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  1. tweeky

    A-10 Thunderbolt II

    What about this http://www.master-model.pl/product/am-48-081.html
  2. tweeky

    MFH 1/12 Ferrari 126C4

    Just Got the 1993 McLaren MP4/8 the Donington (European) GP version all I can say is stunning.
  3. tweeky

    Red Top Missile QRA Lightning late 80s

    I spent 5 years on 5 Sqn at Binbrook. the aircraft were armed up on the pan missiles and guns but were made safe, The jets were then dragged up to the Q sheds that's where the missile and guns were plugged in and made ready, The trigger was taped over to act as a tell tail. The only safety device left on the aircraft was the Master Armament Safety Break keY (or MASBY as it was called). the was in the STBD wheel well and had a long red and white warning flag attached. Stbd Missile had both the red "Noddy cap" removed from the seeker head as well as the protective bands covering the proximity fuse (as rtfxwp has mentioned them). Port Missile The proximity fuse cover was removed but the Noddy cap was left on, this was removed once engines had been started external power removed, Restrictor Cable checked (item on top of the seat) and Canopy locked lines checked (you didn't want a Q jet loosing its canopy half way down the runway). You removed the access ladder then the port noddy cap. Just prior to taxi the pilot would signal for the MASBY to be removed. As the jet taxied out of the shed the TELIBRIEF would automatically disconnect (this was ground anchored and allowed the pilot to talk to the fighter controllers during the scramble). Once the jet was away remaining jet stood down, we then had to get the spare aircraft up to the Q sheds and prep it ready for being armed up.
  4. tweeky

    EE Lightning identity

    Just remember if flying or sailing red is not right
  5. tweeky

    EE Lightning identity

    Port (Left) side is 111 Sqn. Stbd (Right) is 56 Sqn. The Jet was disassembled and Move down from Leuchars to Bruntingthorpe then reassembled at the time its was on 111 Sqns marking (as the Sqn was there operating F3 Tornados) Last year they decided to do a "half and half" so that's why its got the 56 Sqn markings.http://www.aeroresource.co.uk/news/lightning-xr713-56-sqn-scheme/ THey also has the cockpit of a T5 XV382
  6. tweeky

    EE Lightning identity

    The sole F3 at LPG is static display (with 111 Sqn on one side and 56 on other) the Two F6's are fully functioning except the seats !!!
  7. tweeky

    EE Lightning identity

  8. tweeky

    EE Lightning identity

    Its heading there after the do at Cosford. It's ZF580 ex Warton Gate guard before she went to Cornwall.
  9. tweeky

    RAF Phantom Differences

    RAF Phantom F4J came into service around 1983 they were bought from the US but they were Ex US navy airframes that were brought out of storage from the bone yard. They were supposedly given a full inspection before released to the RAF, As has been stated the had J79 engines but the aircrew flew with us flying kit (we had them into Binbrook a few times). I remember an article in Airclues (RAF flight safety mag) about a petrified lizard being found in one of the aircraft during rectification servicing months after delivery. The reason for the purchase was to plug the gap in the UK air defence cover due to a number of Phantoms going south. Also they were painted in non RAF spec colours too
  10. tweeky

    Lightning F.6 light locations

    X 2 on the refuel probe too.
  11. tweeky

    Lightnings and Sidewinders

    with regards to cooling of Lightning missiles Firestreak had an ammonia bottle in the launcher as well as Stanag (that's what it called on the line) Air that was contained within the weapons pack and was recharged during servicing's 1500psi sticks I'm my mind. The Redtop that had a 3000+psi pure air bottle that was dropped out when it got to its lower value 1000psiish. when I say dropped out I mean it had a hook on a cable and a pin on the bottle it was winched down and out. when fully home it sat at an angle. Nothing replaced in the redtop launcher. As for the what if its a photoshopped mess, the side intakes are after the no1 (lower) engine. F18 super hornet intakes I do believe.
  12. tweeky

    Italeri Chinook HC.2 ,1/48th

    BN Falklands Veteran
  13. The Radar Bullet was yellowy green made of a fibre glass type material they were several shades dependant on age also in certain light you could see the scanner running
  14. The Sharks teeth were applied whilst on APC in Cyprus. The markings were still on the jets on their return to the Uk and for a few months afterwards.
  15. tweeky

    BBC tv programme on RAF at 100

    Ewan's brother was a Tornado pilot.