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  1. That's a very nicely detailed model. It must be tiny.
  2. This is great news. I collected a bunch of plans to scratchbuild one but chickened out.
  3. I'd join with a 1/35 military ambulance. A jeep, or the old Dodge, or maybe the Airfix Austin K2 will be available by the time the GB starts.
  4. Looks great, especially the base, and the texture on the brown cloth.
  5. They are excellent figures, you should post them in the Work in Progress section.
  6. Really good detail and the red coat looks excellent. Who makes the steel swords?
  7. Not even a little. I got distracted by some other projects. Someday I may come back to this.
  8. Well, the honeymoon phase with this kit is over. There are four bits making up the linkage for steering each wheel. A wonderful piece of engineering and apparently the crews loved it, but difficult for me to assemble in resin 1/35 scale. Like a tiny house of cards. Looks good though, luckily I don't have carpet in my hobby room as I poinged one of the linkages twice out of my tweezers.
  9. I can see why some folks prefer resin kits to injection molded. This kit looks very realistic and detailed. It's also got a nice weight to it. Here's the hull pre flash removal. I was going to leave the turret lid open and put a figure in, because there's a nice wireless set molded on the rear turret interior. But there are no other bits included for the interior detail and this is the view from above. I'll just close up the hatch instead. Those droplets in the photo are water from rinsing off sanding dust, not splatterd CA
  10. I didn't do much conversion to Snowmane the horse, added some straps and a couple little decorations to his brow and his breast. It's base coated and I'll do a bit of shading and highlighting.
  11. Using telescoping tubing for the arms is genius.
  12. I can only speak about the Italianan campaign. I built a Tasca M4A4 as a Three Rivers Regiment tank as it would have appeared at Ortona. It was an excellent kit. I used decals from Ultracast that may not be available. This webpage shows the Canadian units that served in Italy. Canadian Army Units in Italy Most of the shermans would be M4A4 but I believe that the Governor General’s Horse Guards used some M4A1 in Italy.
  13. A 1/35 scale vignette of an ANZAC trench at Gallipoli. The figures are from an ICM plastic kit, painted with acrylics, the trench is wood, styrafoam and wood filler.
  14. Thanks Rich, it is an important part of the story of WW1. I managed to finish this scene and put it in the gallery. Thanks to you all for the comments and support along the way.
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