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  1. Phew, got some paint on. Coat of Tamiya black, Tamiya light grey highlight, and Vallejo cam. olive green. Soon I'll finish assembly, coat it with future and then decals. I'll try dry fitting the windshields and back window to see if they can go on at the very end.
  2. Thanks, the undercarriage of trucks always seems to take the most time and fiddling. Started wrastling the body into place.
  3. That was fast. Must be all that "Advanced Technology" advertised on the box cover.
  4. That was quick. And it looks good. Priming feels like a distant dream to me at the moment.
  5. Yes, this kit is not great. The detail is great and maybe it's accurate, I wouldn't know, but there are many sinkmarks and some mold misalignment. And check out the flashing, the wheel on the left has been cleaned up. And this part doesn't fit So I cut off the hooks and glued them on once the panel was fitted. I sanded off some of the squiggly wood grain on the box. Top one has been sanded, bottom one is as molded. Here it sits after my first 12 hr allotment. So far I've spent four hours on it and think I've finished the bulk of the fiddly assembly. The next challenge will be fitting the bonnet and cab.
  6. Hah, thanks Brad and Jinxman. I worked on the undercarriage for a couple hours last night. The kit is well designed with lots of locating holes and pips but all of the holes are too small and have to be reamed out. There is a minimum of part cleanup getting done and none of the sinkholes or ejection pin marks are getting any attention at all at this stage. Saving that for the visible parts.
  7. Cleared off the bench I'll try to finish this Russian truck. We shall see...
  8. Good suggestions, I'll at least add the spotter's rifle and think about some other bits that make sense..
  9. Yeah, it's a drag to matte coat only to wash out some nice weathering like the dust you've done. Maybe just brushing on matte varnish where you want it?
  10. Not a boring update at all. After all of your crafting and problem solving I love seeing this step. Looks great.
  11. I'll join, have to figure out what stash contents can be finished in a weekend, maybe a Bandai Elefant if I don't add zimmerit?
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