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  1. Re books that have all the Lanc serial numbers I have three, the two already mentioned (The Definitive Record by Harry Holmes and The Story Of A Famous Bomber by Bruce Robertson) plus The Avro Lancaster by Francis K Mason. I haven't cross checked them mind so it's possible that there may be some differences, however in many cases new books simply re-use information from previous publications so I expect all 3 to be pretty much the same. The good news is that all 3 are still available on Amazon. Regards Colin.
  2. You could always ask Airfix for the decal sheet for their BI/PO-S which should have 137! That said they've just quoted me £8 for this sheet as mine was damaged when bought but at least it's a possible route to think about. Regards Colin.
  3. Not forgetting that the Seafire III also had the later style 6 exhausts fitted to their single stage merlin engines along with some IIc's as well, and I've even seen a pic of a hooked Seafire Ib similarly attired. Regards Colin.
  4. The fuselage diagram is on page 539 of Shacklady so if you have or can borrow a copy it's well worth it as it also has some good pics showing the forward mounted spools in place. In addition Warpaint No 72/Merlin Seafires has a good set of 72nd scale plans for all versions showing all the various mods that were made. Regards Colin.
  5. Many thanks for clarifying this for me, just a pity it won't have the correct blisters after all. Regards Colin.
  6. I'm sure I've read somewhere that the yet to be released 'Beginners Set' of the new Spitfire Vc will have a slightly different mold to the one recently released and the image of it on the Airfix web site certainly seems to show smaller canon blisters on the upper wings, associated with aircraft fitted with only 1 canon per wing ie. the standard 'c' wing. Have I imagined this or is there any truth here please? Regards Colin.
  7. Just watched the video of the parts test fit and now even more enthusiastic about building this later this year. The kit is clearly made to very fine tolerances so all the internals will need to be devoid of any paint on the sides that mate to the fuselage (along with the mating areas of the fuselage itself) in order to benefit from the very fine fit shown, and given the parts break down of the engine, cowlings, machine guns, flaps etc. etc. the possibilities seem almost endless. Which makes me wonder if AZ haven't missed the boat here with their own new 'Emil' kits due out soon. F
  8. I have a couple to build for later in the year but from inspection only the kit looks to be extremely good and the best E of any variety in this scale by some margin. So much so that I have cancelled my back order for the forthcoming AZ release to keep my powder dry for later SH releases instead. Hopefully someone is in the process of building and can report back on whether it is as good as it looks, and even if it's only half as good it will still be quite something. Regards Colin. Ps. I gather they also plan to release the E-1 version which will be a
  9. Chris, Quite superb and I'm in awe of what you have done, just wish my own skills were anywhere near what you have achieved. Kind Regards Colin.
  10. Your build and painting/weathering is great and so much better than I could achieve so I feel rather reluctant to suggest something that looks a bit odd, but there again I may well have this wrong. It's just that on the pilot's access door the crow bar seems to be located underneath the door structure whereas I've only ever seen it lying on top so that it could be quickly removed if/when needed. As I say it could be my error so if this is the case then please ignore. Regards Colin.
  11. Ray, That's exactly what I was after, thank you. Regards Colin.
  12. I'm sure I've seen examples and read somewhere that a certain type of b/w film used during this period caused tone reversal making the tone of certain colours seem wrong or 'reversed', particularly the red, blue and yellow of roundels? Regards Colin.
  13. Aha, things are now beginning to make a lot more sense to me so many thanks for the clarification. Not entirely sure about the anchor point for the main harness straps that feed through the armour plate/head rest but as I will be using decals (either the Eduard Super Fabric or Kits World) and not a PE set this is not an issue. Regards Colin.
  14. Firstly apologies for confusing the 'blister' canopy sides with the 'blown' type that were fitted to the B.XVI, my only mitigation is that I'm no expert on the Mossie what so ever having never built one since the mid-70's and never delved too deeply into the various marks until now. My understanding (from my only book on the Mossie, "Mosquito In Action" by Squadron Signal/August 2017), is that the B.XVI was essentially a pressurised version of the B.IX so as apparently some B.IX's were retrofitted with the bulged bomb doors could the kit also represent this earlier version, or are
  15. Just to add that the images on the Airfix web site also show a bomb load of 4 x 500lb (?) bombs so hopefully these will be included, and even perhaps the 4000lb 'cookie' as well given that the bomb bay doors look to be the correct bulged variety specifically installed to accommodate it, only the early examples having the standard type fitted. Regards Colin.
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