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  1. Does anyone know where I can purchase a sheet of these. I can find nothing apart from a few that US Ebay sellers are offering? I also tried a related group on Facebook, hoping someone might have a few leftovers from previous builds, but again no luck.
  2. Thanks everyone. I'll certainly be trying the pastels method as it sounds like a good way to get the right look. Sounds like it will work well on tank exhausts too.
  3. Hi folks, After a 40 year break from modelling, I have taken up the hobby once again. This time I got myself an airbrush and have had some pretty good results (with AFVs) so far. My first aircraft was the Tamiya 1/48 A-1 Skyraider which I have finished to a reasonable standard. After putting a wash on the model it looks a whole lot better. However, I am not confident enough to try and spray the exhaust stains. Can I use a drybrush technique and stipple on the stains?
  4. Which versions ended up in India, used in training for the planned Operation Zipper?
  5. As an ex-biker and WW2 military nut, I want to obtain some kits to reflect this era. Zvezda, Tamiya, Italeri, IBG and Master Box Ltd. Which are the best kits OOB? I know Eduard do an add-on for the Tamiya kit, but does anyone else do anything else?
  6. Found this on Google but haven't checked it out personally. If it's genuine , then it's a real bargain. https://www.therange.co.uk/arts-and-crafts/art-supplies/painting/paint-accessories/mediums/winsor-and-newton-250ml-galeria-retarder-fluid/#402433
  7. Veering slightly off topic, how was foliage attached around the vehicles? Secondly, any pointers to obtaining the right kind off stuff to replicate these branches etc? Bonsai trees are expensive, if you didn't already know that!
  8. Smithy1961

    Crusader Mk 3

    Anyone know which parts Tamiya re-tooled for their release of the Italeri kit? There's roughly a £10 difference in price and would like to know before I buy. That saving could go towards some aftermarket goodies. Many thanks.
  9. Trying to locate some decals for my next project using the Hasegawa 1/48th kit. I know Two Bobs have a couple of Draken versions, but I want to do one of the many US Navy versions. Surely I can get hold of some coloured outlined numbers and smaller Bu numbers as I'm guessing the stencils are generic.
  10. Late last week I finished the 'Grape' scheme on my 1/48th F-5E using Vallejo Model Air with no problems. On Monday I used Tamiya XF-1 on the nose cone after masking of the front of the plane. Today I tried to touch up with a brush using XF-1 and encountered some'bleeding' with the Vallejo paint. Given the 48 hour break, is it possible this wasn't enough time for the Vallejo paint to cure? When spraying the XF-1 there wasn't an issue. Please forgive if this has been asked before, but I have recently returned to the hobby after 40 years and I'm new to acrylics and airbrushing.
  11. This has probably been posted before , but as I am returning to the hobby after a 40 year break and a newcomer to airbrushing I thought I might share this. After searching for mixing pots online I was a bit dismayed at the cost. In fact I was thinking of using yogurt pots to mix my paint in until I went to Sainsburys tonight. In the 'party' section I found 40 plastic 30ml shot glasses for £2 so I got a pack. Once I got home I checked them out and they are quite robust and super clear. Well worth the money (5p each) in my opinion, although they may be even cheaper in the pound shops.
  12. Smithy1961


    Can anyone recommend the best (OOB) kit in 1/35th scale? Many thanks in advance.
  13. For painting 1/48th aircraft and 1/35th AFVs is there any justification for spending the extra £50 on the 620?
  14. Does anyone know if this kit comes with a full sheet of stencils? Also the decals for the cockpit instruments seem like a very dark shade of 'turquoise' compared to photos I've seen. The best match I have found is by Mr Paint. Has anyone used this brand?
  15. Thanks PDH. It seems both the resin kit and the book are horrendously expensive. I think this is one project that will sit on the back burner for now. My father (still alive) was training (driving) in one of these in India whilst with the 25th Dragoons in readiness for the invasion of Japan. The rest is history, as the saying goes...
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