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  1. I didn't intend to sell anything, it just surprised me ...
  2. It is interesting to follow the discussion on the production and printing of screws. I thought we only had problems in our east and the prices are comparable. I paid for two types of screws - the first strong and the final a total of 20 euros. Such a jerk ... To the car, I ripped out the original cables that were already on the engine and replaced them with much thinner headphones. The plastic cable protector is useless, I don't know how to write it better in English I made it a brass replacement. On the one hand, it looks better and the cables can be inserted inside.
  3. Děkuji za kompliment. Porovnání se sadou Pocher ... Jsem hrdý na to, že ani nevím, kolik těch zamykacích šroubů jsem použil. Měl jsem vytištěno asi 200 kusů, ale některé z nich vyplnily díru, jiné jsem se zlomil při montáži, některé létaly z pinzety někde do okolního prostoru ... Musíte jen mít víc. Zůstali tři
  4. I don't understand now ... When I'm done, do you want to buy it?
  5. Today, only a glued fire partition of the instrument panel ... This step could not be tried in advance, not on the right side perfetto, on the left a tiny half-millimeter correction and it will be ok. The important thing is the perfect fit surface frames and pontoons, which I've already quite disturbed the admitted construction screws ... well ... and dust dust I fitted the body with square screws ...
  6. I enclose the dimensions of the screws in a non-artificial drawing I just placed the label number 12 somewhere, I didn't come where it belongs. At the beginning I wrote that this construction is a trial and it does not matter much about the perfect design. That "sharp" will follow later
  7. Yes ... he needs a lot of patience
  8. With my son and his assistants, with the loss of nerves, I fitted the body with several rivet details. I replaced the flexible hoses from the kit with brass pipes and fixed everything with glue
  9. Definitely. There was definitely no such varnish at that time. We may think it is a reconstruction Thanks
  10. Cut and polished .... that ribbing is hell ...
  11. Well .... my friend's print was made by a friend and he cursed a lot I don't think it's a good idea to ask him about sales opportunities You will definitely find a skilled print programmer in your area ... and maybe a smarter one. You definitely have more options "in the west" ... I'm sorry
  12. Yes, definitely the cable protection part needs to be replaced with a scratch ... I did not solve the shock absorbers, this particular construction is a kind of test of how and what to improve on a sharp construction. I did not find the sticker - label No. 12 in the instructions and I glued it discreetly into the space of the partition Thank you for your interest
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