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  1. I just finished building this kit for my son a couple of weeks ago, he is also currently watching Voyager. I haven't built a kit in several years so this was a good kit to get back into it, it fit's together really well and I didn't really have any issues other than some of the decals not sticking. I actually bought and built a Revell Voyager in 1996 so I knew it was a decent kit to build.
  2. Hi and thanks for the reply. I am glad I have bought the adhesion promoter, I'd hate to put in a lot of effort for nothing. I decided to go for Loctite All Plastics super glue and I just bought an old built mpc/Ertl cutaway Falcon kit so I can use the sidewall as they seem to fit this model quite well although there will be some more detailing to be added.
  3. Hi, I'm finally getting around to glueing and painting this thing after sourcing parts and materials. I have primer, AS-20 and have just bought some adhesion promoter as I've heard that this plastic can be a bit of a nightmare for paint not sticking to it. That got me thinking about glue, is there any type of glue that is best to use on this plastic or will standard model glue be suitable? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for all the suggestions!
  5. Thanks for that Colin, I'll have a look. I've a few kits that have been waiting years to get built but I want to have a bash at painting the Hasbro Falcon first. Yes it's frustrating that now I have the time to build them that I need supplies but I'll get what I need somehow. Cheers!
  6. Thanks guys, I'll have a look at these websites. Cheers!
  7. Hi, Now that all the shops are closed, I'm wondering where is the best place to buy spray paint online? I'm finally getting round to painting my Millennium Falcon so needing to get Tamiya Surface primer, AS-20 and a matt lacquer/varnish if anyone has any suggestions. Thanks!
  8. Does anyone know where I can source kitbash parts for the Falcon? I'm not looking to make a studio accurate replica so I'm not too fussy, but I'd rather try and find a job lot of parts rather than spending money on individual kits.
  9. Thanks you for all this information! It will be a huge help with the Falcon, I had heard that WW2 tanks and cars were a good source for parts but I hadn't considered the other kits you have mentioned. You are correct that this at the moment will be a one time project, as a child I often built model aircraft and then as a teenager I was more interested in sci-fi kits like the ERTL Star Trek series. I haven't built a kit since before my eldest child was born so that's probably about 15 years. I do have some kits still waiting to be completed such as the Cutaway Millennium Falcon, ERTL Enterprise-D, Moebuis Battlestar Galactica and now this Disney Falcon so I am hopeful that I will get back into model building. I have no experience with kitbashing as every model I have built have used the standard or manufactured replacement parts. I did once light a ERTL Enterprise-D which took forever to drill out the windows but I am looking forward to sourcing parts for the Falcon, I'll hopefully find some bargain kits on ebay as there are no longer any decent model shops in my area. Thanks again!
  10. Okay, I haven't found anything suitable at a reasonable price so I'm going to try and find some kit parts to make the sidewalls. I've heard that car and tank kits are the best for parts, does anyone have any recommendations?
  11. Hi, I'm finally looking to paint my Disney Millennium Falcon (large toy model) and I was wondering if anyone knows where I can buy the replacement sidewalls at a reasonable price? I've seen some sites selling these part but they are around £100 for both sides. I'm not looking to recreate a screen accurate model but if anyone knows of any cheaper alternatives then that would be helpful. Thanks
  12. I've had a closer look at the Revell Snap kit, it looks better than I first thought and with a bit of work it might just do the job.
  13. I have seen this, it looks good for a toy but I'd rather try and get a more detailed model. Thanks
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