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  1. Sword T4/5 small ventral, T55 large non jettison able large in three sections.
  2. tweeky

    FA2 Canopy

    Quick tip once you've masked the canopy give it a thinned coat of clear to seal the mask then pop the inside colour on the outside (it will show through )then the outer colour.
  3. 728 would have one done QRA as a Sqn aircraft (5,11 or one of the NMF finished A/C sqns) LTF was non operational and wouldn't hold QRA.
  4. The German and Italian Jets didn't have fuel in the Fin unlike RAF one, When I was refuelling RAF Tornado's I always switched off the Fin and Rear groups until the front and wings were partially full. Stops them sitting and begging
  5. still has the panels also here
  6. Unfortunately the only red light externally on a F3,F6 and the T5 Lightning was the port wing tip light. The one on the spine the two underwing ones ( little bulges near the nav lights) and the two (one each side) of the No1 reheat pipe were all clear with whiteish/yellow bulbs. The natural metal panel under the wing was called the stress panel and it was regularly inspected for cracks. This was the main reason it wasn't painted.
  7. Me two and nether will be standard RAF training colours they will be WD286 and WG486 of RAF Gatow's station flight if worked on both of them and flew in both around Berlin prior to the Berlin Wall coming down.
  8. acquisition sidewinder basically a working seeker head
  9. accompanied with a bacon butty.
  10. Great build of an old kit. I'm guessing its a trumpeter canopy due to the oversized glazing. In flight the Lightning flew a little nose up so the IFR probe tip was angled to allow for this. your probe is missing this.
  11. Could the Cosford TSR 2 be of any use here ? or does it that Full colour roundels etc ?
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