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  1. Hi guys.... thanks for all the replies ... the kit did eventually arrive albeit taking weeks .. once bitten twice shy so they say so I doubt I’ll be ordering from them again.
  2. Sorry fellas I should have said I’m looking for 1/72 scale from the 60s to the present day
  3. Hi guys..does anyone know where I might find decals for RAF warning and safety stencils such as ejection seat warning triangles etc? I have quite a lot of RAF aircraft kits to build and although I have unit markings and codes I don’t have the warning and safety stencils.. any help or information is greatly appreciated
  4. Alt92.... thanks for the reply... yes they’re who I ordered from... it looked like good site to order from but it looks like I’ve been stung. The order wasn’t small and I’m well out of pocket but having paid by credit card or Paypal I should be able to get my money back I hope.
  5. Aye up guys.. sorry if I’ve put this in the wrong place please feel free to move it if I have. I’m just wondering if anyone has dealt with 1001 hobbies. I ordered a kit at the beginning of April and I’ve not received it yet. I can’t seem to find any way of contacting them as the number I’ve found on their website doesn’t work and neither does the email address.. what’s the consensus on their reliability and does anyone have any contact details? As always guys thanks for any help or advice. mike
  6. Well if anyone deserves a knighthood then surely it’s got to be captain Tom and I for one will be adding my voice to it and of course I’m going to send a card...
  7. I’m sure everyone has seen captain Tom and his fund raising activities over the last week. What an absolute legend he is. Captain Tom represents the very best of what makes us British. His determination, spirit and great humility is an inspiration to everyone. He’s a real hero and a giant amongst men and of course a gentleman. Let us all congratulate Tom in raising £12,000000 for the NHS, an outstanding achievement by any standards. well done captain Tom and thank you for everything you have done. You are indeed and in every sense of the word, a real hero.
  8. Don’t forget The Royal British Legion, they have always been there for my son. https://www.britishlegion.org.uk/?seg=WPDW3B&gclid=Cj0KCQjwm9D0BRCMARIsAIfvfIYPM3E7ihyEfge5EpVWInvgJfldKhU6hWOJbp_1bWe4kN_jvXvWtLgaAqFrEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  9. My god, this Mig business is a minefield
  10. Cheers for that Giorgio.. is there a difference between the of and the pfm versions?
  11. Hello fellow self isolators, I hope everyone is well. Just a very quick question if I may? Can the Italeri 1/72 Mig-21 bis (kit number 1427) be built as an Indian Air Force machine? I really like the look of one I saw in a picture with a sort of stripey cammo finish. Cheers in advance fellas. mick
  12. Well thanks for the advice fellas... it looks like flat white is the way to go but perhaps with just a tiny spot of grey to tone it down a little bit, I think pure flat white might be a bit to “ clean” looking
  13. It’s giving me a head ache ... so does this mean all USAF aircraft in the SEA. Scheme have this very light grey, almost white on their undersides ? I always thought they had a medium grey lower half. If I’m wrong and they should have this very light grey finish then all my USAF aircraft models in this scheme are wrong
  14. I’m almost finished building the Italeri F-4G wild weasel ( kit 134) and I’m going to finish it in the SEA scheme.. now I always thought that Phantoms in thes colour scheme had grey undersides but the kit painting guide suggests this particular machine had white undersides. Is this correct or is it a miss print? thanks in advance guys
  15. Cheers guys....it’s had ten coats now and it’s no different sheen wise but it’s starting to look grubby so I’ll leave it at that, if I can’t get a shine after ten coats I’m never going to get one
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