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  1. Thanks Adrian. Now that you mention it there is a resemblance.
  2. That's very realistic, you must be happy with that result.
  3. Thanks Stix, it was a good challenge.
  4. 54 mm Airfix American Soldier 1775, built as a member of the 2nd New Hampshire Regiment. I used mostly Vallejo and Reaper acrylics.
  5. Done enough! Thanks to the quality of the model this build was pretty fun. Thanks for the company along the way. Here's where I started today: And here's where I finished: And here's Ephraim saying thanks:
  6. I'm sure I've seen that book before, I'll have to pick up a copy. I think I have another book on armoured vehicles from that series. Those are nice models, interesting conversions. I remember those models, I'll pay more attention to them next time I'm there. Thanks! Yes, very modern I usually prime with light grey but there are so many hidden recesses on this model because I was trying to save time by building it completely before painting that I thought a dark coat would let me get away with not reaching into the recesses to paint. Anyway...as you say it does make a difference in how paint covers, you'll see the photos below look fairly dark, all because of the dark undercoat. Base coats: And here's where I left it last night. Hopefully I can finish it during my lunch break!!
  7. Nice, neat improvement. I am eagerly waiting for the arrival of this kit in the mail.
  8. Started again this afternoon.It took a long time to get all of the straps glued in place, they're a bit fragile. I maybe should have used superglue instead of Tamiya thin. Glued the guy to his base and put down a layer of crumbled birch seeds. Then I primed him brown and put on a heavy black wash. This dark undercoat is an effort to make the rest of the painting go quicker. We shall see
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