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  1. Yes, I am proud and proud to do something different than others. It is interesting that the model never won any awards in the competition, it was always overshadowed by some and other models and modellers who buy and assemble the model without modifications ... Well, it's just fun so what
  2. There's really nothing for it, it was my pleasure ...
  3. As such an interesting fact, I offer to view my older model. The basis was the destroyed Royalle model from Solid, which I significantly modified and equipped mostly with metal parts. I don't want to create a new theme in the unfinished models, maybe a few photos from the construction won't matter .... It was mainly about achieving the shape, testing the advantages or, conversely, the disadvantages of using duralumin and its joining, machining and painting .. It was then such a preparation for further development and gaining experience for buildings as such ... Cut and shortened chassis The original upper part of the Royalle Upgrade...
  4. Thank you very much... Thank you very much...
  5. Thanks to covid madness today, AFTER TWO YEARS, the model awards at the competition.....
  6. Thank you, yes ... I'm toying with this idea. It's just a matter of deciding and finding time to build
  7. Yes yes, it makes me forget about the common worries of life...
  8. Thank you all for the positive response to my car construction, which fascinates me so much. You know .... nowadays it's very easy to buy any model in the popular scale and and more or less successfully assemble it. My path has been different in recent years, and especially at the last time when politicians are producing disease and putting pressure on ordinary people almost everywhere in the world. One no longer feels so safe and escapes to the workshop with my thoughts in my case and builds non-traditional, strange and ugly cars for some people ... I haven't been to any competition for two years, only at work and at home ... and it bothers me now
  9. Thank you very much Trevor, Nick and Ron Some more final details ...
  10. Fuel tank connection, complete connection of all body parts, interior set and bonnet assembly test. Next time just put on the lights and can go to the gallery
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