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  1. Alt92 what dragon? Lol benteaters… the vase is a leek? I always assumed it was a vase
  2. Hi guys. I got a head scratcher for you all ( or perhaps not) I have a couple of 1/72 Blackburn Beverly kits in the stash, the magna resin kit and an ancient vac for kit who’s manufacturer escapes me now. Both kits are huge and would be a real eye catcher. Many years ago I saw a colour profile of one particular airframe and I have wanted to build this aircraft ever since but despite extensive searching on the intertube I have been unable to find any reference to the real life aircraft. The airframe I’m referring to is XM103 belonging to 84 squadron and was camouflaged dark earth/mid stone with black undersides. Along with the scorpion squadron motif the aircraft had some extra artwork applied for its return to the UK consisting of a vase of flowers below the port cockpit window and “Uk and or bust” again applied to the part fuselage side just after the access door. There was also some further text forward of this door but I am unable to make out what this says. So my long winded question is does anyone have any information regarding this aircraft particularly the unusual artwork and ideally any close up photos? Cheers in advance guys and fingers crossed, Mike
  3. Hi guys… sorry for the late reply… thanks very much for the info, juts and conversion sets on the way… Cheers mick
  4. Hi guys…I’m wonderiy what’s the best options to get a Juno and Jupiter helicopters in 1/72, any available kits that don’t require major surgery and are there and decals knocking about? cheers mick
  5. The ground clearance on the pod can have given much room for error when taking of and landing
  6. Cheers for that jabba.. just ordered that set…. Could the strobe flash unit be used as a fuel tank on a kit? By that I mean is it basically the same size and shape as a fuel tank? The pod looks nice but how does it compare to the matchbox kit item? I’ve got a matchbox unit hing from one of my phantoms but it looks way too close to the ground and scaled up it would about 11 inches clear of the ground.
  7. Just looked on alley cat models and they have the tanks and reconnaissance pod but it seems they don’t deliver to the UK
  8. Cheers dave, that set looks well nice but I bet it rare as hens teeth lol
  9. They’ll do, thanks a million chaps…. By the way, what would I need to do to convert them to the photo flash units as used by 41 squadron?
  10. Hi guys… I’ve got a couple of RAF Phantoms going through the refurb hanger and I need to locate a couple of sets of wing tanks. Are there any aftermarket tanks available in 1/72? chees y’all mick
  11. Jabba.. what was the email address to used?
  12. Skodadriver… thanks for the advice.. I’ve tried to email F-RSIN from their site but I keep getting an internal server error… are they still trading? mick
  13. Aye up skodadriver… thanks for the reply mate….I have seen the set for the tridents one and two and one can still get them. Not sure I want to spend 30 quid just for one decal though and I’m not sure they would be appropriate for a trident three in any case…would you happen to have contact details for said Monsieur F-RSIN ? mick
  14. Hi guys… I desperately hope someone can help and advise me with this one.. I’ve just finished and painted the F-RSIN. Trident three, my first go at one of their kits. The kit is quite nice as far as short run kits go and it really does capture the outline of the real thing… however, the decals leave a lot to be desired being way too thin and delicate and broke into pieces that got smaller and smaller as I tried to apply them… I didn’t know they were so thin and with hindsight I should have applied a bit of liquid decal film before using them….so my question is this, does anyone know where I might find a replacement port side blue trim with windows for a trident three bluejack scheme? Any help would be most appreciated, mick
  15. Evening fellas… just a quick question if I may? Does anyone know of any 1/72 aftermarket undercarriage doors for the F-4? I’ve searched online for four days and all I can find are the quickboost 1/48 set… I’ve got four Phantom restores on the go and I’m stuck for the doors… anyone have any ideas? mike
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