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  1. F2a only cleared for service with Firestreak missiles, the F6 cleared for service with both missiles types. the radar was also different but it was internal differences. F2a had a black Cockpit as has been mentioned. If you can find an F6 kit it would have the decals too as the two F2a Sqn's never operated the F6.
  2. That's what our Aircrew called 11F down the other end of the pan on the fighting 5th. Binbrook 5Sqn 80-85 you'd know Scotty Dod then.
  3. Hi Sophie, Welcome to the group, cracking builds you have there.
  4. Homosexual Hawks as they were know at Binbrook.
  5. Had a similar trip many years ago whilst out on Detachment with 6 Sqn Jaguars. The difference was mine was with the Yanks on a KC135 we tanked F111, EF111 and F16's all were live armed due to the location we were over.
  6. Deliberately done to confuse the enemy if one was captured. In the early 80's we had a jet come back from from a full repaint (XR770 first all light grey Lightning) all the port side stencils had been replicated on the STBD side confused a few initially.
  7. I'm 99% the cable ducts were metal they had to cut off once the fixings had been removed, Sealed with PRC this is why they were cut off and cleaned up ready for refit.
  8. Flying suits would be blue.
  9. That's exactly how we crewed the crew in and out when i was in Berlin on the Two Chippys. We had WZ862 and WD289 these two were swapped late 86 early 87 for a pair ( the two grey ones in the pic above) different radio fit.
  10. Boeing built the Airframe but GE built the engines.
  11. Chip detectors are only as good as the sampling rate/inspection time and the EFDC department/agency. That sampling rate might have been 100hours post installation runs. Post install oil sampling might have spotted something sooner.
  12. Spoke with the Sqn plumbers and that's what they said.... mind you the bombheads did have a habit of pulling peoples legs. The did say it was if the jet was pulling G at speed and firing the cannons. The early Lightning gun pack didn't have the rings around the ports.
  13. ooopsy typo. I know the differences i spent 5 years on Lightning's
  14. The F3a cannon option two in the upper fuselage and two in the lower fuselage then was an F2a that had the F6 "Guntank" fitted but from memory its was a publicity shot.
  15. The F2a had two options 1st option 4 cannons 2x upper and 2x lower in the removable weapons pack. 2nd option 2x Cannons in upper position and x2 Firestreak missiles in a different weapons pack.
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