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  1. Seats were the same locally marked ie TTTE were Cott XX
  2. No stobe's on the UK Lightning's just white bulbs under clear lenses. Wish I'd a £1 for every screw I removed when doing night flying checks whilst on type. You had to do a full light check both internal lights and external every day inc refuel probe lights and the taxi lights.
  3. In my 5 years on type we never sprayed anything in the u/c bays or the legs. the main u/c bays got dirty, A/C's were washed pre check servicing.
  4. This was done post service Selwyn.
  5. John these are the Bruntingthorpe F6's from talking to the guys that run them the U/c bays have a good coating of wax oil or the like so that's not representative of how the jets were in-service. I'm in work at the moment and will try to dig my photos out this afternoon.
  6. The AD grey jets undercarriage bays were silver and got a tad dirty. The gear and the bays never got painted. Looks like the pilot's name is Tim Brunskill or ET as he was know on the Sqn.
  7. Isn't a grey jet and the undercarriage on the P1 is different to the in service Lightning.
  8. I know the CF18's have a clear panel in the nose, it contains a light for visual identification, wonder if it the same reasoning ?
  9. this is how the Lightning Jockeys rocked up to the jets. PEC was on the right tho.
  10. Lower legs look wrong the G-suite/Immersion suite went over the boots.
  11. Lovely build David. its part of the inter/reheat pipe bay drain system. The Brake chute release was at the top of the rear Fuselage just below the rudder. As for repacking it that was done away from the Aircraft, they were dried first other wise they froze at altitude. Fitted many chutes.
  12. In fuel range the F2a was better than the F6 but all the Lightning at Binbrook had IFR probes so they could catch a tanker if there was one out there. The F2a's armament was limited to the cannon and Firestreak missile only, where as the F6 had the Aden cannon, the Firestreak as well as the "all aspect (well for its time)" Redtop missile and the better radar married to the that missile. But there again the expected mission profile was different between the two version F2a was low level interception, the F6's was uk air defence Later in the F6's service life there was a mod that gave the Lightning a slight lookdown capability.
  13. Yeah looks like it but from my time on the Lightning the T birds didn't have gun's.... compare that photo to a F1 or a F2a with lower guns and they look different.
  14. David, Its a trainer, not just to convert pilots into flying it but also as a weapons platform trainer, it needs mimic the single seater so the systems need to be the same. I'm not convinced the T4 or T5 were able to be equipped with guns. The F3's we had had the same armament selector as the F6, but the F3s never had guns.
  15. same dark panel but no guns.
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