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  1. Thanks for the advice, it seems I got this issue as you described but not helped by some really old thick Klear. The new stuff has since levelled the surface out plus I used some 6000 grade micromesh to try to smooth it out but then paint started to come up. Odd as the paint layer was very smooth. Oh well! She's going to get finished either way. Cheers!
  2. Thanks Greg, in hindsight I fluffed up. I was using a bottle of klear that I've had since 2003 and it had become thick and syrup like. I've since used a new bottle (now called Pledge) and it's gone on so nicely. Bit late now, all the decals have severley silvered but in the right light and angle you can't see it. I'll chalk this one up as experience. Get your surface right before decals! Although I think it would have been better to apply decals straight on the paintwork as that was so smooth.
  3. Hi all, This is my first 1/48th scale aircraft. It's been a fair learning curve, lots of filling and sanding and even then I missed a few bits. I'm currently having massive issues using Johnson's Klear. Never had the issue on smaller parts or 1/72 kits but in the wing roots the texture is pretty much like sandpaper. I guess that's where the grip covering would be so I could claim I did it on purpose! Any ideas how to recover the model or indeed what causes it? I have some 4000/6000 micro mesh but I'm worried about taking the paint off. Hopefully you'll be able to view the FlickR album below for the build so far! https://www.flickr.com/photos/lfxdan/albums/72157714918327947
  4. Hi Tony, It's still WIP at the moment but I'm just sorting out the pics for FlickR and then I'll post in the WIP section. Cheers! Dan
  5. Hi all, I actually joined this site in 2013 and thought it was about time I stopped lurking and said hello! My name is Dan, I love scale aircraft modelling, mostly WWII era but also I've bought a couple of jets. I've only ever completed around 6 kits in my life, 3 in the last month. I've returned to modelling after about 8 years off and so far I've built three 1/72 kits as a gentle easing back into the hobby. I'm now on my first 1/48 kit which is a Sea Fury from Airfix. Cheers and hope to be more involved going forward! Dan
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