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  1. We do this for fun, better to move on to a more enjoyable build. I've binned a few kits near the end because finish problems made me angry at the world. I did a 1/48 Veltro recently with Mike Grants smoke ring decals. They went on really well, but, even after three coats of Pledge, my mineral-spirits wash dissolved some of the decals. Seems like finishing a model isn't an art or a science, it's a mystery.
  2. Ted

    1911 Rolls Royce

    I managed to wrastle the body straight. I needed to use some reinforcements.
  3. Ted

    French Pioneer

    Great idea for a conversion.
  4. Ted

    1\32 Aston Martin DB5

    Great to see another 1/32 scale car.
  5. I like the way it's set up so we look through the screen of palm trees to see the diorama. Cool idea.
  6. Ted

    1911 Rolls Royce

    And we're off! This is what the interior of a Rolls Royce looks like: I sanded and puttied the ejection pin marks, while that was drying I looked through the rest of the parts and noticed a luggage rack is included in the kit. If I've learned one thing from armour modelling it's that you can distract from, and cover up many blemishes with stowage. So this model will get these bits. After the putty was dry and sanded I used some styrene sheet to add some very basic detail to the interior. Then I started the process of gluing the two halves together.
  7. Ted

    Pete's Airfix 1\300 Golden Hind

    The first Airfix kit, so glad this is part of the GB!
  8. Closer than ever to finishing. I still have a couple more things to do before washes and weathering, but it's close.
  9. Thanks, I haven't built a Special Hobby model yet but the kit does look good at first glance.
  10. Ted

    1911 Rolls Royce

    I'll definitely not compromise the integrity of this wonderful relic.
  11. Ted

    1911 Rolls Royce

    Thanks guys, after dumping out the sprues the voice inside my head started listing the parts that I should replace with scratchbuilt bits : lamps, seats, convertible roof, dashboard...
  12. I'm pretty excited about this group build and this kit. First released in 1955, I don't know if there have been changes over the decades since. I wonder what they mean by Special Edition. Many small sprues, like a modern low-production kit. Includes a sheet of acetate for cutting windshields. Comes with a really good driver figure.
  13. Ted

    Gandalf and Shadowfax

    Nice! That must have been fun to have them turn up again 30 years later. I still have a bunch of my D&D lead figures from the good old days.
  14. Those headlight lenses add a lot to the models. The figures all look great as well.
  15. Very nice. Interesting that a Crusader is a similar footprint to a Tiger.