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  1. Kinetic kit + DACO recce pod and chaff & flare dispensers, Quickboost seat & pitot tube, Armycast stencils, homemade decals. Enjoy BR from Czech rep. Andrew
  2. Good day to everyone, I'd like to introduce my latest build. It's the good old Hasegawa kit with a few aftermarket tweaks. Aires exhaust nozzles, cockpit, gear bays and aux air intakes Eduard Sparrows, HARMs, ECM pod and wheels Hypersonic canopy details Master pitot tube QB FOD covers Speed Hunter decals I hope you like it. Greetings from the Czech Republic. Andrew
  3. Thank you all for your comments! I designed and printed my own decals. Are you interested? You're right about the hooks, I think the Whales were operating from ground bases only since 1987. I'll probably rip them off when I get the courage.
  4. I finally finished something! It's Trumpeters's quarter scale TA-3B kit, converted to electronic reconnaissance EA-3B of the Desert Storm era, I used some etched details from Eduard and wonderful repair sets from Hypersonic models - new engines and correct canopy. The rest is just playing with plastic With a shark mouth, this Whale was displayed at IAT 1991 after returning from deployment in the Gulf War. Thanks for looking! Andrew
  5. Thank you for your comments! ..because every jet looks badass with mk.84's https://i.ibb.co/qdp5Gvz/00.jpg
  6. Tamiya kit with Elite decals and Eduard seat, armament and some photoetched details. Nice and easy build and a quick addition to my Desert Storm collection. Thanks for looking! Andrew
  7. Hello friend, can I share your Eagle in Takadotoki models page?  Thanks 

    1. Exterminatus


      It will be an honor, thanks!



    2. TuanNA


      Dear my Friend. That honor is mine !

      Yes of course! you can share any my modeller if you want. 

      Just send me the link where you share them

      Thank you !




  8. Venerable Hasegawa kit, Aires cockpit and exhausts, Eduard missiles. The decals are from the Italeri kit. Finished on Sunday January 17, on the Gulf War 30th anniversary. Cheers! Andrew
  9. I've finally finished something! It's the Wingman Models limited edition kit (Kinetic plastic parts, some resin goodies, Cartograph decals and Master pitot tube). So it's OOB except for 4x 250kg SAMP bombs from L'Arsenal. Hope you like it, thanks for watching.
  10. Thank you guys!! I spent a crazy amount of time trying to achieve the propper Raptor look, this is what I ended up with: 1. Surfacer 2. Overall coat of Alclad High Speed Silver, or Gunze SM01 3. Heavily thinned (15:1 with Levelling thinner) layers of camouflage colors, which is: 3a. Light grey - 4 potions of Gunze (70% C308 + 30% C317) + 3 portions of Mr.Paint 040 Gunship Gray + 2 portions of MRP-094 Medium Mod Gray 3b. Dark grey - 3 portions of MRP-093 Dark Mod Gray + 2 portions of MRP-040 Gunship Gray 4. Lightened and darkened shades to create the surface and panel variations 5. Carefully spray the 20:1:1 mix of semi-gloss varnish + Alclad Jet Exhaust + Alclad Pale Burnt metal all over the surface 6. Leading edges gray - 1 portion of MRP-040 Gunship Gray + 5 portions of MRP-38 Grey FS36375
  11. Hasegawa kit, Aires cockpit, Eduard PE's, custom paint masks and decals, countless hours and days of masking and painting Thanks for looking, hope you enjoy the result. Best regards from CZ. Andrew
  12. Many thanks for your comments! I tend to believe the nose gear leg oleo lenght is correct
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