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  1. Ok everyone.. thanks for all the help..
  2. Interesting... would the aluminium paint have a gloss or Matt finish?
  3. Painted aluminium would mean no variation in panel colours I presume?
  4. Armageddon aside, the B52 is a handsome aeroplane. I think it’s something to do with it’s blunt nose, slender fuselage and swept back wings and in a NMF it looks very sexy
  5. 72modeler... very interesting but at the same time terrifying.. I was only a few months old at the time so obviously I knew nothing about it but mum and dad remember it. Mum told me she was absolutely terrified at the prospect he beautiful little baby ( me ) suffering.. For our kids and grandkids sake let’s all pray we never have to face that prospect again.
  6. Thanks guys, decals ordered problem solved
  7. Sorry guys, dropped a bit of a clanger I’m afraid I don’t have the ERTL kit, I’ve got the AMT B-52H so I don’t think I can use those engines even if I wanted to... of course non of this would be necessary if I had decals for NMF B-52D in the original monogram SAC markings
  8. Interesting.... looks like the conversion set is possibly the way to go... does anyone stock it in the UK? the postal charges from the states are more than the set itself.
  9. Hi everyone.. as the title says, what’s the best/ easiest and cheapest way to get to B-52F? I have the ancient Monogram B-52D and the ERTL B-52G. I was wondering if there are any conversion kits readily available as I don’t teally want to butcher the ERTL KIT.. any help or advice guys? Mick
  10. Cheers guys.... seems like it’s going to be easier than I at first thought...hope to show some pics when I get started
  11. The reason I’m wanting to backdate a modern tornado is simply because the original sirfix kit is somewhat lacking in detai, especially in the cockpit.
  12. Thanks for the replies chaps . I’m wanting to finish the model as the red/white scheme on the original Airfix box. I should perhaps have made it clear I was thinking about the physical differences between the MRCA and production tornados.
  13. Hi fellas. How difficult would it be to backdate a modern tornado kit to an MRCA? I can’t see it being that difficult but what would it involve and which kit or kits would be needed? I have the original Airfix MRCA for any parts that might be needed as well as the Airfix, revell and italeri kits. Also where might I find a replacement set of MRCA decals?
  14. Wow, you guys are a mine of information who would have guessed someone would know the number of windows on a kit differs from one boxing to another? I’m not taking the mick, I meant that in the nicest possible way and it just goes to show the depth of knowledge on this site..long may it continue... as for the number of windows on my kit I’ll have a look when I get home tonight and I’ll post back the results... cheers guys
  15. I’ve just got hold of the old Airfix Lufthansa Boeing 747and I’m wondering if all the various incarnations of the kit were the same and had the same parts. The reason I’m asking is I’d like to build at as a British airways aircraft as was featured on the box top on another release.
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