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  1. Ah.. thanks for that mate, I know where I’m going now.. the destination was Paphos about two years ago
  2. Thanks for all the help guys,I know where I’m going now... sort of lol... I’m not sure what model of 737 I flew to Cyprus on a couple of years ago with jet2 holidays so I have no idea which kit to get now..as for the 757 I think it has to be the authentic airliners model
  3. Thanks for the info mate...so the zvezda and Revell kits can be built straight out the box? Do the they have the winglets? Do welsh models do a 757-200? I’m sure if seen one.
  4. sorry guys if this has already been asked but what’s the best option as far as kits go for building a jet2 holidays 737 with the blue tail straight out of the box or what modifications / aftermarket bits are needed? Same question regarding the 757-200 also.
  5. One for the Luftwaffe experts here.. I’ve got hold of the original Airfix Dornier Do 17E/F but the decals and code letters are shot to pieces.. can anyone tell me who might make said code letter s so I can finish the kit as if out of the box? cheers
  6. For me the most iconic aircraft from the Vietnam war would have to be the Huey, although strictly speaking it’s a helicopter.
  7. Thank you mark, that was most helpful.. guess I’ll just stick with the tiger meet scheme, it looks a lot less hassle.. thanks once again
  8. To clarify, the kit I have is the German tornado ECR in the 2001/2 tiger meets scheme if that makes any difference?
  9. So basically it can’t be done without the said kit parts?
  10. But I don’t have the RAF specific spruce or the GR1 kit
  11. Hiya fellas. I’ve got the Revell 1/32 German tiger meet tornado half builtin the workshop. As nice as the tiger scheme is it looks too complicated to apply the decals. With this in mind is it possible to build said kit as an RAF GR1, what would it entail and are there any decals available?
  12. Why not strip the paint off using Mr Muscle? Better than waiting for spring
  13. Thank you for the help and advice fellas, it’s much appreciated
  14. Hello chaos... did Baders hurricane ( the one with the boot kicking Adolfs behind) have fabric or metal wings? And what about ian gleeds ( one of the subjects of the 1/24 Airfix kit) and finally is there an easy way to tell/ find out which airframe had what? cheers guys
  15. Could I ask what scale?
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