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  1. I do have to get back to this build, thanks for the nudge!
  2. Yes, it is terrible, and all of the alternatives are worse.
  3. Ted

    NEW WNW kits announced

    Thanks for the notice, but it's William Barker, not Billy Bishop for the Snipe kit. Easy mistake as they were both Canadian aces named William B.
  4. Cool. Will definitely buy the Snipe. I have their Camel kit with Barker's markings.
  5. I do love 1/48. Yes, they're a couple of sleek racers. The markings are molded on so I filled the ones on the rudder and filed off the numbers on the fuselage. Then I separated on half of the rudder, aligned and glued it on the other half, and cut that off.
  6. I bought the model because of this Archie Fisher song.
  7. I'll jump in with this model. Not much to it, but it looks like there will be some filling and fixing to do.
  8. Just had a look at Copper State Models facebook page and they have a picture (maybe a CAD image?) of a Hansa-Brandenburg D.1 model. Hoping it's 1/32.
  9. Alrighty then, let's say this is complete. Much as I'd like to weather it I have to make dinner for board games night at our place tonight. Luckily only the doors had to be decalled so I glossed, decalled, glossed, and flat coated them separately before installing them on the truck. I'm really happy with the pre-shading/highlight results. First time I tried that and it worked out better than I thought it would. Thanks to you all for making my first blitzbuild so fun and stressful. Including waiting for paint to dry I probably have about 12 hours into this kit.
  10. 1/35 Zis-5 Russian truck Alan molds, re-released by Dragon
  11. Painted some details in the cab and a weak attempt at weathering the back end of the box.
  12. Good colour scheme and brush control. I tried building models with my daughter and a friend's kid but they didn't have that degree of patience.
  13. The paint job looks fantastic.
  14. It's the little things that make these blizbuilds so impressive
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