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  1. Verlinden produced many 120 mm resin figures from a variety of time periods, I've built their ww2 British infantryman and their Napoleon figure. Both had slight problems but were fun projects. Long out of production but still available on the used market.
  2. Thanks, yeah, I was looking at the other kits on their website yesterday, and am looking forward to seeing the Minerva in this group build. I finished the tires and am now ready for some paint. I'll do a fair bit of interior painting and maybe some weathering before putting the sides on.
  3. Thanks folks, I'm pretty happy with the tires. I did the treads on one more tonight and then needed a break so I put these fellows together. The CSM figure is great, very lifelike, the Warriors soldier is better sculpted and slightly cartoonish.
  4. I like the hand-painted camouflage, sets it apart.
  5. The tiny track links look pretty tedious to work with but end up so realistic. Love the historical subject and scratchbuilding too.
  6. It's fun to see the two being built with variations.
  7. This is fun, here are 20 years of the armoured cars I've built, all very dusty from sitting on the shelf. All 1/35 except for the anti-aircraft staghound which is 1/48. The C15TA and the Humber scout car were scratchbuilt.
  8. Thanks everyone, the kit is going together very easily. In fact it's ready for some paint. But before that I want to add treads to the tires to make them look more like the originals. I understand why CSM left the tires blank, and they do sell some 3D printed wheels with tire treads, but heck, how hard is it to drill a few divots. One tire took about a half hour of twisting the pin vise.
  9. Looking forward to this, I've been enjoying building my CSM armoured car.
  10. That's really nice, it looks like you don't need any gluing advice. I recently built the Accurate Armour kit of the same vehicle and also had trouble with applying the right amount of superglue. I settled on copper wire wound around the end of a bamboo skewer, the windings held some liquid glue and the 5 mm or so of wire sticking out the end sometimes applied the glue dot I needed. Sometimes I used gel superglue and that was easier to dispense.
  11. This has gone together pretty easily, even though it's mostly smallish parts below the deck it all lines up well with the upper parts.
  12. That kit looks really detailed and crisp. It's nice to see a 1/76 kit built with the hatches open.
  13. I haven't built one of their figures before, it does look super detailed. Thanks for letting me know, I'll check my local bookshop and see if they have a copy.
  14. Such a classic kit. Brings back memories of looking through the Tamiya catalogues of the day.
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