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  1. Very nice a big improvement compared to the state it was in when you bought it. I have been building this kit on and off for a couple of years.
  2. Looks great well done. Still waiting to get my hands on this kit seems hard to come by where I live.
  3. Hopefully they will do something about the sink marks. Didn't the E-Type FHC have similar issues early on? I will wait a year or two.
  4. The latest purchases. Realized when the R34 arrived it was the Nismo version I wanted...anyway now I got a reason to buy another kit. Also got these markers, work much better than the ones I have tried before.
  5. Went to my LHS and found this one. Got a good deal because the box is slightly crushed but everything inside is good.
  6. Beautiful build I hope to own one in scale 1:1 one day.
  7. Yeah it is not my favourite bike but I want to build a 1:6 Tamiya bike and as you say it is considerably cheaper than the others I have found.
  8. I have had my eyes on this kit for a while but haven't pulled the trigger yet. I look forward to following your build.
  9. Got a good deal on this one because the engine was slightly started.
  10. Have you checked gravity paints maybe they have something close enough?
  11. Instead of thinning what you are going to use on a palette everytime are there any downsides to putting aqua color mix directly into the paint jar the paint came in from the store? I don't remember how much room there is for thinner in a new jar though.
  12. I only have a few Hasegawa kits but always thought they were real nicely done apart from always (almost) lacking a proper engine.
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