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  1. That looks great! What was it like to build? I work on these and it looks pretty accurate. If only they made a 1/48 one! Cheers, carl.
  2. Holy thread resurrection Batman! Is anything still happening with this?
  3. I think Dujin was the manufacturer? I have the kit somewhere and thought they supplied a 2 and 3 blade option, if I get a chance I’ll have a look....I intend to build the 160HP version with 2 blades....I’ll let you know.
  4. According to my brother who worked there before going to Brize Norton it was definatley XX551 as mentioned above. I also remember seeing it parked up by the wash bay and later at Boscombe Down where it may still live. This link, although not fitting in with the year you say confirms it did reside there. I've asked my brother (Danoz on FC) if he has any photos and will get back to you if he has. Hope this helps. Cheers, Carl. http://www.fightercontrol.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=15683
  5. Ok, first (slow) progress.... Wings glued together and fabric detail filled on the wings and flaps. The ailerons are covered in ceconite on the real thing so I'm leaving the detail on the kit. The warp seems to have disapeared since glueing together. Cockpit assembled and test fitted. I've since added a few details to busy it up a bit. The seats needed quite a bit of thinning down as they looked more like armchairs, they also had bad sink marks that were filled and sanded. Cowlings assembled. And I couldn't resist a quick tape together to see how it's gonna look! The canopy appe
  6. Nice start, I'll be watching this one! Cheers, Carl.
  7. Jon, I believe that during the 90's the larger bubble canopy and lower seats were introduced to the then Hunting fleet to allow the wearing of flying helmets, I seem to remember that two M260 aircraft retained their lower canopies for air displays. I've worked on all the aircraft you mentioned by the way.... It took me a while to find one myself Steve, I didn't realise this kit was available until recently and I seem to remember a chap in the states contacting me after I put a post in the wanted section. They are quite rare as I've never seen one other than on Fleabay in the US. I was hopin
  8. Nice pics, thanks for posting. I remember visiting Marine Salvage in Portsmouth in the late 90's (I think) and saw most of the ex Saudi Lightnings all stacked up awaiting their fate. I wish I took some photos. Cheers, Carl.
  9. Looking forward to this one too, it was on my list to buy at Telford but they're quite scarce over here! Cheers, Carl.
  10. Nice to see someone doing this kit, I thought about doing mine for the GB but didn't think mine would compare too well to mikes excellent review build on here! I'll be watching this one with interest. Cheers, Carl.
  11. Mine would without a doubt be my first solo in a Robin DR400, looking across when downwind to see the straps on the empty seat made it seem quite surreal, closely followed by my first solo landaway, a real sense of achievement. My first flights with the Air Cadets also stick in my mind, Hercules XV306 and Chipmunk WP900 out of RAF Hullavington in the early 90s....happy days! The only regret I have is not flying in Concorde before it was doomed, I remember it doing pleasure trips at Fairford and only being a kid could no way afford to fund it. Cheers, Carl.
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