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  1. I'm surprised about JG52 being the top scoring unit of all time, my money personally would have been on JG26, JG27 or JG2 but then again my knowledge of Luftwaffe fighter units clearly needs improving! Thanks again for solving the enigma of my own making. Regards Colin.
  2. I must confess I do not own the Wingleader book in question and was referring to the sample pages on the units structure which I'd assumed were complete but clearly did not include the preceding pages that do cover I Gruppe, so humble apologies. It is now clear that 3367 was indeed from 5/JG52 and why British intelligence at the time assumed it was from 2/JG52 instead. As for the Mason book the details are the same as in the very recent publication 'To Defeat The Few' so they would still appear to be correct and the fact that III Gruppe were pulled out by the beginning of August also explains why it was not listed in the order of battle for mid August in both books. Apologies again for repeating the confusion originally created back in August 1940. Regards Colin.
  3. The hole in the starboard fuselage of AZ-H is consistent with at least one 20mm canon round entering quite neatly on the port side and then igniting to give a much more ragged and larger exit hole. Regards Colin.
  4. Just to add more confusion or clarity perhaps, the images in the Wingleader book show the III Gruppe (staffel 7,8 & 9) aircraft as having the accepted horizontal 'squiggle' so maybe JG52 didn't have a I Gruppe after all and that would have allowed II Gruppe to adopt the I Gruppe practice of having nothing after the fuselage cross. Of course I'm purely guessing here and it would mean the two books I have referenced are both wrong, plus it seems all very non-Germanic in terms of having a unit that did not conform to the uniform structure that all other units had to follow at this time (no offence intended or implied). Still doesn't answer the question as to why it didn't have a I Gruppe or a 1 and 2 staffel but this is as far as I can go with this unless there is a Luftwaffe expert out there with a more detailed knowledge and understanding of the history of JG52 and its organisation. The good news is that Dave has given a pretty definitive answer to the question of was it red or black so in modelling terms I'm now very pleased to have all the correct information I need. Regards Colin.
  5. Just when I thought I was reasonably comfortable with the identity of 3367 my further investigations have now made me far less certain and decidedly more confused as a consequence. At the risk of labouring the point my understanding has always been that I Gruppe had no symbol/number after the cross, II Gruppe had a horizontal bar, III Gruppe had either a vertical bar or horizontal 'squiggle' and that each Gruppe had 3 staffel, 1-3 in I Gruppe, 4-6 in II Gruppe and 7-9 in III Gruppe. So far so good but if as is confirmed II Gruppe didn't have the bar then how were they differentiated from aircraft of I Gruppe? That is only for starters as I checked the Wingleader book on JG52 and it lists all the Staffels numerically but starts with 3 staffel down to 9 with no mention of either 1 or 2 so did they exist, and if not why not? It does however refer to 3367 as 'Red 14'. I then checked the Luftwaffe order of battle in 'Battle Over Britain' (Mason) and 'To Defeat The Few' (Dildy & Crickmore) which confirm that JG52 only had two Gruppe, I and II plus I.(J)LG2 so what happened to III Gruppe? And if JG52 didn't have a III Gruppe which Gruppe were staffels 7-9 in and which staffels were actually in its I Gruppe? It would appear that JG52 for some reason did not conform to the standard practice and structure of Gruppe and staffel as how else could it have had staffels 7, 8 and 9 but no III Gruppe and also have no staffels 1 and 2? Yet if we return to the Wingleader book again there is a further twist as it only identifies JG52 as having Gruppe II and III but no Gruppe I which not only directly contradicts the two books I've already mentioned but raises a further question of which Gruppe was 3 staffel in? I'm almost beginning to regret asking my original question now as I had no idea just how irregular and confusing this might become, so apologies if this is all getting rather convoluted. Regards Colin.
  6. Given the absence of any marking/symbol after the fuselage cross I'm pretty confident that the machine was from 1 Gruppe and also 2 Staffel as well, although quite which unit the pilot came from is perhaps less clear. Based upon the photos it's reasonable to assume that the '14' must be either red or black (with white outline) as it clearly isn't either white or yellow, so confirming it to be from 2 Staffel. All references I have refer to the machine as 'Red 14' including Section 1 of the BoB by Mombeek but it is possible that an original error or assumption has been taken as correct and perpetuated in all subsequent books on the subject as often happens. However that said I'd have thought by now that there would have been at least one reference to it being black given the sheer quantity of material written about the BoB but to date I've never come across such a claim. As for the spinner colour it could be all red or the backplate could have been kept as RLM70 as this practice was not uncommon so I'm still undecided about this. Regards Colin.
  7. Just to add, if KP do their usual thing and just add the extra II and VI parts to the V base kit you could end up with some useful spares as well. All of this said as the SH/Eduard kits are looking as if they could be out in the autumn I'll hold off on both KP and Airfix and go for them instead as I have e feeling they will probably be a step up. If they are anything like their P40 (SH) and Spitfire (Eduard) kits they should be a treat. Regards Colin.
  8. Thanks, in which case it sounds as if by making the break just forward of the fuselage (see sprue shots) KP will be able to use the same mould and then just include the relevant nose/engine parts to achieve all three versions, along with the relevant starboard wing section to include or exclude the intake for the II and VI. Regards Colin.
  9. I'm absolutely no expert on the Tempest so what are the differences between the V and the later VI and II other than the engine and wing leading edge intake? To my very untrained eye when looking at the scale plans I have apart from these two exceptions all three appear to be the same which might explain why KP may use a base set of moulds plus an extra sprue for the engine and leading edge intake as required. Regards Colin.
  10. As previously mentioned Hannants have the Airfix Tempest as being expected in spring 2023 and I've not seen or heard any actual update from Airfix themselves so who knows? I did query this with Airfix yesterday along with the new Mosquito and they were unable top provide any further information on the former but confirmed that the latter will be available from the 31st August. Re' the KP Tempest the sprue shots earlier in this thread of the V clearly show the starboard wing with a cut out corresponding to where the wing leading edge intake would be on the VI and the II so another sprue containing the intake along with all the other mods required seems most likely. Regards Colin.
  11. Gordon, I can strongly agree with Graham's choice of Colourcoats as they are quite the best enamels I've come across (Xtracolor isn't bad either) and they are my go to paints unless they are out of stock in which case I go the Xtracolor route. To me their paints are bang on in terms of accuracy and they spray really well too. Regards Colin
  12. Mike, Brilliant, thank you, exactly what I was after. Regards Colin Ps. still not sure who Everest are (sorry, in the UK it is the name of a very well known and long established double glazing company)
  13. With the new SH E-1 version now safely en route from Hannants I plan to build it as werk number 3367 of 2/JG52 shot down on the 12th August at Mays Farm but have a quick question regarding it's identity. All the references I have confirm it as 'Red 14' and that the devil emblem was only carried on the port nose section, however a future release by Everest Model (EMD7201) shows it as 'Black 14' instead, so which is correct? The Everest sheet also shows it having an all red spinner whereas all other references refer to the back plate being dark green, and all the photos I've seen do suggest that the back plate was indeed a different/darker colour, so have Everest got this wrong as well? My rudimentary understanding of Jagdgeshwader markings tells me that as the aircraft had no symbol aft of the fuselage cross it is from I/Gruppe and that 2 Staffel had it's numbers in either red or black (the latter with a white outline) so feasibly both red and black could be correct. Also if anyone can point me in the direction of any photos of the starboard side showing the nose that would be a great help. Regards Colin. Ps. Hannants currently show this spuriously as an Xtradecal release and I've previously never heard of Everest other than for double glazing.
  14. Some sprue shots can be found on page 3 of this thread. Re' the Airfix released date Hannants have it down as spring 2023 not 2022 so who knows? Regards Colin.
  15. Just tried some more decals from the Bomber Geshwaderwappen Peddinghaus decal sheet (72 0897) and they all have the same problem, great detail but so weak in colour that even when you put them on your finger the background colour darkens. Maybe I have a rogue sheet but I now regret splashing out on what appear to be very poor decals that are practically useless! Correction, they are utterly useless you can find a way of adding a white decal base to fit exactly behind the decal which given some of the shapes of the badges would be almost impossible to achieve. And yet amazingly Peddinghaus insist that I'm the problem and not their decals, so beware. Regards Colin.
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