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  1. There's a Hunter T.8 (?) in silver and day-glo XL 563. It seems to have a large nose probe - pitot? instrumentation? Any idea what's the purpose of that configuration? TIA
  2. styreno

    FAA Corsairs EIF

    I believe that the films were dated 1944. Serial numbers are indistinct. Thanks
  3. styreno

    FAA Corsairs EIF

    I've noticed that on many FAA Corsairs in EIF markings that the entire cowl flaps, including the top ones, are operable. These aircraft lack the blanking plate fitted to prevent oil leaks and smearing on the windscreen. This can be seen on the following videos: https://youtu.be/KM1PvJwQmcE https://youtu.be/-XKdaKadgNg Does anyone know if this was a field unit-level modification, or only done at MU level? It is not lacking on BPF Corsairs (that I have seen).
  4. styreno

    Ju 188 colours

    Thanks everyone for the quick responses. The photos are especially useful SafetyDad........however, I think they depict the Jumo-engined version (Ju 188A), whilst the Matchbox kit has the BMW engines (Ju 188E). I'm looking at the cowl flaps and exhaust. That aside, I'm inclined to agree, on your choice of colours - with the exception of the underside. To my eyes, I don't see black.
  5. styreno

    Ju 188 colours

    About to start this kit as a quick build. Not sure about the colours as shown on the box top and the colour guide on the back - printing variation has probably shifted the colour balance. Would anyone care to hazard a guess ( or definitive answer) as to the original colours used on the aircraft. Lacking authoritative references, I would be inclined to use RLM 76 Lichtblau on the undersurface. The uppersurface? Grey and green? Light blue and grey? The instructions indicate Humbrol 91 '"Black Green" and Humbrol 87 " Steel Grey".
  6. styreno

    Ju 52 SCW

    Orso: I used the Heller kit as it was in my stash I've robbed an Airfix kit of the spats. This is a project that started life as a Ju 52 bomber, but stalled for several years as I could not find aftermarket resin to do the ventral gondola (I know, Owl had it included in another set,, but now OOP). I'd still like a Ju 52 bomber in my collection. The cargo door was not a problem. Owl included a resin passenger door (not used) and replacement panel for the starboard freight door. Although the corrugatiions are not a perfect match, they are close, and I can live with them. Scri
  7. styreno

    Ju 52 SCW

    Thanks for replying, Artie and Orso. I'm leaning towards a dull silver-grey as a compromise. KE
  8. styreno

    Ju 52 SCW

    Starting to plan the paint for a Ju 52 in SCW period. I have the Owl decals, and am using a 1/72 Heller kit as the basis. I plan on doing 22*101. https://eshop.owl-czech.eu/detail/1-72-ju-52-spanish-transport/ I have not been able to find a photograph of the specific airplane. The Owl instructions seem to indicate RLM 63, but I wonder if L40/52 would be a better match? I've checked the the M. Ullmann book as a reference, without much joy. Any assistance or help much appreciated. KE
  9. Cannot comment further on the Shark colours, but as I have just recently completed this model, I can pass on my observations. My model was a Russian re-pop, with Frog decals (in surprisingly good condition). Flash was pronounced, and required care in removal. After prep, the parts were in fair condition, with the exception of the struts, which tended to be warped (curved). Engine is no more that a flat plate with a some lines on it. I substituted a discarded engine from a Frog/Academy Wildcat (14 cylinder P&W). Assembly went together well, until time to assemble the
  10. 72 Modeller - the Merlins are narrower and less deep in profile than the Hercules. Consequently, on the upper side of the wing, the fairings aft of the in-line installation are smaller in length, height and width by a significant amount. I'm not sure about the underside details. You would need to completely modify the wing/engine fairing shape to get a Mk. II from a Mk. I. I've contemplated doing this conversion, and keep coming back to the High Planes kit as the only sensible route. KE
  11. http://www.cmrmodels.co.uk/cmr72-234/blackburn-b46-firebrand-tf-mkv'mk5.html Go to the bottom of the page, and click on the linked images. There are several drawings that should give you the dimensions. KE
  12. I've built the Scimitar and the Hornet NF . More challenging than conventional injection styrene kits, but highly detailed models that makes effective use of P/E and cast metal parts. As noted, the canopies are the weakest part of the kit. Mine have yellowed, and there are no aftermarket replacements. I would suggest finding alternative decals. As far as accuracy, at the time of issue, they were representative of accepted standards, but some quibbles have since been voiced (see previous comments). I believe the canopy of the Hornets to be the most disputed area. Certainly wort
  13. styreno

    Me 262 colours

    Thank you Troy. Those two photos are a great reference.
  14. styreno

    Me 262 colours

    I realize that this a recurrent question, but with the advent of the Airfix Me 262, I think pertinent. I am having trouble with two specific colours, RLM 81 and RLM 82, as applied to Me 262 airframes late in the war, 1944/5. I have seen photos of reconditioned museum examples, and the paintwork is quite bright, especially the light green 82. I also have Ullman's treatise Luftwaffe Colours, and have referenced IPMS Stockholm. Nothing agrees. Is there an authoritative answer, or at least consensus, as to the hue and shade of these two colours? Can it be stated as an FS number? I
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