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  1. Painted the body, will wet sand and clear before it's done. I realized now the lighting in the photos is bad the second one shows best the real shade of blue.
  2. I assume you mean the one I posted 5 posts earlier. Seems like it was ok but mine is unstarted.
  3. Depending on when this GB takes place I am interested in joining with this.
  4. I want one too but people have put the wrong price tag on them so far...
  5. Hate when that happens especially if one finds out afterwards that it went for next to nothing.
  6. Will keep an eye on that possible group build I have an Austin-Healey 100-6 that wants to be built.
  7. Bought another kit that I don't really need (buying something you need is usually boring imo) as I already have the 500 version which I believe is mostly the same. But it looks like a nice kit and now I can build both versions.
  8. Thanks, looks like my compressor can deliver enough air that is usually the problem when I have checked out bigger airbrushes in the past.
  9. Can you tell me the name of that airbrush I've been looking for one to paint bigger surfaces with? What needle size is it?
  10. Ran out of flat black so I had to buy a new spray can. Same brand but turns out the new one was more flat than the old one. The old one looked more like satin black so I painted satin black over the new flat black but now the other parts look more flat. Will have to respray the dashboard and interior tub to have them all match. Not much work done this week unfortunately hopefully more will get done next week.
  11. Finally some good news. I glued the chassis and interior tub/engine bay together and the whole thing is much more straight now, probably not 100% but I think there is a chance all four wheels will touch the ground when the build is finished. The engine is not glued in place yet (neither is the top of the engine which will come forward a bit) I just placed it where it is supposed to sit to see if it fits. It does but I am surprised at the angle of the engine I expected it to sit parallel to the ground I think it looks very strange but I cannot see anything wrong when I check the instructions. It is illustrated better in the photo below. Next up I will paint the rest of the parts/details in the engine bay.
  12. This arrived today after the first one got lost during shipping.
  13. I am using spray cans. Never had an issue with the airbrush but then I used enamel paint. I believe the spray cans are nitrocellulose based paint.
  14. The engine is almost completed. I will attach the top part later when I know the hoses line up properly. Because as with many parts of this engine there are no guide holes so it would be easy to glue it on in the wrong position and then the hoses won't fit properly. The instructions are not very clear I wouldn't be surprised if at least one of the a/c unit, alternator or starter etc. is glued upside down. I don't know what I am doing wrong when I spray paint but almost every time I mask some paint comes off with the tape. I clean everything properly before I start but it doesn't seem to help. I never had this problem when I used to airbrush Humbrol/Revell enamel paint. Is it necessary to do many thin coats to build up the thickness of the paint in order for it to stay on the kit? I usually do one medium coat and that's it (I do multiple coats on the body pieces). Sometimes only the paint comes off with the tape but other times the primer as well.
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