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  1. My time on Lightning old civvy t-shirts were worn under overalls (Denims as they were known) when working in and out doors during summer months. Winter anything you could get your hands on old woolly "pulleys" Jumpers.
  2. Firestreak did have an ammonia bottle in the rear of the Launcher. Bur also there was a "Stanag" air bottle that was charged up prior to flight. Not to be confused with the "Pure Air" bottle that was in the Redtop weapons pack.
  3. Pitot static Vents from memory
  4. Its a Gr1 so it will be mk10a Also note this Aircraft had Low viz formation strip lights on the fin sides, each intake & wing tips.
  5. Storm Shadow is a standoff weapon so range isn't an issues. The most recent conflicts the RAF have been involved in have all been Deployments so they were "in theatre" also with AAR support.
  6. All away from base too reheat run without the fixed chocks or tether. Double Eng change your looking at a weeks work.... that was the case with the Lightning once the engines. before the engines sent back in the relevant trades had to do bay inspections due to the fires the plagued the jet, fix what was found then put the Donks in quickly.
  7. There was a photo doing the rounds at Binbrook taken from the G90 (located under the Radar Bullet) of a Redtop in pieces about 15-20 feet in front of the jet, so they did breakup. the Redtop had a limited head on capability over the "Firestick" as it was know.
  8. Pitot Great Build but the seat straps colours are far to light in colour. One of only three jets marked up with the Teeth in 1984 in Cyprus. The other two being XR770 AA and XR754 AE.
  9. The Lightning F3 that you snapped is the Areos jet from LTF flown by Flt/Lft Mike 'Thomo' Thompson. This is the same paring that crashed just off Scarborough later in the summer. I was on Gate guard at Binbrook on that fateful day and watched him take off .
  10. tweeky

    pitot tubes

    I think you'll find some thing suitable Here may be this
  11. LTF Used to have one F6 (there only F6) with a fuel ventral fitted, this jet was used as a target for the pilots going through the conversion/training course. The Fuel ventral and the gun tank were different shapes too. not many of the aircraft that went to private collections went with the guntank. The one at Warton had a guntank fitted when she was at Binbrook. Wartons jet is in South Africa. Max fuel is with Overwings and Fuel ventral...some thing I've never seen used.
  12. Didn't the 2A have upper and lower guns in the fuselage? The ventral gun pack was rear of the missile pack. we removed the missiles when on APC in Cyprus the missiles disturbed the airflow around the cannon ports The standard fit for the F2a was two Firestreaks and 2 or 4 canons. They would be no provision for any ground attack ranging, let alone pilot training. Also the F6's fully armed ammo tank was something like 240/250 rounds per side something like 5-6 seconds worth cant get many tanks with that
  13. Nope no ground attack just shoot as many Migs as you can then get back for more bullets. When bases in Gatow we made a pair of sidewinders out of a broom handle and bits of ali sheet. other than the near international incident is caused does that mean the chippy is now sidewinder capable? I've never seen a F2a with a gun ventral.
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