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  1. I would join, there are a few armoured car kits in my stash.
  2. Those pulleys! Very nice work on the details.
  3. First released in 1977, the figure I'll build was originally in a two figure set with a camel. I'll start with just the standing figure. The model is part of this big set made up of three kits and a really flimsy vacuformed base. I built the Moroccan figure a while ago. The instructions are cool, there are some tips on improving the diorama. And here's the base which I won't use.
  4. I painted a figure for one of the players in our D&D game, this metal Highlander from Reaper Miniatures. But I like the idea of having a mounted option for the same figure available if needed. So I picked up the plastic version of the figure and converted it to fit her steed, in this case a huge stag also from Reaper. I'm no sculptor, I have mad respect for real sculptors. My humble efforts were done with green stuff putty and look ok unless they're photographed up close I'll smooth out things after a coat of primer.
  5. Cool, 3 hours goes by quick, love it that you put so much detail into that book, page edges and all even with a time limit. Some of the 5th edition art is great, makes me wonder if anyone is sculpting figures based on the old AD&D artwork. I'd love to paint some figures from the old Fiend's Folio.
  6. Sounds like a fun challenge, congrats.
  7. I believe so, I can leave the rear hatch off, or loose so I can peek at the engine compartment. So many parts! It is really nice detail. The molding is great.
  8. I made a humble start. Doesn't look like much but there are 39 individual parts to that engine so far...
  9. I'm pretty excited about this kit. I built Bronco's Staghound armoured car years ago and loved it. Now ten years later it looks like Bronco's kits are even more complicated. There are sooo many parts. Nice looking decals and photo etch The box art is not a beautiful Ron Volstad painting, but a poster suitable for framing is included which is a nice touch.
  10. Very tidy work, I would have been nervous gluing those on such lovely linen and plywood surfaces.
  11. I've built Bronco's Triumph 3HW and Miniart's Harley Davidson. They are both beautiful 1/35 kits, very tiny parts and a bit fragile. Both use photoetch for spokes.
  12. I'd enter this GB. I've wanted to do a model based on the old rpg Twilight 2000. Maybe a humvee converted to burn ethanol.
  13. Great news, can't wait to pick up some of these new kits. I have their Siemens and their Sopwith triplane and those kits look great.
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