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  1. Awesome! Love the weathering, just right.
  2. Nice dude, which kit was this? Planning to try and build something similar at some point.
  3. I can offer a totally unbiased second to that ... I have absolutely no connection to Switzerland, never even been there (though I'd love to) ... and that Mossy is definitely a fine looking stand-out piece! What a great scheme! I like the P51 too, always loved the half and half aluminium schemes rather than the full metal finish birds.
  4. Quick build? Just finished my last build and it took me something like 2 months to finish.... and your quick build looks this good?!?! Tomahawk is one on my build list soon, hope mine looks like this ... and it will take me a hell of a lot longer!
  5. Cool, I'll keep those tips in mind! I've got .5 and .7 nibs to try. Did you have to do it in one sitting with each nib? Are they reusable with the same colour ... say a few nights in a row? ( I struggle to get decent length sessions for big jobs in one go with a toddler and full time teaching job... scuppered my attempt at hairspray chipping recently). You used .4? Didn't know which was best so got the .7 and .5 pack. .7 there's 5 of them but just 2 in the .5 pack, maybe those will be best. Looking forward to the 205 ... very different direction for me, starting a good year
  6. Awesome. I've literally just bought this pen too with the intention of using it on a Macchi c.205 and an tropical E4 like you have. Think I watched some of the same videos. Any tips regarding thinning/ consistency for the pen, general use of the pen?
  7. Love the Albemarle ! I'd never heard of this aircraft before, what an interesting aircraft. Thanks for prompting an interesting bit of reading!
  8. Thanks! Wow, that's awesome! I had actually considered it. I'm about to make a Macchi C.205 and have the mini motors on my amazon wishlist. Just haven't built up the courage to commit to getting them yet.
  9. Heya, My first diorama of any sort and first multiple build. Gosh, this took me so long! My personal memorial to the 80th anniversary for the battle of Britain. Airfix 1:48 Hurricane Mk1 Tamiya 1:48 Spitfire Mk1 Airfix 1:72 109E-4 (+1:144 109 for a giggle and first in the scale ... what a fiddle). Idea was to have the 109 crashed below after a forced landing at a slightly smaller scale to create a forced perspective effect as the victorious pair of British fighters passed above. Definitely works from above and some angles,
  10. Hi, That's really useful advice, thank you. I'm gonna bookmark this page so I can come back to it. I know what you mean with the size of the base. It's intended for a shelf in my study so I might extend the width to 20cm to give it a tad more depth. I'll mock it up on the 30 x 10 I've got when I've finished the models and see. At worst, I can have a first go at the techniques on that base so my final one doesn't look as bad. Thanks a lot for your advice
  11. Question/advice... Currently building a 1/48 scale pair of mk1 hurricane and spitfie for Battle of Britain pairing. I'm going to try and make my first "diorama" - kind of. I'm planning to use a 100mm by 300mm wood base with 2 aircraft in flight on brass rods above. On base will be either a 1/144 (although after building it, wow that's small) or 1/72 BF109 crashed for forced perspective. Idea is it will appear like the models are "passing" or banking away from a crash landed victory below. I've bought some grass scatter material and have pva for top of wood base, but I wan
  12. LOL, hahaha, I will have search around for the Fujimi kit too then. A few people above mentioned the Eduard kit has some fit issues.
  13. Wow, thanks guys that's really helpful...I'll start looking into those kits.
  14. Planning my next year ... or more, of building. Just wanted to feel out what the best / most detailed kits were for a few different airframes. 1/48 scale. I like building wheels up, so open canopy options not needed and fiddly detailed landing gear unnecessary, I'll just sand and fit the panels into the wing. (indeed I don't remember the last kit I made that came with a 'wheels up' option.). Battle of Britain Bf109E - June-ish 1940. - made a Tamiya as one of my very first brush kits years ago but it's faded [sloppy] and I look at it with pity now .. needs replaced. Still Tamiya?
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