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  1. Thanks, that's really very helpful. I was thinking a Javelin would be a nice companion to the Sea Vixen
  2. Has anyone made one of these? I've seen a place advertising them at around £20 which is £12 less than they're asking for the Airfix. I made the 1/72 Airfix Javelin for my son back when it was first produced (when did they stop it?) and was fairly pleased with the results, will the Heller be similar quality?
  3. I remember Esci well, they did loads of great stuff that I enjoyed making, but it seems they went out of business some years ago. I thought it was just the humpback?
  4. I found an Airfix Skyhawk model that I could easily convert to to an RAN one, but where could I find decals. I thought I could make it the first part of the FAA collection.
  5. F15 Eagle F16 F18 Super Hornet Eurofighter Typhoon Saab Gripen Dassault Rafale I'm trying to get an idea of their comparative sizes in my head and there is nothing like a model to do that. If you have a mix of any or all those aircraft I'd love to see a picture
  6. RAF VC10 RAF Tri Star RAF Airbus 330 Virgin Atlantic Airbus 330 (Military/Diplomatic charter Friday shuttle) RAF Hercules Dan Air something or other to Jersey in the 70's Pan Am 747 BA 747 Continental Airways ?? 1970's early 80's internal US flight TWA ?? 1970's early 80's internal US flight
  7. Thanks for the advice, you don't seem to be a fan of Matchbox. With the F35B Lightning II what are the problems with the Italeri? as the Hasegawa, Fujimi are more expensive and difficult to get hold of.
  8. It the Avenger post war? True I missed the Skyraider but do they do an AEW model? The Sea Prince would be interesting but again is there a model of it?
  9. Thanks for all the advice
  10. I forgot FRADU Canberra's which is odd as I used to pass them regularly by the fence at Yeovilton. I'd probably just build one Gannet (does anyone make a model? in 1/72) given the choice COD.4. Ex Royal? I served with 45, CHF and at RM Poole as a scablifter
  11. I couldn't but did! Thanks for the reminder
  12. I've decided on the Post War FAA aircraft I wish to build in 1/72 scale and would like any recommendations about the best kits (and warnings about the worst) of each type. I've been fascinated by the Fleet Air Arm since I did a Look at Life course at RNAS Daedalus in 1979 and my RN Medical Assistant Phase II training at RNAS Yeovilton some year later. When I'm in the area I always drive past Ford Prison to take a look at the Hunter Gate Guard at the former RNAS Ford. Just love naval air stations! My father did a draft on HMS Implacable when he was in the RN. Supermarine Sea Fire (late model) Farey Firefly Hawker Sea Fury Westland Wyvern Blackburn Firebrand De Havilland Vampire Gloster Meteor F3/F8 and NF (Flight Requirements & Air Direction Unit) De Havilland Sea Venom Single Seat and NF Supermarine Attacker Hawker Seahawk Supermarine Scimitar Hawker Hunter GA11 & T8M De Havilland Sea Vixen FAW Blackburn Buccaneer Hawk T1 (RN 736 S)qn Sea Harrier FRS1 Sea Harrier FRS2 Sea Harrier T4N Harrier GR7 (Naval Strike Wing) F35B Lightning II (809 Squadron) Gannet British Aerospace BAe 125 Heron King Air
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