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  1. It's a Hasegwa kit (no 09067) and both versions are in the same scheme. One is 22nd Flight Regiment, the other is Hitachi Training Flight Division if that helps. Thanks for the links and I will certainly check them out.
  2. Bought myself a Nakajima Ki84 Hayate in 1/48 scale. Never built anything Japanese before and I'm looking for advice on acrylic paint matches. The plans call for metallic blue green for the interior, dark green (Nakajima) for upper surface and gray green for the lower surface. Any advice greatly appreciated.
  3. Started work on the Airfix 1/72 Heinkel HE 111 and would like to finish it off as the North African variant. What is the most accurate upper surface acrylic paint out there (prior to modulation)?
  4. The finish looked like different shades of silver had been used in various areas. I was using the model air version.
  5. I bought a set of Vallejo metallic paints to go with a Mig 21 I built and frankly I'm not impressed. They went down ok, but after leaving them for several days to cure they didn't take kindly to a gloss varnish (also vallejo). On a P-51 I used the same paint, but with Alclad Aqua Gloss resulting in another poor finish. My airbrush etc was set up fine, so I can only assume I got a bad batch of paint. Therefore, I would like to try another paint manufacturer on a cheap test model to see what results I can get. All advice appreciated as I have only been back in the hobby recently after a 40 year break.
  6. Smithy1961

    1/35 Chains

    It seems many AFVs carried chains of some type. Any ideas as to where to get some? Ones from model suppliers look quite expensive.
  7. I have been struggling recently using Vallejo gloss varnish. Does this stuff go off ? I want a reliable product to seal the paint, apply/seal decals and then put on a wash. What are your recommendations? For a flat finish I use Winsor & Newton and it's fantastic. Never had a problem. Any advice is appreciated as I'm new to this airbrush scene after a 40+ year break in my hobby.
  8. As part of a 'job lot' I purchased recently, there was an Italeri 1/35 M4A1 Sherman. There are virtually no textures to the hull or turret. Looking at reference photos it appears that some were quite 'smooth' with just the odd ripple etc. Is it worth stippling on Mr Surfacer 500 or should I leave it as stock?
  9. To go with the desert Sherman I intend to build I want to do a Panzer III. My question is this. Were the versions shipped to North Africa pre-painted for that theatre or was it done on arrival? In either case was the base coat dark grey or red brown? My intention is to do a heavily weathered version using the hairspray method, so need to get it right first time!
  10. Excellent info. Must admit I like the cast hull versions (I have done the Easy Eight and Firefly) so I'll keep my eyes open on Ebay/Marketplace/ Gumtree etc.
  11. I understand that for the most, the British used the M4A1 in North Africa and the variants were II, IIa and III. I would like to build a 1/35 scale kit that includes the side skirts if possible and preferably with a cast hull. Apart from the Dragon 6447 kit (which I can't get hold of) does anyone know of a suitable alternative?
  12. Now I have purchased the decals to go on my 1/48 L-39ZA Albatros, can anyone advise a reasonable match. The guide states, light grey lower with a dark green and sand upper along with 'international orange' for the outer wing tip/nose/tail fin areas. I normally use Tamiya and Vallejo acrylic paints so would prefer to stick to what I am used to.
  13. Did that today. Fingers crossed as I have no idea how to deal with Vac formed canopies!
  14. I've been on their website and they are out of stock. I'll just keep checking from time to time.
  15. Does anyone know where in the UK I can get hold of one of these for the Special Hobby kit? There are a few European suppliers who have them in stock, but the shipping charges (a £2 item costing over £18) are just silly.
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