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  1. Have just tried applying decals to my Airfix Zero using a set from Techmod with very disappointing results due to the decals breaking up, especially the fuselage bands so wondered if this is a general issue with Techmod (I was warned they are very sticky) or is it possibly that they do not respond well to Micro Sol and Set? Either way I won't be using them again but wondered if any one else has experienced similar problems with their decals? Regards Colin.
  2. Just finished applying the first coat of Galeria gloss and I can report that it works really well. By fiddling and adjusting I discovered that for me the best way to airbrush it is to dilute to a ratio of around 2:1 varnish to thinner (water) and use an indicated 20 psi to obtain a fine mist/spray pattern from about 8 inches (20cm) distance. I slightly overdid the spraying initially by getting too close with a lower psi of around 14 as I normally spray with this set up when applying the paint job but a higher psi and greater distance proved to be the correct approach. A fine rub do
  3. I'm slowly getting there with my Airfix 72nd scale Zero but just have a couple more questions so that I can get it right so hopefully some one may be able to help please? Firstly the aerial mast is the body colour above the canopy but should it also be the same for the section below the canopy as well or should it be blue/black possibly? Secondly my understanding of the PH period Zeros is that they had a slight satin sheen finish to the paint work but should the fabric control surfaces be matt in addition to them being a slightly lighter colour as well? I'm assuming matt as fabric
  4. I'll update once I've tried to spray on as I never use a brush for this type of work preferring to build up the layers of varnish gradually. If it doesn't work very well then I'll resort to trying the Xtracrylix gloss acrylic varnish from Hannants. Regards Colin.
  5. I plan to airbrush the Galeria varnish so will dilute to around 60% varnish/40% thinner (water) to start off with and then do a test spray to get the correct consistency and air pressure. Many thanks for every ones input and guidance, a real life saver. Regards Colin.
  6. Quite a few Frog ones on E-Bay at the moment. Regards Colin.
  7. A number of builds I've perused have used Klear as the base varnish before applying decals so thought I might give it a go as I still a 90% full bottle of the original stuff which I only ever use for canopy dipping. My questions are, what would you thin it with and more importantly what would you use to clean the airbrush with afterwards as I know from experience that it is not easy to remove unless you use an ammonia based liquid such as Windex? The last thing I want to do is end up with a clogged airbrush and have to invest in a replacement nozzle. Regards Colin.
  8. Just bought some of the Alclad varnish along with some acrylic gloss 'Galeria' varnish from Windsor & Newton as this seems to have pretty good reviews as well so hopefully I now have a varnish I can trust. Just a pity about the Humbrol stuff as it wasn't cheap at almost £7! Regards Colin.
  9. Sorry, just discovered that Hannants also sell Microscale Micro Gloss acrylic varnish so is this a reliable alternative as well perhaps? Regards Colin.
  10. What is a reliable brand of Acrylic varnish that will do what it says on the tin please? I do have some Xtracrylix varnish but not in Gloss so if this stuff is OK I'll put an order in with Hannants. Regards Colin.
  11. Thanks for the warning, I was about to ruin several weeks work so really glad I asked the question. Regards Colin.
  12. I am planning to use an acrylic gloss varnish prior to weathering with a spirit & oil paint wash so bought 'Humbrol Clear' gloss varnish for this purpose but having done a test spray with it I'm now very unsure. For some reason it seems to leave very small air bubbles after application and doesn't leave a very smooth or shiny finish either so wondered if anyone else has tried this stuff? I diluted using water with a ratio of approximately 60% varnish/40% water and with a psi of around 12-15 psi so this should be about right I think as this set up works fine with enamel varnishe
  13. Regarding the Vb he was shot down in his score/tally only appeared on the port side of the aircraft and wasn't replicated on the starboard side. The pic which appears to show it on the starboard side as well simply has the port side panel turned 180 degrees and then loosely fitted back. Regards Colin.
  14. Most may already know this but thought I'd share just in case. It's not always possible to fix/hold a model so that all of it can be accessed whilst spraying so it becomes a case of holding one of the wings (with grease free fingers) and doing as much as is then possible. When this is the case I leave the painted part to dry for a couple of hours so it's dry to the touch and then gently wrap cling film over the now painted wing so that I can hold it to finish the job. The cling film doesn't stick to the paint and lift it but it prevents any finger marks from being left whilst the p
  15. I'm close to the point of weathering my Airfix A6M2 Zero and have decided to possibly use one of the Enamel Washes from Humbrol but a wee bit nervous without some guidance please. I've asked this question in the Modelling Tips area but without response so hopefully someone out there has used these washes and can put my mind at rest and avoid me ruining several weeks work. According to Humbrol they can be used on both enamel and acrylic substrates but they also say they can be thinned with enamel thinners so I'm thinking that if that's the case then surely they will attack an enamel
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