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  1. I started painting the interior parts. Base coats of black Vallejo primer on the steel parts, Tamiya deck tan on the linen parts and wooden deck tan on the plywood. The plywood parts got rubbed with oil paint mixes, burnt sienna and yellow. Steel parts were sprayed with Alclad chrome. The plywood parts were dried under a lamp and sprayed with clear orange. The instrument panel was fun to make. The kit provides the photoetched front and a plastic backpanel with the three instruments protruding. I painted the details and applied a decal to the plastic part then glued the photoetch on top. Was very happy with the result. Next up are the fuselage sides.
  2. That's quite a nice kit, and tidy work you're doing.
  3. Thanks Clive, no promises though. That one was luck, I was sitting at my desk at work, thinking about how to make the feeds/belts while I was chewing on a tie wrap. I'd like to build a 1/48 D.VII sometime, either Roden or Eduard.
  4. Started fixing up some of the interior parts. I sculpted a cushion with green stuff. I'll add buttons when it cures. I tried heating and bending the seat to add more flare to the wings but it didn't really work. I stopped before I damaged the plastic with my lighter. The ammo magazine is pretty grim. No detail at all. So I was thinking of ways to carve in the belts and shells. Then while I was sitting at work today twirling a tie wrap in my hands it hit me. So crazy it just might work.
  5. Despite the phenomenal D.VII builds on this forum I'm starting this beast of a model. I felt very lucky to find three 1/32 Battle Axe Fokker kits at a model club swap n' shop a few years ago for $10 each. The fellow was unloading them because the Wingnut Wings Fokkers had been announced. Then I looked inside the boxes. I built the E.V a couple years ago and it worked out nicely, but this D.VII will be another animal. Still have the E.III in the stash. It comes with a small photo etch fret and resin guns, I also bought the Karaya details for the guns. I recently ordered a couple kits during Wingnut Wings anniversary .sale and should have added an engine spue to the order. The engine in this kit is a blob.
  6. So thorough, this is amazing to follow. I'm just starting the Battle Axe Fokker Dvii. Very different levels of detail.
  7. Thanks! I'll figure out how to put a link to WIPs in my post next time.
  8. OK, here are the pictures of the vignette actually ready for inspection.
  9. Finished! The post and gun mount are bits of styrene and the Lewis gun and ammo case are 1/35 Resicast bits. Very nice casting of course. Posted in RFI.
  10. Finished the rigging and added the last few bits. I posted more shots in the RFI section. All in all I loved building this kit. Maybe I'll try one of Roden's new Nieuport kits. The rigging is black EZ line glued into holes drilled in the model. I don't have the eyesight or magnifiers for turnbuckles. I do love seeing other people add that level of detail though. Maybe have to give it a try someday. Can anyone tell me if Academy designed the molds for this one or if they are the old Hobbycraft molds?
  11. Meant to be a quick mojo-restorer, I ended up having some issues with the decals and paint. I do love the look of the silver plane with camouflaged wings. It was built OOB with a resin pilot figure from PJ Productions and EZ line rigging (no turnbuckles). The centre section of the wings was cut out and the framing added with styrene strips, covered with .005" clear plastic. I used Tamiya acrylics and the kit decals to represent George Guynemer's airplane.
  12. Thanks for showing your tips and tricks, this is an inspirational build.
  13. I fixed up the mess on the fuselage by sanding it down, priming black, masking the triangle and respraying the aluminum. phew. I used many coats of future ans dullcote but the transparent decal backing on the wing would not disappear. These Academy decals were a bit of a pain. Got the wings on, I used some .005" clear plastic for the centre section. Next is the rigging.
  14. Got these today from Japan, 1/20 Nausicaa and 1/32 WW1 German aviation figures with a dachshund.
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