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  1. Looks really nice. I have also looked this kit, but I was not sure about quality. Looks that it's possible to build really nice kit.
  2. Nice progress and real beauty building there. You did nice job with tyre decals.
  3. One more sad news https://www.autosport.com/f1/news/legendary-f1-team-boss-frank-williams-dies-aged-79/6829297/
  4. @Andy J I would say yellow is colour to go. I never seen gold in tyre lettering. I can ask from museum on Tuesday when I am there.
  5. Beautiful classic again from you Einar. I think I never travelled in DC-10, but many times n MD
  6. Really beautiful model and I really paint in side pipes. Generally perfect work.
  7. It's still a better starting point than build it totally from scratch.
  8. I have missed this too. Really nice build. Nice collection sir!
  9. Looks really good. You have done really good job. Boiling water sounds interesting. Any drawbacks? Burning fingers?
  10. Looks good. I have said this previously: Decals make race car.
  11. This project is so close to final, that this must be frustrating. But I know you will get this done.
  12. Your build looks nice. I know this kit and it really needs sanding to get it looking sensible.
  13. John I know you have skills to fix this. So this will end well.
  14. Looks really good. And it's nice to see this in red, not so normal white. Sad to hear about decal problem, but you have managed those well.
  15. I haven't seen these in ages, but Ok not my normal neighbourhood. And I don't see any rust.
  16. Really nice build. I built this somewhere in 80's. Of course without any AM goodies. Was good kit at that time.
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