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  1. I think Res-kit are the best for fit and best details.
  2. All operational A-10s were single-seat. Only one prototype/demonstrator two-seat was made.
  3. Got confused by all the mentions of Apache... no probs.
  4. I have just managed to buy a WAH-64 from a Polish chap, so there might still be one or two still be found. Of course, that now leaves me with a 'standard' AH-64 kit that need a new home...
  5. I've been unable to find a contact for Hamilton Hobbies... do you have a link you could share, please ?
  6. Thanks for that info. I'll try to find/contact him to buy recce pack for a future build. Cheers !
  7. Wow, well your perseverance paid off nicely ! Lovely job. Cheers K
  8. Cheers. And for the main green & grey camou ? French colours can be hard to match but you've absolutely nailed it. K
  9. The colours are perfect. Which colour/manufacturer paints did you use ?
  10. Keith T

    Chengdu J-20

    I'm just about ready to paint mine... Nice kit, but the instructions are rather vague in several areas. Seat is tiny compared to cockpit...
  11. Be careful which way the MANTIS lettering slopes.....
  12. Ok, thanks. So, the tan decals are way off.............. I'll wait for another decal sheet and build another jet right now.
  13. I think I read a discussion regarding the shade of tan used on the Two Bobs decals........... does anyone know the general consensus on this ?
  14. Thanks John, I'm mounting the Wolfpack gun-pod on a 1:48 Hasegawa FGR2, so that's perfect. The part missing from the 1:48 Wolfpack gun-pod pylon is the 'Adjustable Nose Fairing' - labelled '2' in your first diagrams. It's present on their 1:32 pylon, - hence my guess that the part might be included in the 1:48 Hasegawa kit itself, but not in the available 1:32 kits. Can anyone confirm this assumption, before I start modifying my 1:48 Wolfpack pylon unnecessarily ? (Kit itself is still buried deep in the loft) Thanks
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