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  1. Had to look up Gee Gees. I cut a block of cherry for the base, then glued in toothpicks to hold up a foam trench wall.
  2. I made up a little base from some sheet styrene.
  3. Thanks for all that info, I watched the hub video and will check out the rest of the series. I'll look for Death Valley Days too.
  4. I glue heads on and paint them after assembly, because I tend to make a mess with glue. But I have painted heads separately if the neck fits into a deep socket on the fugure, if there is less chance of seeing the glue joint.
  5. My second entry will be two Australians in a little trench, the officer looking through a periscope and the sharpshooter with his pipe. Great figures from ICM. Here's the kit, same as the one I got the Chunuk Bair Kiwi from. The figures went together pretty well, the skirts of the jackets are made up of three thin pieces, really helps them look more realistic. I tried cutting away the ends of the officer's sleeves, and had to add a bit to his hand to extend his reach a bit.
  6. I changed the thread title to match this figure. Got base coats on. I'm using vallejo, reaper, and citadel paint.
  7. My Dad passed away recently and my brother and I have been sorting through his collection of toys and memorabilia. In one box I found this kit that I vaguely remember seeing when I was little. My Dad build models when he was young and got me started in the hobby at age 8. I'll enjoy fixing the broken pieces and completing this kit as a diorama. The kit seems to have been a promotional item for the company's cleaning borax, showing how the mined borax was transported through Death Valley for a few years until train tracks were run into the desert.
  8. Thanks for the bits of history and movie recommendations, one of the best side effects of building models is learning. I just can't get over how well designed this kit is. I have built dozens of plastic figures from great companies like Dragon, Tristar, Miniart, Masterbox etc. But this one required no filler anywhere. And the pose, and the detail! Early ICM kits were good, the Franco-Prussian figures particularly. But I'll have to collect more of these recent ICM offerings. Aaaanyway, here it is ready for primer and paint. I'll build a little base with a slope, a
  9. Looks like the resin fits nicely. Looking forward to this build.
  10. This comment I made earlier in the week was a test of everyone's Canadian pop culture knowledge. Anybody get it without googling?
  11. I love watching other people assemble Dragon Sherman suspension and individual link tracks I like your organized approach and attention to details.
  12. I made a start on the New Zealander. I'm really impressed with ICM figures. The parts breakdown for this fellow allows some great detail because of the way his head and upper chest fit into the shirt. The plastic is on the soft side but the detail is great.
  13. What a wonderful airplane. And a tidy, skillful build.
  14. There is nothing more comfortable than socks and sandals. Got a bit done on his face and coat. I also have to de-saturate the blue on his kepi. Blue is a tough colour to use on miniatures.
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