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  1. Had to look up what a continental rear end is...not as streamlined for sure. But I think I like the clumsiness of it. I'll have to look for a Canadian equivalent. I worry that our hardware store spray bombs would lay it on too thick.
  2. Looks like a colour option for these was gothic gold. I looked for a cross reference for a Tamiya paint but couldn't find such a thing. What brand of paint is best for car models? What's the best clear coat for polishing that won't clog up the fine details?
  3. Thanks Nick, I will definitely need some advice when it comes to painting and shining the body. I soaked the plated parts in Spray Nine cleaner, left them to soak overnights and almost all of the chrome was removed.
  4. Thanks, I agree, there's something about armoured cars I really like. This Humber is one of three armoured car shelf queens I'm finishing: and a Lynx scout car I'm scratch/converting:
  5. Thanks, I usually do washes, filters, highlights, and weathering to some degree. This one I had to set aside for a while once I finished building and painting.
  6. I don't build many car kits, mostly I do 1/35 armour and 1/32 airplanes. Also some figures. But I do love 1/32 car kits. This is an odd one that I couldn't resist because of the box art. There's a lot to like on the box art, the shibu dog with saddlebags but no leash or owner nearby. What is Hot Popcorn Express? store? soda shop? Looks really nice, and I'll be doing techniques I've never done before - stripping chrome off the parts and polishing the painted body.
  7. More Ready for Discussion than Inspection. Glad to be finished it but I have to say I did not enjoy building this kit. I love Bronco because of the subject matter; early war British armour, many Canadian subjects, great detail. And I was really excited about this model until I opened the box and started building. Anyone else built one of these? It has superb detail but terrible design. Way too complicated and often fitting poorly. The instructions are frustrating because many parts are mis-numbered or missing from the instructions. I've built Bronco's Staghounds (1/35 and 1/48), Triumph motorcycle, some figure sets and I loved them, This kit was a whole nother ball of wax. I still have a Bronco Archer, Bofors gun, Landwasserschlepper, and an A13 cruiser tank in the stash and am looking forward to building them. I hope they aren't as fussy as this one was.
  8. And a bit of info for those who don't know about the Lynx. It was a Canadian version of the Daimler Dingo scout car made at the Ford plant in Windsor Ontario. Instead of investing in tooling for the clever, frameless, BSA design, it used a CMP truck frame and running gear. This made the car larger and heavier but got it into the field sooner. The Mk II version solved overheating problems and it was used somewhat successfully in NW Europe towards the end of the war.
  9. I added some bits, the light, horn, tow shackles, and bumpers around the inside edge of the compartment. Next I'll make some exhaust systems.
  10. I'm no electrician, but compressors are just a motor and pressure switch. I guess I'd unplug it, read the troubleshooting guide in the manual and then start taking it apart. After that failed and I lost some pieces I would probably watch some youtube fix-it videos. Don't sue me if you hurt yourself or start a fire.
  11. Not a bad thing at all, you may be lazy but you are not shy
  12. Maybe us AFV modellers are too shy and retiring. I do enjoy a lot of builds that I don't comment on, maybe I should comment more, that could be my New Years resolution. Did you fix your airbrush?
  13. So frustrating, hope it get figured out soon.
  14. Loving the incentive this group build gives to finish stalled builds. Here's a WW2 Canadian Lynx scout car conversion/scratchbuild I started a few years ago.
  15. 1/35 Esci Partisan figures representing Polish resistance during the Warsaw Uprising. Painted with acrylics.
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