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  1. Keith T

    Chengdu J-20

    I'm just about ready to paint mine... Nice kit, but the instructions are rather vague in several areas. Seat is tiny compared to cockpit...
  2. Be careful which way the MANTIS lettering slopes.....
  3. Ok, thanks. So, the tan decals are way off.............. I'll wait for another decal sheet and build another jet right now.
  4. I think I read a discussion regarding the shade of tan used on the Two Bobs decals........... does anyone know the general consensus on this ?
  5. Thanks John, I'm mounting the Wolfpack gun-pod on a 1:48 Hasegawa FGR2, so that's perfect. The part missing from the 1:48 Wolfpack gun-pod pylon is the 'Adjustable Nose Fairing' - labelled '2' in your first diagrams. It's present on their 1:32 pylon, - hence my guess that the part might be included in the 1:48 Hasegawa kit itself, but not in the available 1:32 kits. Can anyone confirm this assumption, before I start modifying my 1:48 Wolfpack pylon unnecessarily ? (Kit itself is still buried deep in the loft) Thanks
  6. Do you have a similar diagram for the mounting of the centreline gun-pod ? I have the Wolfpack gun-pod set, but the included pylon appears too shallow............ is there an adaptor in the Hasegawa kits that it mounts on ?
  7. I'm following progress on these 1/48 BUFF builds whilst looking nervously at my own two kits from Sangar. I would also be very interested in resin wheels and/or cockpit details.......... Good luck ! Keith, UK
  8. Thanks for the explanation and clearer image. Tempted to build.............
  9. What's with the white nose on the Phantom at 44:30 ? Was this just temporary after a new radome, or a colour-scheme I've not seen before ? Anyone have images of this aircraft in these colours ?
  10. Do you have a shot or two of the correct intake parts in position ?
  11. I actually made such a balls-up of my port wing that I asked Modelsvit if I could buy replacement sprues to start again. Communications were very easy and efficient via FB Messenger and my sprues arrived this morning in good condition. Definitely excellent customer service. Thank you Modelsvit ! Keith
  12. Thanks, Alexy. I'm just about to start painting mine and I'm trying to decide which shades to use. In addition to the colours you mention, I think Chrome (on a matt grey primer) is another candidate. I find the AK Extreme Metals are much more resistant to masking tape, so will probably use that range.
  13. The finish on this Blinder looks fantastic ! Which shades of Alclad and AK Extreme Metal did you end up using ?
  14. I'm in the process of building this kit myself and also found the halves of the wings troublesome, the left wing in particular ! Have you progressed any further since the last update you posted ?
  15. Considering what they've done to the flap-hinges, I think the shape of the forward fuselage/cockpit might be the least of the kits problems..................
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