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  1. Spent 5 years at Binbrook on 5 Sqn, Prior to leaving for Germany I had the pleasure of a 50 min flight in the Sqns Tbird. Sortie profile was supersonic head on attack against a F6. Take off wasn't the vertical affair we all love (main reason was fuel for the supersonic phase) and we sped away from Binbrook the F6 in close formation. After a short period of time and at 32'000 feet, the F6 split from us to gain 50 miles separation. We accelerated to Mach 1.15 and the F6 to Mach 1.6. with 2000 feet height separation the F6 below us. it was all over in a flash all I saw of the F6 was a black streak below us. The F6 joined back up with us but had to head home due to fuel. We had a bit left so we rolled inverted dropping down 250feet and 550 knots over the sea as we headed back home....now that's when you got a sensation of speed. In to the circuit for landing but we overshot parallel to the runway with the gear tucked away and that's when he rotated and climbed vertical...back in for a straight landing... two sensations I remember from the landing the bang as the gear hit the runway and the tug when the Brake chute deployed. I serviced the beast before and after the flight too.
  2. XS422 is alive, well and living in the USA. There's plans to get her airworthy. Take a look Here Only ever seen her a couple of times when she visited Binbrook.
  3. Doesn't really matter where the weight goes just make sure its in front of the main gear and as far to the nose as you can.
  4. RAF F4. and RAF Harrier GR3. so it looks like Wikipedia is wrong.... it was developed for the US-navy but not for their sole use.
  5. not that many German stencils tbh.
  6. he held up in a fully equipped farm house the only RAF pilot to gain weight whilst Evading capture.
  7. How about one of the Berlin pair of Chipmunks ?
  8. The Sea Harrier entered service mush later than the RAF Harrier, We'd had the GR1 and the airframes had been upgraded to Gr3 standard well before the FRS1 entered Sqn Service.
  9. funnily enough closest to RAF Binbrook in the 80's too, Sadly no both closed.
  10. tweeky

    Harrier T12 pod???

    but a good starting point for a baggage pod.
  11. tweeky

    Harrier T12 pod???

    CVR 7 rocket pod
  12. tweeky

    Harrier T12 pod???

    It will varies depending on the mission. Anything from a baggage pod to a Mavrick missile.
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