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  1. OK, I'll do the scan tomorrow morning and upload. Regards Colin.
  2. The Aircraft Monograph publication number 10 (by Seweryn Fleischer and Marek Rys) has a 72nd scale underside plan view of the C-3 albeit with a central bomb rack fitted but happy to scan and add if it is of any value? The book also has side view plans of what appears to be all of the known versions. Regards Colin.
  3. Looking at the pic of the Eduard canopy it appears to be the earlier version so not quite identical to this but the same arrangement applied re' the two sliding perspex panels on the sides Regards Colin.
  4. This excellent pic would support the notion that it was only carried, or at least visible, on the tyres of very early Spitfires? Regards Colin.
  5. I was being slightly flippant with my references to Dunlop and Triumph as clearly there were factories in both the UK and Germany at the time but also interesting to note that Henry Ford was a major benefactor of the embryonic Nazi party and anti-British, refusing to manufacture the Merlin engine under license, with the contract instead being placed with Packard. After hostilities ended he was offered and declined the fledgling VW factory which at the time was being run by an British Army Officer (whose name escapes me) but when the Beetle subsequently became a world wide success he then attempted to buy them out but without success. Regards Colin.
  6. The same also applies to the Bf109F canopy as well which is often painted in error but is in fact just where the two perspex panels meet and overlap. The way it has been molded suggests that Eduard think it is a frame as it looks far too heavy to replicate this 'overlap' feature. Regards Colin.
  7. Interesting to note that during the BoB both Spitfires and Bf109E's had Dunlop tyres so big business ruled then as it does now, not to mention Triumph making bicycle saddles for the British Army and the Wehrmacht albeit in different factories as exporting was apparently a tad difficult what with all that nasty war business getting in the way. Regards Colin.
  8. If the 'new' Mk1's are up to the same standard as their V's then they should be an improvement on the current Tamiya and Airfix kits so I've a couple on back-order and eagerly await their eventual arrival. I have their "Aces" Vb kit and although I've yet to start the build it compares most favourably with the Airfix Vc and in certain respects such as the finesse of the panel lines and the engraving it is superior IMHO. Regards Colin.
  9. Just looked at The Spitfire Story by Alfred Price and found two other photos which show the Dunlop inscription on the tyre side wall, namely K9792 on 3rd November 1939 (photo 56) and L1007 in June 1939 (photo 60) so perhaps it was only present on very early examples and subsequent tyres were produced 'plain' to simplify their production perhaps? Regards Colin.
  10. If the tyres are symetrical in that they do not have an inner and outer side then logically the inscription could be on both possibly? Like Chris almost all the pics I have show no Dunlop inscription on the tyres so either it isn't there and/or it wasn't painted white, however I do have a pic of a Mk1 Spitfire from 611 squadron at Digby in January 1940 where the Dunlop inscription is clearly visible in a light paint (white?) on the tyre side wall. Not sure what definitive conclusion can be drawn from this though. Regards Colin. Ps. the pic in question is from the Aerodata International book on the Spitfire I and II.
  11. That's the exact picture I recall seeing when I built my Zero earlier this year and it shows them perfectly. That said I now realise I missed the small black dot behind the red fuel filler cap but hopefully in 72nd scale it's not too obvious. Regards Colin.
  12. I have the Osprey book entitled "Bf109 Aces Of North Africa" and it has some good pics of ground crew and pilots in assorted desert garb plus some nice colour plates of pilots as well. Regards Colin.
  13. Can't comment on the wing bar colour but as you are building the Airfix kit, an A6M2b, the two round access covers outboard and slightly aft of the red spots on each wing should be clear and not solid as they were made from perspex. Just a very small detail but very few builds I've seen have them. Regards Colin.
  14. Seeing models this good does make me wonder why I bother as mine will never approach this level of detail and finish in this scale. Quite superb! Regards Colin.
  15. Ade, Just to add that I've now ordered some Vallejo pigment binder as well so that I can add some more texture if the rut I've done looks a wee bit too flat and uniform with just using the pigments on their own, either dry or diluted with the Vallejo thinner. Also the tip on how to create oil stains is a real money saver as I'd been looking at the various washes by Vallejo, AK, Mig etc.. but they are all around £5 a go and only Vallejo seem to have a video showing you how to actually apply, although I presume the others would work in the same way. It's almost as if some companies throw this stuff out there and let modelers go through the pain (and expense) of finding out exactly how to use them. Had to do a quick check on a 'Filbert' as due to my ignorance I didn't know that it was a type of brush so I've now ordered one of these as well and as soon as it arrives I'll start to do some practicing on a mule model to get it as good as I can. Many thanks again for all your help with this. Regards Colin. Ps. just when I'm attempting to come to terms with these new (for me) weathering products I come across 'filters' but have no idea what they are for or how to use them so I'll give them a wide berth for the time being I think as it seems oil paints are a good way to go when it comes to general weathering and toning down colours
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