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  1. Nice Chippy, I’ll be happy if my turns out half as good as this! Can I ask what paints/colours you used? Cheers, Carl.
  2. It sucks mate but someone’s gotta do it! Good luck on the check out, I don’t actually have an Aeros rating, my fun was always as an air test observer who was allowed a play afterwards. I have been checked out although our aircraft is long term tech! Great news about the 1/48 model T67, I’ve been following your efforts with the Chipmunk and although it was a bummer for you, it’s great that Airfix did it. I’ve started a long while back the 1/50 (close enough!) Heller RF5 but it requires quite a lot of work. I’ve seen some great 3D prints of models recently, they’ve come a long way really quickly! I’ve sent you a PM btw.
  3. Hi Ben, I may be able to help you with this but not until I return home from Dubai with work next week. I used to work on these at Middle Wallop and occasionally at Barkston Heath/ Cranwell, I also occasionally fly one and have spent many trips going upside down. I’m sure I have an old maintenance manual in the loft and have plans for quite a large radio controlled version along with a magazine that may have plans in although I’m not totally sure! If you can hold out for a few days I’ll see if I can help.....but only if you’re planning on doing a 1/48 or 1/32 version of it! Cheers, Carl.
  4. Nice model Mick, it looked great on the club table the other night!
  5. Nice job! I’m still waiting for mine from various places!
  6. Nice write up and great photos, thanks for posting. Cheers, Carl.
  7. I’d be interested in some of these also depending what you’re looking at? The badges would certainly be helpful. I’d be after 1/48 only though. Cheers, Carl.
  8. Can I play please? I’ve not finished a model in a long while so I’m hoping that getting involved with a group build will shame me into completing something! I’ve not decided whether it’ll be a 1/48 Italeri Harvard or the 1/32 Kittyhawk kit. I’m also unsure of what livery it’ll be yet too! Cheers, Carl.
  9. Yay, best news of all for me is the Chipmunk, I’ll be having several. I’m also under 50 (42) and have great memories of flying in these as an air cadet. First time in 1993, Hullavington, WP900.
  10. I remember being bought three 1/72 Matchbox kits for my birthday one year by a family friend. A Warhawk, Northrop F5B and a Mirage III. My dad started to build the Warhawk and I eventually got fed up with waiting for it to be finished so did it myself. I wish I had that inspiration these days! One day I’ll buy them again if I can find them for old times sake.
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