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  1. XF562 you might want to check that serial XF is very early for a Lynx. I worked Lightnings F3, F6 and T5's and their serials were XP XR XS and we has a few XV's so I doubt your Lynx were produced before these. have a look here
  2. That's a Matra Magic not a sidewinder fitted to the Jaguar international.
  3. F6 flaps down F3 & T5 flaps up.
  4. Actually all the jets used in the 25 year anniversary we're from the three flying units based at Binbrook. So the only Sqn's that operated the grey/green camouflage scheme were 5 and 11 Sqns, Also LTF flew T5s F3s and their sole F6 (with ferry ventral) with the same colours but they were a Flight not a Sqn. The 25th event personnel Groundcrew and pilots were all from the same three flying units.
  5. Only other option is 5 Sqn if you want the grey/Green camouflage option. if you can find any.
  6. Airfix have announced that their bringing out a 1:48 scale T10 Chipmunk. https://uk.airfix.com/products/de-havilland-chipmunk-t10-a04105
  7. Don't forget the little window in the canopy has a blueish tint.
  8. Afternoon Peter, Yes the upper anti collision light sits between the Stand-by generator intake (the intake you mention) and the base of the fin, There's also Four others two one each side of the No 1 (bottom) reheat pipe and the other two (1 on each wing) just behind each Nav lights. The anti collision lights had clear lenses.
  9. Hook was also use on the F2A and the Export T55 basically everything with a big ventral. As for its purpose is wasn't use for barrier landings, It was used for RHAG landings (Rotary Hydraulic Arrester gear ) The barrier you mention it after the RHAG and is the ultimate last line of defence with regards to stopping a Aircraft. If a barrier engagement happens there a good chance its going to cause damage (repairable), When at Binbrook we had a jet take the barrier and she came back look in a sorry state missile torn off, dented intake, hole in the spine due to the barrier top wire riding over
  10. The latest book Harrier 809 is a cracking read and ties up some stuff we were involved with at RAF Binbrook in early 82 too when the Sea Harriers visited.
  11. One from me is RB199 related, Square oil tank were on the 101 engine the round tank was on the 103 (and the F3's 104)its a fully aerobatic tank. We had 103's in Germany , TTTE had 101's I'm thinking they made a mistake.
  12. buckets got removed during engines changes, mainly because the engines never arrived dressed (buckets and nibs fitted) or handed. buckets got inspected on a servicing if cracked they got took off and sent for welding you might get the same one back if you was lucky.
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