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  1. Thanks for the link, saw it too late though.
  2. I look forward to watching another of your bike builds, will give me some ideas when I decide to build mine too.
  3. @Cooper645 I really want that big Citro├źn but all I have found so far have been too pricey for me though. One day maybe...
  4. Even if you mess up when painting it you can always strip the paint and start over. I have done that lots of times.
  5. I got this kit last week, looks quite nice.
  6. I have an older reissue of this one in the stash. Will keep an eye on this build.
  7. Like Roy says I think you should consider repairing the glass or creating a new one. Not sure if Tamiya send spare parts the kit wasn't reissued too long ago was it? I have the Mini Cooper kit too look forward to seeing your progress.
  8. I have that Alfa kit as well, looks really nice.
  9. Don't have a build thread yet but will create one in the coming days.
  10. Will follow this build, I am building a Yamaha 250 Enduro DT-1 atm.
  11. Go with the one you have built yourself much more satisfying imo especially since the one you have look really good. Of course if you think you don't have time to finish it then you might have to go with the other option.
  12. Yes I know. The earlier Airfix one is crazy expensive from what I have seen I will settle for this one and my untrained eyes are not bothered by the misshape. Thanks for the input though.
  13. I guess I don't "need" to but I once told myself not to buy more models when my cupboard was full. Guess what it is more than full now.
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