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  1. The car is big and is currently with my regular customer in his private collection....
  2. Grinding and polishing of parts... ... and build
  3. Production of hull floor, material: veneer cut with razor blade, holes drilled by my favorite 0.5mm Fitting doors while maintaining the mobility of parts
  4. Painting and grinding Detailing and interior design Grinding varnish 4000-12000 roughness underwater Also, sometimes an accident happens Repair and other details
  5. Production of hulls from plastic boards Production of tipping mechanism
  6. Thank you Harvey The car is already built and it is already at the collector, my regular customer. I'll add a few photos every day I make it..
  7. Engine modifications, pulley assemblies, hood coolers The rear part of the axle in the yokes lifted by 8mm and I finally reached the correct position of the car ... a little tilted forward. I put on spare wheels of the right size ... Lots of work not to see .... Making wheels of the right size and shape, they are my first metal and the shape will hopefully be better next time
  8. I enjoyed one of my last buildings. I was inspired by some photos of a real car. As a basis for the model I used two cabs and certainly use a few other parts. I cut the original cabins so that they could be mirrored together and also for the position of the opposite door The die cast metal parts are very fragile and cannot be shaped like my favorite dural, a lot of repairs and cold welds were needed to make my idea feasible Because the Model A for the truck has a much longer wheelbase, it was necessary to "somehow" design its construction with respect to overall proportions White parts are added to the original black Finally, I chose to manufacture the entire frame so that it can bear the weight of other parts
  9. Undoubtedly, the parts would disappear .... Well it was custom work as a birthday gift with the assignment ... Wooden floor ..... meant as a lair of boys
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