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  1. Good work! You have done excellent job from this kit. I know this is challenging one and I hope my build will half as good.
  2. @Mpfiend there are several 935s in museum storage. I will take a look next week when in the office.
  3. Looks really good and I like more this yellow sponsor scheme vs what is in kit.
  4. Really amazing work. One of my projects too in future. Really impressive work in so little plane.
  5. Looks really good John. I am not bike specialist, but I like this.
  6. Interesting project. Sad that quality of these Revell Corvettes is not best.
  7. Good to see these general aviation planes built and really nice modelling.
  8. Nice work. What was your experience related to this kit? I have it waiting and looks that it needs lot of sanding and adding details.
  9. Really impressive work. Weathering looks good, these cars were driven all kind of weather.
  10. Nice one! I remember when these were driven in anger.
  11. Nice kit. I remember these were available in local hobby shop in 80's.Now these kits are in totally mad prices. Usually body shapes in Jo-Han kits are good. These were original promo kits.
  12. Nice work with engine. This kit is clearly something that is worth of getting in the stash.
  13. Project VW bus was standing in my mothers neighborhood. I try to add photo. Now imgur is not working.
  14. I must get one and build it Bastos car.
  15. Really nice build. I like colour. Perfect work.
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