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  1. As I mentioned earlier I have lots of empty space to fill up in my new house and no wife to stop me. This could become dangerous (and expensive).
  2. I will try to get this thread back on track. I have wanted the RX-7, NSX, 300ZX and Supra for quite a while but could never find a store that had them all in stock at the same time until recently. The other two I don't know why I bought but who knows maybe one day I feel like building them.
  3. Didn't buy any kits in September but I bought a 1/1 house instead. It is a quite big house and I don't have enough furniture for all rooms so in order to avoid the echo of an empty room I need to buy more kits. Got two today and more is on the way.
  4. How about two month? If I can get the replacement part this week then it should be doable.
  5. I won't make it I can tell you that (what a surprise). This time it is not all my fault though. I still don't have a replacement for the missing/badly molded part. But it is not the only problem I have had...
  6. Last purchase in August and hopefully in a while.
  7. That is a good deal imo, usually go for more here in Volvo-country.
  8. I want one but prices are always crazy when I find one. Hope you got a good deal.
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