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  1. If kits you buy on ebay get announced for reissue shortly after please buy the entire Tamiya historic car series. I was under the impression that the ESCI 250 GT SWB was bad and that the Italeri one was good. But I haven't seen either irl and maybe I am thinking of another Ferrari...
  2. @johnlambert That is not fair I don't even have one Mk 2. This is one of the kits I really hope Tamiya will reissue one day I've been looking for one for ages and can never find one at a reasonable price. Same with the 250 SWB, still sad the Revell new tool was cancelled.
  3. Isn't the old OTS tool 1:25? I hope this is based on the new tool and it seems it will be released just in time for my birthday.
  4. Amazon recently opened their Swedish website and I found these really cheap with free shipping so I accidentally pressed the buy button. I am curious to find out how the doors work on the BMW.
  5. I haven't bought the 934 yet, this one is definitely on my wish list too.
  6. I caved and got this one that I have wanted for ages. I had forgotten how huge 1/8 cars are.
  7. Looks like you are right: https://www.italeri.com/uploads/news/dykyjNqToT7ryiEJlAHqoKgg9try9MkElWTl457e.pdf
  8. Look forward to the finished engine. Then you just have to design and print the rest of the car.
  9. This is the only GT I know of and it is not released yet as far as I know. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/153164-mgb-gt-from-c1-models/
  10. Same. It looks really good but I will get the Trumpeter kit instead it's just too much money for me. I can live with the inaccuracies of the Trumpeter kit since my untrained eyes can't tell the difference anyway.
  11. Yeah after the experts pointed it out I cannot unsee it. But I love the E-Type too much not to get the kit anyway. A future (?) OTS should look really good though.
  12. Very nice build. I've been so close to hitting the buy button on this kit many times one day I just gotta do it. Hopefully before it goes out of production again...
  13. Here are some built-up photos of the E-Type that are new to me at least: https://blog.jadlamracingmodels.com/2020/10/01/revell-1-24-scale-new-tool-e-type-jaguar/
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