton it was definatley XX551 as mentioned above. I also remember seeing it parked up by the wash bay and later at Boscombe Down where it may still live. This link, although not fitting in with the year you say confirms it did reside there. I've asked my brother (Danoz on FC) if he has any photos and will get back to you if he has. Hope this helps. Cheers, Carl. http://www.fightercontrol.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=15683
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