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  1. Cool build, like the soft touch weathering (might have saved that underneath pic as a reference option for myself)
  2. Cool project . Now I have to add a mohawk to my build list ... damn, that list keeps getting longer!
  3. Wow! Are the radio line insulators/attachments stretched cotton bud shaft? I tried that myself recently and couldn't quite get it as thin.
  4. Nice build, love it when a post incites me to research an aircraft I was unaware of before ... thanks!
  5. Beauty! Just finished his 'Big Show' "memoir" the other night.
  6. Amazing! Love the subtle directional weathering on the props!
  7. So, I'm currently reading Closterman's "The Big Show" memoir. I am aware that all memoirs must be taken with pinches of salt but I am beginning to become rather confused by it. I've already read of the controversy surrounding the "yellow" FW190 piloted by Graff earlier in the book, but this later instance in the chapter I have just finished seems to be more flagrantly contradictory. In the chapter, "Tussle in the Stratosphere" Closterman describes the interception, as no2 in a pair of HF Spitfires, intercepting a recon 109G that is shot down by his no1 Ian Blair. HOWE
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