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  1. Nice! From an era when aircraft design was still influenced by bird anatomy? (the aircraft not the kit!) Ha!
  2. Airfix 1/72 EE Lighning F1a, in late 60's, I remember well the 111sqn (TrebleOne) lightning flashes flanking the fuselage type 'D' roundel !! Very inspirational to young lad of 6 or 7?? Living in north Lincolnshire on the fight path into RAF Binbrook seemed an appropriate choice, I still have a few copies of the kit deep deep in the stash, until recently the only reliable source of smaller ventral fuel tank Thanks Dad
  3. I always liked this kit, even for a Matchbox kit of it's vintage it kinda works out okay, Very nice, thanks for the pleasant prod at the 'Matchbox' region of my memory
  4. Great job! I really like the F1, the first incarnation of a classic British jet
  5. 'Very' nice, miss the ol' F3, an interceptor of some repute!
  6. I was planning to build this kit then post the finished project in 'Ready for Inspection' and although I've read a few reviews of this kit and how it can present a challenge to the unwary but wow! was I surprised just how much work is needed to complete this thing to an acceptable standard! It's a kit that fights the builder every step of the way, there are very few parts that fit together properly, and some that are so far out they would float in space with no contact with the rest of the kit! https://ibb.co/S73r38B https://ibb.co/nbcF4H6 https://ibb.co/gSWbFC8 https://ibb.co/M5CQ478 https://ibb.co/FhGg1w9 https://ibb.co/dLCd8Sv https://ibb.co/mzc1998 https://ibb.co/9rPxNZt https://ibb.co/Bq9Pn4W
  7. Kes

    Been a while

    Thanks! wise words, I'll be fitting the big ol' comet smashing missile underneath, so no landing gear for this one!
  8. My preferences do fluctuate a bit, I'm easily distracted by shiny things! I do like stuff in Raspberry Ripple, I've always had a 'thing' for SAAB's mighty Viggen (a former screen name of mine) but the one I always return to is the incredible EE/BAC Lightning! by a huge margin my most built kits are Airfix F1a/F3 and Matchbox F2a/F6 literally 'dozens' of them, I still have a fair few Lighting kits in the stash from Airfix (1st and 2nd gen) Matchbox (and it's Revell repress) Trumpeter Hasegawa/Frog and Sword, you never know, I might actually build them one day?
  9. Kes

    Been a while

    I haven't contributed to this place in quite a while, but recently, I've had that itch to 'cement' polystyrene again, my stash is still intact and I still have stuff waiting to be completed, namely, early edition 1/72 Airfix Beagle Basset, to be completed as XS734 from ETPS and a cross kit Eastern Express and Airfix 1/144 Vostok Soviet era launch vehicle I intend to finish as Soyuz 19 7K-TM, the plan was to get an Airfix 1/144 Saturn IIB to complete the line up of the 1975 Apollo - Soyuz test project, which I can remember on TV way back then! However, in the spirit of those of us who suffer AMS, they will have to wait a little longer, because, waiting on the dusted off freshly organised work bench is a copy of a barely started Airfix 1/72 Stratos 4 TSR2, I seem to have entered a Japanese phase?!?! So, I'm about to research the (as I remember) ill starred Airfix kit with it's relevant problems! For anyone who has completed this kit, what is the single best piece of advice you can give? Thank you (good to be back)
  10. Kes


    'Very' nice, well done!! . . . Kes
  11. I haven't bought any model magazine for years now, they're too expensive for what they contain, I'm not really interested in super accuracy (oxymoron?) and, to me at least, unrealistic weathering, just looks a bit daft. However, I do like to revisit my comprehensive collection of Airfix and SAM mags from the 70's and 80's, probably driven more by nostalgia than anything else? . . . Kes
  12. better than my first attempt, it ended up as a ball of glue with kit parts floating around in it! Ha! . . . Kes
  13. Kes

    Maintrack Project X

    Thanks for the replies fellas, lots to consider, the Whirlybird website seems a bit out of date with no direct method to order? I'll give them a call tomorrow? I see Hannants are out-of-stock on most of the Pro Resin kits?? I have a few kits of British post war research aircraft, Anigrand - Handley Page HP.115 Planet Models - Shorts SC1 CMR - Boulton Paul P111 Pro Resin - Bristol T188 Frog - Fairey Delta II Aeroclub - English Electric P1 On the top of my list would be a Project X HP 88, to build as an homage to the little known mathematician ans aerodynamicist 'Johanna Weber' Oh, one more thing, why do Airfix SR 53 kits sell for really high prices for such a old and somewhat niche kit?? . . . Kes
  14. Kes

    Maintrack Project X

    I've been chasing a few Project X kits around on eBay without much success, they certainly go for prices beyond my wallet! Do Maintrack still exist? is there someone somewhere with the tools to begin production again?? I'm thinking SR53/177, FD1, HP88 that kind of thing?? . . . Kes
  15. I researched this when I built my A1, including extensive useful input from Canberrakid John, didn't get a definitive colour match, so I went with Humbrol Hu89 Looks okay to me?? . . . Kes
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