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  1. Hi folks, A friend of mine has acquired the data-plate from the above airframe and is wondering whether is would be possible to find out a details of the aircraft; variant, operator, service history etc. so he could build a model to go with the plate itself. Could anyone point me towards a potential source for such info, please ? K
  2. Sounds like something that could put your back out too........... !
  3. I think Revell have the 'Bunny' markings reversed on this side ?
  4. I'm sorry if my comments on examining my kit sounded like I was attacked Revell for their efforts in producing it., but after waiting so long for an improvement on the old Testors kit, I feel that the opportunity to offer an accurate, modern kit has been missed. I hear that the kit designer actually died before the design was completed and much documentation was lost, so that might be a partial explanation. Inaccuracies I noted before putting my kit away included the curvature of the cockpit transparencies, especially the RIO's, which should be totally flat. The contours of area immediately behind behind the cockpit, including the fairing housing the Star-tracker window, is a tricky to capture and seems in need of work to achieve the proper shape. The airframe at Duxford offers very good views of this feature. The option to model two versions of the radome area is very welcome, but only the different top halves are included - the lower halves are also different on the real aircraft. The real aircraft also has a surprising amount of raised detail to interupt the apparently smooth exterior and it would have been very nice if this had been included in the model. We'll have to disagree on the level of detail Revell have included/not included in the undercarriage bays... but most many companies are now managing to capture a better level of detail than this - even Airfix has made strides in this area recently (aftermarket to the rescue!) I'm have to disagree that the inlet spikes in the kit are sharp' - not in my kit... I wouldn't want to be poked in the eye by one, but it would take considerable force to scratch skin with them. The ends will need building up and reshaping before properly representing the real hing. The description of 'Separate control surfaces' could be misunderstood as providing the option to build the model with these surface deflected. In fact, a large part of the outer elevons is actually moulded as part of the wing, and all the control surfaces can only be installed in the neutral position (without cutting and creating our own mounts). Look, don't get me wrong here... this kit will build up into an impressive model of this iconic aircraft - and may offer scratch-builders and aftermarket opportunities to those of us that crave accuracy and detail... but ANY two-foot long representation of this beautiful aircraft will be impressive... My point is, that such an impression is likely to be due to the sheer impact of the Blackbird itself, not the quality of this Revell kit. My apologies if I have offended anyone. K
  5. I'm just received and started to put this kit together... and not impressed with what I'm seeing ! Whilst definitely an improvement on the 40-year old Testors/Italeri kit,, this is not a particularly detailed OR accurate kit of this iconic aircraft. The SR-71 was designed in the 1950's and still looks like something from the future, but this Revell kit looks like it was produced in the 1990s - nowhere near up to the standard of most recent kits... There are visible sink-marks around the tails and afterburner sections, mistakes in the instructions, a pitiful lack of detail in the undercarriage bays and many other inaccuracies. This is going to be a very hard kit to bring-up to modern standards. I look forward to seeing what the aftermarket producers come up with. I have plenty of better kits to build, so I'm putting this one back in it's box and into the loft.... I'll wait for the much better SR-71 kit that is already well into development by Hypersonic. Then we might be able to do justice to this historic aircraft. K
  6. Right now on Ebay, I have one of the rare resin sets designed to convert a 1:48 Testors/Italeri SR-71 kit into an A-12 ... search for 'Black Robin Resinz'.
  7. Yep, unfortunately they have the same problem, although their cans for the Spey-powered UK versions are better.
  8. I think Res-kit are the best for fit and best details.
  9. All operational A-10s were single-seat. Only one prototype/demonstrator two-seat was made.
  10. Got confused by all the mentions of Apache... no probs.
  11. I have just managed to buy a WAH-64 from a Polish chap, so there might still be one or two still be found. Of course, that now leaves me with a 'standard' AH-64 kit that need a new home...
  12. I've been unable to find a contact for Hamilton Hobbies... do you have a link you could share, please ?
  13. Thanks for that info. I'll try to find/contact him to buy recce pack for a future build. Cheers !
  14. Wow, well your perseverance paid off nicely ! Lovely job. Cheers K
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