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  1. J-W sorry no pictures in BM. Will add those when I get my camera to Warsaw.
  2. Nice collection J-W. For some strange reason I have been building some Polish planes lately.
  3. Very nice work Sir! And knowing how challenging it's build large vacu kits.
  4. Very interesting project. My Airfix kit has been waiting already some time to be started.
  5. Excellent result and it was pleasure to follow your WIP thread.
  6. Very nice. I have also this this kit waiting somewhere in stash.
  7. Hi All, I hope I can build this subject this year. There are couple others before in pipeline and I have some questions related to topic. D-AFFT was quite special plane. It was operated by Hansa Luftbild and this was basically unit to get intel information outside Germany before war. This plane crashed in Helsinki Malmi airport 1.10.1939 and crashed plane was returned quietly back to Germany. My first question is: Was this plane carrying cameras and if so where those were located? Second is: Should I use Revell kit as a starting point or Kora conversion set? Scan is from Suomen ilmailuhistoriallinen Lehti 2/1996
  8. Thanks for sharing this. Very interesting.
  9. @JWM I think it's good proposal to make this conversion, because packet contains 4 kits. So there is room for conversions.
  10. I was following WIP thread with great interest and result is lovely. I didn't dare take any kit with me when visiting with parents in law.
  11. Beautiful model from interesting subject. I have been looking this kit loooong time in local hobby shop. It's still waiting there.
  12. Very stylish model from elegant plane. I hope I can make similar level painting to my Caudron racer.
  13. This is really starting to look Beaufort and clearly getting done in one day.
  14. I looked to Book of Hannu Valtonen about Bf109 and found some information. Bf109E-5 All are modified from E-1 planes. Camera installed was type Rb 21/18 and film was 60mm and gave possibility to take around 300 pictures. There was no radio installed.Between 11.6 and 26.6.1940 were delivered at least nine Bf109E-5 planes. Known loses are: War.3558,3883 (GA+GI) and 3889 (GA+GH). One possibility is that most of planes are consumed as normal E-1 in fighter squadrons. Hannu Valtonen gives total number of E-5's 29, but points that some sources give number 26. Bf109E-9 These were modified planes and equipped with Rb 50/30 cameras and it was possible take around 380 pictures. There was option to use drop tank and engine was DB601/N. Know loses are WNr 4965, 4967 and 4971 so very few examples were made by Arado. One known in UK force landed plane is known to be WNr 4970 is somewhere stated to be E-7. Force landing happened January 1942. That plane was equipped with Rb 50/30 and robot cameras replaced wing guns. Total production is unknown maybe 9 planes. Br. Vesa
  15. I will follow this with same interest as your Beaufort project.
  16. Very interesting project. And some good tips to my Mach2 project, that I hope to start some day.
  17. I will follow this with interest and get my kit next weekend when I will be in Warsaw.
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