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  1. It really is starting to look awfully nice!
  2. I'm not sure if this is modelling, carpentry or just plain shipbuilding... Or all three... Fabulous work!!!
  3. A top job on something so small! Love the paint and weathering.
  4. That's really coming on nicely Rob. It will be a pity to mar such a fiddly and neat paint job with rust and weathering.
  5. An absolutely cracking dio! Beautifully done and what a beast of a vehicle!
  6. I wonder how they expected to keep water out of the air intake on landing and take off.
  7. And what a beauty she is too. Excellent work there Stuart!
  8. Lovely job there Mike! Very neat indeed.
  9. Very nice SledDawg! 1:144 is great for small aircraft like this. Thanks for making the pics easier to see Troy!
  10. You missed out the raillings... Seriously mate, superb work. Absolutely superb!!!
  11. That mast looks excellent! Did you scratchbuild the antenna on top?
  12. Thanks guys. I'm up in the Utter Hebrides looking after my (not old age) parents again but hopefully heading home on Saturday... Weather permitting of course, there's been some gales so the ferry might not sail, always a possibility up here. Modelling time has been sparse too. I'll call in at my favourite model shop in Dingwall on the way down the road and see what Andy's got. I'll pick up some spare Styrene whilst I'm there too.
  13. Looking at the photos, a fair part of the deck and fo’c’sle is a green colour, some kind of anti-slip coating. Don't suppose anyone would know the (rough) colour, preferably in Tamiya? I also have Life Colour WW2 "Royal Navy Semtex Green" would that be any use?
  14. Lovely and very skilled work going on here Steve! Love the weathering and rust.
  15. Congrats on your win Beefy! Really glad to hear it mate. it was a cracking build!
  16. Put me down too please. I have a couple of 1:144 whirly things I'd like to have a bash at.
  17. Very impressive knitting! Those are really nice looking lifebelts too.
  18. That netting looks pretty complex. I don't think I'd have the patience for that.
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