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  1. Need to replace the needle bearing. Question is, push through to the back or out the front of the brush? Many thanks
  2. Thanks Greg, I think I am reinstated, nearly. Rank showing as Newbie but profile is showing nearly a thousnd posts. Do I need to do anything? Cheers, Aidan
  3. Hi Mods, normally I stay logged in but for some reason got logged out. My username did did work as the sign in called for a username in the form of an email address. I am unable to reset as my original email account was with Tiscali and Talktalk have now ceased to host the account. Is it possible to reinstate my old account. Not the biggest issue but I have lost all my posts and post count (therefore Sale section privileges) as well all my badge. Thanks, Aidan
  4. Decided to take the case off the compressor to give all a good clean. Being smart, I took a pic of the connections to the rocker switch before disconnecting. Being stupid, my fat thumb was in the way! Could any kind soul guide me on the correct placement of the wires to terminals on the switch (0/I). Spade connector wire colours are RED, BLUE, BROWN and YELLOW. Many thanks.
  5. Very impressive build. Love the fine cockpit framing, well done.
  6. Have to agree. Very competitive prices with some real bargains in End of Line and weekly specials. Kudos to RM also.
  7. Great job and great to hear of an enjoyable build!
  8. Too bad about your misfortune, never had a problem myself.
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