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  1. Hepster

    1:72/1:76 conversions

    Tony, Seeing as you have got the Gerald Scarborough book, you might look into old copies of the Airfix Magazine Annual, which used to contain the pick of the articles from the monthly mag, with the Crusader-Covenanter conversion being one of the best examples. Also, if you are looking at 1/76 scale, don't discount the Fujimi range. The airfix mag did a series of conversion articles for the Fujimi Panzer 38(t) kit to create various Marder III and flakpanzer types. The Fujimi Matilda is (arguably) more detailed than the Airfix example, tho' both are good.
  2. Nice one Tim. The Normandy look is a good idea, as the cupola makes it a later model Tiger anyway. It does look like zimerritt is out of the question, but if you take attention away from that by busying the hull up with dark green/red brown camo streaks or patches that may do the trick. The hull mg might do with replacing, the stubby thing provided by Airfix doesn't really do your good work justice. But considering the kit has allegedly been voted Airfix's worst ever kit - as mentioned in the 50 years of Airfix book - what you've done here is quite remarkable. Regards, Rob H
  3. I personally doubt that this is a 'sexist' thing at all... If the Buccaneer had been adorned with something like the 'Buster Gonad' artwork it might have been equally censored, if not more so. You have to consider the feelings of the visiting public, especially if it might risk an unfavourable TripAdvisor review.
  4. If you do get a Frog, FAW9, then do something about the nose which is a bit blunt. I fixed mine by adding a pointier tip and getting it blended in with a bit of sanding. Alternatively,spend some money and buy the Freightdog replacement nose. The Novo repop of the Frog kit is easier to find, and usually cheaper but is usually covered in flash. Incidentally, I recently had both a Frog and Novo kit of the FAW9 in my hands, and was puzzled by the fact that the Novo kit weighed nearly 50% more - guess its something they put in the plastic, it was too much to be accounted for by all that flash.
  5. Hepster

    1/72 B-17

    If you are guying an Airfix B-17G from your LMS, fine. If you get one at a show, where all sorts of stuff can crop up, be careful that you don't pick one of their earlier kits. It's unlikely that you would pick up their 1960s vintage kit, but they did also release the Academy kit of the B-17G under the Airfix label about 12 years ago - this might easily turn up at shows.
  6. Saw the new Tamiya kit at Telford last year, yummy. Looking at pics, pre-war Watts-bladed Spits had protruding gun barrels on the third and fourth gun positions working outwards. I suspect that these are flash suppressors that were left off later. The original Tamiya Spit Ia had these included,which meant that you needed to remove them for the options offered! Point is. if you want to do an early flat canopy Spit with the new kit, these need to be added as well.
  7. Hepster

    Box art

    I always found the 'background-less' Tamiya artwork very striking - I bought several of their armour kits in the 70s/80s...
  8. Of course UNIT would remember, they had a (non-functioning) TARDIS and an alien Timelord living in their base for a couple of years just to remind them that there is LIFE OUT THERE. I can just imagine one of their squaddies saying 'Daleks? Oh yeh, we saw them off in between the Cybermen and the Potato-heads'. Righty-ho then.
  9. It is indeed, I have just checked my copy! I'm afraid I had ignored it after realising my decals were so yellowed and brittle as to be unusable, but I will now try to rescue the logo! Thanks for pointing it out.
  10. Regarding the Lindberg 1/96 offering - I have a copy, and it is quite primitive. The intakes are a bit 'see-through', but I think this can be sorted with a couple of centimetres of tube made from McDonalds milkshake straw, as I have measured them. Also, it has the straight wing, which featured on the 2 prototypes and (I think) the first 6 production B.1s, all being subsequently refitted with the kinked wing. Probably best built as one of the prototypes, which were painted allover white - including the nose cone, as it didn't contained radar then. The tricky part may be making the 'Avro' logo on the tail, but I think it can be created from a mix of letters from spares.
  11. Ah well. Missed opportunity! If I recall, an aftermarket decal set for the prototype does already exist.
  12. Still, it would be nice if they bunged in the decals for either of the two Brit prototypes...
  13. Very nice! I, too, have built the Hasegawa kit - the older boxing with the 'Bit o' Lace' box art - and it is an uncomplicated satisfying build once you have accepted that the staggered waist guns and later tail gun limits your decal options to later B-17G types (block 50 onwards?).
  14. Regarding the Panzer IVE, as built it had significantly different suspension to the F version. The E had narrower tracks, and consequently narrower drive sprockets etc. Some D/E versions had their suspension replaced later on, but I don't know if the Zvezda kit provides both options.
  15. I did end up with one of these in may stash as part of the 'Victoria Cross' set when it was going cheap. As I was only really after the Battle, Hurricane and Hampden, I may bin the Blenheim after your nice close-up pics...
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