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  1. I bought the GT version that kit is great too. Will be interesting to follow this build and pick up some tips before I start my build some day.
  2. Last week I built the Vespa Lego released this year. Sometimes it feels good to build something that doesn't require glue and paint. I will follow this build for sure.
  3. It is not as noticeable as I thought. I guess it also depends on the color you choose. I have a white 1/25 model where it is very noticeable.
  4. Easy to forget the scale when looking at that dash. Cannot wait to get my hands on this kit but it seems hard to come by outside the UK. Do you think it would be more trouble than it is worth to glue the body halves together before painting in order to get rid of the seam under the door that isn't there on the real car? Might be difficult to mask off the interior etc. I am thinking about trying it when I get the kit but I am not sure.
  5. You can have a look at the instructions here: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/italeri-611-ferrari-testarossa--320275
  6. I recently rewatched an episode of The Grand Tour about french cars and this looks like one of the cars Clarkson was driving. I don't remember the name so I could be wrong. It is a great episode in case any of you have not seen it yet I highly recommend it. I love how the french used to build cars. Your build looks excellent cannot wait to see the finished model.
  7. Great start. Any fit issues yet? I watched a review on YT and on that kit the plastic was green...Airfix like to mix it up?
  8. Would be interesting to know the reason for this. Do they expect to sell more of it outside the UK? I am usually all for LHD cars but for British classics I prefer RHD. BTW how did they make the spoked wheels I cannot see them in the photos?
  9. I didn't know it was out already. Shame it is 1:43 but I will buy one anyway. One thing I noticed is it looks like it is LHD only it looks that way on the box too. I find that strange. Anyone know if it will be available without paint etc?
  10. I like the colors will look great once completed.
  11. Bought two lots on Ebay recently. I am only interested in maybe 4-5 the rest I will sell.
  12. If I am not mistaken it is based on Revell's '72 convertible.
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