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  1. Thanks everyone, I figure I'll finish it on time. The yardwork can wait.
  2. Summer is a busy time, I finally got back to the bench to paint the base coats and made a base. Lots of detail painting and basework to go.
  3. Oh wow, I loved watching you build the Bristol Scout. This build is already inspiring.
  4. Beautiful model of an interesting airplane, thanks for showing your process.
  5. Thanks Colin, They've only done a few odd but interesting 1/35 kits,
  6. Like Asterix standing beside Obelix.
  7. I have this book, and the Peninsular War, and American War of Independence books from the same series. I like them but I'm no expert. There is only one view of each uniform presented. The pictures have character but are not very large, crisp, or detailed.
  8. Looking good, and thanks for the book recommendations.
  9. Nice camouflage. That is a lot of slack compared to photos of the tank. I seem to remember the kit tracks being very soft rubber with good detail.
  10. Haha, thank you. The bike model is really nicely designed. No flash and everything fits well. The rest of the kit is a different story, some flash, softer details and softer plastic. But it's together now. And the marine is assembled with a flattened solder rifle strap.
  11. Very nice build. I hadn't appreciated how big a DH4 was. Quite a distance between the pilot and observer.
  12. Thanks, I'm really happy with it. That is a bell on the handlebar. Looking at old photos I can't see any bells. Maybe this Marine was more safety consious than his mates.
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