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  1. Dear All, No idea why Eduard has stopped making most of these in 72nd scale so wondered if anyone knows who may still stock some please as I think they are excellent? Kind Regards Colin. Ps. but they still include them in their Bf 110C 'Week-end' kit which seems rather odd
  2. Dear All, Having perused many of the excellent recent builds of these two aircraft it makes me realise just how 'unrealistic' my efforts are when it comes to painting the exhaust manifolds as they still end up just looking like painted plastic. I'm not after any trade secrets, and I know that practice may eventually make perfect though sadly not true in this case, but can anyone share some basic tips on how I can get them to look as if they are actually made from metal and far more like the real thing please? Apologies if this has been raised in a previous thread/topic. Kind Regards Colin.
  3. Dear All, Many, many thanks, I now have all the answers I was looking for. The excellent fuselage diagram in Shacklady shows all the various Merlin Seafire mods (page 539) along with pics on pages 525 and 529 which show the front spools in place (now I know where they went and what they looked like). The fuselage diagram also confirms the location of the forward and rear 'slinging points' for all the Merlin Seafires including confirmation that the rear one on the II and III was the rear spool spigot. Thank you all again. Colin.
  4. Dear All, Does anyone know where I can find plans/diagrams showing the location of the forward catapult spools on the Mk II versions III. I've perused many photos without success and just know that apparently they were supposed to be located somewhere on the underside behind the nose but no idea exactly where or what they actually looked like. Many thanks. Colin.
  5. £40+ for 5 kits is a lot when I'm only interested in the 2 merlin kits in the box, but thanks anyway. I suppose I could sell the other 3 but these are still quite easy to find at the moment, it's the merlin versions that are proving to be very elusive. Regards Colin.
  6. Dear All, Further to my previous post on Merlin Seafires and my intention to build all 3 versions,1B, IIC and III I've just managed to buy the Sword Mk III / SW72084 late boxing which, with all Sword Seafire and Spitfire kits, are like hens teeth these days. I've read the excellent review of this kit on Hyperscale by Mark Davies (below) which confirms my initial thoughts that the kit is excellent with the only obvious error being the lack of panel lines on the wings showing the wing fold. http://www.hyperscale.com/2014/reviews/kits/sword72083reviewmd_1.htm Given the lack of wing fold lines and the plethora of spares also included, as apparently these are from their previous Spitfire V model which Sword still left in for some reason, I'm wondering if the kit could also be built as Mk II as well? Would love to hear from anyone who has bought/built this kit who could confirm, along with any build issues that the kit may have, as I'm very much a Seafire virgin and still learning as I go. Regards Colin. Ps. any clues as to where I might find any more of the Sword Seafires for sale as mine was the last and only one left with Kingkit and trawling Google has yielded nothing?
  7. Sorry, just to add that whilst I believe the '2' is not white it does appear to be a little lighter than the yellow cowling, so perhaps the cowling and number used different shades of yellow possibly? Again just a thought based upon the misinterpretation of the von Werra E-4 that ran and ran for quite some considerable time. Regards Colin.
  8. Sorry, I did indeed mean '2'. Thanks for correcting me. Regards Colin.
  9. Dear All, For what it's worth, possibly not a great deal, I suspect the '3' is more likely to be yellow rather than white. If you look at the white tail band its tonal value is very, very close to that of the white background of the JG27 emblem on the cowling, which fits perfectly. With the latter definitely being white the '3', by comparison, clearly has a very different tonal value to both the tail band and JG27 emblem and therefore must be another colour I would have thought. This is similar in some respects to the issue surrounding the colour of the cowling on Franz von Werra's Bf 109-E4 which for many years was mis-interpreted as being white. Just a thought. Regards Colin.
  10. Dear All, Apologies if this has been raised before in a previous post. I'm looking to build a merlin powered Seafire, the 1b, IIc or III version from a Spit V donor kit but unsure what type of arrestor hook was used and if it varied at all between these 3 versions? I'm a late comer to the Seafire but I believe the 1b and IIc were converted from existing Spit Vb/c airframes and the III was a new build airframe incorporating the previous mods that had been made (plus some new ones as well) but all three were essentially a Spit V in very general terms. Regards Colin. Ps. I have just managed to find a Sword Seafire III which hopefully is a good choice for this variant (?) but did it have a different hook arrangement to the Ib and IIc?
  11. Just another question due to my ignorance but I thought there were also HF Mk9 versions, fitted with the series 70 Merlin rated for better altitude performance, although not sure which wing type they would have. Presume it would have been the 'c', or possibly even the 'e' in the latter low back configuration more common with the XVI? Apologies again for my lack of knowledge here as I'm no guru when it comes to Spits and simply basing this upon the relatively few references I have plus the different kits that are out there in 72nd scale. Kind Regards Colin.
  12. Thank you for clarifying and updating my knowledge of the Spit as MH434 has always been referred to as a IXb previously in various magazines (Flypast etc.) and Shacklady also refers to EN554 as being of this type as well, hence my misunderstanding. Kind Regards Colin.
  13. Dear All, Not directly relevant in terms of the Fw190-D colours but just a quick general thought/observation. For many years the Bf109E-4 of Franz von Verra was utterly misinterpreted in terms of its nose cowling colour with many decal sheets and models showing it as being white, where as in fact it was the standard RLM blue and camouflage colours of the period. It just looked lighter due to lighting, proximity to the camera given film and lens technology at the time, and possibly it even being a fresh/new item fitted. Assessing tonal values from b&w photos is always fraught so my only advice is that if it looks right and fits with the accepted understanding of what was used at the time then nobody can pick holes or criticise with any degree of conviction or certainty. Unlike all those poor souls who have built the Von Werra machine with a white cowling! Kind Regards Colin. Ps. I see Airfix still think the cowling is white which is rather surprising
  14. The photos confirm that this example had the 'c' wing fitted where as some early IX's also had the 'b' wing as this was presumably easier for Castle Bromwich to convert existing Vb's already on the production line and use up the existing airframe/wing assemblies already good to go. The IX'b' seems to be quite a rare bird these days as most if not all that I've seen restored have the 'c' or even 'e' wing but a very fine example of the IX'b' is the venerable MH434 that still flies today and is quite superb after all these years. I first saw it back in 1971 at a small air show at Shobdon airfield in Herefordshire and I still have the programme to prove it! I must admit that my first impressions from the photos of this particular Spit were that it was in fact an updated Vc as the nose just doesn't seem to be long enough to be a IX for me, but clearly my eyesight is no longer what it was. Kind Regards Colin.
  15. Just to add that having perused all sellers on 'tinternet' the FM 'F' versions are only available on 'back-order' from a Japanese web site so no idea if/when they will eventually arrive plus the long delay in delivery. As such I'm more than happy with my AZ and Zvezda choices, even if they may need some tweaks, as at least you can get hold of one and then amend as you see fit. As for the canopy my understanding is that the previous 'glazed' forward elements of the 'E' and 'F' were overpainted on the 'G' but not sure if this was just a paint job or any form of actual metal applied. I'm pretty sure even the 'E' also had a pistol port aperture (F as well?) so presume his would have carried forward and would not have necessitated any change a such to the forward canopy. Perhaps a case of reducing glare in the cockpit perhaps? Regards Colin.
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