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  1. Top job mate, I was thinking of going to 1/48th because of the lack of decent 1/32 subjects. You have convinced me now to definitely have a go. Jim
  2. Thanks again to everyone. Hi David I used Tamiya Acrylics on this one. Cheers Jim
  3. Thank you so much everyone, very much appreciated. Just realized that the tail wheel had collapsed oop's. All fixed now. Cheers Jim
  4. Hi All, this is my latest effort. Tamiya quality kit as ever just my modelling skills don't match unfortunately. As a teenager it was so easy but getting back into the hobby in your sixty's bloody hard, but I'm loving it. I'm satisfied with a decent tidy finish, tried weathering on cheap 1/72 kits and made a mess of it so I think I will keep to the Museum look. Please feel free to comment. Jim
  5. Well Jurek, I reckon that you have made a remarcable, superb model. I only wish I had your skills.
  6. It's a Spitfire, what more could you ask for. Well done !!
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